Final Evaluation Report

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Evaluation of the Second Action Plan

of the National Plan to Reduce Violence

against Women and their Children 2010-2022
Final Evaluation Report
Department of Social Services

March 2017


Inherent limitations

This report is given subject to the written terms of KPMG’s engagement. This report has been prepared as outlined in Scope of the Evaluation section. The services provided in connection with this engagement comprise an advisory engagement which is not subject to Australian Auditing Standards or Australian Standards on Review or Assurance Engagements, and consequently no opinions or conclusions intended to convey assurance have been expressed.

No warranty of completeness, accuracy or reliability is given in relation to the statements and representations made by, and the information and documentation provided by, Department of Social Services’ management and personnel consulted as part of the process.

KPMG have indicated within this report the sources of the information provided. We have not sought to independently verify those sources unless otherwise noted within the report.

KPMG is under no obligation in any circumstance to update this report, in either oral or written form, for events occurring after the report has been issued in final form.

The findings in this report have been formed on the above basis.

Third party reliance

This report has been prepared at the request of the Department of Social Services in accordance with the terms of KPMG’s contract dated 11 November 2015 and a subsequent contract dated 21 October 2016. Other than our responsibility to the Department of Social Services, neither KPMG nor any member or employee of KPMG undertakes responsibility arising in any way from reliance placed by a third party on this presentation. Any reliance placed is that party’s sole responsibility.
Glossary of Terms

Table A: Glossary of terms and abbreviations




Apprehended Domestic Violence Order


Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety


Australian Bureau of Statistics


Australian Capital Territory


Australian Women Against Violence Alliance


Council of Australian Governments


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse


Data Collection and Reporting Framework


Department of Justice and Attorney General


Domestic Violence Court Support Information Advocacy Program


Domestic Violence Orders


Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria


Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool


Eliminating Violence Awards


Family and Domestic Violence


Family and Domestic Violence Response Team


Family Violence Legal Service Aboriginal Corporation


Health and Physical Education


Implementation Executive Group


Indigenous Advancement Strategy


Institute of Social Science Research


Key Performance Indicators


National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey


National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect


National Community Attitudes Survey


National Crime Recording Standard


New South Wales


Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara


Northern Territory


Perpetrator Interventions Research Stream


Personal Safety Survey


Police Assisted Referrals Program


Protecting Aboriginal Children Together


Public Safety Bureau Agency




Queensland Police crime recording system


Referral for Active Intervention


South Australia


Strategic Research Themes






Victoria Police crime recording system


Victorian Health Promotion Foundation


Western Australia

Table of Content

Executive Summary 6

Evaluation of the Second Action Plan of the National Plan 6


2.1800RESPECT 8

3.Our Watch 8

4.The Line 8

5.Governance Arrangements 8

6.National Outcome 1 – Communities are safe and free from violence 9

7.National Outcome 2 – Relationships are respectful 9

8.National Outcome 3 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are strengthened 9

9.National Outcome 4 – Services meet the needs of women and their children experiencing violence 9

11.National Outcome 5 – Justice responses are effective 10

12.National Outcome 6 – Perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account 10

