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When Should a Muslim Convert Be Baptized?

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When Should a Muslim Convert Be Baptized?

  1. Biblical Principles:

Acts 2:37.....Men and brethren, what shall we do?

Acts 2:38.....Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:41.....Then they that gladly received his word were baptized; and that same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.
Acts 8:36.....And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water; and the eunuch said, See, here is water. What doth hinder me to be baptized?

Acts 8:37.....And Philip said, If thou believest with thine heart, thou mayest,. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Acts 8:38.....And he commanded the chariot to stand still; and they both went down into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.
Acts 16:30.....Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

Acts 16:31.....And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

Acts 16:32.....And they spoke unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house.

Acts 16:33.....And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes, and was baptized, he and all his, immediately.

  1. Potential reasons for waiting:

    1. Often he needs to prove to others in the church he is a true believer. (People often come with ulterior motives)

    2. Often when he is baptized spiritual warfare intensifies. Be sure he is prepared for the battle.

    3. Often permission is needed from the family for the convert to be baptized.

STOP Manual, B-63

Biblical Basis for Sharing from the Old Testament
The Cultural Mandate: Gen. 1:16-30

The Entrance of Evil: Gen 2:8-3:24

God’s Act of Judgement: Gen. 3

Subsequent Development of Culture: Gen. 4:1-22

The Birth of Ethnicity of Language: Gen 10-11

The Choosing of the men of Faith: Gen 12-25

The Palce of Ishmael: Gen 16:-25

The Moulding of Missionary people: Ex. Lev. Num. Deut.

The Development of the Kingdom: 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-4

Israel to be a model for the nations: 1 Kings 5-10

The Failure of the Israelites: 2 Kings 12-25 & The Prophets
Don McCurry, Muslim Awareness Seminar, pp. 11-24.

Chart of Muslim Felt Needs, Islamic Bridges,

& Biblical Solutions

Islam As The Meaning Identification

it Appears of the Form of the Felt Need


Six Beliefs:
1. God. 1. Proper under- To be

standing of God.

2. Angels. 2. Acknowledge good accepted by God

& bad spirits.

3. The Prophets. 3. Human by doing


4. The Holy Books. 4. Authorative everything

guide book.

5. Day of Judgement. 5. Proper fear/ right; to


6. Holy Decrees. 6. Explanation for accumulate merit

all that happens. for the


Six Practices: Day of Judgement

1. The Creed. 1. Right confession. and to

2. Prayer. 2. Right ritual. achieve entrance

3. Alms. 3. Right giving. into Paradise.

4. Fasting. 4. Right motives.
5. Pilgrimage. 5. Right center.
6. Jihad. 6. Right cause.


Muslim Traditions: Expression of The need for a

“The Hadith”: based on exemplary behavior human model to

The life, words and of the ideal Muslim show how to be

Practices of Muhammad. Model, Muhammad. acceptable to God.


Islamic Material Biblical Equivalents Ultimate Needs

A model is good but Jesus Himself is our Christ is the

Muhammad’s model is model. only mediator

inadequate. Jesus is Follow Him: Lk. 9:23; between God and

To one nearest to God Abide in Him: Jn. 15:5 man: 1 Tim 2:5&

in the Qur’an. Obey Him: Jn. 14:21. 15, Phil.3:7-9

Islamic Material as Introduction of Ultimate Needs

Bridge to Biblical Biblical Met in Christ &

Ideas Equivalents Christian Community


Six Beliefs:

1. Quranic references 1. God more fully 1. Christ as revealer

to God. revealed. of God; Heb 1:3

2. Quranic references 2. Clear definition 2. Angels minister

to angels. of angels, Satan to those who are

and demons. saved: Heb 1:14

3. Acknowledgement of 3. Biblical defini- 3. Christ as prophet

Prophets. tion of prophet. And Lord; Acts 3

4. Quranic references 4. Authenticity and 4. Word of God as

to the Bible. finality of the Christ and the

Bible defended. Bible; Jn 1:1-14

5. Quranic references 5. Reality of the 5. Christ as final

to judgement. coming judgment. Judge:2Cor.5:10-15

6. Quranic references 6. Soverignty of 6. Soverignty of God

to decrees. God fully affirmed balanced with human

in Scriptures. response.Phil.2:12


Six Practices:

1. Affirm acceptable & 1. Affirm belief in 1. The creed should

replace unacceptable one God & replace affirm God in

Jesus as the Word Christ:1Jn 4:1-3.

