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Revenue Department

Collectorate of Goa, Panaji

-Schedule 'organized as per 'Section 51 of the Decree No. 3602 dated 24th November 1917, for-the purpose of objec­·t'ions, :if any, of the interested. parties wll,ich are to be sub­mitted within 20 days f,rom the date df second publicati.lon of this schedule in the Ofiic1!a.1 Gazette.

'Name of the applicant ----< Shri Naraina Barquelo Gaun'car of T.anem-\Sa.tari.

Designation of the plot -«Gao-Xeta» bearing old survey No.9, applied on permanent emphyteusis by :Shrfu Nar:aina Gauncar.

Situation-of the plot -Situated at Codal-Satan 'Taluka.

BouncIaries-North: Government land; South: Govern­ment land assigned to Shri Budo Naraina Gauncar; East: Nala; West: Government land and Government land assig­ned :to Shri Budo Naratina Gauncar.

Area -16022.16 square metres.

Annual ground rent -Rs..! 36-05.

Collectorate of Goa, 'Panaji, dated 27th March, 1976. -The :CollecOOl', R. Narayanaswami.

'Schedule :organized as per Section 51 of the Decree No. 3602 dated 24th November 1917, for the purpose of objec­tJion'S, if any, of the interested .parties which are to be sub­mitted within 20 days from the date df second publicaJtJon of this schedule in the Official Gazette.

Name of the applicant -Shri Esvonta Sada'ssiva. Monercar of Valpoi.

Deslgit.ation of the plot -<perinan~nt emphyteU'sis by Shri Es·vonta 'Sadasslva M'Onercar.

S.ituation of the plot -ISituated at Compordem, _,satari Taluka.

Boundaries-North: Govermnent iand; 'South: Gov~rri­ment land; East: Government· land; West: Government

land. .

Area: -49118.00 square ,metres.

Annual ground rent -Rs. 7-50.

Collectorate of Goa, lPanaji! dated 27th March, 1976. -The -COllectOl', R. N ar-ayana.swami.'


Schedule -organized as per Section 51 of the Decree :No. 3602 -dated 24th November 1917, for the purpose of objec­tion's, 'if any, of the interested parties which are -to be sub­mitted within 20 days from the date df second pubUcation of this schedule in -the Official Gazette.

.Name of the applicant -,Shm Madeva Ananta Xete Cho'dan­ca.r of Valpoi.

DesIgnation of the plot -«Pimplamola» applied on per­manent emphyteus-is by Sh:d Madeva Ananta Xete Cho­dancaI'.

, S,ituatton of the plot -S!iltuated_'at Veluz, &l!twi, Taluka.

Boundaries-North: Government :road 'and G()verB.ment plot held by -8hr.i Victor Anastatcio Mourao Garcez Palha: South: GovermmEmt prot held by IShrl VIctor Anastacio Mourno Garcez Palha; E}ast:,Government plot held by Shl'i Victor Anastacio Mourao GaI'cez Palha; West: Gov­ernment plot held by Shri Victo-:r Anasta-cio MouraO. Gatcez Palha' and road.

Area -8556.83 square met'res.

.Annual ground ,ren-t"-Rs. 15-40.

Collectorate Or Goa, Panaji, dated 27th March, 1976.-The Collecool', R. N arayU1Ulswami.

Schedule 'Organized as' per 'Section 51 of the Decree No. 3602 dated 24th November 1917, -for the purpose of objec­tiorrs, if :any, of the interested parties which are .to be sub­mitted within 20, days from the date of second publi~i()n of this "Schedule in the Off'io'hil Gazette.

Name of the appltcant -Shri Sacarama Anta Porobo Gaun­car of Paliem.

Design'ation of the plots -.. 1) <~Sem denomina~ Espe­cilal»..,.-Lote No. 67 bearing Survey No. 246; 2) «Quir-to­,uichO-Sorvo» -Lote Nio. 50A bearmg -Survey NO.. 173 and 3) «Torpivoril» -'-Lote lNo. 48 bearing Survey No. 144A.

, .

Situation of the plot-Situat&1. at Palie!.m, Pernem Taluka.

Boundaries-1) North: Survey No. 192 and'245; South: Survey No. 247; East: Survey No., 254 Sub-Dicv.i:sion No.6, 7,8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17 and 19; !West: Survey 'No. 190. 2) North: Survey No. 160; South: :Survey No. 149. Survey No. 162, Sub"Division:No. 1 to 10; East: IOOad; West: Survey No. 161,. ;3.) North: Road; South: Survey No. 143; East: -Survey No. 143;"We"St: Survey No; 144/l.

Area:.s'-1) 45001,67 ·square metres; 2) 19302,25 square metres; 3) 4177,70 square metres.

