International Summer Program at icu

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International Summer Program at ICU
“Information Technology in Korea”

This program offers an introduction to the current state of IT/IT business in Korea.  Students will learn about various aspects of IT in Korea such as wireless communication and optical communication.  They will also have opportunities to visit world’s renowned IT companies, including Samsung and LG Electronics.  This program also exposes students to the Korean language and culture by offering an intensive Korean language course and chances to visit Korean historic, cultural sites.     


Special Features.

1. Information Technology Specialized Curriculum

All the courses of ICU focus on IT. Students are going to participate in lectures on cutting edge technology and its applications. ICU highly values interdisciplinary course works. One of Its main goals is training business men with technology skills and engineers with business mind. Therefore, students are encouraged to take courses from both schools, School of Engineering and Schools of IT-Business

2. All major courses are taught in English.

ICU is the only university in Korea that offers all major courses in English. English as an official language of instruction will lower the language barrier for the students who are afraid to come to Korea without knowing any Korean. Also, Korean Language courses are offered for the students who wish to learn Korean.

3. Almost 20% of the students are international students from 31 different countries.

Very competent and highly gifted students from around the world are attending ICU. This truly international atmosphere guarantees active and culturally diverse class.

4. Learn from the Best faculty members in the field

ICU Faculty members are researchers with extensive experiences in research projects with industries and research institutes and with outstanding research achievements.


5. Located In the middle of Korea, the heart of Korea’s IT industry, Daejeon.

  - Located in Daejeon the middle of South Korea, one can go anywhere in Korea in 2~3 hours
  - Located in Daedok Science Town, Korean version of Silicon Valley.
     Many multinational corporations including Samsung, LG, KT, and Hyundai have their R&D center in the region


6. Great IT-Related Sites to Visit- Immerse Yourself to Korean Culture

- During 8weeks of the program, students will visit different sites every week. It includes prominent IT companies such as Samsung Electronics and research institutions such as Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), which have been considered as a driving force for the IT industry in Korea while having developed cutting edge technology such as TDX-Exchange, High Density Semiconductor Microchips, Mini-Super Computer (TiCOM), and Digital Mobile Telecommunication System (CDMA). Also, students will visit cultural hot spots including An-Dong Heritage Park, Seoul (Insa-Dong), and Palaces (Geongbokgung & Deoksugung), finally the best honeymoon place in Korea, the fantastic Jeju island.


7. Buddy Program

During the program, volunteer ICU students will accompany the participating students. This will greatly help their transition and ease the cultural shock. It is also great opportunity to make friends.



Program Schedule



Registration Deadline

April 21, 2007

Payment Deadline

June  1, 2007

Dormitory Opening

June 11, 2007


June 14, 2007

Classes Beginning

June 18, 2007

Mid-term Exams

July  9~13, 2007

Final Exams

August 6~10, 2007

Closing Ceremony

August 10, 2007

Dorm Closing

August 17, 2007

Course Offerings   

IT - Engineering” (45 hours)

-                     Linear Algebra

-                     Probability and Statistics

-                     Introduction to Info. Security

-                     Human-Computer Interaction

-                     Programming for WWW

-                     Introduction to Communication

-                     Engineering Quantum Mechanics

-                     Laser Electronics

-                     Digital Radio

-                     Web-based Software Development

-                     Quantum Electronics

-                     Ubiquitous Networking

-                     VLSI Design

-                     Microwave Devices

-                     RF Devices

-                     Modeling and Simulation

-                     Information Theory

-                     Special Topics on Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks Ⅱ


IT - Business”(45 hours)

-                     Math for Business & Economics

-                     Industrial Organization

-                     Int’l Business Management

-                     Game Theory

-                     M-Commerce

-                     Scheduling and Project Management

-                     IT Accounting System


Korean Language and Culture” (60 hours)

-                     Korean Beginning Ⅰ

-                     Korean Beginning Ⅱ

 (Students will be assigned to appropriate classes according to scores on the placement test)  

* Summer 2007, subject to change.


Site visiting schedule



week 1 (6/15)

ETRI(Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute)  

week 2 (6/22)

Kimchi School

week 3 (6/29)

Korean Folk Village, Samsung & SAIT(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

week 4 (7/6)

Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

week 5 (7/13)

Mid-term Exams

week 6 (7/20~22)

Andong- Heinsa Heritage Park

week 7 (8/3)

Seoul (Insa-Dong), Palaces (Geongbokgung & Deoksugung), LG Science Hall

week 8 (8/10~12)

Jeju Island Field Trip

* Summer 2007, subject to change.


Credit Transfer

You should consult with your academic advisor or study abroad office regarding credit transfer before joining the program.  At student's request, a transcript will be sent to his/her home institution and home address.



Step1) Fill out and send registration form by mail or email.

       * Registration forms can also be downloaded from our website

Step2) Pay program fee after receiving registration confirmation through email.

       * Payments can be made by check or money order.



Program Fee

For students of partner institutions, the program fee is $1,200/person, including meals, housing and field trips.  Not included in the amount are tuition and fees to the student’s home institution, airfare, insurance, spending money and others. 

For others, the fee is $3,000/person, including the tuition, housing, and field trips.  Not included in the amount are airfare, meals, insurance, spending money, and others.


  • International money order

  • Bank transfer

  • No cash payments can be accepted

When payment is received in the form of an international money order or bank transfer for the program price, enrollment is considered complete.


  • Remittee: Information and Communications University

  • Remittee Address: 103-6, Munji-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

  • Name of Bank: Woori Bank, EXPO branch

  • Bank Address: Expo Core, 2nd floor, 466-3, Jeonmin-dong. Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

  • Bank account number : 335-188761-41-007

  • Swift code : HVBKKRSE


Visa and Passport

Obtaining a passport usually takes several weeks depending on the legal procedure of your country. Please be prepared in advance. All students have the responsibility to use appropriate forms to obtain the correct visa necessary to attend ICU. Since the International Summer Program lasts less than 90 days, foreign students can apply for a 90-day short-term visa (C-3).  Please consult the Korean consulate or embassy nearest your area or visit

Weather and Clothes

Summer in Korea is generally very hot, humid and rainy.  It is advisable to carry light clothes, umbrella, and raincoat. The temperature during the summer time ranges 25 C- 35 C(77F ~ 95F).


Academic Affairs Team

Information and Communications University (ICU)

103-6 Munji –dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-732, Korea

Tel: +82 42 866 6033  Fax: +82 42 866 6039
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