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Born in Mulhouse (68), the 1st of July 1987

French nationality


60 rue des Chaumes, Appt. C13

FR-01170 GEX

 +33 (0) 6 38 74 71 95
Java / JEE Senior Software Developer & Designer

SQLI Switzerland (Lausanne)


  • Sept. 2007 to June 2010 Master degree in Engineering Studies, INSA de Lyon
    Option Computer Science

  • Sept. 2005 to June 2007 Bachelor degree in Science, INSA de Lyon

  • Sept. 2002 to June 2005 J.-J. Henner High school, Altkirch (68)

Scientist baccalaureate (option mathematics) with honors


  • French Mother tongue

  • English Fluent written – Good oral standard

  • German Intermediate (level B1 passed in 2010)

  • Alsatian dialect  Oral (Alsatian is an Alemannic-German dialect)

  • Arabic Beginner


  • Jul. 2015 – Present

SQLI Lausanne

Senior Software Engineer at SQLI Switzerland (Lausanne)

I.T. Department – Tax Level - Etat de Vaud

  • August 2015 to Present
    Taxation: Reworking of existing intranet for the taxation of the Vaud County’s legal entities

  • Java Senior Developer & Designer in a turnkey project environment, on-site, among a team of 4 developers.

- Development and Technical expertise in a Web JEE environment (JDK 8) : Spring 4, Hibernate (JPA/spring-data), AngularJS, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 (Boostrap, kendoUI).
- Support and code reviews given to developers

- Rework and building of AngularJS design/unit-testing patterns and directives

- Integration (Maven / Jenkins) : packaging and deployment, monitoring and coverage reporting regarding unit and integration tests (JUnit, Cobertura).
- Git Repository manager : setup and settings of Atlassian Bitbucket Server
- Packaging and building of front-end delivery : Gulp, Grunt, Karma, Bower, NodeJS.

  • Jul. 2010 to Jun. 2015

Software Engineer at SOPRA-STERIA (Lyon)
Integration to turnkey projects and application managements for large energy companies

GRDF (based in Steria office, Lyon)

  • April 2014 to June 2015
    Gazpar : Deployment solution for the gas meters

    • Java Technical Lead in a turnkey project environment, among a team of over 20 people.

- Technical expertise in a Web JEE environment : Spring, Zkoss, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

- Technical reference roles and technical support given to the developers. Code reviews.

- Drafting and validation of technical design documents.

- Development of specific components and few POC for the technical layer of the application as well as for few integration tasks.

- Apache http configuration. Shell scripting.

- Jenkins jobs and continuous integration management.

ERDF (based in ERDF office, Lyon)

  • September 2011 to March 2014

Linky : Deployment solution for the electric meters (final version)

    • Java Senior Software Designer in an AGILE environment, among a team of over 50 technical resources (JEE architects, technical experts, senior Oracle DBA, testers, developers). The project has been under strict quality and security standards.

- Web JEE applications development under the following main technologies (JDK 7) : Spring, Zkoss, HTML, Javascript, CSS. Business services were for the most part made using Apache CXF, MyBatis and JMS. Cross-technical technologies : Spring, Maven. Target application servers : Weblogic, Tomcat.

- Referent and lead developer for the cartographic solutions : Navteq/Nokia (JS Api), ESRI (Javascript).

- Development of automated batch processes : Spring Batch, Shell scripts, Curl, SQLPlus.

- Unit and integration tests : based on failsafe, surefire and jacoco. Implementations : junit4, spring-test, dbunit, mockito, fest-assert, broker activemq (for testing producer and consumer JMS queues).

- Solutions to techical problems related to data intensive databases : performance analysis and processes scheduling, tuning of SQL queries.

- Continuous integration : Sonatype Nexus (Maven), target deployments using Jenkins, Code reviews with Sonar, Stash and Fisheye/Crucible as we had both a GIT and a SVN source repository.

- Steering of a small project of 4 developers during 2 months, for a third-party Web application : costing and tasks following.

- Cross-applications technologies : Drools, ElasticSearch, Hadoop (HBase), Storm, Kafka, Flume, Infinispan.

  • January to August 2011
    Linky : Deployment solution for the electric meters (pilot phase)

    • Java Junior Software Designer in an application management environment, related to the the deployment of the Linky electric meters in the pilot sites of Lyon and Tours. I have worked with a team of 5-8 developers.

- Application maintenance under following backoffice technologies (JDK 6) : ALBPM, ALSB, Weblogic (JMS, WLI).

- Application maintenance and minor changes in a Web environment : GWT, Google Maps (JS/JSNI), JSP, Struts.

- Development and installation of Control-M process chains.