AnnuaJ 'ground rents-I) Rs. 18-00; 2) Rs. 3-55; 3) Rs. 0-85. .

Collectorate f()f-Goa, Banajli., daJt'ed 26th March, 1976. -The Collectol', R. N arayanaswami. .

Schedule organized as per Section 51 of the Decree No. 3602· dated 24-11-1917, fOr the purpose of objections, if any, of the interested parties which are to be submitted vvilthin 20 days f,rom ,the date of -second public,ation of this schedule in the Official Gazette.

Name of the applicanrt-Shri Raglo Madu Gaonkar of Maus.

Designation of the plot-"-«co.tbiachi-Moli,» appl1~d on permanent emphyteusis by Sh:ri Raglo Madu Gaonka,r.

Situation of the plot ":::::-Sittiated at Maus or Maux-i, . Sat~i Taluka.,..

Boundaries-North:', NaIa; ;So\tth: Government land;, East: Nala; West: Na-la and Government iand.

Area -'5682,00 Square mefres.

Annua~ groun<£ .r~nt; -Rs. 10-25.

'COlleotorate 'Of Goa, panaji, 27th March, 1976 •. ":':':"The

'90ll.ect?r, R.. 1O!aray.anaswami

Schedtil'e" organized as' per Section -51 "Of the' Decree No.. 3602 datetp.~ purpose of objections. it any, of the interested parties which are to be submitted within 20 days f.rom the date of second publication of-this schedule in the Official Gazette.
Name of the applicant -< Shri Ramachandra :Madeva Porobo

Gauncar-of Varconda.

Design~tion of the plot -«Catarfondichi-Add», late No.4 bearirig survey No.' 237" applied on permarient emphy­Iteusis by Shri Ramachandra Madeva Porobo Gauncal'.

,Situation, Of the!tua!ted at Varcond~, Pernem

Taluka, .'

Boundaries -North,: Survey No. 250 holding No, 5 ,to 8; South: 'Survey No. 233; East: .survey No. 235 and Survey No; 236; West: Survey No. 238.

~rea-48050,00 tSquare metres.

Anuua~ ground rent -&so 24-05.

Collectorate IOf Goa, Panaji, 27th March, 1976. -The /CoJileotor, R. Narayanw..swami.

Schedule organized as per Section 51 of the Decree No. 3602 dated 24-11-1917, for the purpose of objections, if any, of the interested parties which are to be-submitted wiltru-n 20 daylS f,rom the date of second publication of this schedule 'in the Official Gazette. -

Name of the applicant -Shri Xiulo Gones Gauncar of Veluz.

Designation of the plots-l) «Zamblichem-Mo1»,2) San­tion-vaddo», 3) Raneacho_ma-thou» and «Zomachem-Van­gona» applied on. permanent emphyteusis by Shri Xiulo Gones Gauncar.

:Situation of the plots -Situated at Veluz, Satan Taluka.

Boundaries......; 1) North: Government plot held by Shri Vittu Locmu Gurou; South: Government plot held by Esso Rama Madv.ol; 'East: Public road and Government _plot 1reld by Shri Vithu Locmu Gurou; West: Government plot held by Shn Apa Orgo Gurou and Government plot held by Shr! Rama Madvol.

2) North:, Government plot held by Smt. Maria Zara Ferre'ira Garcez; ~outh: Governm:ent plot held by Shrl-Si­rtaram Bag Xete Teli; East: Government plot held "by 'Shri Biungo Xiulo Zo~mencar; W.est: Government plot held by:Shri Biungo" X1ulo Zormencar.

3-) North: Government land held by Shri Santa Maddu Gauncar; South: River and Government land held by Shri Santa Madu Gauncar; East: Government land known as «Gauntona»; West: River.

4) No~th: _Government land held by Shri Esso Rama Madvol and -Government plot held by Shr! Ladu Budgo Gauncar; S'outh: Government land held by' Shri Fotto Budgo Gauncar and Government land held by Shri Santa Madu Gauncar; East: Government land held by Shri Ladu Budgo Gaun-car .and Government a'and :beld by S:hrr.i! Laxman Dulo Gauncar; West: Government land held by said Fondgo

. Govind Mauscar and GOV'erTIment land held by Shri Fotto Budgo Gauncar.

Area -1) 7218,00 Square metres; 2) 17,954.00 Square metres; 3) 10,384,00 Square metres; 4) 10,359,00 Square metres.

Amnual ground rents: 1) Rs. 13-00; 2) Rs. 28-45; 3) Rs. 25-35; 4) Rs. 26-20.

"Collectorate 'Of Goa, panaji, 27th Ma.rch. 1976. -The Oollector, R. NarayanaswamJi.