13.Future areas for focus 10

14.Introduction 11

1.1 Background 11

1.2 The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 12

1.3 The Second Action Plan – Priorities and Actions 13

1.4 Scope of Evaluation 15

1.5 Evaluation Method 16

15.Progress and Effectiveness of Second Action Plan priorities and actions 18

2.1 Priority 1 – Driving whole of community action to prevent violence 18

17.Intention and Government Commitment 19

18.Completeness of Action 1 19

19.Effectiveness of Action 1 25

20.Intention and Government commitment 27

21.Completeness of Action 2 27

22.Effectiveness of Action 2 29

23.Intention and Government commitment 31

24.Effectiveness of Action 3 34

25.Intention and Government commitment 35

26.Completeness of Action 4 35

27.Effectiveness of Action 4 36

28.Intention and Government Commitment 37

29.Completeness of Action 5 37

30.Effectiveness of Action 5 38

31.Intention and Government Commitment 39

32.Completeness of Action 6 40

33.Effectiveness of Action 6 41

35.Intention and Government Commitment 43

36.Completeness of Action 7 43

37.Effectiveness of Action 7 45

2.2 Priority 2 – Understanding diverse experiences of violence 46

38.Intention and Government Commitment 47

39.Completeness of Action 8 47

40.Effectiveness of Action 8 49

41.Intention and Government commitment 51

42.Completeness of Action 9 51

43.Effectiveness of Action 9 52

44.Intention and Government commitment 52

45.Effectiveness of Action 10 54

46.Intention and Government commitment 55

47.Completeness of Action 11 56

48.Effectiveness of Action 11 57

49.Intention and Government commitment 59

50.Completeness of Action 12 59

52.Effectiveness of Action 12 61

2.3 Priority 3 – Supporting innovative services and integrated systems 62

53.Intention and Government commitment 63

54.Completeness of Action 13 63

55.Effectiveness of Action 13 65

56.Intention and Government commitment 66

58.Effectiveness of Action 14 71

59.Intention and Government commitment 72

60.Completeness of Action 15 72

61.Effectiveness of Action 15 74

62.Intention and Government commitment 75

63.Completeness of Action 16 75

64.Effectiveness of Action 16 78

65.Intention and Government commitment 79

66.Completeness of Action 17 79

67.Effectiveness of Action 17 82

69.Completeness of Action 18 85

70.Effectiveness of Action 18 85

71.Intention and Government commitment 86

72.Completeness of Action 19 86

73.Effectiveness of Action 19 89

74.Intention and Government commitment 90

75.Completeness of Action 20 90

76.Effectiveness of Action 20 93

2.4 Priority 4 – Improving perpetrator interventions 94

77.Intention and government commitment 94

78.Completeness of Action 21 95

79.Effectiveness of Action 21 96

80.Intention and government commitment 97

81.Completeness of Action 22 97

82.Effectiveness of Action 22 97

83.Intention and government commitment 97

84.Completeness of Action 23 98

85.Effectiveness of Action 23 101

2.5 Priority 5 – Continuing to build the evidence base 104

86.Intention and government commitment 104

87.Completeness of Action 24 105

88.Effectiveness of Action 24 106

89.Intention and government commitment 108

91.Completeness of Action 25 108

92.Effectiveness of Action 25 108

93.Intention and government commitment 109

96.Completeness of Action 26 109

97.Effectiveness of Action 26 109

98.The Evidence Base 111

Overview 111

3.1 Prevalence of Violence 112

99.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women 113

100.Women with a disability 114

101.Women who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 114

103.Victims of Family and Domestic Violence, Experimental Data 116

104.Longitudinal studies 119

105.Family Violence Orders 120

106.Police Incidents 121

107.The PSS 122

108.The NATSISS 123

109.Women with a Disability 123

110.Children 124

111.National Crime data 124

3.2 Awareness and Understanding of Violence 125

3.3 Behavioural Patterns and Attitudes to Violence 129

3.4 Awareness of Response and Preparedness to Intervene 131

112.Evaluation of flagship programs 132

4.1 ANROWS 132

4.2 1800RESPECT 136

114.Evaluation Criteria 136

115.Evaluation Findings 137

116.Total Contacts Handled 137

117.Call Answer Time 138

118.Key Concerns 138

4.3 Our Watch 140

4.4 The Line 143

119.Contribution toward the National Plan 148

5.1 Evaluation of National Plan governance arrangements 148

5.2 Evaluation of progress against the outcomes of the National Plan 153

120.Next Steps – Third Action Plan 158

6.1 Emerging issues and areas requiring increased focus in the Third Action Plan 158

Appendix 1: Jurisdictional progress and programs 159

Appendix 2: Consultation method and survey questions 173

Appendix 3: List of stakeholders consulted 177

March 2017

This report contains 142 pages

Appendices comprise 25 pages

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