New developments on the horizen for matlosana

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A Developers Conference was held at the Cedarpark Conference Center in Woodmead, Johannesburg on Thursday 25 February 2010 to introduce the Matlosana Estates development project on the N12-West to developers and financial institutions.
The conference was hosted by National Route 12 Capital Developments (Pty) Ltd, generally known as N12 Developments who are the principal developers of Matlosana Estates. The conference was attended by four Councilors of City of Matlosana, various property developers, representatives of financial institutions and the shareholders and directors of N12 Developments.
Councilor Marumole presented a message on behalf of City of Matlosana. The Council identified the N12-West as a priority development area in order to stimulate local economic development opportunities and job creation as well as to stimulate housing development to address backlogs.
The unused City of Matlosana land in the area was identified as the vehicle and was made available to N12 Developments following a tender process. A land development agreement was concluded between the City of Matlosana and N12 Developments and all the legal procedures have now been completed and the formal approvals for the development obtained.
The presentation on the development was made by Anton Boshoff and Charl Grobbelaar who are both directors of N12 Developments and Pottie Potgieter who is the development manager of the project.

Matlosana Estates will be situated on over 500 hectare of land situated on both sides of the N12 west wedged between Meirings Park and Uraniaville in the east and Jouberton and Alabama in the West. It will be an integrated residential development with ample allowance for related amenities, including social and business stands based on the Breaking New Ground (BNG) principles.

The development will have full levels of municipal services and the residential development is aimed at the affordable to lower middle market.
The development will be phased over approximately ten years and will comprise of more than 7500 residential units and 26 stands zoned for business and mixed use. Ample space will be allowed for schools, churches and public open areas.
N 12 Developments plan to kick off the development later in 2010 by making land with services available for approximately 700 residential units and 10 hectare of retail land along the N12 west to various developers that would in turn construct the buildings on the stands.

Good interest was shown at the Conference by interested developers and N12 Developments plans to sign the first off-take agreements with developers soon.

Residents of Klerksdorp are likely to see the first construction activities related to services later in this year. The development is good news for the residents of Klerksdorp.
This excellent initiative by the City of Matlosana will provide a much needed injection into the local economy and at the same time many residents will benefit by having much better access to housing and related amenities.

Photo Right:

From left to right: Cllr. A. Marumole (MMC Corporate Services), Cllr. Moleme (MMC Public Safety), Mzi Mbakaca (Maxim Planning Solutions - Executive Chairman), Ronelle Booysen (Maxim Planning Solutions - Town Planner), Cllr. Sebuasengwe (MMC Finance), Charl Grobbelaar (Director N12 Developments - Maxim Planning Solutions), Pottie Potgieter (Development Manager - N12 Developments), Anton Boshoff (Director N12 Developments - Bigen Africa)
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Name: Rosemary Lucas

Birthday: 23 December

Star sign: Capricorn

Occupation: Student P.R.O At Rio Casino

When I look into the mirror every morning I think: a Cup Of Coffee . . lol.

My favourite people in the world are:

My Parents

My favourite quote is: Live For Today and Not Worry about What Tomorrow Might Bring
My best friends makes me laugh.
The greatest lesson life has taught me so far is: To make mistakes but to LEARN from them
I'll do almost anything for: My Cellphone
When I get stressed I am most likely to throw shoes out a window.
I want my tombstone to read: R.C.H 'Legend'
I wouldn't mind being stuck in an elevator with: Kyle P lo.
In three words I am: Loud, Adventurous , Exciting.
If I had a million rand to spare I would: Buy myself a car ha-ha preferably a Range Rover
I live in Klerksdorp because: I actually stay in the big O (ORKNEY) lol.
The first thing I would save from a house fire is: My diary.
My nickname is: 'Blair Waldorf' xoxo
I love my job because: I get the chance to entertain my fellow staff members and my boss everyday . . . ha ha

Saint Conrad's College Primary School Sports Day

Saint Conrads - Best in Age group winners

Lerato Mahole (u11), Julien de Waal (U/7), Monica Zacharia (u/8), Jenna-Marie Lee (u/9), Mohammed Gabru (U/8), Rowan Blair Hook(u/10)


Deo Mulamba (u/11), Katleho kaibe (u/9), Louise Zaacharia (u/8), Karabo Taje (u/10) Obetseng Serake (u/13)


Michelle Harmse (u/12), Joshua Berry (u/12), Alex Campos (u/9), Stacy Gossayn (u/13)

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Do you Know...what Matlosana is planning for the Soccer?

