Scientist’s Name: Chandra Mohan Nautiyal Position

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Scientist’s Name: Chandra Mohan Nautiyal

Position: Scientist-F & Scientist-in- Charge, Radiocarbon Lab.

Also Convener, Pub. Rel. and Media; Convener, Official Language.Implementation Comm., Member, Musem Committee.

Education: BSc (Phys. Hons), Meerut; MSc (Phys.) at University of Roorkee (now IIT-Roorkee), followed by PhD & Post- doctoral research at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Specialisation and Experience: Multidisciplinary work. Cosmogenic radiocarbon measurement by LSC and cosmogenic noble gas (like neon, argon) isotopic measurements by mass spectrometry for chronology of Solar System materials and radiation. Aided by geochemical analyses, in collaboration with archaeologists and palynologists,, the radiocarbon dating has been utilised for understanding the past climatic changes especially in the Himalayan region and foothills and deciphering the archaeoelogical events like population- migration in response to calamities, shift in agricultural practices and cultural evolution. Field work in the NE Himalayan region, Vindhyans, Deccan Traps/ inter-trappean, Western UP, Uttarakhand, & coral islands off Jamnagar coast.

Foreign Visits: France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA & Vietnam

Published in: ApJ, Curr. Sci., EPSL, GRL, IJ Sci. Com, JCom; JGR Suppl., Meteoritics; The Palaeobotanist, Palynology, The J Palaeont. Soc., Proc. LPSC (Suppl. GCA/JGR), Nat. Hazards, Proc. Ind. Aca. Sci.; Quat. International, Vib. Spectro. etc. Also chapters/ papers in journals/ books on science and S&T communication, conference proceedings, textbook/ course material and Sage Encyclopedia on S&T Communication. Many popular science writings. Edited several conference/ workshop souvenirs/ abstract books and also science activity guides for students. Joint work with researchers from 16 institutions in 6 countries.

Fellowships, Committee- memberships & other academic activities:

  • Fellow: NCSTC- Network; Geol Soc. India; The Soc. Earth Scientists

  • Member: Nat. Com. Archaeological Sciences, New Delhi (up to June 2013)

LAC of the Regional Science City, Lucknow (2010 onward)

Bahya Antarangi, Vigyan Parishad, Prayag (3 terms and continuing)

Adviser, NCSC-UP (since 2005).

Member, Executive, The Soc. Earth Scientists (2008- 2011)

Been member of the Hindi Sansthan committee for Awards for Hindi writing (Science & Technology)

Coordinator, Rock Art Documentation Committee-UP (2014-)

Been a member, Core Committee for NCSC Reforms (2011) and Chairman, NCSC State Coordinators’ Evaluation (2015)

Member, ISRO Committee on Study on Microbes in Space (2016)

  • Examined PhD theses for several universities. Set paper for undergraduates at one university. Guided one student for PhD and 6 graduating students under Inter- Academy prgramme. Acted as a resource person/ guest faculty for INSPIRE events, NCSC, INTEL’s ISDF, RVPSP (DST), NIOS, UGC Human Res. Dev. Centre (LU), UPCST, UCoST, UP Academy for Adm. Management., State Disaster Manag. Asso., and Vigyan Prasar etc.

Been part of several committees of UP-CST, UCoST, NCSTC- Network on different occasions. Had been Convener, NCSTC- NW and coordinator, Rock Art Workshops and Exhibition. Delivered about 500 lectures on science and science communication in various research & training institutions, universities, colleges and schools and over 120 science communication training lectures in workshops by NCSTC (DST), Distt. Science Clubs and various universities etc.
Part of organising committees/ Secretariat for: Several national and international conferences and workshops including Int. Conf. Material Science- 2006; Indo- China Conference- 2008; Climate Change & Geo- Hydrology (Convener); Training Workshop on Palynology in Exploration of Fossil Fuel, 2 conference by Soc. Earth Scientists, ICNT- 2013; Convener of NCSC National Workshop- 1994 & NCSC-2003; A co-coordinator, Science for schools (Sci. Cong.- 2002); Member, Science Expo- 2009- 2015. Ind. Soc. Sci. Congress (Session Chairperson on Climate change)-2015.

INSA Medal Young Sci. (1988), US $ 1600 Int’l Student Grant from Meteoritical Soc.- USA (1984), First Prize from ISMAS (1988); BSIP Medal (jointly) for Highest Extra- budgetary Resource Earning (2008), Vigyan Vachaspati by Vigyan Parishad (1997), Honour from Vidya Bharati (2011), Vigyan Parishad Shatabdi Samman- 2012, Bharatiya Bhasha Pratishthapan Rashtriya Parishad Samman- 2013, and from Science Clubs of Allahabad (UP Vigyan Sancharak), Barabanki (Vigyan Jyoti), Meerut (Vigyan Ratna), Paper of the Month (Sep. -Oct. 2014); Prabhashree Samman (2015).