Schedule 'Organized as per sectl-on 51 of the Decree No. 3602 dated 24-11-19~7,. fur the purposeof' ·obje

, dnterested 'Parti'es which tare to !be submitted wlthlin 20 days from !the d'ate '<1f second publi~on 'Of fI:ih'is schedule :in the OffLcial Gazetlte.

Name of the applicanrt: -Shri IOr.isna Sucdo GaU1Il'car 'Of Codl!.

Desig.nati'<>n' 'Of the plots -1)''«'?aIllt.ich:ia Bandacl1o-cudco» bearing survey ~o. 466 (old) Md

2) '«DeulamoI-a» survey INro. 464 (old)~ -apptied on :pennanent emphy;teusis 'by Shrj; ICrJsn'a Sucdo Gaunear.

Slift;uati'on 'of-the !plot,s -SituaJt-e


Boup.daries-l) North: GoV'ernment land assigned to Poto Qa:onkar and plot pelonging to Ragoba F-otu Sinai Sanvor-· dem~r and -athers; south: G9vernment _iland;_ east: Plot 'belong1ng to VlsV'ombora IXamha Silnai 'Sanvordemoar and. others, Plot 'be'1'ongting to RamakriShna Mangue'$h iSinruL Sanv-ordemcar and others; west: Gov.crnmel1t-Iand aSSigned lto Pato Gaunkar and Government land.,

2). Government land asSigned rbo' Pascoa;l-li"'erila'ndes and Government land; south: Plot to Ra:maCi'lsna Manguesh Sinai Sanvordemcar -and 'Others; east: Govern­ment land assigned to Madeva Peto -Gaunkar' Government l&n'~ asSigned to-Pascoal -Fernandes -and reserved plot: fOr­Temple; we'st: Government Qand ·and plot lbelong1ng to· Visv-om'bora ISin'a1-SanV'Ordemcar and others.

Areas ~1) 15826,40 Square metres.

2) 41330,16 Square metres. Annual ground rent -1). Rs. 4-00

2) Rs. 8-65.

Panaji) 2nd AprU, 1976 . ....:..... The Collector,_ R. Nf»rOlJlanaswatmi­'s Office of Pernem T .Iuk.

Notice 'No. L.;ND/2/76

.A. M. Bhandare, Mamlatdar of Pellnem Taluka:

In pumuance of article 3 of Legislative Diploma, No. 349-' dated 9-11-1928, all heirs of the late Shri Vito Bornodo· paliencar, of Paliem Village, Pernem Taluka, who was con-­ceSSionaire of Government land denomina:ted 'as «Sem denQ­minacao Especial» Lote No. 89 Survey No. 214 situated at Paliem, Peronem Taluka contained in Alvara NQ. 578· dated 31-10-1934, are hereby notified -to ,appear in this Offi'ce on 12th May 1976 at 11.00 a. m. in order to choose one of' the heir for the bestowal of the said .A!lvara.

To make itt known :to all concerned parties this' notice is publfshed and copies-thereof will be affixed in usual place 'as required by law.

Pelmem, 22nd March,. 1976. -.The Mamlatdar, A: M ~ Bhandare.

Ndtice No. LND/3/lb

A. M. Bhatidare, Mamlatdar of Pet'lnem Taluka:

In puriSuance of article 3 ~of Legislative Diploma. No. 3490' dated _9-11-1928, aU heirs -of the late Shri· Esso Bamnogi Sanv.ol of Paliem Village, Pernem Taluka, who was con­ceSSionaire of Government land denominated 2.S «Sem deno­minacao Especial» Lote No. 96, Survey No. 206 situated at Paliem, Pernem Taluka, contained iri Alvara No. 590 dated 17-1-1935, :are hereby notified to appear in this Office on 12th May, 1976 at 11.00 a. m. in order to choose one­of the heir for the bestowal of the said Alvaro.

To make it known to all concerned parties: this notice is publiShed and copies thereof will be affixed in usual place as required by law. -

Pernem, 22nd March, 1976. -The Mamlatdar, A. M ~ Bhwndare.

Notice No. ~ND/t 11!7'6

A. M. Bhandare, Mamlatdar of Pernem Taluka:

In pursuance of .article 3 of Legislative Diploma No. 349' dated 9-11-1928, all heir's of the late Shrt Guna Soma Nalque of -,I?al.iem Village, Per.nem "raluka, who was concessionaIre of' Government land denommated as «naD(~o», Lote No. 40, 23, ;Survey No. 131 and «Sem denominacao Especlru» Late­No. 23 Survey No. 112 Situated at Paliem, Pern'em Taluka, contained in Alvar,a No. 548 dated 27-7-1934, are hereby notifd:ed to appear jn; !this Office on 18th -May, 1976 at

11.00 a. m. in _order ·to choose one of the heir for the· bestowal of the said Alvara.