2. Islamic forms of 2. All forms of 2. Prayers are made

prayer acceptable. prayer are acceptable in

acceptable to God. Christ. Jn 16:24

3. Increase giving from 3. Remembering the 3. Give self to Christ

2.5% to 10% poor & needy is and to others:

taught by Jesus Ro 12:1,2 Cor.9:7

4. Fasting is 4. Biblical teach- 4. Concept of fasting

desireable. ing on fasting. to please Christ:

Phil.3:8, Mt.6:16

5. Literal pilgrimage 5. Spiritualize the 5. All of life is a

To Mecca not needed. concept of the pilgirmage to

pilgrim life via gain Christ:

Abraham. 1 Pet. 2:11-12

6. “Exertion” is ok but 6. Exert of God in 6. Strive to enter

not holy war. the way approved. The Kingdom: Col.1


Islam As The Meaning Identification of

it Appears of the Form the Felt Need


Muslim Law: Covers every detail The Muslim anxiety

“Shariah” of human life is to do everything

Based on the “right”. He must

Qur’an and the have an answer for

model of Muhammad. Every question of

Right and wrong.


The Ummah: The true Muslim A Muslim finds his

The household of community is made true identity in

Islam – “Dar al-Islam” up of all who have community. He needs

= the community of submitted to God; to a family to find

The faithful significance in life


Islamic Mysticism: The Sufi mystics The need to find

The Sufis: mystical seek unity with one’s identity and

brotherhoods and God through a worth through union

sisterhoods. highly disciplined with God.

communith that

practices ways of



Secularized Islam: Religious practices The need for

are at a minimum; acceptance by his

accomodates to the contemporaries; a

behaviour of new search for

secular peers. Old meaning is under

forms give way way.

to new values.


Folk Islam: Indicates great The need is to be

Animistic or accomodation to the delivered from the

Syncretistic Islam: the spirit world fear of evil spirits

which needs to be and demonic

appeased by a influences.

variety of super-

sticious practices.


Muslim Communist/ Rejection of Islamic The need usually

Socialist: forms; an embracing comes from an angry

of a western form of expression of seeking

a classless society. economic equality.


Islamic Material as Introduction of Ultimate Needs

Bridge to Biblical Biblical Met in Christ &

Ideas Equivalents Christian Community

Muslim Law: The Bible says no Christ is the end of

The desire to do every- one can keep the the law, its fufill-

thing right is good. It law. It’s function ment. Righteousness

is based on an inade- is to lead us to is obatined by union

quate foundation in the cry out for mercy with Him; Gal. 3:23-

Life of Muhammad. Obtained in Christ. 25; Phil 3:9.


The Ummah:

The concept of “Ummah” It is easy to Christ is the center

Or community of those “Christianize” this of the focus of our

Who have submitted to under the new name worship in this new

God is a wonderful idea. “Kingdom of God”. community:Eph 2:29-32


Islamic Mysticism: Point to union with Christ secures for

The essential idea of Christ as the Son us an eternal place

union with God is valid of God attainable in heaven in the

but flawed as it is through faith, not presence of God: Jn.

based on the idea of works, Christ’s 14:1-6; 17:20-23.

human perfectibility. perfection not ours.


Secularized Islam: We are not to be All change should be

The Qur’an warns conformed to this in the direction of

believers against world but to be Christ who makes all

turning away from God. transformed by the things new; 2 Cor.

renewing of our mind. 5:17, Rev. 21:5


Folk Islam: Show how Christ has Christ delivers us

The very practices overcome all the from all fear now &

observed point to the power of Satan; judges Satan: 2 Tim.

reality of satanic power. 1 Jn 3:8 1:7; Rev 20:10


Muslim Com’st/Soc’st: This is the perfect Christ appears in the

The vision of an ideal time to teach about final judgment to end

society is good but the the ethics of the all suffering and

use of an non-ideal means Kingdom of God; bring in a new Heaven

works against it. Acts 2:42-47. and Earth Rev. 21:1-4.

Don McCurry, Muslim Awareness Seminar, pp. 76-70.

