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Scholarships and Fellowships

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Scholarships and Fellowships


Mac-Arthur Foundation Fellowship to undergo training on “Conservation Biology” at Chicago, U.S.A.


Summer Research Fellowship of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.


Fellowship of Chester zoo, Manchester, UK.


Consultant to Govt. of Bangladesh, Bangladesh


Fellowship of Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, USA.


Books – 12, Scientific articles – 23, Research Notes – 16, Popular Articles – 05, Research Reports – 36, Seminar / workshop papers – 20


Associate Professor & Head

Dept. of Wood Science, College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University; KAU P.O., Thrissur, Kerala 680 656, India

Phone (office) 0487-2370050; Fax 91-487-237 1040; E-mail:;



Degree Institution Major Field Date
B.Sc. Kerala Agricultural University. Forestry 1990

M.Sc. Kerala Agricultural University. Forestry 1993

Ph.D. Forest Research Institute. Forestry 2006
Experience in Higher Education:

2006 – Present: Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Wood Science, College of Forestry, KAU

2000 – 2006: Assistant Professor (Senior scale) Dept. of Wood Science, College of Forestry, KAU

1994 – 2000: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Wood Science, College of Forestry, KAU

Professional Activities:


  • Advisory council member, Indian Academy of Wood Science, Bangalore

  • Member, Board of Studies, Kannur University, Kannur

  • Centre for land Resources Research & Management (CLRR&M), KAU

  • Gender studies in Agriculture, KAU

Served as Resource Person in the following Courses:

  • ICAR Supported Short Course on “ Managing Digital Libraries In Agriculture” (1-10 April, 2000, Central Library, KAU )

  • ICAR short course on “ Emerging trends in conservation of genetic resources (22nd Sept- 1st Oct 2003, College of Horticulture, KAU )

  • ICFRE Supported National Workshop on “Natural Resource Management: changing scenarios and shifting paradigm”-College of Forestry, KAU, February, 2003.

  • ICAR Winter School on “ Intellectual Property Management of genetic resources –dimensions and tools” ( 9-29th Nov 2005, College of Horticulture, KAU )

  • ICAR Winter School on “GIS based watershed planning in Agriculture” ( 2-22nd Dec 2006, College of Horticulture, KAU )

Extension and other activities:

  • The work of Timber Identification on payment basis (Rs 500 per sample- from Wood Anatomy Samples taken using the Wood Microtome & Image Analysis System) is undertaken in the Wood Science department.

  • Dendro-Chronological (finding age of trees and plantations from ring counting) analysis is also rendered as a consultancy service.

  • Under the financial assistance (grant-in-aid to the College of Forestry) of the ICFRE, a Wood Workshop and Saw milling Unit with state-of-the-art facility for imparting training in saw milling and wood turnery have been set up in the Department.

  • Several social service and nation building activities carried out spanning from 1994 onwards till present carried out as Programme Officer, National Service Scheme (NSS) of the College of Forestry.

Selected Research Activities

  • Kerala Forest Department Funded Project Wood quality evaluation of timber species raised in research plots of the Kerala Forest Department at various localities”

  • Kerala Forest Department Funded Project Inter and Intra provenance variation in wood quality of Acacias grown in Kerala”.

  • Resource Integration for sustainable watershed (RISWAD) Development Hariyali Watershed development project of Pazhayannur Block Panchayath.

  • Development of an on-line manual for the forest tree seeds of Kerala (KFD funded )

  • ICRE funded “ Provenance & species evaluation of certain selected Acacias”

  • Kerala Forest Dept. funded “ Wood quality studies of certain selected Acacias”

  • Kerala State Committee on Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) funded “Development of an Anatomical key for the identification of important timbers of Kerala.”

  • Kerala Forest Dept. funded “Development of an On-line Manual of timbers of Kerala”

  • Morphological & anatomical properties of teak seedlings as influenced by nursery techniques.

  • Evaluation of timber quality in certain selected tropical species grown in Kerala.

  • Development of an anatomical key for the identification of currently used timbers of Kerala

  • 3 D GIS and Digital Elevation Model of IIRS, Campus ( Project report submitted as part of the NNRMS special course on “ Digital Image Processing and GIS”)

  • Tree GIS of KAU CampusMapping and computerized inventory of tree species of KAU Campus ( As part of the preparation of a project on establishment of Itty Achuthan Memorial Botanical Garden at KAU main campus in collaboration with CLRRM, KAU)

Awards and Achievements

  • Received the best poster award for the “XVII Kerala Science Congress” held at KFRI, Peechi.

  • Certificate of appreciation by KAU for securing Externally Funded Projects.

