Sakthivel Palani Professional Summary

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Sakthivel Palani

Professional Summary

  • An accomplished UNIX System administrator with over 3.6 years of experience specializing in IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX as with extensive experience in system administration and maintenance.

  • Good experience in configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of High Availability clusters like HACMP,VCS (veritas cluster service )

  • Possesses extensive knowledge in server partitioning technologies like LPAR, DLPAR, and Virtual I/O Server and is proficient in implementing and configuring micro partitions and virtualization in p5 servers

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in supporting and troubleshooting AIX Networking services and protocols like NIS,DNS,NFS,DHCP and FTP and hands-on experience on LVM.

  • Excellent experience with general unix administration like adding/removing users, adding/creating devices, patching, setting up cron jobs, taking unix backup/restore and changing kernel parameters

  • Good experience in performance monitoring and tuning on UNIX servers

  • Creating disk group and volumes on veritas volume Manger

  • Configuration and maintain Emc power path on unix servers

  • Configuration LUN on EMC clarion and symmetric boxes

  • Creating sudo users on unix environment

  • Security Hardening and kernel tuning of Operating Systems like IBM AIX, Solaris, hp-ux

  • Extensive knowledge on Regatta, Squadrom management using HMC

  • Creating containers & zones on Solaris

  • Hands on experience on veritas cluster services and HACMP

  • Hands on experience in the conversion of normal volume group to big/scalable volume group


  • IBM Certified Specialist - eServer p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3.

  • Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 (SCSA)

OS Platforms : IBM Aix 5.1 & 5.3, Solaris 9 &10, HP-UX 11.11 &11.23, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Scripting Language : Shell Scripts (Korn)

Tools : HP open view Service Desk, Power Proker, Emc Navisphere & Power Path tools ,Putty, MS Office – Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook Express, etc

Server Hardware:

IBM : IBM RS/6000 F50, pSeries 6H1, 615, 650, 680, 690, 570, 590, 595

SUN : Sun E3500, E450, E220R, E420R, E250,T2000

HP : HP-UX/9000/800 series

Volume Management

  • Logical volume Manger on Aix

  • Veritas volume Manger

  • Logical volume Manger on hp-ux

Cluster Management


  • Veritas cluster services

Backup tool

  • Veritas Net backup


Xavient Software solutions Feb 5th ’07 – Present
Infrastructure Operation Specialist,

Dish Network, EchoStar Satellite L.L.C. Denver, Colorado, USA
Project Abstract: Management & Maintenance of Infrastructure Services for a production, Test, development Environment AIX 5.1/5.3, SUN 8/9/10, Hp-ux 11.11/11.23, EMC Symmetrix DMX, Power Path, Cx-700, ESS, DS8000, Oracle, DB2

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Providing support for Onsite night hours Unix support involved in administering & managing and supporting for Production, Test , development Environments

  • Restarting the Environments.

  • Monitoring of Unix Servers, Clusters and Exported File systems

  • Checking Console logs, System Logs and Resolving in Coordination with Global Ops Team

  • Accept Unix server related Trouble tickets and completion within Deadlines Time in Coordination with Project

  • Managing & trouble shooting Servers for Production, development & Test environment

  • Handled Day-to-Day operation of all servers running Production jobs, Backups, Restores and Report generations

  • Escalation of critical tickets to PS2 Team

  • Remotely monitored servers CPU utilization, file system, memory and network.

  • Installation, Management and patches management for Unix servers

  • User Account Administration AIX,SUN,HP-ux

  • Administration of Disk space management (AIX & HP-UX & Veritas Volume Manger)

  • Problem determination.

  • User, Node, Resource and Resource group management in VCS

  • Security Hardening and kernel tuning of Operating Systems like Solaris, hp-ux

  • Created and added paging space at run time

  • Managed NFS, NIS, DNS and DHCP,LDAP

Victory Software Solution June04’ – Feb 07’

System Engineer
As a senior member in the professional services division, provide technical, integration and consulting services for business clients that use IBM AIX Power machine, SUN Solaris/Sparc-based computer and storage networks as their enterprise-wide client/server platform
Technology : AIX, HACMP, HMC

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Level 2 support for project team on AIX support.

  • Complete Administration of AIX 5.2 on IBM RS6000-F50 model Server.

  • Remotely monitored servers CPU utilization, file system, memory and network

  • Installed/migrated AIX 5 L versions, maintenance level upgraded

  • User Account Administration

  • Installation of APARS related to OS

  • Administration of LVM

  • Problem determination.

  • Provided requisite hardening of Server as per Corporate Policies

  • Monitoring Network and System Performance

  • File system Backup and Recovery task.

  • Scheduling tasks as per the client requirement

  • Managing Paging space at run time

  • Implement basic system security

  • Responsible for mksysb backup for AIX Servers.

  • Responsible for file system backups in AIX and Solaris

  • Management LPARs via HMC

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, University of Madras-INDIA

HP-UX- Workshop on Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Xavient software solutions, India
Personal Information

  • Date of Birth : 15th June1982

  • Marital status : Unmarried

  • Nationality : Indian

  • Languages Known : English (Read, Write & Speak)

Tamil (Read, Write & Speak)

Hindi (Speak)


References will be furnished upon request.

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