To make 1Jt known to _aU concerned, parties this notice" is published and copies-thereof will be affixed in usual place-. as required by law.

Pernern, 22nd March, 1976.--The· IMamlafdar. A. M~. Bhandarte.

Ncttice No. LND/12/,76

A. M. B,handare, 'Mamlatdar of Pernem TaInka:

In pursuance of 3:rticle 3 of Legislative Diploma No. ?49 dated 9-11-1928. all heirs of the late Shrj Rama Dondu Xete Virnorcar, ,'Of Arambol Village of Pernem TaIuka,' who was concessIonaire of Government land denomina:ted as' «Sem deno­mllnacaJO Es.peciall» !Jote No, r9 and 10, Survey No. 38 and 51 situated at Arambol, Perm.em Taluka contained in Alvara No. 760 dated 22,,\9-1938, are hereby notified 10 appear in this Office on 15th May 1976 at 11.00 a. m. in order to choose one of lthe heir for !the hestowal of !the ,said Alvara.

To make it known to all concerned, parties th1s' notice is published and copies' thereof will be ,affixed in usual place


req~:red by law.



Pern-em, a'l'lilare.


March, 1976. -The

Mamlatdar, A .. M.


Urban Development Department

Office of the Collector Daman


-No. aqr../ELEOjIMUN;'APPT/23/76/857 fu exercise of the-pow€!rs,_~felll'ed upon me under Ruie 5 of the Goa, ,Daman and Piu ,M'uui-cipallities (El~ction) ~Rules, 1969, I, satiSh Chandra Collector 'Of Daman do hereby.appoint with ·immediate effect the fonowIng officers lin relation to t~e" Election to the Daman "Munic:ipal Council in -order to c-arry -lOut all the duties and functions -a'Ss1g1lled to the~ ·in the above mentioned rules. _1. Shri M. M. Mltbavkar, Mamlatdat'-cUIU"'P.A.-to_Collector, Daman as lRetumtng Off·i'eer,

2 . .shri J. B. Machado, Head Clerk of Collectorate, Daman as Assistant Returning Officer.

Panaji, 23rd March, 1976. -The Collector, Sa.ti-sh Ohalndra.

finariceDellartment (Revenue)

Office of. _the COmmissioner of Exci.e

Excise Station of Quepe~ Taluka


The unkn'own owners of the following goods found aban­cation of this -notice m the Official-Gazett~. to claim the doned' at the time and place 'mefitJ'ioned herebelow are hereby ri'ghlts ito ·the S8lid. goods.i~ intimated to appear before the Excise Inspector, Excise -·Af.ter the expiry ·of the aforesaid time limit;-the .same Station -Quepem, within 30 days-from the date of publi-~oods shall be forfeited' in, favour of the ¥overnm-en!t.

S? no. Place of attaqhment Description of proper_ty Time and date :of attachment Case no.

, '3'\'-,

1. Ja1:er-Maina (Gharbhat). One plastic can containing 2 jars of At 8.30 a, m. on 17-5-1975.


cashew ur.ra:e. '

. -,' .


  1. Railway Station at Sanvor­One plastic' can_ coDJta.ining ,11~ jar of At 10.,30 a'-,m., op. -18~9-~1975. dem:OUrchorem. cashew liq_uor: ~ ­

  2. Ra.llway Station at Sanvor­One plastic can Containing 1 (11175-76 dem-OUrch'OreIn. of cashew liquor.

Excise Station Quepem Tal~ka, 22nd March, 1976-.,-The ,Excise Inspector, P. N. Mashelkar.

Revenue Recovery Court of Dam.n Taluka application for appointment as a notary to practise in MargaO notice is hereby given under Rule 6 (2) (a) of the Not,a-ries Rules; 1956 inviting objections, if any, to the appointment


of the sald applicant as a n<>tary, which objectllons shOUld .M', _M•. Miitbavkar, Head of the Taluka Revenue Office Daman ,be submitted to the _undersigned within fourteen days Of the and Judge of Revenue Recovery COUllt of ,Daman. publication of this -tio~-ice. ' -,

Notice is hereby given that on 19th 'April 1976-a public . PaJJlaji, ~5t_~ March, 1976. -,The 'Dlstrti-ct Reglstrar-cum­auction will be held at 11.00 a. m. for the third time, by the :-~ead of RegISters ,and Notary S-ervices, D. V. OOWS01'O.

