The Leibbrandt Family Tree

APPENDIX A – Untraced Family Members

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APPENDIX A – Untraced Family Members

POS.Number AF1SY6


Deceased: Alice *1896 +15/1/1960.

Husband: x Jacobus *c1894 +29/10/1955. LEIBBRANDT

Children: 1) Joseph *c1916.

Remarks. Died at 10th Ave. 3rd Street Windemere Dist. C T, letters to be

Sent to: Mrs C LEIBBRANDT 4 Gladstone St, Gardens, C T.


POS. Number AF1926

Father: SMIT or SMITH.

Deceased: Ann SMITH. *21/8/1926. +21/12/1970. (s.file 562/71)

Husband: Martin Andrew *7/3/1926. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Dawn *c1949 x DU PLESSIS. +c1977.

2) Robert Martin *c1950 Minor

3) Marietjie *c1952 Minor



POS.Number ACC1898

Father: Piet *c1868 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Florrie *c1870 LEIBBRANDT. (s.file 6512/69) CC

Deceased: Andries Jacob Daniel *19/7/1898. +17/11/1969.

Wife: Sophia SPIES. (s.file 6676/67) *1882 +1962.

Children: 1) Peter Jacobus Daniel. *1921 +1985 x1949 Consanct Ester RHODA *1928 File PJCC1921

[S13.12] Mentour *c1923

Remarks. The family at Sir Lowry's pass.



POS. Number AJCC1918

Father: Peter *c1888 LEIBBRANDT

Mother: Sarah *c1890 LEIBBRANDT. (s.file 6545/79)

Deceased: Abraham Jacob *17/7/1918. +6/10/1979. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Alice Matilda ALEXANDER. *c1920

Children: 1) Denis John *c1939

2) Noreen Anne *c1941 x PHILANDER. *c1943

Signed: A LEIBBRANDT. wife.



POS. Number ASDF1898


Deceased: Anna Susanna Deboretha JANSE VAN RENSBURG.*19/4/1898 +17/4/1971 (s.file 3853/71 PTA)

Husband: x5/10/1920 [11.252718] Francois Jacobus *30/8/1895 +12/1/1983 LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Aletta Berndina *c1921 x VOS. *c1919

2) Helena Francina *c1923 x THERON. *c1921 xx KUHN *c1921

3) Fredrick Coenraad *c1924

4) Gerhadus Johannes *c1927

5) Christine *c1929

6) Francois Jacobus *c1931.

7) Marthinus Oosthuizen *c1933

Remarks. All majors at time of death i.e.1971.



POS. Number ASF1875

Father: Willem *c1847 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Rachel PALM *c1849

Deceased: Annie Sophia *1875 +8/2/1901. BREEN born LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: x Percival BREEN. *c1873

Children: 1) Ernest Clifford BREEN.

2) Evererd John BREEN.

Remarks: The husband was a blacksmith. Died at home and born Rouxville district.

Signed: P BREEN.


POS. Number ASF1912

Father: Andries Jacob KRUGER. *c1882.

Mother: Margaret Jacoba COETZEE. *c1884. (s file 7876/84 Cape)

Deceased: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984.

Husband: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913. +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT

Children: 1) Andries Jacob Kruger *c1934

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER. *c1934.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDENHUIS xx FOURIE. see file RJ1913.



POS. Number ATJJ1832.

Father: Abraham Johan *c1802.

Mother: Abrensia DE VOS. *c1804.

Deceased: Abraham Thomas Johannes Jacobus *1832 +13/4/1893 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Johanna Gertruida JACOBS.*c1834

Children: 1) Abrensia Aletta Johanna *c1857.x Hendrik KIRCH *c1851

2) Johanna Gertruida *c1859 (major in 1893)

Remarks. Abraham Thomas J J was a shoemaker.



POS. Number CCAF1906

Father: MOSTERT. *c1876.

Mother: see.file 2706/90 GRAHAMSTOWN)

Deceased: Catharina Charlotte Alida LEIBBRANDT born MOSTERT. *14/7/1906 +22/8/1990.

Husband: [11.225874] Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph LEIBBRANDT. *c1904.

Children: 1) Peter Christian *c1926.

