Stce drill team 2015-2016 what are we looking for?

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As one of the spirit squads at Saint Charles East High School, we are looking for respectful, kind, mature individuals who will represent themselves, the program, and the school in a positive manner. Drill Team members are held to a higher standard than other students and athletes. You are expected to be a positive role model for your teammates and peers, and act appropriately in and out of uniform. This includes dressing appropriately for school, following the STCEHS Code of Conduct, treating coaches, teachers, administrators and peers with respect, and following team rules at all times. Being a member of the Drill Team is a big commitment, therefore we need athletes who can manage their time well and balance school with sports. Some of our main focuses include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Team players

  • ATHLETICISM – Drill Team is an IHSA Sport. We are looking for dancers with strength and endurance along with grace and technique

  • Willingness to put the team’s best interests above the individuals

  • Strong dance technique and flexibility

  • Maturity

  • A strong passion for growing as a dancer. EVERYONE can get better!

  • Dedication to the team and program

Drill Team is a BIG commitment that needs to come before work and other outside activities. Athletes are expected to attend every practice, game, event, etc. We practice in June and July which includes attending camp and hosting a kid’s camp. In the fall we practice and perform at all home football games, as well as participating in our annual fundraiser, “Kick-A-Thon” with the SCN Drill Team and the community. October-January is our competition season which includes practicing 4-5 days a week in addition to weekend competitions. Athletes are NOT ALLOWED to compete outside of Drill Team during competition season per IHSA rules. Drill Team competition season begins the last week of October. Outside obligations such as work, family events, doctor appointments, etc. need to be scheduled OUTSIDE of practice and performance time.

While the Drill Team program is able to provide the athletes with uniforms and costumes each year, outside items such as UDA Camp ($350), and competition wear (tights, shoes, bras, etc.) need to be provided by the athlete. Please understand the Required Items list before committing to trying out for the program. There will be times throughout the year when parents are asked to pitch in for certain events such as Homecoming (window and golf cart decorating) and Senior Night (posters, dessert table, and decorations).

2015-2016 STCE Drill Team

Season at a Glance
Both Teams

  • Summer practice June and July

  • Kids Camp June 15th-19th

  • UDA Camp

    • Varsity: July 6th-9th at Illinois State University

    • Junior Varsity: July 16th – 19th at Northern Illinois University

  • IHSA Competition Season October 2015 through January 2016

Junior Varsity

  • Uniform – items will not fit each athlete perfectly however alterations can be made with the coach’s approval

  • Perform at all home Sophomore football and basketball games

  • Perform during all home Varsity “pre-games” during football and basketball season

  • Walk in Homecoming Parade (Friday of HC week)

  • Perform at the Homecoming Small Games Assembly (7pm Thursday of HC Week)

  • 4-6 IHSA Competitions (November-January) the final being the UEC Competition

  • Competition alternates based on ability not age

  • All old Varsity costumes at the team’s disposal for competition


  • Uniform – items will not fit each individually perfectly. Alterations can be made with the coach’s approval

  • Perform at all Varsity football and basketball games, including “pre-game”

  • Walk in Homecoming Parade (Friday of HC week)

  • Perform at all school assemblies including Homecoming Small Games (7pm Thursday of HC Week)

  • Perform at extra events such as Kids Camp, Freshmen Orientation, and the Band Concert

  • 4-6 IHSA Competitions including UEC and Sectionals with the chance to qualify for IHSA State prelims and Finals

  • Competition alternates based on ability not age

  • New costumes

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