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Managing Director

Ferréol MARANDE is the Managing Director of AKKA Middle East. He has established the Middle East subsidiary for AKKA Technologies Group in 2010 in Dubai and is the head of the Middle East region. Today with more than 13,000 employees and revenue of + 1 billion Euros, AKKA Technologies Group is the European Leader in Engineering Consultancy and has subsidiaries worldwide.

Ferréol MARANDE is involved on the general management and over-all business development regionally. AKKA Middle East has now more than 100 employees and is providing services in multiple sectors (Aeronautic, Defense, Railway, Automotive and Energy).

Ferréol and his team are particularly involved on the development of a full electric and full autonomous vehicle. This Smart Autonomous Vehicle (Link&Go) has been presented in UAE during the World Government Summit 2016. It has been honored from the visit of the most prestigious visitors of the country and hit the headlines of local TV news. This project has consecutively received the Creative-Next-UAE prize from Business France.

Ferréol MARANDE has previously worked in other AKKA Group subsidiaries, such as in France, Italy and the UK.

He has completed Master Degree in Transportation Engineering (ESTACA) and Master Degree in Business Management (EM Lyon).

He has completed the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD in 2016.

He is a former Navy officer and an active Commercial Licensed Helicopter Pilot

He is married with 2 kids (11-9)


V.P. Business Development

Bruno LANGLOIS, of ATMOSTAT, 55 years old, engineer graduated from the Higher Institute of Electronics in Paris with an Executive Master of Business Administration from HEC Paris, expert member of the European Association on CO2 Utilization, is in charge of developments of new products lines in the company. Bruno is a senior expert in development of projects in energy and transport sectors. Previously, Bruno was Business Development Manager of BULL, after having been Director of the Products-Equipment Division of NEXEYA Systems, a French mid-size company”.


Mr. Patrick MESQUIDA, Technical adviser

He is Technical Adviser at IMEDER which is an association created on June 11, 2009, which aims to unite the professional world of renewable energies around collaborative projects integrating public and private actors but also training centers, research laboratories on the territories of the 44 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. He is working closely with DERBI CLUSTER which asked him to represent him at WFES.

The DERBI Competitiveness Cluster whose headquarters is at Perpignan in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region is dedicated to the development of renewable energies in building and industry. Its mission is developing, regionally, nationally and internationally, innovation, research, training, the transfer of technology and the development and creation of companies. Its primary goal is to increase the emergence of innovative products and services into strongly growing markets backed by the European energy directives, the government's national environment debate and the Mediterranean Solar Plan.


Global Director of New Decentralised Solutions for Cities and Regions

Amit Pathare is an energy/utilities sector executive with twenty years of experience, having held Management positions with the ENGIE Group over the past nine years. He is a passionate advocate for the energy transition, and in steering ENGIE’s activities into new geographies, technologies and business domains.

Amit is a Member of ENGIE’s Top Management Function based in Paris, and is the Global Director of New Decentralised Solutions for Cities and Regions, overseeing the domains of Distributed Energy, Green Mobility and Cities of Tomorrow. Most recently, he was the Executive Director of the ENGIE Lab in the Middle East, where he was responsible for building R&D programmes and offering services in Africa, India and the Middle East.

Amit has an M.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay, and a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. He is married with two children, aged eleven and seven years.



Thirty years experience in Energy and Environment.

Sylvan Pradel started his career in Saudi Arabia, and has since then spent over 25 years working in the Middle-East, Asia, USA, and South America.

In the '90s he was instrumental in the management of large power plant projects -from coal-fired to nuclear- with EPC engineering firms such as Bechtel, Stone & Webster, Black & Veatch, KBR, Fluor, CB&I, Hochtief.

In 2001 he founded the Flow Control Engineering (FCE) company, manufacturing high-tech valves and equipment for the nuclear industry. Supply contracts to European and Indian customers are in force until 2024. FCE is now part of the Ponticelli group of companies.

In 2008 Sylvan Pradel was approached by the French-based Capenergies cluster that wanted to leverage from his expertise in the field of energy to make innovative projects viable. In addition, he was assisting companies obtain carbon credits from the UNFCCC with the use of their energy efficient technologies, within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

He is now working in India, Bangalore, to represent some of the most promising technologies available, as devised by some of Capenergies members.


International Development Manager

As an aeronautical engineer, Sylvain began his career in the civil and military aeronautics industry at AIR FRANCE and DASSAULT AVIATION. After joining the administration, he took over operations of the Ministry of Defense for 10 years. At the end, he resumed his studies at Sciences Po, where he specialized on global energy issues and the development of renewable energies. He served, then, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He then joined the renewable energy industry, first of all within the company VERGNET, which builds wind, solar and hybrid plants, in charge of commercial development in Africa. Sylvain was then recruited by POWIDIAN, a start-up spin-off of AIRBUS, designing high-tech renewable energy stations, including hydrogen storage, where he was responsible for commercial development. Finally, he was recruited by HYDROGENE DE FRANCE, a specialist in mass storage energy solutions, where he puts his institutional experience, his knowledge of multi-megawatt power plants and hydrogen energy storage, into service of the company and its international development .


Mr. Philippe MALBRANCHE, General Director

Philippe Malbranche got an engineering degree at the Ecole Centrale de Paris. He started working in 1980 in the South Pacific on rural electrification projects with renewable energies, during 8 years. He joined afterwards successively the French Department of Energy as advisor on renewable energy policy, Photowatt, the French PV cell and module manufacturer, and CEA-GENEC, a research laboratory with 25 people focused on PV systems and storage systems, which he managed until 2004.