2) Stephanie Anne *c1928.

Remarks. Born in Cape Town. Lived in P E. Cottage W4, Buffelsfontein Centre.



POS. Number CF1876.

Father: John *c1846 LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Cathrine *1876 +23/7/1905. LEIBBRANDT.


Remarks. Died in Somerset Hospital.


POS. Number CHCC1890

Father: Isaac Christiaan *c1860. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Alice Sophia *c1862. LEIBBRANDT. see.file 39994 Cape T

Deceased: Charles Hermanus *1890. +20/9/1933. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Rosanna *c1892.

Children: 1) William *c1912.

2) David *c1914.

Remarks. Died at Elsies Estate, Elsies River.

Signed: R LEIBBRANDT. (a cross).



POS. Number CHCC191O

Father: Isaac *c1880 LEIBBRANDT..

Mother: Elisa *c1882 LEIBBRANDT.. (s.file 3294/70 Cape ) CC.

Deceased: Charles Herman *17/9/1910. LEIBBRANDT. +20/6/1970.

Wife Dewlia FRANKE. *c1912.

Children: 1) Harry Thomas *c1931.

Signed: D LEIBBRANDT. wife.


POS. Number CH1923

Mother: (s.file 400/91 Cape)

Deceased: Cecil Henry *15/1/1923 +18/12/1990. LEIBBRANDT.


Children: 1) Warreldia *26/1/1955 (36yrs on 2[6.1]1991). x STEMMET. *c1993.3.

Remarks. Lived at 15 Downwood Rd, Hanover Park, Cape Town. Aurelia must have been Cecil’s daughter, married to a Stemmet.

Signed: W STEMMET.


POS. Number CSCC1939

Father: David HENDRIKS. *c1909.

Mother: Daureen HENDRIKS. *c1911.(s.file 31/91 Cape )CC.

Deceased: Christina Susanna LEIBBRANDT born HENDRIKS *13/10/1939 +26/11/1990.

Husband: Stephanus Daniel *c1937 LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Shaun *c1959

2) Clifford *c1961

3) Carol *c1963

4) Mervin *c1965

5) Melvin *c1967.

Remarks. Died at Kraaifontein. Born in Bellville.



POS. Number GF1949

Father: Frederick George Henry *c1919 LEIBBRANDT

Mother: (s.file 9311/88 Cape)

Deceased: George Frederick *15/8/1949 +26/10/1988. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: LE ROUX *c1951.

Remarks. Died in Tygerberg Hospital, 'hydro-encephalitis.' Born Goodwood. On the basis of 'George married his sister !

Signed: Le Roux, swaer. (Brother in law)




POS. Number ECC1931

Mother: (s.file 7931/81 Cape) CC

Deceased: Edward *c1931 +1981. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Joan Mary Evon BINNE or DAVEY. *1947 +1985 (s file 4909/85 Cape)CC

Children: 1) Edward *17/11/1980.

2) Ruben *8/12/1975.

3) Raymond *17/5/1971.

4) Desmond *c1967.

5) Stephanus *c1965

6) Stephanie Ethel *14/4/1969. x SCHEEPERS.

Remarks. Note the dates of birth of children are NOT in order, due to the death notices being confusing.


POS. Number ECF1863

Father: Carl Johann *c1833. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Johanna *c1835. LEIBBRANDT. *c1835.

Deceased: Elizabeth Charlotte *1863+25/8/1903 STEGMAN born LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: x John William STEGMAN.

Children: 1) Carl Johan Leibbrandt STEGMAN 11yrs

2) Pieter Ryk Le Seur STEGMAN. 9yrs

3) Maria Johanna STEGMAN. 7yrs

4) Matthys STEGMAN. 5yrs

5) Fredrick STEGMAN. 4yrs

Remarks. Ages quoted when mother died. Married in Cape Town. Died at home24 Fountain Rd, Fordsburg JHB.

Signed: J W STEGMAN husband.


POS. Number FCC19O2

Mother: (s.file 869/71 Cape)CC

Deceased: Frederick *1902 +8/8/1970 LEIBBRANDT or (LYBRAND).*1902 +8/8/1970.

Wife: Malie DIRKS. *c1904.