Reve,nue ReC'Overy COUl1t of Daman at Sea shore, Nani

Daman at Master Sheri for the value of 'Rs. 2608/-(Rupees

two thow;and six hundred' eight only) ,attached in recovery •••

prOceedings case No. 16 filed again'st 'S'h-:t;'i Soma Kalan of

Nani Daman Master ni Sheri for .the recovery of Rs. 50,000/­Advertisements

(Rupees fifty thousand) only of penalty imposed by the

Cust~ms Department on 'Seizure of contrabaJid goods. Civil Registra,tion Office of Salcete

2.' The highest bid will be accepted and -it shall be -recovered and si:gned. No bid shall be a!lowe'd thereafter.


3. ,The said vessel has been deposited with the sA1d defaulter _Abel Luis Alvares _Colaco of Margao now,:, resident ,atwh~ is bound to show the same to ,the ~t.erest.e'd 'parti-es.

Ldsbon: i·ntends-to change his name ito. LUis Alvares' Colaco. Recovery Court of Daman, 1st April, 1976. -I, Mahadev

,An~~ person having any objection' is invited to file the

Damu, Upper Division Clerk, Revenue Recovery Clerk of same at this Office within 30 days from the date of pub1i~

Revenue Cou~t, written.

cation "of !this notice (vide Article 178(3) of Civil Regis­

Seen the Judge of Revenue Recov.ery Court,. M. M. Mit~ tration Code).bavkar.

Margao, 26th March, 1976'.. --The iOivil Registrar, Visnum Slinai Priolcar.


V. No. 114/1976

law and Judiciary Department

Office of the 'District Registrar. Goa-cum-Head of -, Administration of Comunidades of -Tiswadi Taluka Register. and Notary Services Porraii -Goa

Notice Notice

Whereas Shri Francisco Monte da ISIHva Miranda a

'-', 2 Noti~e'-,is '-'~et~by .g.L'Ven-that .on ,,2'$fd Apr.u. '1976" 'atpractising,advo.cate residing at Margao-Goa, has made' 'an

tea. m., .. publicauctlon Will. be held at the door -"ntills

-, to execute the works of construction of additions and repairs af the Parochial House.lOf the Chureh of Merces, at estimated cost of Rs. 27.820-00 (Rupees ·twenty seven thousand eight hundred twenty only). -The file no. 67/1971 belongs to the Comunidad-e of Murda and Morom'b~rn-o-Pe· quen'O.

The coniractor ~hould make a prl1!or deposit of 5% -corres­ponding to the estimated value at the time of auction. Only Government recognised, contractors can take part in this auction..

In case of having no bidders on the_above referred day, the same auction will take pla:ce for the -secon.d time next day. at the sarne time,

The interested parties may consult the said file on -any working days during Office hour'S, dn. this Offlilce.

Panaji, 311St March, 1976. -The Administrator, Orland<>

A. J. 'Sequeira Lobo.

v. no. 48/1976

Administration Office of the Comunidades of Bardez


3 In accordance with the terms and for the purPose esml>lJished lin ilrfid" 330, of the Code eyf Comunidades, ,In force, lift :is hereby aIllltmnced !that Bessie 'Sever,ina Crlst'ilana F.ernandlE!S, reSident of strsa~m~ has 'apPlded on lease. for construction of house, the UiIlcultivated and ,unused of land, .. part of 'l\lt No. 78, 'situa.ted at SirsaJim and helong'ing to the Sdrsaliin. Comunidade, 'an: ·ar.ea :of 600sq. mts.

, It 'Is bounded on the east, Weai:and nQrthby the remaJlnling part of the same am' aI!ld on the soUJth by the ship of land to Ibe :rese.rv'ed along 'the nattmlal road Mapusa.-Bichol,lim.­F1i1e no. 144/1975.

If any person has any objectJilon :agaJinst the proposed lease, he shouild submit hts objecttiion in' wr:iting to the A:dm,1n1istrator of _Oomunli'dades of Bardez, -·withtin 30 days !f.rom'the date of second "pUib1i'OOlti'On :af thIis notice, 1n the Of:fiicial Gazette.

Mapusa, 6th JanuaIrY, :1976. -The aotJing !Secretary, Nelson

Xavier T'rindade.

v. no. 8251/1976 (Repeated)


4 In accordance with rthe terms and for the purpose established tin the article 330 of the :Code of 'Comunidades, in force it is hereby ,announced that Bhiva .AJtmarama Arolkar, resident at Corlim of Mapusa, has applied 'On lease for cons­truction of a house, ·the hilly, unculitivated ~nd unused land named «Toliecho-Sorvo», comp;rtsed in lote nO'. 17, situated at Corlim and belong1ng to the Comunidade of Qo..riim, cover­dng an' area of 600 sq. mts. It-is bounded on the East by the aforam'ento applied' by Kaka V.ernencar a:6ter which lies to the aforamento of Sadasiva Sacarama Xete Diucar, and on ;the W'est, North and South by ithe l.a:nd of the same Comuni­dade. -F.ile no. 77/1973.

