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Five Minutes or Five Days: Strategies in Leading, Learning, and Collaboration

The hallmark of Hile Group’s “fleet” of courses, this workshop centers on teaching strategies, learning styles, and effective methods of collaboration.

Who Should Attend?
Each session of this course is ideal for teachers, trainers, managers, supervisors, Human Resource associates, safety trainers or supervisors, front-line managers, or anyone charged with leading a learning- or change-centered project.

To re-orient our understanding of “getting work done” as meetings, retreats, or non-classroom based micro-moments in which to learn about our colleagues, set strategy, plant and hear new ideas, nurture common organizational vision, and more. Five Minutes or Five Days emphasize building skills and strategies for bringing Teacher and Learner together to result in new knowledge, enhanced performance, and shared solutions for organizational development. Will challenge you to re-think long-held Truths about what builds solid, consistent improvements in overall workplace performance.

Course Outcomes
By the end of Five Minutes or Five Days, you will be able to:

  • Lead toward a work culture that learns as a way of doing business

  • Add energy and relevance to your current meetings and courses where the content is sharp but the impact is dull

  • Break out of static presentation models and engage participants in learning information

  • Teach people in your company so they feel smart, respected, engaged, and willing to apply what they have learned

  • Use the transfer-of-learning model to link classroom learning to organizational priorities and demonstrable returns on investment

  • Implement best performance improvement practices from other workshop participants

  • Apply gap analysis to situations where work is falling short of performance expectations

  • Coach and learn as a part of your daily work routine

  • Translate what you are learning to action and organizational results

  • Recognize the difference between training and job-based performance improvement

  • Assess performance outcomes with a blend of qualitative and quantitative success indicators

  • Hold performance feedback discussions that blend accountability with powerful learning and professional growth

  • Employ facilitation skills that cause people to want to collaborate, to offer their best ideas, to mine disagreement for innovation, and to hold one another accountable

Five Minutes or Five Days: Strategies for Leading, Learning, and Collaboration

Hile Group 1100 N Beech St, Bldg.15, Normal, IL 61761 309-888-4453

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