PeopleSoft Codes

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PeopleSoft Codes

JCC Codes

EX1 = Benefits Eligible

CTS = Not Eligible for Benefits (casual salaried)

CSL = Not Eligible for Benefits (casual hourly)

VA = Unpaid

Academic Staff-Teaching:

1322 Lecturer (Pay group = EX1)

9184 Lecturer (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1330 Senior Lecturer (Pay group = EX1)

1340 Artist-in-Residence (Pay group = EX1)

Other Teaching:

1153 Acting Instructor (non stu) (Pay group = EX1)

9193 Acting Instructor (non stu) (Pay group = CTS or VA)

8950 Acting Instructor (student) (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1161 Acting Assistant Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9194 Acting Assistant Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1169 Acting Associate Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9195 Acting Associate Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1177 Acting Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9196 Acting Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1221 Consulting Instructor (Pay group = EX1)

9197 Consulting Instructor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1229 Consulting Assistant Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9190 Consulting Assistant Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1236 Consulting Associate Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9191 Consulting Associate Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1244 Consulting Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9192 Consulting Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1334 Instructor (Pay group = EX1)

9185 Instructor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1187 Visiting Instructor/Lecturer (Pay group = EX1)

9186 Visiting Instructor/Lecturer (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1195 Visiting Assistant Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9187 Visiting Assistant Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1203 Visiting Associate Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9188 Visiting Associate Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1211 Visiting Professor (Pay group = EX1)

9189 Visiting Professor (Pay group = CTS or VA)

1439 Assistant Professor (By Courtesy)

1437 Associate Professor (By Courtesy)

  1. Professor (By Courtesy)

1415 Tutor


  1. Academic Dean

  1. Administrative Dean

  1. Assistant Professor

  1. Assistant Professor (Research)

  1. Assistant Professor (Subject to Ph.D)

  1. Associate Professor

1376 Associate Professor (Performance)

1372 Associate Professor (Research)

1336 Associate Professor (Teaching)

  1. Director

  1. President

  1. Professor

1378 Professor (Performance)

1374 Professor (Research)

1338 Professor (Teaching)
Emeriti Faculty

  1. Professor, Emeritus (Pay group = EX1)

  2. Professor, Emeritus (Pay group = CTS or VA)

Paygroups for FACULTY ONLY

F12 = Paid September – August

F10 = Paid September – June

F09 = Paid October - June

Reportmart Search for Pay Spreads

D = 12 months

C = 10 months

N = 9 months

Unpaid Leave Codes
FMF Family Medical Leave - Family
FML Family Medical Leave - EE
FTD Family Temp Disability Non-FMF
FTF Family Temp Disability w/FMF
LTD Long Term Disability Non-FML
LTF Long Term Disability w/FML
LTW Long Term Disab from WCC/WCF
MIL Military Service
PER Personal Unpaid Leave
SNL Seasonal Layoff
STD Short Term Disability Non-FML
STF Short Term Disability w/FML
STW Short Term Disab WC Pending
WCC Worker Comp Non-FML
WCF Workers Comp w/FML
WRC Workers' Compensation
ZOP Faculty Off Payroll

Paid Leave Codes

FMF Family Medical Leave - Family
FML Family Medical Leave - EE
FTD Family Temp Disability Non-FMF
FTF Fam Temp Disability w/FMF
FWL Fam Temp Disability Wage Loss
HSL Hoover Scholarly Leave
LTD LongTerm Disability Non-FML
LTF Long term Disability w/FMF
LTP Pending LTD Approval
LTW Long Term Disab from WCC/WCF
LWL Long Term Disability Wage Loss
MIL Military Service
STD Short Term Disability Non-FML
STF Short Term Disability w/FML
STW Short  Term Disab WC Pending
SWL ShortTerm Disability Wage Loss
WCC Workers Comp Non-FML
WCF Workers Comp w/FML
WRC Workers Compensation
WWL Workers Compensation Wage Loss
ZAD Administrative Leave
ZIB Intramural Buy-back
ZPD Professional Development
ZPL Personal Paid Leave - Faculty
ZPR Pure Research
ZSB Sabbatical
ZSP SUSE Alternate Qtr
ZTR Teaching Relief

Employment Update Codes

  1. For Position Changes

LAT Later Job Movement
MOV Other Job Movement
PRO Promotion
ZFF Transfer from Faculty
ZTF Transfer to Faculty

  1. For Pay Rate Changes
    APA Acad Staff/OT Pay Adjustment
    CWP Contingent Worker Pay Change
    EQY Equity Adjustment
    HRS Change in Standard Hours
    MAR Market Adjustment
    MER Merit
    MID Midyear Increase
    PAR Pay Rate Reduction
    RNG Range Adjustment
    SPA Step Progression - Accelerated
    SPD Step Progression - Delayed
    SPN Step Progression – Normal

ZAY Academic Year Salary Change
ZPS Pay Spread Change

Termination Codes

ABN Terminated Other Involuntary Resignation

ATO Terminated Auto-Termination
CON Terminated Misconduct
CTG Terminated End of Contingent Assignment
DEA Terminated Death
DUP Terminated Duplicate ID
FXD Terminated End of Fixed Term
IRC Terminated Invol Non-Renewal of Contract
LAY Terminated Layoff
LRT Retirement Layoff to Retirement
LTD Term w/Ben LTD Terminated with Benefits
LVE Terminated Failure to Return from Leave
MIL Terminated Military - Active Duty
NI9 Terminated No I-9 information provided
OTJ Terminated Accepted Another Job
PAY Terminated Dissatisfied with Pay
PER Terminated Personal Reasons
QWN Terminated Quit Without Notice
REL Terminated Relocation
RES Terminated Other Voluntary Resignation
RET Retirement Retirement
RSC Terminated Return to School
RSP Terminated Special Circumstances
SLC Terminated Transfer to SLAC
SSR Retirement Senior Staff Retirement
SST Terminated Senior Staff Termination
SUH Terminated Job at Stanford Hospital
TRL Terminated Trial Period Separation
UNS Terminated Unsatisfactory Performance
VNR Terminated Vol Non-Renewal of Contract
ZDO Terminated Faculty Declined Offer
ZSR Retirement Special Faculty Retiree

Non-Affiliate ID Codes

ACAP Acting Assistant Professor
ACAS Acting Associate Professor
ACPR Acting Professor
AJAP Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
AJAS Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor
AJIN Adjunct Clinical Instructor
AJPR Adjunct Clinical Professor
ATCH Academic Staff - Teaching
CAPA Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated)
CASA Clinical Associate Professor (Affiliated)
CHAF Chaplain Affiliate
CINA Clinical Instructor (Affiliated)
CLAP Clinical Assistant Professor
CLAS Clinical Associate Professor
CLIN Clinical Instructor
CLPR Clinical Professor
CNAP Consulting Assistant Professor
CNAS Consulting Associate Professor
CNPR Consulting Professor
CPRA Clinical Professor (Affiliated)
EMAP Emeritus Adjunct Assistant Professor
EMAS Emeritus Adjunct Associate Professor
EMIN Emeritus Adjunct Instructor
EMPR Emeritus Adjunct Professor
HVIF Hoover Senior Fellow
HVSC Hoover Senior Research Fellow
INSA Instructor (Affiliated)
INST Instructor
LECT Lecturer
MBOT Member, Board of Trustees
OSFA Overseas Studies - Faculty
OSSF Overseas Studies - Staff
SFLW Senior Fellow
SLEC Senior Lecturer
VIAP Visiting Assistant Professor
VIAS Visiting Associate Professor
VIPR Visiting Professor
VISC Visiting Scholar

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