City of Matlosana SMME Business Conference and Expo.
City of Matlosana:
• The City of Matlosana will be hosting SMME Business Conference and Expo from 11 June till 10 July 2010.
• As one of the principle activities, the city will be having a Soccer Viewing Area where local business and communities can reap the benefit of watching all FIFA World Cup Soccer, from the opening ceremony to the final.
• We have decided to run an SMME Expo and Conference side-by-side so that our local SMME's can benefit in some small way from this mammoth event that is coming to our country.
• The City is looking for partners, sponsors and exhibitions to add value to the event.


• The 4-week event will be hosted at the PC Pelser Airport, one of the City's Priority Investment Opportunities.
• The City will be launching the findings of the DBSA feasibility report at the conference as well as various investment opportunities that have arisen from the feasibility study which is currently in circulation. (A copy of the study is available on the council website under Investment

• The airport offers a unique and rustic opportunity to host a successful 2010 SMME Expo with side-by-side events.


• To involve and include our local businesses and community in 2010 World Cup Soccer and create a legacy for our local community through 2010.
• To create a marketing and networking platform for local business and invite corporate SA to the city to create a legacy for our business community.
• To expose and promote our city to potential investors during 2010.
• To sell our Airport Business Plan to inventors and at the same time, promote our local business to potential expansion or investment.
• To create a happy and festive atmosphere at the airport in support of 2010.

Planned Activities:

• Matlosana Legacy Record Music Festival.
• SMME Expo and Conference.
• The Biggest Air show Ever (Attracts up to 10 000 people).
• Daily Soccer Activities Corporate 5-Aside and School Tournaments. These will also include life skill workshops daily for coaches and sport administrators with evangelist outreach programmes.
• Mini Olympics involving all sporting codes. This also include peoples with disability sporting code
• Miss Matlosana 2010.
• Bolt and Engineering Distributors - Mining Expo
• Drag racing.
• Speed and Sound Expo.
• Matlosana Heritage Tours daily.
• Carnival Activities for schoolchildren daily.
Expo Calendar

Date Theme:

11 June 14 June: Music Festival, SOCCER and SMMEExpo.
Opening Game:
16 June: Youth Day Gospel Concert and outreach

18 June 21 June: Speed, Sound and Drag Racing & SOCCER

.25 June 28 June: Bolt and Engineering Distributors - Mining Expo, Air show & SOCCER.

3 July 5 July: Miss 2010 Matlosana, sport, leisure & SOCCER.

09 July 11 July 2010: Legacy Records Talent Search Expose
World Cup Final
11 June 11 July: SOCCER Viewing Area and SMME Exhibitions daily.
Conferences and Workshops
Create your own employment
• Unlocking Wealth Creation
• Innovate or Die

• From Rags to Riches

Contact Details for More Information
• Contact Sandy Botha on 082 886 9076 or Thomas on 018 487 8157
• Your involvement and participation in this event will certainly contribute to creating a LEGACY for the city of Matlosana businesses and community at large.
• Exhibition Space and branded packages available.
Sponsorship and Partnerships packages can be discussed in return for branding.
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A Casual Celebration

Casual Day exceeded all expectations by raising over R17.7 million for persons with disabilities in the 2009 campaign.