Fables & Lies*

(Takiyye*, Taqiuua*, Tauriya*, Lies*,

Dissimulation*, Lying*, Outwitting*, Denying*,

Legends*, Myths*, Apocrypha*, Apocryphal*,

Fairy Tales*, Stories*, Fables*, Fiction*, Falsehoods*)

Biblical warnings not to use

fables, legends and fairy tales
1 Timothy 1:4.....Neither give heed to fables... which minister questions rather than godly edifying...
1 Timothy 4:7.....But refuse profane and old wive’s fables...
2 Timothy 4:4.....And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
Titus 1:14.....Not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men that turn from the truth.
2 Peter 1:16.....For we have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

Legends, Myths and Fables in the Qur’an

The Quran quotes the unbelievers as accusing Muhammad of incorporating into his alleged revelation myths, legends and fables that were well known to the people of that time:

An’am 6:25.....And among them are some who give ear to thee; but WE have put veils on their hearts, that they should not understand, and deafness in their ears. And even if they see every Sign, they would not believe therein, so much so that when they come to thee, disputing with thee, those who disbelieve say, `This is nothing but fables of the ancients.' (Sher Ali)

Enfal 8:31.....And when OUR verses are recited to them, they say, `We have heard. If we wished we could certainly say the like of it. This is nothing but mere tales of the ancients'. (Sher Ali)

An-Nahl 16:24.....And when it is said unto them: What hath your Lord revealed? they say: (Mere) fables of the men of old. (Pickthall)

Mü’minum 23:83.....“Surely this is merely the legends of the ancients.”
Al-Furqan 25:4.....And those who disbelieve say: “This Qur’an is nothing but a fraud he has invented, and other people have helped him with it.” So have come with a slander and a lie.
Al-Furqan 25:5.....And they say: “Legends of the ancients that he has put into writing, for they are dictated to him in the early morning and evening.”
Neml 27:68.....“This is nothing but fables of the men of old.”

Al-Ahqaf 46:17.....But (there is one) who says to his parents, "Fie on you! Do ye hold out the promise to me that I shall be raised up, even though generations have passed before me (without rising again)?" And they two seek God’s aid, (and rebuke the son): "Woe to thee! Have faith! for the promise of God is true." But he says, "This is nothing but tales of the ancients!" (Y. Ali)

Al-Qalam 68:15.....That, when Our revelations are recited unto him, he saith: Mere fables of the men of old. (Pickthall)

Mutaffifin 83:13.....When our revelations are recited to him, he says: ‘These are fables of the ancients.”

This next one is particularly interesting:

Those who disbelieved said, "This is a fabrication that he produced, with the help of some other people." They have uttered a blasphemy and a falsehood. They also said, "Tales from the past that he wrote down; they were dictated to him day and night." Say, "This was revealed by the One who knows the Secret in the heavens and the earth. He is Forgiving, Most Merciful." S. 25:4-6 Rashad Khalifa

It is rather amazing that instead of denying the charge that the Quran contains ancient myths, the author simply says that Allah was the one who sent down these tales!


Apocryphal Legends in the Qur’an

Data Common to the Qur’an

and to the New Testament Apocrypha
Subject Surah Apocryphal Literature
1. Birth of Jesus 19:22-26 Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew

under a palm tree

Legends of the Child

Jesus in Egypt; ch. 20,21

(dating uncertain)

Arabic Infancy Gospel

ch. 24 (dating uncertain)

Meryem 19:16-26.....Mary... she went away to a distant place. And the pains of childbirth drove her to a trunk of a palm-tree.
2. Annunciaiton of 19:2-35 Protevangelium of James

Mary, John & Jesus 3:33-47 the Lesser; ch. 3-5, 7-11

(c. 150 AD)

3. Son of Mary 19:34 Arabic Infancy Gospel,

43:57 Ch. 18, 34, 37, 40

23:50 (dating uncertain)

2:87, 253


61:6 & 14


4:157, 171



5:17, 46, 72,

75, 78, 110,

112, 114, 117
4. Seven Sleepers 18:9-27 Diogenes Laertius

in a cave Epimemides, Ch. 10,

(c. 600 BC)

Kehf 18:9-25.....Do you consider that the Companions of the Cave and the Bearers of the Inscription were a wonder among our signs?
5. Night Journey 17:1 Life of John the Baptist

by Serapion

(claimed 385-395)
6. Jesus Speaking 19:29-33 Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew

in the Cradle 3:46 and

5:110 1st Gospel of the Infancy

of Jesus Christ, Egyptian

Apocrypha, 2nd Cent.

7. Jesus turning Clay 3:49 Thomas’ Gospel of the

into Birds that fly 5:110 Infancy of Jesus Christ

(end of 2nd Cent.)

Al-i İmran 3:49.....From clay I will make for you the likeness of a bird; I shall breathe into it and, by Allah’s leave, it shall become a living bird...
8. Cruxifixion Story 4:157-158 Acts of John (before 150)

(appeared to die)

Gospel of Peter (150)

Letters of Ignatius

(1st to 2nd Century)

Irenaenus against

Heresies – Basilides

Photius (9th Cent.) about

Lucius Charinus

(c. 5th Cent.)
Nisa 4:157.....They slew him not, nor crucified him, but it appeared so to them; and those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof except pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.
9. Trinity 4:171-172 Arabic Infancy Gospel

(false) 5:73, 116 Ch. 17 (dating uncertain)

Fragments of the Gospel

of Hebrews, Origin,

Jerome (100-150)

Tertullian on Praxeas

(c. 215)
Aphraates (4th Cent.)