If any person h3.s an,y objection: againSt' the proposed lease, he should submit his objection In writing to .the Administrator of the Comunlildades of Bar'dez, with1n 30 in the OMiCiaI Gazette.

Mapusa, 2St:h .rune; 1973. ~The A_g Secretalry, S"''Pada Govinda Sma; 9uencro.

v. no., 8459/1976



5 In acco.rdance with the terms and for the purpose eStablished In article. 330, of.·the Code df Oomunidades, in force, It is hereby announced that Chandraklant Utt~ Cho­dankarj ~ Chief ~otilqter of:, the:;-Shiv -P.ras-ad' Housing' Co­~operative SOciety, resid-ent:-. of :-Gu:dem, StoMm, has applied on lease for 'Construct1on of .residentlial houses, the hiHy and uncultivated land comprised .m. Lot. No. 156, situated at Alto POl"V'"Or:im and belonging ,to ·the _Comunidade of Senda, cover­

ing .an..area" of 10.000 square ,metres. .It :is bounded on aU '~s_by tIle,land ofthe same,Comunidade. F1lJe No. 26/19,6.

If any person has any objection against the proposed lease, he should submit his objection in wdting to the Adminlist.rator of Comunidades of Bardez, with·in 30 days from the date of second publicaUon of this notice, in the Official Gazette.

Mapusa, 25th March, 1976. --The acting: Secretary, Nelson Xavier Triiulade.

v. no. 8608/1976



6 In accordance with the terms and for rthe' purpose establiShed In the ar.ti~le 330 of the Code of Comunidades in force, it is hereby announced ,that Namdeu, Shankar Harmalkar, 'xeside:Il!t of Verla, has applied on lease fOr construction of ;a house, the uncultivruted, unused and rocky plot named «Tlsra Lans» (ter.ceiro lan~o) Survey No. 93, ..situated at Verla and,belonging to the Comunidade' of Verla-, covering an area of 600 sq. metres. It ~s bounded on the

:,east by the ;r.oad, on the west by land of Comunidades of canca. and on norrth and on lSOuth by the land of Comunidade of V.".Ia. -File No. 34/1976.

If any person has any .objection against :the proposed )ease, he should submit his objection in writing to the 'AdministratOr' of Comunidades of Bardez, wthin 80 days

, from the -second publi'cation of this nottce, In the Official Gazette.

Marpusa, 17,th March, 1976-The a;ctmg 'Secretary, N e'Zson


V. no. 71/1976


7 In accordance the terms and for the purpose established :in the article 330 of the Code of Comuni9ades in force, it is hereby announced that Digamber Chandru Naiq1J-e 'alias Digamber Chandru Hadfadkar, resident of Pombl,lrpa, has-applied on ~ease for construction .of-, house, Ithe uncultivated and unused plot of land· comprised in the lot. N.o~ '58, siltuated at Olaulim _and belonging to the Olaulim Comunidade, coverfng aD. area of if)OO squaxe, metres. It is bounde_d on the ,by the private property of__Guilhenne Bernadino Pinto, on', the south, east and west by the road of the Comunidade. ~F.ile No. 51/1976.

If any person has any objection against the proposed lease, he should submit his-.objection in writing to the Awithin 30 days from the date of second publication of this notice, in the Official Gazette'.

Mapusa, 30th March, 1976. -Whe 'aeting Secretrury, Ne1800

X<1IVier Trindade.

V. no. 126/1976



8 .The abovementioned Comun~dade is hereby con:v~ed for an extraordinary meeting, at .its Meet,ing HaU, on 3rd Sunday at 10 a. m. after the pubH-ca:tion hereof iIi the OffJcial 'Gazette, with representation of 2/3 of its Social Capital, to gtiv.e its opinion_on the appeal made by the Goa Cancer SoCiety for dpn'aiti'On "Of Subsidy for construction of lOancer Hospital Cum-Research Institute. If Ithe fails to meet on the' said day, again the same is convened for the second time on 3rd Wednesday, in the same way, time and the same purpose, and if ,it" Is stiLl' fa1Hs to meet 2nd tUne, it is ag3Jin convened for the 300 time on 4th Sunday -in the O'rdinary form, at same time place and for same purpose~ 2 -To express, its opin!ilon on the Government Order to withdraw the amouont belong'.ing to this Comunidade, deposited in valiio~s Nattonalised and other Ban~, and :to deposit the sarneill '.l:heGoa, Starte eo·operative Bank Lt

only...Th:e t~nty major _shareho~der::; ~.df this Oomunidade are also convei1.ect-to'·:'meet· on the' 4th'Sunday at· 12 noon at the same place ,to:.give thelilr,opin,ion and consent to the matter deliberated by the Comuntdade.