This amount was the result of every R10 donation made by South Africans country wide that wore a Casual Day sticker on 4 September last year.
The amount was made public and celebrated at the Casual Day Show and Tell functions hosted across South Africa.
The funds will be distributed to the following 6 national beneficiaries:
• The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA

• SA Federation for Mental Health


• Deaf Federation of SA (Deafsa)

• Epilepsy SA

• SA National Council for the Blind

“All proceeds will be distributed during the month of February.
These funds will be used to provide additional resources, assist with daily operations and ongoing maintenance of more than 400 local NGO's affiliated to the 6 National Beneficiaries of the project. Thank you to all South Africans for your generosity and support. Your contributions have managed to ease the challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities,”
This year Casual Day encourages people to “dress for laughs”. Wear something funny, ravishing or utterly ridiculous. As long as you wear you Casual Day sticker to show your support for persons with disabilities.
Do the right thing and make sure that YOU wear your Casual Day sticker on Friday, 3 September.
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132 Units of blood was collected from matriculants during December 2009. What a great success, that definitely helped the SANBS in their greatest challenge during December to be able to procure enough blood and not run short.
SANBS started the project to see if they could not get all matric donors to commit to becoming regular donors in their community after leaving school and to continue to take on the responsibility to help safe lives.

+/- 20 Schools took part in this project, the response was overwhelming as headmasters phoned during this period wanting to know how their schools were performing.

HTS Klerksdorp had a total of 16 students that made them the winning school, with Schoonspruit and Orkney both in second place with 15 students each and a lot of schools reaching the 10 student mark.

The Computer system was handed out to the winning school on 26 February 2010.

Hi-Fi Corporation our sponsor, handed the computer over to Mr. Steven Pitts the Head Teacher at the school.
SANBS hope to continue this project during 2010; the Matrics 2009 showed that they can make a difference

Bloody Mall

A blood Donation clinic was held at the Mooiriver Mall on Saturday 27 February 2010.
In the photos new donors is giving blood donation a change.
On the day 69 units of blood was procured.
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On 01 March 2010, the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Mr Mavuso Msimang and the Acting Director-General of the Department of Basic Education (DBE), Mr Bobby Soobrayan jointly signed an Intergovernmental Protocol.
This historic event took place at the new offices of the Department of Basic Education. The aim of this Protocol is to strengthen the collaboration between the DoBE (so as to enhance its monitoring and evaluation mandate) and DHA. This protocol is in terms of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, 2005(Act No.13 of 2005).
In more detail the objectives and priorities of the protocol are as follows:

(a) To create a constructive working relationship;

(b) To foster a relationship of mutual cooperation, support and assistance with regard to the sharing of information and best practices in combating fraud in the process of registering of birth certificates; and

(c) Establish formal channels of information sharing and communication.

The protocol identifies specific areas of collaboration where both departments will cooperate for the betterment of government services to the people of South Africa. These can be summarized as follows:

1. The DoBE to identify schools where there are a high number of learners without birth certificates in order for DHA to visit these schools to register births.

2. The DHA to conduct an accelerated birth registration campaign in cooperation with schools in order to reach the target of registering all births by 2011. The DoBE will promote and communicate with schools to get the message about the Birth Registration campaign across the various areas where the campaign will be launched.
3. DHA to work together with DoBE to reduce duplicate numbers detected by the Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS). The DHA shall provide a mechanism whereby the DoBE could check the validity of identity numbers and or the link against identity numbers, names and surnames to assist the DoBE to sort out duplicates and ghost learners in the education system.
4. The DHA to provide DoBE with a list of identification numbers of learners turning six and seven years of age each year so that LURITS could track whether all learners are in fact in school and to be able to identify learners that are of school going age but never entered the school system.

Premier Maureen Modiselle speaks to Education

In support of quality schooling, government will support the back to basics call by the President by implementing the abolition of learner portfolios and the standardization of teachers so as to release the load of teaching.
Premier Maureen Modiselle said during her State of the Province Address at the North West Provincial Legislature today.
“We will be training subject advisors on subject content, an area that research has identified as being weak,” Modiselle said.
In the drive to strengthen the teaching of Mathematics and Science in the province, government has in the past year supplied Schools with various support materials worth R22.7 million.