10. Angels commanded 2:30-38 Talmud: (c. 150-200)

to prostrate 7:11-18

before Adam 15:28-34




Bakara 2:34.....And when we said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves before Adam!” they all prostrated themselves, except Satan, who in his pride refused...
11. Solomon & two 2:102 Talmud,

angels at Babylon “Midrash Yalzut”, ch. 44.
Bakara 2:102.....Yet Solomon did not disbelieve, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic, and that which was sent down to Hârût and Mârût, the two angels at Babylon.
12. Cain & Able and 5:27-32 “Targum of Johnath

a scratching Raven ben-Uzziah” and

Pirke Rabbi Eleazar ch.

21 and the Jewish

Mishnah, Sanhedrin 4:5

Maide 5:31.....Then Allah sent a raven scratching up the ground, to show him how to hide his brother’s naked corpse.
13. The Hovering 7:171 The “Abodah Sarah”

Mount Sinai 2:63 2nd Cent. Jewish fable
A’raf 7:171.....And then We shook the Mount above them as it were a covering, and they supposed that it was going to fall upon them.
14. 100 years dead 2:259 An apocryphal Jewish

wakes up alive fable about “Ezra”
Bakara 2:259.....Or (have your heard) of him who, when passing by a ruined and desolate city, exclaimed: “How can Allah give life to this city, now that it is dead?” And Allah caused him to die, and after a hundred years, brought him back to life. He said: How long have you stayed away?” “A day,” he answered, “or part of a day.” Then Allah said “Know then that you have stayed away a hundred years. Yet look at your food and drink: they have not rotted; and look at your donkey! We will make you a sign to mankind: See how We will raise them and clothe then with flesh!” And when (the matter) became clear to him, he said: “I know now that Allah is Able to do all things.”

15. Scales & Balances 42:17 Based on the Jewish

101:6-11 “Testament of Abraham”

16. Resurrection of 2:56-57 Jewish Talmud and in

Moses Tract “Sanhedrin”(part 5)

(Yusuf Ali admits to it

4:p.30, footnote 70)
17. Jewish village 2:65 An old Jewish fable

turning into apes 5:60 (Yusuf Ali admits to it

and swine 4:p.34, footnote 79)
18. God’s Word written 85:21-22 An old Jewish legend

on Tablets in dating to BC

19. Dhu’l-Qarnayn 18:83-97 The Romance of Alexander”

(Alexander the Great) a Christian legend of the

6th cent.

  1. Both characters travel so far west that they reach the place where the sun sets.

  2. Both stories have the sun setting in or near a murky body of water.

  3. Both the Romance and Muhammad in the Hadith on this Sura (Bukhari 6.326) have the sun going up into heaven and worshipping God.

  4. Both characters then travel so far east that they reach the place where the sun rises.

  5. Both narratives have the people who live near this place try to hide themselves so that they won’t be scorched by the rising sun.

  6. Both characters then travel to a place where two mountains spearate an oppressed people from God and Magog.

  7. Both stories have these people ask the characters to build a barrier so that the armies of Gog and Magog cannot pass through.

  8. Both characters end up building a giant gate made of iron and copper with the armies of God and Magog could not pierce.

  9. Both narratives say that God will open up the gate in the last days so that the armies of Gog and Magog will sally forth and meet their doom.

20. Mary, Imran’s wife 3:31-41 Protoevangelium of James

(wife of Joachim) the Lesser, ch. 3-5, 7-11

& Zechariah (c. 150 AD)
21. Borrowed Arab 54:1, 29, Arab poetry existing at

poetry 31 & 46 the time of Muhammad
“İmraul Qais’s daughter once heard this Surat recited aloud.

She immediately recognized her father’s poem and demanded to

know how her father’s verses had become part of a divine

revelation, supposely preserved on stone tablets in heaven’”

Dr. Anis A. Shorrosh, Islam Unveiled, Nashville, Tenn.:

Thomas Nelson, 1988, p. 193.

22. Abraham destroying 21:51-71 The Midrash Rabbah

idols & Nimrod’s

Enbiya 21:51-71.....We said: “O fire! Be coolness and peace for Abraham!”... And We rescued him and Lot...
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