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Curriculum Vitae David J. Grdina



University of Houston M.B.A.

Houston, Texas (Finance) 1980

University of Kansas Ph.D.

Lawrence, Kansas (Radiation Biophysics) 1971

University of Kansas M.S.

Lawrence, Kansas (Radiation Biophysics) 1969

St. Mary's College B.A.

Winona, Minnesota (Biology) 1966

Section of Experimental Biology Postdoctoral Fellow March 1971 -

The University of Texas System in Biology May 1972

Cancer Center, M.D. Anderson

Hospital and Tumor Institute,

Houston, Texas
Department of Radiation and Cellular Professor of Radiation July 1987-

Oncology, The University of Chicago and Cellular Oncology Present

Chicago, Illinois

Associate Professor of Jan. 1985 -

Radiation and Cellular June 1987


University of Chicago Co-Program Leader Oct. 1994 -

Cancer Research Center Chemoprevention July 2000

Center for Mechanistic Biology Head, Section of Nov. 1991 -

and Biotechnology Radiation Biology Sept. 1996

(formerly, Biological and Medical

Research Division) Senior Scientist, June 1987 -

Argonne National Laboratory, Group Leader, Sept. 1996

Argonne, Illinois Radiation Carcinogenesis

(Joint Appt. U. of C.)

Scientist, Group Leader, Sept. 1983 -

Radiation Carcinogenesis June 1987
Department of Therapeutic Radiology, Adjunct Associate April 1984 -

Rush Medical College, Rush- Professor March 1985

Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center,

Chicago, Illinois

Department of Experimental Associate Biologist and Sept. 1978 -

Radiotherapy, The University Associate Professor of Sept. 1983

of Texas System Cancer Center, Radiotherapy (Biology)

M.D. Anderson Hospital and

Tumor Institute, Houston, Texas Assistant Biologist and Sept. 1975 -

Assistant Professor of Aug. 1978

Radiotherapy (Biology)
Research Associate June 1972 -

Aug. 1975

Baylor College of Medicine and Visiting Lecturer June-Aug. 1976

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital Biological Effects Sept. 1983

Houston, Texas, in conjunction of Nuclear Medicine

with University of Houston

School of Nuclear Medicine


National Institutes of Health Consultant

Bethesda, MD Radiation Study Section 1990-1994

Reviewers Reserve 1994-present
National Cancer Institute NCI Discovery and 2007-present

Development P01

HollisEden Consultant 2004-2007
Pinnacle Biologics Consultant 2009-present
Congressional Pharmaceuticals Founding Scientist 2001-2004


PrevOnc (Prevention of Oncogenesis) Founding Scientist 1999-2001
Radiation Oncology Modifiers Founding Scientist 1997-1998

Corporation (ROMCOR)

Odyssey Therapeutics Member: Scientific 1993-1996

3461 Route 22 East and Medical Advisory

Somerville, NJ 08876 Board

U.S. Bioscience Member: Basic 1993-1994

One Tower Bridge Science Advisory

100 Front Street, P.O. Box 851 Board

West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Consultant 1999-2000
Microfocus Imaging Consultant 1992-1995

225 Larkin Drive Product Development

Wheeling, IL 60090
Schering-Plough International Speaker 1996-2001

Ethyol Speaker Bureau

ALZA Pharmaceuticals Ethyol

Speakers Bureau Speaker 1996-2001

MedImmune Speakers Bureau Speaker 2001-2004

NIH Special Study Section Member 1989
NIH Radiation Study Section Ad Hoc Member 1990
NIH Radiation Study Section Member 1990 - 1994
NIH Reviewers Reserve Member 1994 - present
NCI Initial Review Group Member 1996 - 2000

Committee-Subcommittee C -

Basic and Preclinical Sciences
NCI Initial Review Group Ad Hoc Member 1998 -

Committee-Subcommittees A,

D, and E
NCI Special Emphasis Panel Ad Hoc Member 2007-present
Department of Energy Ad Hoc Member 1983 - 1995
Veterans Administration Ad Hoc Member 1987 - present

American Cancer Society Member 1991 - 1992

(Illinois Division, Inc.)
Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds Ad Hoc Member 1985 - present

Netherlands Cancer Foundation

NASA Space Radiation Standing Review Member 2009-present

Panel, Human Research Program

AERAS Global TB Vaccine Foundation

Institutional BioSafety Committee Member 2006-present

NIH/NCI Radiation Carcinogenesis Chairperson and 2006

Workshop Organizer

Blue Ribbon Panel for NIH Strategic Member 2004

Plan and Research Agenda for Medical

Countermeasures Against Radiological

And Nuclear Threats.