  • Certificate of appreciation by the Vice-Chancellor, KAU on three separate occasions

  • Developed an online (web enabled & CD) manual of timbers of Kerala Timbers of Kerala which will provide accurate & up to date information using a click and query system. Emphasis is on timber identification, utilization & criteria based selection


Assistant Professor, Dept of Wildlife Sciences & Centre for Wildlife Department of Science

College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, KAU P.O., Thrissur, Kerala 680 656, India. Phone (office) 0487-2370050; Fax 91-487-237 1040;

Date of Birth :10-12-1949

Qualification : M.Sc.( 1971) , Ph.D (1977 ) & 2 years Post Doc. Training (1977 – 1979)

Field of interest: Animal Biodiversity

Teaching / Research experience

a) Total (1971 – 2008) : 37 years

b) In the Kerala Agricultural University(1977 – 2008) : 31 years


Research papers : 52; Popular articles : 11

Conferences / Seminar attended from 1971 – 2008

International : 21; National : 46

Awards / Distinctions received :

  • Fellow of Royal Entomological Society –from 2000

  • CSIR Research Associateship – 1980-‘83

  • CSIR Post Doctoral Fellowship – 1977 – ‘79

  • CSIR Senior Fellowship – 1975 - ‘77

  • INSA Junior Fellowship - 1971 – ‘73

  • Best Poster Presentation Award in the International Symposium on Tropical Forestry Research Challenges in the New Millennium, held at KFRI,2000

Research projects Guided

UG : 12 (As major advisor ); PG : 1 (As major advisor); Ph.D. : 4 ( As advisory committee member of students of FRI- DU, Dehra Dun)

Syllabus Prepared / Taught in the College of Forestry

UG : 10; PG : 3

Setting of Question Paper for Forestry Students of TNAU

  • FOR 304 Fundamentals of Wild life; FSC 306 Forest Policy , Legislation and Participatory Management; FFB 202 Principles of Forest pest Management & Economic Entomology; AEN 431 Forest Entomology

Reviewer of Articles in Scientific Journals

Served as a reviewer of Scientific articles in the following research Journals :

  • Indian Journal of Experimental Biology.

  • Entomon.

  • Zoos Print.

  • Indian Journal of Forestry

Professional recognition/affiliation

Life member : IUFRO WPS7 (Protection of Forests in the Tropics)

Life Member: IUFRO WPS6-06-03 (Extension)

Member : Association for Advancement of Entomology.

Member : Ethological Society of India

Member : Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute, USA

Member : Advisory Council, International Biographical Centre, UK

Member: International Union of Studies on Social Insects (IUSSI), Indian Chapter

Member: Zoo Outreach Organization and WWF-India


Assistant Professor (Senior Scale), Department of Silviculture & Agroforestry

College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, KAU P.O., Thrissur, Kerala 680 656, India Phone (office) 0487-2370050; Fax 91-487-237 1040; E-mail:

Educational qualifications



Name of University


B.Sc (Forestry)


Kerala Agricultural University


M.Sc (Forestry)


Kerala Agricultural University

Silviculture & Agroforestry

PhD (Forestry)


FRI, University, Dehra Dun


Research projects

Working as Principal Investigator to two projects and co-investigator to one project under ICAR sponsored All India Coordinated Research Project of Agroforestry

Research guidance

  • Major advisor to Forestry Under Graduate research projects: 6

  • Major advisor to M. Sc (Forestry) research programme: 1

Research publications: 13

Articles published in popular journals and National dailies: 15 Nos.

Interested areas of Forestry research:

Plantation forestry and Tropical Agro forestry system dynamics.

Research achievements

  • Developed agrisilvicultural system involving Ginger (Zingiber officinale) intercropping in Acacia mangium plantation.

  • Developed optimum planting density and pruning regimes for growing Acacia mangium plantations on commercial basis for timber and biomass production.

  • Developed regression equations (local volume tables) for estimating volume/biomass production in Acacia mangium plantations using easily measurable growth variables such as Girth at Breast Height.

  • Characterized the root distribution pattern in young and mature Acacia mangium plantations to explore the possibility of intercropping.

  • Characterized the root distribution pattern in natural rubber to explore the possibility of intercropping in rubber plantations.

  • Studied the root distribution pattern in Bambusa arundinaceae.


The course handled for UG students include Silviculture of trees, Forest Mensuration, Silvicultural Systems, Principles of Silviculture, and Social Forestry. A course on advanced Silviculture is being offered to the MSc (Forestry) students.

Extension activities

Serving as resource person and technical advisor to the Kerala Forest Department on Plantation management, Forest conservation, and prevention of forest fires. Also functioning as resource person for public awareness campaign on Joint Forest Management and Participatory Forest Management.

Other major responsibilities

  • Officer-in-Charge, All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Agroforestry

  • Project Co-ordinator, Agroforestry and Silviculture Co-ordination group, KAU

  • Officer-in-Charge, Tree Evaluation; Assistant Warden, Periyar Hostel, KAU.


