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DEPARTMENT: Human Resources UPDATED 04/03/2014


REPORTS TO: VP Human Resources

SUPERVISES: Human Resource Assistants, Building and Grounds/Couriers

Provide assistance and guidance to Human Resource personnel by implementing departmental objectives and programs. Assist with the coordination and administration of Human Resource activities. Assist VP Human Resources with developing, reviewing and recommending policies, procedures and objectives of the Human Resource Department. Assist with maintaining the daily operations of the HR Department. Work with management to ensure implementation of HR policies in each department.
In addition, this position is responsible for coordinating the repair, maintenance and grounds upkeep for the Main Office, AuburnBank Operations Center, Branches and Super Six.
Responsible for the overall supervision, training, direction, coordination and evaluation of the Human Resource Assistants, Building and Grounds and Courier personnel in accordance with AuburnBank policies, procedures and applicable laws. Responsibilities include; decision making and/or making recommendation on interviewing, hiring and training employees, planning, assigning and directing work; performance appraisals; salary increases; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems of the Human Resource Assistants, Building and Grounds and Courier employees.

Group Health, Life, Dental, Supplemental, Vision, STD, and LTD Insurances:

  • Receive bids from insurance companies and make recommendations for best employee coverage.

  • Assist with enrolling employees in health, life, dental, supplemental, STD, and LTD insurance plans.

  • Advise personnel on medical coverage, deductions, enrollments, and distributions.

  • Answer inquiries from employees and officers regarding insurance coverage.

  • Assist employees with problems involving health insurance plan.

  • Oversee Human Resource Assistant in payment of insurance premiums.


  • Assist with preparing year end testing to include census data.

  • Assist with reallocation of employer matching forfeitures.

  • Prepare documentation for annual 401k audit.

  • Work closely with outside auditor to ensure compliance.


  • Coordinate with flexible benefit representative to discuss the flexible benefit and health savings plans with employees.

  • Assist with enrolling employees in the flexible benefit and health savings plans.

  • Prepare annual enrollment documentation for BenefitElect.

  • Answer inquiries from employees and officers regarding flexible benefit coverage.

  • Assist employees with problems involving flexible benefit plan.

  • Perform annual testing for the flexible benefit and health savings plans.


Employment Responsibility:

  • Ensure compliance with all federal and state employment regulations.

  • Ensure compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act provision related to employment process, including

the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • Assist with reviewing, analyzing and administering HR programs such as the position classification

and compensation plans, salary analysis, policies and procedures, recruitment and selection,

employee development and other programs; recommend improvements and implement throughout

the organization.

  • Advise and train department managers, division supervisors and employees with interpretation and

application of HR policies and procedures; provide technical expertise on HR management related


  • Assist with administration of the operations of the HR Department. Assist with developing internal

work procedures to ensure consistent, quality human resource services; assist with preparation of the

department budget; monitor and control department expenditures in accordance with budget and


  • Plan, organize, review and evaluate the work of HR staff; train staff in technical aspect

of the job; recommend and implement decisions to hire and discipline employees.

  • Assist with establishing and maintaining close communication and liaison with other

department/divisions or employee committees on departmental concerns and other HR

related activities; obtain co-operation and sensitivity to resolve interpersonal problems

through communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Assist with interviewing job applicants.

  • Assist with preparation of monthly payroll process to include:

  • Making changes to payroll master records.

  • Make necessary changes and adjustments to payroll.

  • Recording monthly pay raises.

  • Recording docked days.

  • RAZ payroll to CPA for processing.

  • Keypunch payroll data for general ledger accounts and employee statements, etc.

  • Run Reports from Quickbooks to balance payroll.

  • Backup for balancing monthly payroll.

  • Run overtime report for all departments and branches.

  • Conducts exit interviews.

  • Completes salary survey information with ABA.

  • Complete salary survey for State of Alabama.

  • Assist with annual updates to the Personnel Policy Manual, Code of Ethics, and FMLA Policy.

  • Work closely with staff for training and educational needs of department.

  • Coordination of the annual employee’s Thanksgiving luncheon.

  • Coordination of the employee’s annual Christmas party.

  • Coordination of the annual Christmas Charities.

  • Coordination of employee anniversary recognition.

  • Assist with answering internal audit questions pertaining to payroll audit.

  • Assist with the preparation of the annual shareholders meeting.

  • Prepare the annual budget for assigned general ledger accounts.

Managers & Officers

  • Answer officer inquiries regarding job descriptions, grade levels, evaluations, etc.

Responsible for the preparation of the following reports:

  • Affirmative Action Plan annually.

  • EEO-1 Report.

