Management Agency for Social Accountability Program under pbs II world Bank pbs 11/1014814

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Management Agency for Social Accountability Program under PBS II
World Bank PBS 11/1014814

Terms of Reference

Type of Expert: Long Term Key Expert

Proposed function

Capacity Building and Training Manager

Aim of this assignment

The Capacity Building and Training Manager’s primary role will be to work in a team to develop and ensure the implementation of the overall strategy of capacity development and training function in the ESAP2.

The aim of the Social Accountability and Capacity Development Team is to:

  • design gender-sensitive social accountability training and capacity building modules and training plan;

  • conduct training sessions in SA for relevant government officials, SAIPs, and other stakeholders to enable them to engage effectively in the social accountability program.

  • create and build capacities and skills of SAIPs on the use of SA tools and on facilitation of interface meetings between service users and service providers.

  • provide guidance to SAIPs on approaches for institutionalizing and sustaining social accountability including training and involvement of community based organizations and MBAs.

  • establish capacity (“Centers of Social Accountability”) at selected regional universities or training institutions to provide training for longer term goals.

The Manager will work closely with other team members and is responsible for preparing training and capacity building annual plans, which will include all stakeholders including local government officials and elected representatives at the federal, regional, woreda and kebele levels as well as to CSOs and other civic groups. In addition, the Manager will provide direction, leadership and analytical guidance to grantees on the implementation of the social accountability tools and mechanisms including entry and exit strategies.

The Manager, is responsible for the overall delivery of the training and capacity building program and its outputs and will ensure quality standards are adhered to in all aspects of delivery, including reporting.

Activities to be performed

The Manager will be required to provide significant technical input in the development and implementation of project activities and in their timely execution.

Activities will include but are not limited to:

  • implement the existing capacity development and training strategy and activities which includes capacity development; training and mentoring and support to the grantees;

  • develop, present and train on appropriate SA tools for a variety of audiences including the grantees, woreda officials, citizens groups;

  • oversee and support the grantees in developing, coordinating and monitoring local capacity building initiatives for selected Woredas as needed;

  • Coordinate a pool of Social Accountability Practitioners to provide a sustainable resource for the use of social accountability tools, approaches and mechanisms by citizens and citizen groups; civil society organizations; local government officials; and service providers as a means to make basic service delivery more equitable, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable;

  • Assist in the creation of the Centers of Social Accountability in partnership with CSOs from ESAP1; academic institutions and other experts, which will include a mentoring and support strategy for grantees of ESAP2;

  • Take the lead and prepare an Interface Meeting Guide for the Grantees that will assist Grantees to implement and host multi-stakeholder meetings at the woreda and kebele levels.

  • Update the Social Accountability Guide for Grantees and additional toolkits when needed;

Written reporting requirements

  • The Manager will contribute to the narrative of the technical progress reports as required by the World Bank (inception report, quarterly reports, final report and other reports determined by the Team Leader)

  • The Manager will prepare and update on a quarterly basis the “Training and Capacity Building Annual Plan” for the Social Accountability and Capacity Building component of ESAP2, including an estimated operations budget for the next three months.

  • The Manager will be responsible for the preparation and delivery of social inclusion and local context sensitive Social Accountability Training Modules with Grantees; Interface Meeting Guide & Trainings, and further mentoring and guidance to the Grantees.

Reporting Lines

The Manager will report directly to the Team Leader on a day-to-day basis and to the Program Director at VNG International Headquarters on a monthly basis.

The Manager will work closely with, and support where necessary, the other three operating teams within the Management Agency (Financial Management Team, Grant Management Team and M&E Team).

Verifiable deliverables

The Manager working jointly with his Team and the Program Managers has direct responsibility for:

  • Depository of Social Accountability database, guides, manuals, and toolkits.

  • Pool of Social Accountability Experts in Ethiopia and the African region

  • Centers of Social Accountability Knowledge and Practice

  • Improved capacity of Grantees to empower citizens and citizen groups on the use of Social Accountability (SA) tools, approaches and mechanisms.

  • Citizens and citizens groups have their capacity developed such that they are increasingly aware of their rights, entitlements and responsibilities to contribute to, and to demand, better quality public basic service delivery.

  • The basic public service providers are more responsive and accountable to community and citizens priorities and needs.

  • Citizens and citizen groups and communities are increasingly involved in the planning, budgeting and implementation of the quality, quantity and access to basic public service delivery in the Woreda.

Minimum qualifications

  • A Master degree in Education or Development Studies or related field;

  • Ten years or more experience in capacity building training design and implementation, especially in facilitation skills and experience;

  • Ten years or more experience in materials development for capacity building and training purposes;

  • Expert knowledge and practice of Social Accountability in Ethiopia or broad Governance reform work in Ethiopia or willingness to acquire this during the position;

  • Fluency in English, and an advantage will be verbal and written fluency in one or more of the Ethiopian local languages;

  • Working experience with CSOs and local government officials in Ethiopia;

  • Preference will be given to female applicants.

Approximate number of working days

The Manager shall be based in Addis Ababa and will be appointed for one year with possible extension based on performance and availability of funds.

Period of the assignment

One year

Place of the assignment

Addis Ababa with frequent missions to the regions.

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