Then, he participated to the setting up of INES, the French Solar Energy Research Institute, which now hosts 380 researchers and experts involved in all the value chain of solar energy, and where his position is now General Director.

Philippe Malbranche’s main fields of expertise are: PV materials, PV cells and modules, PV systems, storage technologies and systems, solar thermal systems, zero-energy buildings, and smart grids.

Main international involvements:

• Coordinator of the European Energy Research Alliance Photovoltaic Joint Programme

• Coordinator of a European Photovoltaic Research Infrastructure project

• Member of the Steering Committee of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform

• Member of the Scientific Committee and Topic Organizer of the European Photovoltaic Conference EUPVSEC

• Expert in several visiting committees for research organizations


Export Manager

Maxime THERRILLION started his career studying and structuring the opening of new markets throughout Africa for a French Distributor of telecom equipment. During three years, he has developed the sales of the SME from the marketing strategy to the field, canvassing for various markets including Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast as well as Morocco and Tunisia.

From that experience in international business development, he shifted toward Corporate Social Responsibility project management and consulting, taking the most of his BA in Business Management (Galway Business School, Ireland).

He managed several projects within the CSR department of a French retail giant. Experiences such as an internal as well as external multi-channel communication campaign promoting responsible consumption and the deployment of eco-organization collaborations with the stores of the group were primary focuses. Following that experience in internal management of CSR, he gained experience in external CSR consulting working on the carbon footprint assessment of a major cycling event in France.

He returned to international business development after graduating with a MSc in Entrepreneurship (Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France), he was then appointed as a posted worker in Hong Kong to launch the local subsidiary of a global leader in social entrepreneurship.

He successfully combined his experience in business management and business development after returning from Asia by becoming a business developer for a strategic consulting firm in sustainable real estate.

He currently works as an Export Manager for Mascara Renewable Water to structure the business development of the technologic startup, which, after three years of research and development, is now offering an innovative solar seawater desalination technology: OSMOSUN®.


CEO of Meteolien company, Experts Teams leader, Electrical and Wind energy senior Expert

Ms Corinne DUBOIS is an electrical engineer with a “nuclear and renewable energies” specialization (Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble - 1988).

She worked 17 years for Cegelec Group, a French first class general contractor in the field of energy, and acquired significant experience in project structuring, coordination and management, and on contracts management with developers, governmental and regulatory entities, subcontractors and suppliers.

Ms Dubois obtained in 2007 her wind expert professional certification delivered in Spain by the DIEEC, including wind studies, wind farm development, turbine technologies, financial feasibility, Grid connection etc.

She is a professor at the international energy master of école des Mines of Nantes and INSA master of engineering school and has written a book of 180 pages about wind power plants studies and development (published by Eyrolles editions in 2009).

Certified senior wind energy expert and C.E.O. of MetEOlien, she offers Technical Due Diligence and technical assistance services, wind expertise, training, and capacity building in structuring and technical development as well as technical coordination for wind energy and Hybrid PV-Wind projects.

She is also EU assessor for some energy programs.

She presents more than 20 years of international experience in which 15 years of experience in wind energy projects and energy programs worldwide, both at the development level and construction level.

She has been working on developing countries for more than 12 years.



PV Global Solution Architect



Director Solar Middle East

Graduate engineer and PhD from INPG, he joined Schneider Electric in 2003 in research department dealing with electrical contacts and electromechanical product architectures. He moved to Project & Engineering Center in 2007 as project manager for electrical distribution, oil & gas and industry segments. He was then involved in tendering and execution of various electrical projects in such applications, before to get specialised in SOLAR PV projects in 2009, when market started to ramp up in Europe especially. Consequently, he participated to several large plant PV project taking into account the whole scope of the plant (Civil Work, Mechanical structures, electrical conversion and Grid connection, security and SCADA).

From 2012, he joined SOLAR Business Unit of Schneider Electric as Global Solution Architect so as to share PV plant project experience, to train local people to design and products and to support business and execution of PV plant projects. Covered areas go from Australia, South Asia, India, Middle East, Eastern Europe, to Russia and CIS countries. Hence many projects supported from five up to hundred Megawatt peak in various cultural, politic and “Grid utility” contexts.


Development Manager for International

Pierre Trotobas is a Mechanical Engineer (I.S.A.T – Nevers - 1998) originally specialized in Automotive Industry.

He spent a few years as a process engineer at the Eramet Group working mostly for all major aircraft engine manufacturers worlwide before joining the Colas Group in 2001 as a production project manager for SES (production of variable message signs).

Shortly after in 2003 he was appointed Managing Director of Somaro CZ (Colas Group) in Prague, Czech Republic, to extend the group presence in this fast growing area. Somaro CZ first acquired a small traffic signs factory and progressively become a notable contractor in road safety works through organic and external growth.

In 2009 Pierre Trotobas joined the Colas Group in Casablanca, Morocco, as the Managing Director of Urbis, a subsidiary specialized in urban developments and works. During four years this company has built several of the most prestigious pedestrian areas throughout the country, from city center reconstruction to sea side walkways.

Pierre Trotobas joined Aximum (Colas Group) in France in the end of 2013 as a Business Development Manager for Europe and took up some similar responsibilities at Wattway in the beginning of 2016 when the business unit was created.

At this early stage of development of Wattway Pierre is focusing on identifying potential early adopters of this disruptive technology around the world.

They will be accompanied by BUSINESS FRANCE, FRENCH EMBASSY:

  • Mrs Meenakshi YADAV, Head of Department Industries & Cleantech, Dubai

  • Mr Manoel ZENON, Trade Advisor - Energy and Environment, Dubai

  • Mrs Monique ARRIBET, Project Manager Renewable Energy, Marseille, France

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