Two merit scholarships, one national scholarship, PRL doctoral and post- doctoral fellowships. Worked at Max Planck Instt. Heidelberg and Mainz on INSA- DFG Fellowship. Lectures/ seminars/ papers at Univ. Calif. SD, Univ New Mexico (USA), Max Planck Instt. Heidelberg; Univ. Bern (Switz.). With full support from Forschungzentrum, Julich & ASCC, attended ESOF- 2006 (Germany), ASCC- 2009 (S. Africa), International Dialogue in Moscow in 1913, and in Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam) in 1914.
A List of Select Published Work of CM Nautiyal

(Out of over 122 papers, reviews and abstracts)

  1. Rao M.N., Venkatesan T.R., Goswami J.N., Nautiyal C.M. and Padia J.T. (1979). Noble Gas- based solar flare exposure history of lunar rocks and soils. Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 10th (Suppl. to J. Geophys. Res.), 1547.

  2. Venkatesan T.R, Nautiyal C.M., Padia J.T and Rao M.N. (1980). Solar Flare Cosmic ray proton fluxes in the recent past. Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf.11th (Suppl. to J. Geophys. Res.) , 1271.

  3. Bhandari N., Lal D., Nautiyal C.M., Padia J.T., Potdar M.B., Rao M.N. and Venkatesan T.R. (1980). Determination of pre-atmospheric sizes of meteorites using neon isotopes and particle tracks. Meteoritics 15, 265.

  4. Nautiyal C.M., Padia J.T., Rao M.N. and Venkatesan T.R. (1981). Solar Flare neon : Clues from implanted noble gases in lunar soils and rocks. Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. 12th (Suppl. to J. Geophys. Res.), 627.

  5. Venkatesan T.R., Nautiyal C.M. and Rao M.N. (1981) Neon composition in solar flares. Geophys. Res. Letters 8 (11), 1143.

  6. Englert P., Herpers U., Herr W., Nautiyal C.M., Padia J.T. , Rao M.N. and Venkatesan T.R. (1983). Isna ,an unusual, C-3 (O) carbonaceous chondrite. Earth Planet. Sci. Letters 65, 1.

  7. Nautiyal C.M., Padia J.T., Rao M.N. and Venkatesan T.R. (1986). Solar Flare Neon composition and solar cosmic ray exposure ages based on lunar mineral separates. The Astrophys. Journal 301, 465.

  8. Rao M.N. and Nautiyal C.M. (1988). Mass spectrometric determination of solar neon in Leighton meteorite. Fourth National Symposium of Indian Soc. For Mass spectrometry. EPS-8.

  9. Stephen T, Jessberger E.K., Lochman D. and Nautiyal C.M. (1990). 40Ar- 39Ar Altersbiimmung des Pataz batholith (Peru), Jahresbereicht MPI- Kernphysik, 11.1.

  10. Nautiyal C.M. (1993). Isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Annexure to the Lecture notes for the National Workshop on Mass spectrometry conducted at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow by Ind. Soc. for Mass spectrometry.

  11. Nautiyal C.M. (1995). Of Life, its Diversity, Ozone and Isotopes. Proc. Seminar on ‘Ozone Layer Depletion and Conservation of Species’ at Regional Science Centre, Lucknow, Page T-6 (1-10).

  12. Nautiyal CM and MS Chauhan (2003). Climate Change: A Palaeoclimatic Angle. Assessment of Climate Change in India and Mitigation Policy, WWF-India., (Eds. Prof SK Dash and Prakash Rao), P. 89-91.

  13. Nautiyal CM (2004). Variations of temperature and other climatic parameters during the late Quaternary Period. Everyman’s Science 39, 2, P. 151- 159.

  14. Nautiyal CM (2006). Science Communication: Quo Vadis? Indian Media Studies Journal 1, 1, Page - 121- 124.

  15. Nautiyal Chandra Mohan (2008). A Look at S&T Awareness- Enhancements in India. Journal of Science Communication (Italy), Vol. 7, No.2, A 01, Page 1- 10, 21st June- 2008

  16. Nautiyal CM and B Sekar (2008). Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow During 2004- 2008. Glimpses of Geoscience Research in India. The Indian Report to IUGS. Eds. AK Singhvi, Abhijjt Bhattacharya and Satyabrata Guha. Publisher: Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi. Page- 307- 310.

  17. Nautiyal CM and Chauhan MS (2009). Late Holocene Vegetation and Climate Change in Loktak Lake Region, Manipur based on Pollen and Chemical Evidence. The Palaeobotanist Vol. 58 (1-3), Page 21- 28.

  18. Thakur VC, Pandey AK, Nautiyal CM, Sundriyal, YP, Khanduri BM, Shinde DP, Suresh N and Singhvi AK (2010). Geo- archaeology in Western Uttar Pradesh Plain. Current Science 98, 8 (April 25, 2010), P. 1112- 1119.