BenauJim 20th March, 1976. -The Clerk, Rauji Sinai'. Edo.

v; no. 8611/1976




9 The above mentioned Comunidade is hereby convened for, an extraordinary meeting at Its '-Meeting Hall on 25th April ne~t at 10 a. m., :in order to give its opiini:"On 'on the file no. 33/1973, in which Wenc~lau Dionisio lDias do Rosario, resident of Mapusa, has applied on lease for -construction'-of a house, the hilly, uncultiDvated and unused land named l~t no. 164, situated at Carl'asvaddo and _Aced,_ on the -:hill. of Zambugale and"belonglng to the ab'ove,'ComUIlidade" boun~ed on the east Maria Con'Ceicao de Souza, on _the 'West-by,;As~ suncao de Souza, on the'_ north by-lot n'O.-:147, arid l>y_:Ana Francisca Mendonca and on the south by the ,road no., , 128' and the said Ma:rl!.:a Conceicao, covering-an area of 600 sq. rots.

M.a.-pusa, 26th March, 1976. -The ClerK, Visitagao Oristo Rei Socorro Pereira.


10 The 'abovemeil'tiioned Comunidade is. 'hereby-convened

'1:6 ::tne_et at its: Meeting, Place, on--3rd 'Stiilday,:_.after 't~e publication of ',this notice,in -the', Official Ga~tfe; ,_at-ll-a. m:,' in order to giv-e its opinion on the propoSal of the Mariagmg Committee of the Comunidade, attached at page 94 of the file No. 82/1970, in which -it resolved to construct a new building for its Meeting HaJJ (casa de sessOes). ,Thetwenty major sharehold~~irs, of the IComunidade are a~ convened to meet for ::the same '~_u~e soon atIt:~r: the meet1ng _,pt ,tlhe-Comunldade. '

Serula, 1st April, 1976. -'TM 'Clerk Mtuleva' BieU' Sma!

MUlgOA'?car. ' " !

V. no. 122/1976 Chotao

_11 The above Comunitla'de .is-hereby-:convened to-meet· at its prem:ises at--10 a.' m; on 3:rd -Saturday l3£ter ';this notice is-published in the Offici:al Gazette to -,represent' 2/3 _;of the-'members of Comunidade ,to' deal wLth the -letter from the 'Mamlatdar Tiswadi Taluka It'egarding t:ran'Sfer of the land of Comunidade to) Government. Ori' failIng to meet'-it .is again convened to"rmeet at 12 -a. m. on the ~me day and form for the at thts time 'it is convened -to meet on next day 'in IOVdinary form at ~O a. m. -'l}le 20 biggest: :!;Ihare hoiders are -to-_ give-the op'inio~ on the matter -after the ,resolut/ion of Comunidade.

Clrorao, 5th April, 1976 -,-The Clerk, Subra4a Gl11'"""",na Sinai U8gaoca'f~­

V,no., 206ji976


Xri MahadevCl Devalaya of X-akod~-Coc:r


12 (No;tiice:is hereby gtiveD. that an Exlbraordinary meetfug -of the Mahajans of the Devalaya of Shrl Mahadeva of Kakoda, duly authorlsed by the Mamlatdar of Quepem will be held on Sunday the 25th April 1976 at 10.00 A. M. onwards at the premises of Devalaya to discuss the following agenda:

1. To discuss on Govt. Poli-cy regarding obye-Uiaws of the .nevasthan.

2. To obtain a!pproval to .transfer -Devalaya's Fund lin !the Goa 'state Coopera.ti

3. To discuss and approve the proposal for construction of Agrashala.

4. To sell barren lands of lOev3ll.aya., to NJise funds /fOr construction of proposed AgrashaIa and to carry out necessary repairs of the temple.

5. To 'approve Budget Estimate's! ~or the year 1976-77.
All the Mahajans of this Devalaya are hereby requested to attend the same on the date, time and plarce mentioned

,above. Kakoda, 27th March,

.~," S t

a::::_The President


1976.-The ISecret~.,.·Anand,..&~,· ,.~ ""A' "_"."~'= ,. ~ ~.