Children: 1) Hendrik *c1927

Remarks. Note the name LYBRAND.




POS. Number FHCC1895.

Father: Isaac *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Alice *c1867 (s.file 3590/27)CC. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Francis Harry *1895. +1927. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Katie Elina *c1897.

Children: 1) Isaac Christian *1916.

2) Jummia Marie *1918

3) Frances Elizabeth *1921.

4) Katie Eliza *1924.

Remarks. A tile fitter and mason.

Signed: Katie Elina LEIBBRANDT, wife.


POS. Number HCC1930

Father: James *c1900. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Phillipina *c1902 (s.file 4176/82 PTA) LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Hercules *28/12/1930 +7/3/1982 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife Rachel HANSEN *c1932.

Children: 1) Anna Susanna Gertruida *c1952

2) Philip *c1954.

3) Veronica *c1956.

4) Martin *c1958.


POS. Number 1E1933

Father: James W *c1903. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: C E LEIBBRANDT formerly ROBINSON. *c1905 (s.file 2970/80 Cape)

Deceased: Ivan Ernest *4/6/1933 +24/4/1980. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Ruth Elsie SHAFFER. *c1935.

Children: 1) Ivan Errol *c1955. (in USA)

2) Stevan Ian *c1960 (minor in 1980)

Remarks. This man was an Engineer.

Signed: Ivan E LEIBBRANDT.


POS. Number HJV1892

Father: Alexander VAN DER WATT. *c1862.

Mother: Susanna Johanna Maria VAN DER WATT. *c1864.

Deceased: Hendrik Johannes VAN DER WATT. *1892 +27/5/1919

Wife Helena Johanna Maria *c1894 LEIBBRANDT. (CONSULT 10.00711. VAN DER WATT 11.252711)


POS. Number HC1924

Mother: (s.file 3395/89 Grahamstown)

Deceased: (Henry) Hendrik Coenraad *25/6/1924 +23/7/1989 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Rene *c1926. LEIBBRANDT, (married PE)

Children: 1) Irene Nellie *c1945 x ERASMUS *c1943

2) Ross Alexander James *c1947.

3) Basil George *c1949

4) Lorna Agnes *c1951 x L A WELGEMOED *c1949

5) Olga *c1953 (major)

Remarks. Lived in Uitenhage. Died of emphysema.



POS. Number HJMF1892

Father: Johan Sebastiaan *c1852 +c1871. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Margaretha Johanna Elizabeth *c1865. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Hendrietta Johanna Magdalena *1892 +18/5/1934. VAN VOLLENHOVEN born LEIBBRANDT

Husband: Karel VAN VOLLENHOVEN. *c1890.

Children: 1) Pieter Marthinus *c1912.

2) Johan Sebastiaan *c1914

3) Margaretha Johanna Elizabeth *c1915.

4) Hester Johanna Margaretha *c1916.

5) Karel *1916

6) Leibbrandt *1922

7) Agusta Sophia Fredrika *1924.

8) Gert Josephus. *c1925

9) Johannes Hendrik *c1930

10. Hendritta Johanna *1932.

Remarks. The father was a storekeeper at ISCOR. Lived 483 Church St PTA. Married at Bethlehem OFS.



POS. Number JG1962

Father: Christiaan Gelmer *c1932. LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Johanna Francina (s file 16598/89 PTA)

Deceased: Johann Gottfried *7/5/1962. +5/8/1989. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Lived at Malherbe St, 6, Sasolberg 9570.

Signed: C G LEIBBRANDT. father.



POS. Number JCC1941


Mother: Johanna *c1911 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 2002/76 Cape) CC

Deceased: John *27/6/1941. +11/3/1976. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Jeanne *c1943.

Children: 1) Jennifer *c1962

2) Rolin *c1964

3) Mervin *c1966

4) Lorna *c1968

5) Patric *c1970

6) Cyril *c1972

7) Carolen *c1974

Remarks. All minors at time of death of father John. John had a brother Gavie. A farm worker.

Signed: Johanna LEIBBRANDT. Who is Johanna ? Wife is Jeanne ! (Mother!)


POS. Number JH1924

Deceased: James Henry *11/2/1924. +27/8/1978. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Margaret Helen ANDREWS. *c1926.