  19. Sekar B, Bhattacharyya A, Bera SK and Nautiyal CM (2010). Analyses of Sedimentation rates and organic matter contents in lacustrine sediment profiles from diversified geographical regions and their climatic implications. Ind. Jour. Earth Sciences and Engineering 3, 6. P. 775- 783.

  20. Nautiyal Chandra Mohan (2010). Role of Scientists in Science Communication. Ind. J Sci. Com. 9(2). P. 10- 17.

  21. Kumar Subodh, Chaturvedi, Deepika, Jain Ashika, Tandon Poonam and Nautiyal CM (2011). Phonon Dispersion and Heat Capacity in Polyoxacyclobutane: Modification I. Vibrational Spectroscopy 100, 3. P. 116- 122. .

  22. Binita Phartiyal, Anupam Sharma and C. M. Nautiyal (2011). Interpretation of the apparent Ages in the Ladakh and Lahaul- Spiti Quaternary Lacustrine Sediments. In: Dhruv Sen Singh and N. L. Chabra (Eds.), Geological Processes and Climate Change, Macmillan Publishers India Ltd., 105-116pp.

  23. Anil K. Pokharia, Jeewan Singh Kharakwal, R.S. Rawat, Toshiki Osada, C. M. Nautiyal, and Alka Srivastava (2011). Archaeobotany and Archaeology at Kanmer, a Harappan site in Kachchhh, Gujarat: Evidence for adaptation in response to climatic variability. Current Science 100, 12, P. 933- 946.

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  25. Nautiyal CM (2012). Radiocarbon Dating in Determining the Antiquity of Cultural Remains in India. Historicity of Vedic and Ramayan Era. Eds. Saroj Bala and Kulbhushan Mishra. Pub. by I- SERVE, Delhi. P. 125- 142.

  26. Dixit Anjali; Chauhan, MS; Sharma Anupam, Nautiyal, CM; Tewari, DP (2012). Late Pleistocene- Holocene Vegetation and Climate Change in the Central Ganga plain: a multiproxy study from Jalesar Tal, Unnao District Uttar Pradesh. Current Science 103, 5. P. 555- 562.

  27. Rajendran CP, Rajendran Kusala, Shah- hosseini Majid, Naderi Abdolmajid, Nautiyal CM , Andrews Ronia (2012). Re-evaluating the hazard potential of the Makran subduction zone, Northern Arabian Sea. Natural Hazards. 65 (1). Pp 219- 239.

  28. Trivedi A, Chauhan MS, Sharma Anupam, Nautiyal CM, Tiwari DP (2013). Record of vegetation and climate during Late Pleistocene-Holocene in Central Ganga Plain: A multi-proxy study from Jalesar Lake, Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh, India. Quaternary International 306, P. 97- 106.

  29. Dixit, Swati; Sadhan K Basumutary; Veeru K Singh; Chandra M Nautiyal & Biswajeet Thakur (2014). Palaeovegetation and climate oscillation of Western Odisha: A pollen data- based synthesis for the Mid- Late Eocene. Quaternary International 325, P. 92-99.
  30. Nautiyal, Vinod, R.C. Bhatt, Pradeep M. Saklani, Veena Mushrif Tripathy, C.M. Nautiyal & Hari Chauhan (2014). Lippa and Kanam: Trans-Himalayan cist burial culture and pyrotechnology in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India (2014). Project Gallery, Antiquity Volume 088, Issue 339 March 2014.

  31. Basumatary S. K.; Bera S. K., Nautiyal, C. M.; Dixit Swati, Devi Nelakshi and Sarma G. (2015). Palaeoclimatic conditions inferred from the past vegetation of eastern Himalayan foothills of Indo-Burma Range during Late Pleistocene. Palynology. P. 220- 233.

  32. Bali Rameshwar; Ali, Nawaz; Bera, SK;, Patil SK; Aggarwal KK & Nautiyal, CM (2015). Impact of Anthropocene vis-a’-via Holocene Climate Changes in Central Indian Himalayan Glaciers. Engg. Geology for Society and Territory, Vol. 1 (Ed. Lollino G et al.). Proc. Impact of Anthropocene vis-a'-via Holocene Climatic Changes on Central Indian Himalayan Glaciers. P.467-471. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

  33. Pokharia, Anil K.; Srivastava Chanchala; Vikram, Bhuvan; Dimri, DN; Nautiyal, Chandra Mohan; Sharma Shalini (2015). On the botanical findings at Ahichchhatra: a multicultural site in Upper Ganaga plain, Uttar pradesh. Current Science 109, 7. 1293-1304.

  34. Nautiyal Chandra Mohan (2016). The Quantitative Dating of the Rock Art. In ‘Rock Art of India: Suitable Dating Techniques’ (Workshop Proceedings). Ed. Dr. B.L. Malla (D. K. Printworld, New Delhi). P. 203-217.

Chapers/ Articles in Books/ Modules/ Encyclopedia/ magazines/ Newspapers

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