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Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed and Partners, a law firm based in Moldova, has a low-to-nonexistent profile in the Russian Federation. Stratfor has extensive contacts in the Russian government as well as in Russia’s leading law firms which deal with international firms, and not one of them have heard so much as a reference to the firm. Using our more limited contacts in Moldova we were able to confirm that Brodsky at least exists (and indeed does work at the law firm), but we still have found no connections to Russian business or the energy sector.
The firm does not claim to have any business in Russia nor involvement or expertise in any oil-related fields. The only notable Russian clients that they claim are UES (the Russian power monopoly) and Cellular Communication (and Austrian/Russian cellular joint venture) both of which have holdings in Moldova.
The firm’s website is:
What is below are partial selections from what useful information we were able to glean.

Company “Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed and Partners” was created in 1997 through the joint efforts of Moldavian juridicial firm “Gama Consult and Uskov” and American juridicial firm “Looper Reed Mark and McGraq”. The head office is located in Chisinau, Repblic of Moldova, and it provides legal and consulting support to local and foreign clients in countries of East and Central Europe. Through collaboration with correspondents and affiliats, it represents clients in Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan and countries of the Baltic States. From its founding in May 1997, the company has become the most important consulting firm in Moldova. Its staff has more than 30 professionals.


Some of their services: acquisition, privatization, investment, search for credit sources and preparation for obtaining credits, penetration of the market, investment analysis, estimation of risk, investor search, negotiations and also transaction completion with investors, legal conclusions on different questions, economic legislation, post-privatization consultation, restructuring, set up of viable enterprises, business plans, representation in court trials, estimation of real estate and business, IP registration, ecological consultation.


Their specialists are fluent in English, Romanian, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Turkish and Ukrainian. Their company building is located in the center of Chisinau in a building equipped with high class technology and software. They have close business connections with the best legal companies in Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Istanbul, Sofia and Tel Aviv.



Ruslan Uskov – Partner

Member of the Moldavian Bar associations. He is the leading jurist of “Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed and Partners” since 1997. Founded “Gama Consult and Uskov”. Speaks Russian, English and Romanian. Spheres of concentration: corporate and commercial right; corporate finances; court trials and arbitration; credit relations; incorporation; juridical analysis and inspection; organizational structure; budgetary analysis.


Irina Mogileva – Partner

Specialist in investments. Worked for “Western NIS Enerprise Fund” from 1995-1998 as a commercial specialist. Worked for the Embassy of the US in Moldova from 1992-1995. Languages: Russian, English, Romanian. Spheres of concentration: attraction and the protection of foreign investments; financial simulation, financial aspects and the business planning of the activity of enterprises; the comparative analysis of enterprises, conducting the interrogations of public opinion and sociological studies; cadre policy; analysis and planning budget.


Yuri Maystrenko Starshiy – Legalist

Spheres of concentration: corporate right, the privatization of the government ownership, bank right, the protection of investments.


Note: We have not been able to locate a bio of Mr. Brodsky himself.



Partial list of clients below. Clients also include Moldavian agricultural enterprises (wine making, tobacco, etc.)


1. Transnational Companies:

- Philip Morris Services Inc.

- Coca-Cola Imbuteliere Chisinau

- SUDZUCKER International S.A.

- Reuters

- UPS Europe S.A. (Belgium)

- AVIS rent a car (Moldova)

- McDonald's Corporation (Moldova)

- 3M Corporation (USA)

- Avon Cosmetics Limited (USA)

- D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles

- SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.


2. noncommercial non-government and government organizations:

- Western NIS Enterprise Fund

- Ministry Of The Economy And Reforms Of The Republic Of Moldova


- TACIS Program In Moldova

- Technical Assistance Program, provided by the German Government "Promovarea Comertului Exterior"

- National Agency of Insurers (Moldova)


3. company in the region of international trade and investments:

- METRO (Austria/Romania)

- Mihailidis Tobacco (Greece)

- Trans Oil Ltd (USA)

- Metromedia International Telecommunications Inc.

- DotMD (USA)

- Case Corporation (France)



- Europa Capital Management A.S

- Diamond International Inc.

- International Telcel Inc.

- Haidelberg (Austria)

- Celtica Moldova (Italy)


4. Banking and the financial companies:

- Uebersee Bank

- Commercial Bank Of Greece

-  Dresdner Banka De Economii (Moldova)

- International Commercial Black See Bank (Moldova)

- Hoerner Bank


5. industrial enterprises in the sphere of services and of agriculture:

- Conversia S.A. (Moldova)

- PERFUZON (Moldovan-American Joint Venture)

- Africa-Izraeli S.A. (Israel)

- Glass Container Company S.A. (Spanish-Moldovan Joint Venture)

- Aprocon-Grup S.A.(.Austrian-Moldovan Joint Venture)

- Impressa Cavalleri Ottavia S.A. (Italy)

- Kelley Grains S.A. (USA)

- PilenPak Ltd. (Turkey)

- Rybnitsa Cement & Slate Plant (Moldova)

- Vitanta-Intravest S.A. (American-Moldovan Joint Venture)

- Moldova- stage S.A. (Moldova)

- Reforma Werk Ltd. (Germany)


6. enterprise in the field of deliveries and production of the energy resources:

- RAO EES (Russia)

- ABB (Switzerland/Ukraine)

- AES Silk Road Inc. (USA)

- KEMA (Holland)


7. company in the region of telephony and tele-communications:

- Moldcell S.A. (Moldovan-Turkish Joint Venture)

- Francetelecom S.A.

- Cellular Comunication S.A. (Austria/Russia)

- Siemens (Moldova)

- Millicom International Cellular b.v.(.Austria)

- Voxtel (Moldova)

- MMT (Moldova)


8. airline and the transport:

- Moldtransavia Air Company (OEA-Moldova)

- Air Moldova (Moldova)

- Turkish Airlines Ltd. (Turkey-Moldova)

- Asiana International Leasing Ltd. (USA)

- Murfitts Transport Ltd. (United Kingdom)




from a source in Moldova on "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners" - not exactly what we wanted, but taking into account that the guy that sent this to me is very anti-Russian, I believe he would have told me if there were Russian links within the company:

He says: It is a very respected and well known juridical, auditing company in Moldova. I'd say it is in top 3...

dar e o companie juridica/si audit foarte respectata din moldova. probabil in top 3 locali ar intra...


From: Antonia Colibasanu []

Sent: Mon 04/02/2008 20:29

To: Nicu Popescu

Subject: intrebare...


Ce mai faci? Am o rugaminte... un client (prieten mai mult) vrea sa-si infiinteze o companie in Moldova sau sa faca afaceri acolo (n-am inteles eu prea bine) si m-a intrebat daca stiu ceva despre compania "Brodsky Uskov Looper Reed & Partners". Si cum nu stiu nimic...intreb si eu mai departe. Pagina de internet e ok...insa habar nu am mai mult. Din stiinta ta sunt ok?

Multumesc mult si scuze de indrazneala, insa chiar nu stiu pe nimeni altcineva care m-ar putea ajuta.

O saptamana frumoasa!

Yüklə 17,73 Kb.

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