Sediment Dynamics for

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Sediment Dynamics for
a Changing Future

Edited by Kazimierz Banasik, Arthur J. Horowitz, Philip N. Owens, Mike Stone & Des E. Walling

IAHS Publ. 337 (2010) ISBN 978-1-907161-10-0, 376 + viii pp. Price £74.00

Abstracts of the papers in this volume can be seen at:

The 48 papers in this volume aim to advance our understanding of the processes of erosion and sedimentation in relation to sediment dynamics and water quality. Keynote papers are followed by papers grouped into three main themes. Those on Human Impact on Sediment Budgets are primarily concerned with the influence of land-use change on catchment sediment yields and/or fluxes. The group on The Structure, Functioning and Management of Fluvial Sediment Systems provide valuable information on topics including the dynamics of flood plain sedimentation, temporal variation of sediment parameters and the important influence of sediment on aquatic ecosystems. The third group dealing with Experiment-based and Modelling Approaches to Sediment Research, highlight the important role of both monitoring and modelling studies in generating an improved understanding of catchment sediment dynamics, sediment fluxes and river water quality.


Preface by Kazimierz Banasik, Arthur J. Horowitz, Philip N. Owens,
Mike Stone & Des E. Walling



Keynote Papers

Using fallout radionuclides to investigate erosion and sediment delivery: some recent advances D. E. Walling


1Erosion and sedimentation research in agricultural watersheds in the USA: from past to present and beyond M. J .M. Römkens


Grain erosion – an intense form of rock erosion Zhaoyin Wang, Dandan Liu & Wenjing Shi



Human Impact on Sediment Budgets

Impact of land use activities on fine sediment-associated contaminants, Quesnel River Basin, British Columbia, Canada Tyler B. Smith & Philip N. Owens


Sediment yield in Europe: regional differences in scale dependence
Matthias Vanmaercke, Jean Poesen, Gert Verstraeten, Willem Maetens,
Joris De Vente & Faruk Ocakoglu


Impacts of sediments yields and water quality on the Nairobi River basin ecosystem, Kenya Shadrack Mulei Kithiia


The effects of soil conservation on sediment yield and sediment source dynamics in a catchment in southern Brazil Gustavo H. Merten, Jean P. G. Minella, Michele Moro, Clamarion Maier, Elemar A. Cassol, Desmond E. Walling,
Robin T. Clarke & José Miguel Reichert


Apportioning sediment sources in a grassland dominated agricultural catchment in the UK using a new tracing framework Adrian L. Collins, Yusheng Zhang, Desmond E. Walling & Kevin Black


Analysis of suspended sediment concentration and discharge relations to identify particle origins in small agricultural watersheds A. Vongvixay, C. Grimaldi,
C. Gascuel-Odoux, P. Laguionie, M. Faucheux, N. Gilliet & M. Mayet


Sediment–nutrient dynamics in selected Indian mangrove ecosystems – land use and climate change implications Al. Ramanathan, Rajesh Kumar Ranjan,
M. Bala Krishna Prasad, Rita Chauhan & Gurmeet Singh


Sediment delivery and erosion processes in drained peatlands Hannu Marttila, Simo Tammela & Bjørn Kløve


Sediment and nutrient transport dynamics in an urban stormwater impoundment Cynthia Yu & Micheal Stone


Characteristics of heavy metal pollution in highway runoff Dingqiang Li, Muning Zhuo & Huayang Gan


Sediment loads in the lower Jinshajiang of the Yangtze River: current status and potential impacts of the cascade dams Lu Xixi, Zhang Shurong, Jiang Tong & Xiong Ming


New methods for estimating annual and long-term suspended sediment loads from small tributaries to San Francisco Bay Mikolaj Lewicki & Lester Mckee



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