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Macroinvertebrate Toxicology

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Macroinvertebrate Toxicology

Donald J. Klemm
Areas of toxicological studies covered in the bibliography are for aquatic ecotoxicology and culturing of macroinvertebrates for toxicity testing. The ecotoxicological bibliography is intended to help keep students, biologists, and toxicologists current with the literature. It is also provided to assist the user in selecting information from the literature that may be useful in evaluating data collected during studies of water quality, and understanding the exposure and effects of toxic substances, other stressors, or pollution on the health and ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems.

Researchers should send reprints of their papers on aquatic toxicology to the author of this bibliography to ensure that they are included accurately in future bibliographies; the reprints would be greatly appreciated.

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Paul K. Sibley

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