Premier Modiselle said government will continue with the refurbishment of laboratories and the special training of Mathematics and Science teachers.

Performance monitoring of the educational system will be spread across all levels and not only matric.

Modiselle announced that they have identified school governance as an undermined variable in the performance of the education system.

“In addressing this, we have inducted all new principals, introduced a practical leadership programme for principals as well as capacitating 953 school management teams to manage curriculum at school.
Reiterating government's commitment to promoting the status of teachers Modiselle said they will n ensure the employment of adequate numbers, improve their enumeration and training as an important part of the drive to ensure that quality teaching becomes the norm rather than an exception.
“Our teachers are carriers of what this society will become.
They have the responsibility of shaping our tomorrows,” she said
Many homeowners have asked themselves the question: “Should I stay or should I go.” However, says Frans Roos, Owner of RE/MAX Exclusive in Klerksdorp, the decision to stay put and renovate your existing home, or to sell it and buy another house, is largely dependent on each homeowner's individual circumstances and preferences.
If you do decide to renovate your home, be careful of overcapitalizing, where you spend more money on additions or renovations than the value they add to your property. Says Roos: “The total value of your property, which comprises its current value plus the cost of the proposed additions, should not be more than 25% higher than the average property in your area.”
He notes that homeowners need to look at their neighbourhood and find out what the average home in that area consists of: “If the average home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and your home only has two bedrooms and one bathroom, then it will probably be worth adding on another room and bathroom.” However, in the above example, Roos says that it won't be worth your while to add another three bedrooms and bathrooms to this home. Doing this would seriously narrow the market for potential buyers who would be prepared to pay the required asking price that would cover the value of the property plus the costs of the renovations.
“If your property is in a good area, and you have owned it for many years, there is less danger of overcapitalising, as your home would have grown in value over that time. However, bear in mind that if your property is in a good area and your house is really old, then it might be worth your while to demolish it entirely and build a new one. This is because the costs of building new are much lower than the costs of renovations, as builders charge premium prices for relatively small renovating projects,” explains Roos. He says that in some cases, it may be worth it to look around as you may find you are able to buy a home in a similar condition for less than you would spend on the renovations.
Roos also points out that it is vital to calculate the costs involved in both renovating, selling and buying another home: “To calculate what it will cost you to renovate, you need to compare a couple of quotes from building contractors. Since the cost of renovating or building can vary dramatically, depending on what you want done and the finishes you chose, it is essential to get detailed quotations that specify the exact finishes you want. Quotes that are based on estimated per-metre costs are dubious at best, and don't allow for proper comparisons. They often lead to much higher costs down the line.”
The kind of renovations you decide to make will also be a primary consideration with regards to the financial feasibility of the proposed project: “You need to take into account whether the additions you are planning will add to or detract from the aesthetics of your property. Cheap ad-hoc additions usually have the potential to seriously devalue your property. Renovations that add the most value to a property comprise upgrades to the kitchen, bathroom, living and entertainment areas of your home. But always remember, it is more often than not kitchens and bathrooms that sell homes.”
Also, it is important to consider your future needs, he says: “For example, it won't really be worthwhile to add on two extra en-suite bedrooms if your children are expected to leave home in the next few years.”
A final word of advice: “Homeowners need to carefully weigh up the pro's and con's of renovating vs. buying before making a final decision. At the end of the day, the decision is often largely influenced by cost and personal circumstances.”

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Good commission structure

Must have own car and cellphone.

Email CV to Or fax to 088 018 46 88 88 3


Email CV to Or fax to 088 018 46 88 88 3


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Hierdie besigheidsgeleentheid kan vanaf huis bestuur word. Vanaf R29 000 (Finansiering beskikbaar)

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KLERKSDORP 2571, TEL : 018 462 1738 FAX : 018 462 5124

2004 Kia K2700 W/horse

R79 900

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OPREGTE DOBERMANN miniatuur hondjies te koop. 3 Tefies 4Reuntjies, baie klein.