- Industrialization and packaging aimed at ERDF computer operators : drafting of technical installation procedures and run books.

- Maintenance of Oracle databases (10g et 11g) : data pump, objects resizing scripts, TNS names.

- Documentation, installation and Apache migration for all target servers (from Apache 2.0 to 2.2).

- Continuous integration with Maestro and Continuum.

GRT Gaz (based in Steria office, Lyon)

  • July to December 2010

TAO (Transport Acheminement Optimisation) Java/C++ application whose tasks are the simulation and the decision help for the dimensioning of the GRDF gas network.

    • Development and specifications for the application (fat client) : Eclipse RCP, Java, SWT, JPA (Hibernate), JNI, XML.

I have worked with a team of 10 people, including project management team.

  • Dec. 2009 to July 2010
    STERIA Lyon

End-of-studies internship as a C# Junior Software Designer : Development under C#.NET (Winforms, Entity Framework, Linq) of a fat client application for the management of databases scripts and Oracle performance tests.

  • Oct. 2009 to July 2010

Fixed-term contract as an IT manager and developer (Delphi, SQL Server, ASP), network administration, messaging services (postfix), Web servers (Apache2 http, WebDAV and IIS), databases administration, drafting of backup scripts.

  • May 2009 to Sept. 2009

Internship : junior project manager of 3 people (including myself) and developer (Delphi, SQL Server), server administration (Windows 2000 Server and Debian).

  • Sept. 2008 to April 2009

Fixed-term contract as a Delphi developer analyst, network and server administration.

  • June to Sept. 2008

Internship : junior developer analyst (Delphi, SQL Server, ASP) and application maintenance in a recruitment and consulting agency.

  • Improving and studies for the in-house software, for CV indexation and candidates management.

  • June to Sept. 2007

  • Summer job as a laborer in a cardboard company.


  • August 2015

Oracle OCA JP - 1Z0-808 Java SE 8 Programmer I
(Score : 92%)

  • December 2016

Oracle OCP JP - 1Z0-809 Java SE 8 Programmer II
(Score : 82%)


  • Languages and technologies

Java, JNI, JPA 2, JSNI, Hibernate 4, C#.NET, Delphi, WCF, SQL, Shell, Weblogic, Glassfish 4, Tomcat, Control-M, JEE, J2ME, Spring 3 / 4, Maven 3, NodeJS (Grunt, Gulp, Karma), JMS, JAXB, JAX-WS, WSDL, Junit 4, Mockito, Apache CXF, Jersey 2, Atomikos

  • Web

HTTP, HTML5, AngularJS, Angular 2, NodeJS (Grunt, Gulp, Karma), XML, XSD, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, AJAX, SOAP, GWT, SmartClient, ZK (Zkoss), JSF, JSP, PHP, Silverlight, WCF, ASP.NET, VBScript

  • Cross-functional methods


  • Networks


  • Operating systems

Linux (Debian, RedHat) : postfix, spamassassin, clam, maildrop, shell, cron, tcl, proftp, system programation in C
(9x - 8, Server 2000 - 2012) : IIS, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, GPO

Others : VxWorks, VMWare ESXI 4, AIX, Solaris

  • SGBD / BD

Relational : SQL Server 00-08, MySQL 5, Oracle 11g
NoSQL : Elasticsearch
Indexed : Paradox, SQLite

  • Development tools

IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Delphi, Blend, KDevelop, SVN, Git, Stash, JIRA, Assembla, Redmine, HP Quality Center (ALM)

Extra-Professional Experiences

  • Personal projects / Technology watch

Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2012 – Operating phase :

  • Java mobile application (J2ME, LWUIT) + presentation and download portal : Zkoss, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, DataNucleus (JDO), Google Appengine, Google Analytics, Google Code.

Jan. 2012 to June 2012 – Development phase up to its abandonment

  • Web portal based on Wordpress : HTML, jQuery, PHP5, MySQL, Wordpress plugins and widgets development, Wordpress API.

Dec. 2012 – Operating phase

  • Application for the management of “undelivered” emails (notifications, BDD indexation, Cron scheduling) : Maven, Spring, Spring Batch, CXF Rest, JavaMail, Velocity, Glassfish, SQL Server.

April. 2013 to present – Development and exploitation phases :

  • JEE Web application (JDK 8) : Apache HTTPd, Glassfish Clustering (in production environment) and Tomcat 8 (in development environement), performance analysis (jMeter, Gatling, jProfiler), Maven, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, MySQL, FreeMarker, JSF2, Primefaces, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Websocket (Atmosphere).

  • Hobbies

Piano, guitare, trumpet, skiing, football, cycling, indoor climbing

Last update : May 2017

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