Children: 1) Jennifer June *c1946 x Derrick Bernard SMEE. *c1944

2) Robert James Russel *15/11/1950.

3) Christopher Allan *3/4/1955.

Remarks. Note name SMEE similar to MEE



POS. Number M1926


Mother: (s file 2187/81.Cape)

Deceased: Martin LEIBBRANDT. *7/3/1926 +9/3/1981

Wife: Ann LEIBBRANDT. *c1924 (s file 562/71 Cape)

Children: 1) Dawn *c1947 x DU PLESSIS. *c1945

2) Robert Martin *c1949.

Remarks. Nil.

Signed: ?

See AF1926 – assumed more accurate, filled in by husband while still alive.



POS. Number JLZ1890

Father: Koert Hendrik PRETORIUS. *c1860.

Mother: Anna Maria Aletta PRETORIUS born DU PLESSIS. *c1862

Deceased: Johannes Lodewicus PRETORIUS. *1890 +9/10/1946.

Wives: 1) Emma LANGENEGGER.*c1892.(divorced)

2) Eileen Frances *c1914. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Koert Hendrik PRETORIUS. *7/11/1921 1st Marriage

2) Anna Eileen PRETORIUS. *3/2/1937.2nd Marriage.

Remarks. Lived in Glenmore Park Munster Natal. Died at Standerton Hospital A School Teacher.

Signed: P R PRETORIUS brother.


POS. Number JMF1947

Father: Terrance Michael *c1917 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Silvia Nance *c1919 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 6533/86 Cape)

Deceased: Jeniffer Margaret *2/3/1947 +28/8/1986. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Lived at Diep Rivier, 85 Boundary Rd. Born Touws Rivier.

Signed: T M LEIBBRANDT father.


POS. Number JS1825

Father: *c1795.

Deceased: Johannes Sebastiaan *1825. +26/5/1849 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: F S LEIBBRANDT born LANDSBURG. *c1823.

Children: 1) Hendrik Johannes Bernadus *c1846.

Remarks. He died at the home of his wife’s parents. Very poor, the Landsburgs paid for his funeral. M J LANDSBURG.

Signed: F S LEIBBRANDT wife.


POS. Number JS1869

Father: Hendrik Johannes Bernadus *c1846 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Christina Johanna *c1848. LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Johann Sebastiaan *1869 +4/4/1929. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. A checker on the Railways. Died in JHB. 52 Pretoria St, Hillbrow.

Signed: ?




POS. Number MJF1904.

Father: LEIBBRANDT. *c1874.

Mother: Maria Jacoba *c1876 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 5448/91 Cape)

Deceased: Maria Jacoba *4/12/1904 +30/5/1990 LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: Unmarried.

Children: 1.

Remarks. Resided in Worcester.

Signed: Maria DE WET a friend.



POS. Number MSF1888


Mother: 2

Deceased: Marie Salome *15/2/1888. +2/10/1946 LEIBBRANDT.

Husband: (widow of the late) SHULTZ. i.e. +c1940.

Children: 1) David Sebastian Martin Casper Carel SCHULTZ.

2) Johan Michael Christiaan Fredrick Martin SCHULTZ

3) Johan Sebastian Martin SCHULTZ.

Remarks. Born in WITTENBERG. Property in Colesberg.



POS. Number PJCC1921

Father: [S12.1] Andries Jacobus Daniel *1898 +1969 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Sophia SPIES. *1882 +1962 (s file 3178/85 Cape)

Deceased: [S13.11] Pieter Jacobus Daniel *28/9/1921 +17/1/1985

Wife: x3/5/1949 Consanct Ester RHODA *26/8/1928

Children: [S13.111] Sophia Elizabeth *c1950

[S13.112] Mavis Ester *c1952

[S13.113] Andrew Jacobus Daniel *c1954

[S13.114] Peter Francis *c1956

[S13.115] Carol Isabel *c1958

Remarks. Died at Somerset West. Born at Sir Lowry's Pass.





POS. Number PH1895

Father: Henry John *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Emma Clazina Matilda LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Petrus Hermanus *1895 +26/11/1912 LEIBBRANDT..