Kontak Kobie 018 4410 045 Sel 083 595 2186


Ma-Vr. 08:00- 16:00 Saterdae 08:00- 11:00. Sondae en Vakansiedae sal DBV gesluit wees.Tel: 018 469 2885. Noodnr: 079 493 7043.


Ma-Vr. 08:00- 16:00 Saterdae 08:00- 11:00. Sondae en Vakansiedae sal DBV gesluit wees.Tel: 018 469 2885. Noodnr: 079 493 7043.

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KHS Skop af met Oorwinnings

KHS se Eerste Rugbyspan het hul eerste wedstryd in die voorseisoen met 'n oorwinning van 8-7 oor Hoërskool Noordkaap beklink en so die pad voorberei vir wat nog 'n blink seisoen vorentoe kan wees.
Die punte in die wedstryd teen Noordkaap is aangeteken deur Pieter Bornman (drie) en Vernon Prinsloo (strafskop).
Van die ander spanne het gemengde sukses behaal met die o/14A-span wat met 15-10 geseëvier het, 0/14B met 10-5, o/15A met 12-0, o/16B met 10-0 en o/16A met 10-0.
Met die hokkie en netbal het dit eweneens voorspoedig gegaan waar daar in albei aktiwiteite in rondomtale format deelgeneem is.
Die Eerste Hokkiespan (meisies) wen alvier hul wedstryde e teken altesaam 13 doele aan en staan geen doel teen hulle af nie. Die Eerste Netbalspan wen die toernooi.
Die skool speel dan ook sy eerste Super Sestien wedstryde die komende naweek teen Hoërskool Monument wat elke jaar vir uitsonderlike harde rugby sorg.
Die wedstryd vind te Hoërskool Monument plaas.
Die jaarlikse FNB “Classic Clash” teen Wesvalia lê ook voor en word vanjaar op 15 Mei op Wesvalia se velde beklink.
As deel van die voorbereiding van die seisoen vertrek KHS se rugby-, netball-, en hokkiespanne op 22 Maart op 'n treintoer na die Kaap waar hulle wedstryde teen Hoërskole Charlie Hoffmeyer in Ceres en Worcester Gimnasium sal speel.

Hoffie Proffie-Atletiekdag

Vrydag 26 Februarie was Hoffie Proffie se groot Atletiekdag waar 16 Kleuterskole deelgeneem het.
Met 400 atlete het die dag 'n hele paar kampioene opgelewer in hoogspring, verspring en talle ander items.
La Hoff by Suidstreek byeenkoms
Die volgende atlete van Laerskool La Hoff het hulle baie goed van hul taak gekwyt tydens die Suidstreek-byeenkoms te Wolmaransstad.
Hulle gaan hul staal wys op 5 Maart te Mc Arthur te Potchefstroom tydens die NOWESSA-byeenkoms.
Foto Regs:
V.l.n.r.: Marni Oberholzer, Thelmi Botha, Nadine Gouws, Jo-Ann Annandale, Edmund Rheeder, Jozanne St Quinton, Johan J. van Rensburg.
Los tong Presidenters
Laerskool President se Interne Redenaars Kompetisie het op 10 Februarie plaasgevind. Leerders van Gr. i Gr. 7 het die tonge behoorlik laat klap! Die topsprekers van elke graad is as volg:
Foto Regs:

Voor: Mijanca Swartz (Gr. 3), Anru Hechter (Gr. 2) en Mieke van der Merwe (Gr. 1)

Agter: Jo-Lize Swart (Gr. 4), Ansoné Snyders (Gr. 5), Pieter van der Merwe (Gr. 6) en Anessa Buitendach (Gr. 7)
KHS Ope Skaaktoernooi
Die KHS-Ope Skaaktoernooi het op 26 en 27 Februarie plaasgevind in KHS se Skoolsaal.
By die beginners afdeling was daar 49 spelers en by die Meriete afdeling 209 spelers wat deelgeneem het. Die uitlsae in die verskilende ouderdomsgroepe was soos volg:
Beginners: o/10, o/12, o/14 (49 Spelers)

o/10: Watson Reinecke (Laerskool Meiringspark), o/12 & 14: R Kesilwe (Methodist)

