Opportunity and Innovation Form

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O pportunity and Innovation Form

Contact Information

Full Name:










Work Address:


Employee #

Street Address

Work Phone:

(   )      

Alternate Phone:

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E-mail Address:


Have you discussed this opportunity and innovation with your supervisor and/or manager? Yes No

Type of Opportunity and Innovation

□ Process/Opportunity for Improvement □ Ideas and Innovations □ Question or concern □ Other

Describe the issue, activity, process, or service:

Suggest actions needed to improve:

List the benefits of the actions:

To be filled in by Opportunity and Innovation Form Panel

Date Received:


Submitted by:

□ EAC/UMS Rep □ Email □ Suggestion Box □ Web

Forward form to: □ UMS Rep to assess opportunities for continual improvement including preventative and corrective actions

□ Employee Advisory Council □ Human Resources □ Unknown (send to Director)

Assigned to:


Target Date:


Action Taken:


Results of Action Taken:


Approved by:


Date Resolved:


Record #:


Was the employee contacted with response?

□ Yes □ No

If this is a personnel issue please contact your AVI Human Resources Generalist

Document Number:AVI-FRM-EAC1 Eff. Date: 06/16/11 Revision Number: 1

Approved by: EAC Desc. Of Change: Initial Release

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