Wife: Unmarried

Children: 1.

Remarks. He was a bakers apprentice, died at 45 Westminster St, Salt River. Born at Kalk Bay Cape.

Signed: F G LEIBBRANDT. Brother.


POS. Number RJ1913


Mother: (s file 3620/85 Cape)

Deceased: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913 +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984 (s file 7876/84 Cape)

Children: 1) Andries Jacobus Kruger *c1934. LEIBBRANDT.

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938.

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDINHUIS. xx FOURIE

Remarks. See file above ASF1912



POS. Number FJ1895

Father: Johan Gotfried *c1865 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Carolena MOSTERT. *c1867 (s file 1476/83 PTA.)

Deceased: Francois Jacobus *30/8/1895 +12/1/1983 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Anna Susanna Deburetha JANSE VAN RENSBURG. *c1898 +1971

Children: 1) Aletta Bernhardina *c1918 x VOS. *c1916

2) Siska Christina *c1920

3) Helene Francina *c1922 x KUHN. *c1920

4) Fredrick Coenraad *c1924

4.1 Cecil *c1950

4.2 Annalise *c1952

4.3 Francois *c1954

4.4 Andre *c1956

5) Christine *c1926 x MEYERS. *c1924

6) Gerhard Johan *c1928

7) Francois Jacobus *c1930

8) Marthinus Oosthuyse *c1932

Remarks. Nil

POS. Number ASF1912

Father: Andries Jacob KRUGER. *c1882.

Mother: Margaret Jacoba COETZEE. *c1884 (s file 7876/84 cape)

Deceased: Anna Sophia KRUGER. *19/11/1912 +3/9/1984

Husband: Richard Joseph *18/5/1913. +28/4/1985. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Andries Jacob Kruger *c1934

2) Margaret Cornelia *c1936 x ROHWER. *c1934.

3) Richard Joseph *c1938

4) Judith *c1940 x GELDENHUIS x FOURIE see file RJ1913.

Remarks. Nil.



POS. Number S1813

Deceased: Sebastiaan *1813 +19/11/1888. LEIBBRANDT.

Remarks. Died in Somerset Hospital. A baker by trade. NOTE file JS1825. Connection with the LANDSBURG'S.



POS. Number S1957

Father: Stephanus Abraham *c1927 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Jean *c1929 LEIBBRANDT.

Deceased: Stephanus *23/1/1957 +3/3/1972. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Unmarried.

Remarks. Born in Welkom. Lived in Hennerman Ferreira St 9.



POS. Number SDCC1887

Father: Jacobus *c1857 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Elizabeth *c1859 LEIBBRANDT. (s file 677/79 Cape) CC

Deceased: Stephanus Daniel *1887 +20/8/1970 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Johanna Maria *c1889.

Children: 1) Stephanus *c1908.

2) Isaac *c1910

3) Douglas *c1912

4) Sophia *c1914 x ADAMS.

5) Elizabeth *c1916 x DE LEEU

6) Johanna *c1918 x ARENDSE

7) Rachell *c1920

Remarks. A bricklayer.

Signed: J LEIBBRANDT wife.


Father: Barend Swart HAMMAN. *c1900.

Mother: Susanna Magdalena HAMMAN. *c1902.(s file 615/86 Cape)

Deceased: Susanna Magdalena LEIBBRANDT born HAMMAN.*8/9/1930+25/7/1986

Husband: Philip Goodman *c1928. LEIBBRANDT.

Children: 1) Karin Bronn *16/7/1962 x FOURIE. *c1960

2) Sunette Maree *28/8/1955 x OOSTHUIZEN. *c19534.

Remarks. Died at Botrivier Caledon.



POS. Number SR1905

Mother: (s file 2934/79 Grahamstown)

Deceased: Sidney Rizzo *20/10/1905 +16/10/1979 LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: 20.4.1930.PE. Magdalena Maria BEZUIDENHOUT. *c1907.

Children: 1) Cynthia Pearl *c1927 x PEACH. *c1925

2) Balmay Vera *c1929 x CAMPTON *c19274.

Remarks. Nil



POS. Number W1922

Mother: (S FILE 15576/81 PTA)

Deceased: William *23/11/1922 +15/11/1981. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: Laura DE BRUYN. *c1924.