Assistant Professor

Dept of : Wildlife Sciences & Centre for Wildlife Department of Studies College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, KAU P.O., Thrissur, Kerala 680 656, India. Phone (office) 0487-2370050; Fax 91-487-237 1040

E-mail: .

Ph.D. Ecotourism & Economics 2003 - 08 Bangor University, United Kingdom

M.Sc. Forestry (Wildlife Science) 1993 - 96 Kerala Agricultural University, India (93%)

B.Sc. Forestry 1988 - 92 Kerala Agricultural University, India (82%)

Secondary School 1976 - 86 Public Exams Board, Kerala, India (87%)

  • Attended 32 modules (mostly postgraduate) in the Bangor University during 2003-06

  • Hold a postgraduate certificate of achievement from the Bangor University.

Personal attributes

  • Dependable and reliable in a team effort to produce the desired and committed levels of output

  • Unprejudiced and multidisciplinary approach with considerable experience overseas

Notable developments

  • Spent two weeks with Mr. Carwyn Jones (Minister of Environment, Planning and Countryside) and his office in the National Assembly for Wales to comprehend the decision making process

  • Expert member on ecotourism in the Ecoclub since 2003 (

Career history

1998 - 2008 Assistant Professor, Kerala Agricultural University

Duties: Teaching B.Sc. and M.Sc. forestry students. Carry out research on protected area management and dependent communities. Supervised 10 B.Sc dissertations.

1997 - 98 Technical Officer, Kerala Horticulture Development Programme

Duties: Responsible for participatory technology development empowering local communities with research skills.

1996 - 97 Senior Research Fellow, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India

Duties: Leading fieldwork on a European Union funded project

1995 - 96 Assistant Manager, Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd., India

Duties: Managing land and human resources in a rural area

1992 - 93 Consultant to MMJ Bio-Park Ltd, India

Duties: Establishing a wildlife park for wildlife based tourism

Communication / technical skills

  • Experience of GIS (IDRISI) and the computer programmes viz. Office XP, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, SPSS, Endnote, Minitab 13 and Stata

  • Working knowledge of Oracle and SQL, Unix and Java, Map Info and Lisrel

Academic skills gained in UK

  • Delivered lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Bangor University, UK

  • Underwent Teaching in Higher Education course in the Bangor University, UK

Team building and working skills

  • Conference Chairperson, First Bangor University Cross-disciplinary Research Conference: 45 papers were presented to 100 delegates from 19 schools of the Bangor University, UK (2007)

  • Postgraduate representative, Bangor University, UK (2006).

  • Research team leader for a social survey of 2000 people for exploring the economics of ecotourism and conservation in Periyar Tiger Reserve (2005).

  • Founder Secretary, The Indian Society, Bangor University, UK (2003)

  • Founder Secretary, Forestry Alumni Association, Agricultural University, India (2002)

Trainings and workshops attended

  • Environmental Futures 2006, Environment Agency, UK, (2006)

  • Nature based leisure and tourism, Sheffield University, UK (2004)

  • ESRC Research Methods Festival, Oxford University, UK (2004)

  • Online Research Methods, Cambridge University, UK (2006)

  • Qualitative Research to Inform Policy / Practice, Office for National Statistics, Newport, UK (2006)

  • Innovation in Qualitative Research Methods, Manchester University, UK (2005)

  • UK Grad programme, Bangor University, UK (2004)

Publications / conference papers :
Published two books in Malayalam, seventeen research/ conference papers and 30 popular articles so far. Recent publications are shown in Appendix 2.
Meritorious rewards

  • Scholarship from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (2003).

  • Senior Research Fellowship of the European Union (1997)

  • Senior Research Fellowship of the ICAR (1997)

Recent publications

Books/monographs - 2

Research / conference papers - 18

Research reports - 2

Other publications -3

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

Dept. of Forest Management and Utilization, College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, KAU P.O., Thrissur, Kerala 680 656, India

Phone (office) 0487-2370050; Fax 91-487-237 1040


Age & Date of Birth 40 years, 21.07.1968
Educational Qualifications:



Major subject

B.Sc.(Forestry) (1991)

Kerala Agricultural University


M. Sc. (Forestry) (1995)

Kerala Agricultural University


PhD (undergoing)

FRI University

Forest Management

e-course (2006)

Uppsala University, Sweden

Carl Linnaeus: Life & Sciences

Teaching/Research/Extension experience: 10 years

Courses handled: B. Sc (Forestry) - 6 nos.

M Sc (Forestry) - 3 nos.

Students guided as Major Advisor: M Sc (Forestry) thesis - 1 no.

B Sc (Forestry) dissertation- 8 nos.

Membership in Professional Bodies:

  • Life member of Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy

  • Life member of Indian Academy of Wood Science

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