_ue ' ~l'<2.r WuO was 'uom ~erna.valt:im. 8an'ay H Probhu ,':'D(~,;; "-~::!!";'l,:,j ~ ·-.:-p~J~.~4.~ii'~~ I~ any. ~oU'I.before the competent

J. ~ , ' a~lthor-lty wlthln presCVIbed itlrne llianllt.

V. no. 8MiAlWJ' -. ,Dm'I V. no. 8384,(1976 , ,~ S:anteri SlJuD.sthcm, Shelvoila'-Quepem~Goa

13 A' general body meetlng of "the--Mahajans of-the Devasthan of' ShrJ Santelli Saunsthan of ISbelvona-Quepem duly "uthOlfused by the Mamlhas been convened,:' as per the article, -no'. 18 of Regulamentos das mazamJlason the·e"piry of 30 ,th1r~ of iI:h'ls notllce lin, OffJc!al Gazette on 1st Snnday at 11.00." in., -onwards at the 'Usual place Qf the meetings of Ithe albove mentioned ,Devasthan to -refer and approve the draft bye-law of the said Devasthan framed by the special Committee appaintethe Government.

A.ililthe Mah"jans are hereby 'l"l't<>, attend the 1I1,,!>~lng )and., :prurtIc!pate, ,in the J>~gs.,

, Sh'elv9Iia 22nd March, 1976. -The ~t,GMnMhltm

l!.F.'7>M8ai.' '. . '",' ,'"

V. 'il6. 8350)197& (2nd t~.)


m~_, $Cf1JI', ~-merr

~,~~"'fil'IWRlTw 'f.\'?lr' ~,: 'lID": mt<: aoif¥,,4"",t ~~~~ri' fuAT il'lt~T11~~~0 f''''''\l i;'''l ~tiq(Oll';{d" ~,'~~~~,~ ~~~QlOl~ij,""I' f.R;:r ",,,,.,..,,,', \I'IT mr~. ;;:rr \1m,. ~

f.r'!mmr., ,"fuiFr4'1(",,6\

>am: il;m ;;rrum: arr%:. .,' , ,.

irtT \1'f ~r.rr ;;:rr m ~Rr ~"""",,'Ojl\,



rfj.,vwjja;6Jt., .,':.;; :',0,:: " "

j':' ":'

Private advertisements

:: J,4 ",~a: ,A~!oI>la Juliana' Rodrigues, from ICandolilm, rutend,s, ,to transfer,&n her name, ten shares of the COm_ O! Nerlli nos. 201'5 to 26&1 conta!ining in the 1Iitle no, 24,1 Ren. Let. A w'JIth preWous renovatIon of tire aaJld 00" sa it is lost, belonging to her late mother-tn.-law Ana Clar.ln·a Ro­drigues who was from ,Dando'lllim 3Jld aiso to colledt ,the dlividends -of the saIDd ~samounting to Rs. 365-50 Pa., of th" y_s .1968 to 1975 from ,the treaaury of the 'sruid Comu­nidade of Neru:l. ,I

Those wlro wJsh to clamn may do 'SO in the competent oflfIice wJith'in' the pr-es:cnl:bed time limit.

V. 00. 8354/1976

15 FranCisco Xa,wer caetano BaJba~rom Ser­nabatlm, announces ,that h" Wllshes Ito re_, for having lost, the share no. 119 comprised: 'in th:e 6hialre OO1it1i1:6ticaJte no. 56 of Ithe ComuIiidade IOf Sernabatim I8.Ud stranding lin the same of hlks ·late futh'er Socorro de Aguti:a.r who was !from Set'll.laro bat'i!m:

Objections, df any, should be raIsed before the competent authority_within time limit.

V. no. 8383t1l976

16 Jose MeniJno Jesus Agwi'ar, tfrom Sernabatim announces. that he wIshes to ren'€IW, for hawing [lost. the Shiare certit1i.:c'aIte-s nos. 86 and. 346, ,compri:sing -each one; ten M"8lt'eS 'Of nos. 374 to 383 and 1084 to 1093, respeobiv'ely, of the ComWJJldade of .(Jolva and stand1ug in the name of his ~alte ifiather iSoCOlTO


17 Sere;n;a Lii)erata Tavares Aatnteida >frOm oanaJ' announ­ces that 'she' 'WJShes to renew, for havting'llOst, '!the share certi­ifieates nos. 53, 54 and _.55, co'mP.I'~g each one, one share of no.c 1Z6, n1:: and 128, reapectlvely, of the Oomunidade of Semabatim _,and s.tanding :00 the: name of· her father.,,:,in-laV[, A!lel:XQ Fralncisco'XaVier Biedade IAime'Ma who was ca.n.a. Qbj_ns; liifany; should be Talisedbeifore the competent authorttY'withinthepresmbed .time lirnJit. . .

V. nQ.8385/1976

18 MaT>a 'Ioo'Pel'eirn,Aim€iida ftom reina, "'l1">1mees that she ,Wlishes to l'ellieW; for Mv'Wg 'lost, Ithe share no. ':_-2

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