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John Galbraith filled a mission in France. Six months after his return he married his childhood sweetheart, Coral Bingham. They are both attending the B.Y.U. Coral will graduate in 1965, majoring in education and music. She is an accomplished pianist.


Mildred V. Galbraith was born to David Layton and Estella Van Wagoner Galbraith Dec. 13, 1913, in Raymond, Alberta, Canada, and came to Utah in 1936. Here she met Leo Vitt Anderson, a returned missionary from Eastern Canada. They were married 22 Sept. 1938 at Cardston, Alberta, Canada. She says:

“He later told me the day he met me he went on top of a mountain and prayed and told the Lord, “This day I want to meet the girl I should marry.’ He then asked for guidance and help. He had been a missionary with a friend of mine, Isaac Roberts, and he introduced us.

We lived in Provo until 1943. While here three of our eight children were born. In February of that year we moved to Union, Utah.

Leo Vitt was a man ‘who was in the world but not part of it.” He had very close communication with his Father in Heaven. He was in the Bishopric under two Bishops, Bishop Thomson and Bishop Sterling Stokes. He was Scout leader, Sunday School superintendent, MIA superintendent, High Priest leader; and in 1954 he was made Bishop of Union 2nd Ward. After giving of himself, love and service the Lord made it known to him he was leaving this earth, so in November 1959 he was released as Bishop, and he passed away the following September, 1960.

Since his death until now, March 1967, I have lived in our house in Union. Five of our children have married. Van filled a mission in Northern Califormia, David filled a mission in Eastern Canada, and James is on a mission to the Central Atlantic States.

I am Relief Society President. I have worked in MIA as teacher and president, in Primary and Sunday School. I have also been a counselor in Relief Society. My goal in life is to teach my children that they can say as I can that they “know that God lives,” and to prepare them to live uprightly so they will “be ready to die,” as my father said.


Donna V. Galbraith was born May 26, 1919, in Raymond, Alberta, Canada. She is the daughter of David Layton and Estella Van Wagoner Galbraith. On September 6, 1939, she married Clyde Rich Bennett, in Alberta, Canada. They have five children.








Bliss Eugene Titus, son of Eugene and Stella Jane Van Wagoner Titus, was born 22 Oct. 1899 in Provo, Utah. His education was received at Midway and the Wasatch High School in Heber City. His mechanical training was in Provo, Utah; Remington Arms in Denver, Colorado; and the U.S. Arsenal in Rock Island, Illinois.

He was baptized a member of the L.D.S. Church 3 April 1908 or 1909 and holds the priesthood of an Elder.

Bliss had always been a respected citizen of his community, and has been President of the county “Wild Life Association.” He has gained acclaim locally, nationally, and internationally as a gunsmith being known for his fine gun barrels and custom-built rifles. His favorite recreations are fishing and hunting. He also is talented as a vocal soloist.

When Bliss was ten years old his mother died very suddenly and left four young children. Bliss made his home with his Uncle George Van Wagoner.

He was one of the fortunate ones who was endowed with some of the mechanical skill of his grandfather. As a young boy he trained in auto mechanics. As a young man of nineteen or twenty years, he opened the first garage and service station in Midway, Utah. He and his Uncle George managed the state Fish Hatchery in Midway at the time it was owned by a group called the Timpanogas Rod & Gun Club. Later he sold the business in Midway and bought and operated the Wasatch Service and Garage in Heber City; also the Wasatch Theater and Bowling Alley.

In 1942 he sold his business and went to work for Remington Arms Company in Denver and Salt Lake City; also for the Army Ordnance Depot at Rock Island, Illinois, and at the Ogden Arsenal, at Ogden, Utah.

After the war ended he set up his own gun business here at Heber City. He has produced gun barrels and custom rifles that have been sent to all parts of the United States, Canada and other foreign countries. They have won high honors in national and international competition.

Bliss was married in June 1922 to Leda Elizabeth Murri in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of five children: Russell Emory Titus (deceased); Stella, (Mrs Hal Fowkes); Reba: Diann, (Mrs. Roger E. Shields); Maryan, (Mrs. Robert D. Hansen). They have eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Stella filled a mission in the Northwestern States; Reba served as a missionary in the Eastern States Mission.

Their only son, Russell Emory, served with the U. S. Navy for thirteen years. He was a World War II and Korean War veteran. He taught at the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Russell died 22 Oct. 1966 as the result of an automobile accident, leaving his widowed wife, two children, and one grandchild.


Maryan Titus was born in Heber City, Utah, 5 Aug. 1940, the daughter of Bliss Eugene and Leda Elizabeth Murri Titus. She attended schools in Heber City, going to Heber North Elementary, Wasatch Junior and Senior High Schools, where she was a member of the Pep Club. She is a talented pianist, and enjoys outdoor sports, cooking and sewing. Prior to her marriage she was employed as a telephone operator at Heber City, and PBX operator at the University of Utah.

She married Robert David Hansen 8 Aug. 1963 in the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both Maryan and Robert David are active members of the LDS Church. Maryan has been 1st year Beehive teacher, Relief Society member, and at present she is 1st year Bee Keeper on the Stake Board. Robert is 2nd counselor in their Bishopric.


Imogene Titus Wright was born 9 July 1905 in Heber City, Utah, the daughter of Eugene Ulysses Titus and Estella Jane Van Wagoner. On Jan 1926 she was married to Jesse Therus Wright in Heber City, Utah. She was baptized 14 Mar 1914.

She attended elementary school in Midway, Utah, and Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah. She was an active member of the LDS Church, where she taught in Primary, sang in the ward choir, served as a Relief Society teacher, and was a member of the DUP.

Imogene was a lifelong resident of Utah, and was a homemaker all of her life. She enjoyed listening to all good music, and loved also to sing. Her hobbies were kitting and reading, and in addition she was an excellent cook. She worked as a cook in restaurants on several occasions, where she was well known for her pies and chili. She was a wonderful mother.


Norman Ray Wright was born 9 July 1927 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was the son of Jesse Therus Wright and Imogene Titus. He was baptized 4 June 1938. On 27 Aug. 1947 he was married to Nellie Jean Madsen in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Norman is at present a salesman, but was a former educator. He is active in local politics. He has lived in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. He attended B.Y.U., University of Utah, Idaho State University (Pocatello, Idaho), Washington State University (Pullman, Washington). He received his BS degree from Idaho State University; his M.S. degree from the University of Utah, and has done additional graduate work at Washington State. He graduated from college with honors, and has done 2 years graduate work on National Science Foundation Scholarships.

Norman taught school eleven years, five in Idaho, six in Las Vegas Nevada. He was supervisor of mathematics and science for Clark County, Nevada schools for one year, 1961-62. He was a part time member of the faculty of Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, 1960-62.

He enjoys most sports, music and reading. He likes to sing, especially in quartets, and he has played several musical instruments. He and his wife have six lovely children.



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