  • Human Resource Summary for the Board (prepared monthly).

  • Handle inquiries from State Unemployment Agency.

  • VETS-100 Report annually.

  • Quarterly Affirmative Action Report for the Board.

Maintain a current working knowledge of laws and regulations as listed below recognizing that the list is not all-inclusive.

  • Bank Secrecy Act.

  • Record Retention Schedules.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act

  • Fair Labor Standards Acts – Wage & Hour

  • Equal Pay Act/Invasion of Privacy Act

  • Immigration Reform & Control Act.


  • Federal & State Unemployment Laws.

  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance

  • Civil Rights Act of 1991

  • Occupational Safety Health Act

  • Affirmative Action Plan – OFCCP

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act

  • Federal Wage Garnishment Law

  • Employee Polygraph Protection Law

  • Family Medical Leave Act

  • Right To Financial Privacy Act

  • IRS back-up Withholding Regulations


  • The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

  • Any other laws/regulations as may relate to areas of responsibility

Affirmative Action Plan Coordinator

Although the CEO of the bank has the ultimate responsibility for implementation and progress of the Bank’s Affirmative Action Program, this position is designated by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and has the responsibility of administering and monitoring the affirmative action program and to make periodic reports to senior management. AuburnBank’s Affirmative Action Plan is in place to ensure that applicants and employees are not discriminated against because of race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sex, age, and disability or veteran’s status. Duties of this position include:

  • The development of the appropriate policy statement.

  • Advise managers of their responsibility and ensure that managers prevent harassment of employees placed through this affirmative action program.

  • Identify problem areas.

  • Design and implement reporting systems.

  • Ensure that each location is in compliance with this Act.

  • Serve as a liaison between the organization and OFCCP.

  • Keep managers informed.

  • Arrange for career counseling.

  • Maintain and monitor the complaint procedure.

Building and Grounds Responsibilities

This position has the overall responsibility for the maintenance of bank owned property and grounds. These responsibilities include cleaning, upkeep maintenance, and repairs.

  • Supervise Building and Grounds Personnel.

  • Coordinate with EVP Operations on building and grounds problems associated with all locations.


  • Excellent communication skills; ability to clearly and concisely present information both orally

and in writing.

  • Must be able to write clearly and effectively to present ideas and document activities; to read

and interpret written information.

  • Must be able to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a realistic

understanding of issues; reasoning ability.

  • Must have knowledge of bank procedures relating to personnel and operations.

  • Must be able to modify one’s own behavioral style to respond to the needs of others while maintaining

one’s own objectives and sense of dignity.

  • Must have knowledge of concepts and techniques of HR management.

  • Must have reading skills to comprehend directives, policy manuals, regulations, and similar

complex documents.

  • Ability to be attentive to the work environment and make sudden changes during routine activity.

  • Working knowledge of PC, CRT and various computer programs including Excel and Microsoft Word.

  • Proficient use of 10 - key adding machine.

  • Must possess the ability to make decisions on available information and take action; make commitments and not change decisions when challenged.

  • Ability to maturely express one’s opinions in spite of disagreement; accurately communicate to others regardless of their status or position.

  • Ability to maintain a mature problem solving attitude while dealing with interpersonal conflict, personal rejection, hostility, or time demands.

  • Ability to organize or schedule people to tasks; develop realistic action plans while being sensitive to time constraints and resource availability.

  • Ability to travel and work long hours.

  • Ability to follow policies and rules of AuburnBank.

  • Ability to deal with employees and their problems.

  • Good record keeping skills.

  • Good problem solving skills.

  • Regular and predictable attendance.

  • The ability to complete an assigned task in a safe manner and in a constant state of alertness.

  • Ability to work in a cooperative manner with co-workers, supervisors and others in the office.

  • Ability to transport 25 pounds, push, pull, bend and use fine hand manipulation.


  • Prefers a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management or an equivalent of 7 -10 years of

Human Resource Experience.

  • Must have extensive experience in HR.

  • Prefers bank industry experience.

Has an inherent duty and responsibility to make recommendations concerning possible methods to improve the department.
Initiate changes in organization structure of branches to complement the planning function in order to accomplish objectives as developed in the bank's mission statement. Plan, participate and make recommendations on long range planning for area of responsibility.
Has the responsibility to make recommendations to supervisor concerning the budgetary needs of the department.
1. Responsible to the Vice President of Human Resources for the fulfillment of her functions,

responsibility and authority and for their proper interpretation.

2. Will have extensive contact with employees, vendors, the public and community and is to conduct

relationships in a manner that will enhance the overall marketing effort of the bank.

3. Will be called upon from time to time to participate with community organizations and in community

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