Radiation Research Society Member 1997 - 1998

Fundraising Committee

Radiation Research Society Member 1993-1996

Policies and Procedures Committee

Radiation Research Society Member 1993 - 1994

Program Committee

42nd Annual Meeting
BEVALAC Biomedical Program Member 1991 - 1992

Advisory Committee,

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Radiation Research Society Member 1989 - 1993

Executive Committee

Radiation Research Society Chairman 1982 - 1985

Finance Committee

Radiation Research Society Member 1985 - 1987

Management Support Contract

Radiation Research Society Member 1982 - 1987

Ad Hoc Subcommittee on

Society Journal

The Cell Kinetics Society Member 1982 - 1984

Finance Committee

Nuclear Incident and Radiation Member 2003-2006

Dispersal Device Committee; Subcommittee

Of the ITTF Science and Technology Committee

For The State of Illinois

University of Chicago Cancer Research Member 1994 - 2004

Center Executive Committee

University of Chicago Committee on Member 2000 – 2004 Appointments and Promotions (COAP) 2009-present
University of Chicago Committee on Member 2000 - 2006

Radioactive Use

University of Chicago Committee on Member 1994 - Present

Cancer Biology

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1984 - 1991

BIM Division, Library Committee

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1985 - 1987

BIM Division, Animal Use Committee

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1988 - 1995

BIM Division, Human Use Committee

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1989 - 1992

BIM Division, Promotions Committee

Argonne National Laboratory Chairman 1989 - 1996

BIM Division, Enrico Fermi

Fellowship Committee
Argonne National Laboratory Chairman 1990 - 1991

BIM Division, Seminar Committee

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1992 - 1994

EEST Personnel Oversight Committee

on Hiring and Promotions
Argonne National Laboratory Member 1993 - 1996

Performance Appraisal Task Force,


Performance Appraisal Task Force

Argonne National Laboratory Member 1993 - 1995

Working Group to Explore Scientific

Relationship between The University

of Chicago and Argonne National

Laboratory in Medical Sciences.
The University of Texas Graduate Member of committees 1975 - 1983

School of Biomedical Sciences, for six students

Houston, Texas,

Advisory, Supervisory, and/or

Candidacy Examining Committees
The University of Texas Member Jan. 1977 - 1980

System Cancer Center

Academic Standards Committee
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Member 1981 - 1982

Tumor Institute,

Ad Hoc Task Force on Extramural

Impact in FY 82 Academic Plan

The University of Texas Member at Large 1981 - 1983

M.D. Anderson Hospital,

Research Committee
Associate Editor representing Biology; 1986 – 1990

Radiation Research Journal

Advisory Board Member; CRC Critical 1988 - 1989

Reviews in Sulfhydryl Biochemistry

Advisory Board Member; Libri Oncologici 1992 - present

(Cancer Journal published in English and Croatian)

Member of the Overseas Editorial Board, Journal 2000-2005

of Radiation Research (Japanese Journal)

Radiation Research Society

American Association for Cancer Research

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Associates (founding member)
Secretary/Treasurer, 1989 - 1993

Radiation Research Society


Dr. Curt Sigdestad University of Louisville

Dr. Biba Nagy Science Advisor to the President

of the Republic of Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia
Dr. Paul Meechan Northern Illinois University

Dr. Ivan Basic University of Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia
Dr. Andrew Vaughan University of Birmingham

Birmingham, England

Dr. Yasushi Kataoka National Institute of Radiological Sciences

Chiba, Japan

Dr. Naoyuki Shigematsu Keio University

Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Barton Bergquist University of Northern Iowa
Dr. Coral Quiet University of Chicago
Dr. Jeff Murley Northern Illinois University
Dr. Shie-Chau Liu Illinois Institute of Technology
Dr. William Epperly Argonne National Laboratory


Atomic Energy Commission Special Health Physics Fellowship,

University of Kansas, Sept. 1966 - Aug. 1967.
United States Public Health Service Traineeship in Health Physics,

University of Kansas, Sept. 1968 - Feb. 1971.

6th International Congress for Radiation Research (ICRR) Travel Award,

1979; 7th ICRR Travel Award, 1983; 8th ICRR Travel Award, 1987; 10th ICRR Travel

Award, 1995
Japanese Government Research Award for Foreign Specialists, 1988.
John Yuhas Award for Excellence in Research,

University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

Marquis Who's Who in Cancer Professionals and Facilities, 1st Ed., 1985.
American Men and Women of Science, Physical and Biological Sciences,

16th Ed., 1986.

Marquis Who's Who in the Midwest, 23rd Ed., 1991.

U.S. Patents: “Method for Protection Against Genotoxic Mutagenesis,” 5,488,042, issued January 30, 1996.U.S. Patent 5,567,686, issued October 22, 1996. U.S. Patent 5,869,338, issued February 9, 1999. U.S. Patent 5,891,856, issued April 6, 1999.

“Method for Protection Against Tumor Metastasis Formation. U.S. Patent 6,984,619, 2006.

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