Meriete: o/8 Volwasse (209 spelers)

o/8: S Schutte (Potchefstroom), o/10: Tinus Kits (Laerskool Saamtrek), o/12: J Verhoef, o/14: JR Havenga (St Christians, Potch), o/16: Lukas Roos ( Laerskool ML Fick, Potchefstroom), o/18: Pierre van Rensburg (H/S Gimnasium, Potchefstroom), o/20: KW Selemela (Platina, Rustenburg), Volwasse: Gerry Botha (Klerksdorp)

Wesvalia-rugby laat Schoonies les op sê
Hoërskool Wesvalia se rugbyspanne het Vrydag 26 Februarie teen Hoërskool Schoonspruit op die Schoonies se tuisvelde gespeel.
Die Wessies het uitstekend gespeel en wys Hoërskool Schoonspruit se spelers hoe rugby gespeel word toe 7 van die Wessies se 9 spanne wen.

Die eerste span wen 18-7 met Barend Swanepoel (Kaptein) en Casper Badenhorst wat elk 'n drie gedruk het en Britz Niemand met 2 skepskoppe en 1 doelskop.

Francois de Koker (skrumskakel) is aangewys as die speler van die wedstryd.
Wesvalia se o/14 A's wen 29-3, die o/14 B's speel gelykop 10-10, die o/15 A's wen 13-5, die o/15 B's wen 25-5, die o/16 A's wen 10-7, die o/16 B's wen 15-0, die Derdespan wen 42-17 en die Tweedespan verloor ongelukkig 10-16.
Keurhofskool het Vrydag, 26 Februarie 2010, deelgeneem aan die Spesiale Skole Inter te Harry Oppenheimer stadion.
Die geleentheid is ook aangebied deur Keurhofskool. Die atlete het puik presteer en Keurhofskool is as algehele wenner aangewys met die hoogste groottotaal. Ook het hul die trofeë vir beste seuns- en dogtersspan huis toe geneem.
Nog trofeë's vir Trofeë wat ontvang is was vir volgende:

• Groottotaal

• Wenspan Seuns

• Wenspan Dogters

• Junior Victor Ludorum: Ducky Harmse

• Beste naelloper van die dag: Tebogo Kgosieng

Hoeveelheid Medaljes ontvang:

• 51 Goud

• 43 Silwer

• 48 Brons

Onder die toppresteerders was Ducky Harmse (Junior Victor Ludorum) en Tebogo Kgosieng (Beste naelloper van die dag). Daar is 36 atlete verkies tot die Noordwes span wat aan die SA's in Sasolburg gaan deelneem. Die volgende leerders wat rekords verbeter het:

Tshepo Makoro: SO/19 - 110m hekkies

Duan Beukes: SO/19 - Gewigstoot

Johannes Bouer: SO/14- Verspring

Riaan Smith: SO/15 - Diskus

Damon Birkenstock: SO/15 - Spiesgooi

Tebogo Kgosieng: SO/17 - 400m

Nathaniel Leboko: SO/17 – Hoogspring

Friendly Matches for THS & Orkney
On Friday, 26 February, THS played friendly rugby, netball and hockey matches against Orkney High School.

Results were as follows:

Rugby: u/14 won 20-10, u/15 lost 5-0, u/16 won 19-5, the 2nd team won 20-0, and the 1st team won 26-0 of which three tries were scored by captain, Jaco du Preez

Hockey: the u/14 won 5-0, u/16 won 1-0, the 2nd team lost 3-0, and the 1st team won 5-1

Netball: the u/14 B team won 14-9

Yüklə 81,3 Kb.

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