Children: 1) Richard John *30/5/1940.

2) Angerina *20/1/1947 x SMIT. *c1945

3) William *11/8/1954

Remarks. Born in Maitland Cape.



POS. Number WJ1907

Deceased: William James *15/7/1907 +17/2/1984. LEIBBRANDT.

Wife: (wife unknown) Divorced. See note below.

Children: 1) Kenneth *c1928

Remarks. Lived and died in Port Elizabeth. Myrthle Kathleen Buchanan was his landlady for 18 years.

Signed: M K BUCHANAN the nearest connection.



POS. Number WH1881

Deceased: William Henry WHITE. *1881 +30/5/1959.

Wife: Martha Christina *c1883. WHITE born LEIBBRANDT. *c1883.

Children: 1) Thora Rachel WHITE x HILL.

2) William George WHITE.

3) Mabel Sarah WHITE x Alexander Taylor CARNIE.5.

Remarks. Born in England, a sawmill manager. Died Vereeniging Hospital.

Signed: M C WHITE. wife.


POS. Number CEF1874

Father: Willem Wouter VILJOEN. *c1844 +1913.

Mother: Johanna Susanna VILJOEN born BOOYSEN. *c1846 +1886.

Deceased: Cornelia Etrica VILJOEN.*1874 +27/12/1945

Husband: [10.22925] Sebastiaan Johannes LEIBBRANDT. *1859 +10/7/1930.

Children: [11.229251] Susanna Johanna. x Dirk Cornelius SWART. *c1899

[11.229252] Sebastiaan Johannes *1903 +1983 x Margaritha Johanna Maria *c1905

[11.229253] Wouter Willem *c1905

[11.229254] Cornelia Etricia *c1907 x John Henry LAING *c1905

[11.229255] Sophia Johanna Maria *c1909 x Christiaan Jacob LOWRENS. *c1907.

Remarks. The above Cornelia Etrica *1874 is the second wife of Sebastiaan. File SJ1859.TXT. Died at 64 Putney Rd, Brixton JHB.A painter.

Signed: D C SWART son in law.


P0S. Number APCC 1900

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown (s.file 2826/79) CC

Deceased: Adrianna Petronella *15/1/1900 +9/4/1975

Husband: Unmarried

Children: 1.

Remarks. No information

Signed: Unsigned



POS. Number WCZ1886

Father: George BEALE. *c1856.

Mother: Mary Ann BEALE. *c1858.

Deceased: Wilfred Crouch BEALE. *1886 +8/2/1941.

Wife: Valerie Marais *c1910 BEALE born LEIBBRANDT., number [11.225483]

Children: 1) George Abraham Spurner BEALE. *c1928

2) Ernest Duqmore BEALE. *c1930

3) Violet Gertrude BEALE *c1932

4) Stella Mary BEALE *c1934

Remarks. Lived at 1069 Church St, Pretoria.

Signed: V M BEALE.


POS. Number PWC192O

Father: [11.229243] Frans Johannes Jacobus *1891 +27/9/1956 LEIBBRANDT.

Mother: Maria Magdalena Albertha MAREE *1898 +19/12/1963.

Deceased [12.2292431] Pieter Willem Charles LEIBBRANDT. *18/3/1920. +2/11/1983.

Wife: Julia VAN DER WESTHUIZEN. *1924. (JF1924.TXT)

xx Cornelia Christina Elizabeth formerly BOTHA born SMITH.*l928

Children First Marriage: [13.22924311] Stella *c1942 x David Johannes BARNARD. *c1940

[13.22924312] Frans Johannes Jacobus *c1946

[13.22924313] Marie Magrietha Albertha *c1950 x Gideon Jacobus VAN WYK. *c1948

[13.22924314] Johannes Cornelius *16/10/1954

Remarks. Note file JF1924.TXT. Lived in Petrus Steyn.



P0S. Number MFCC1882

Father: Jacob *c1852 LEIBBRANDT. CC

Deceased: Minnie *1882 +1903 Leibbrandt known as Douglas.

Remarks: Died at Kimberley.

Signed: ?? Booth.

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