“Utah's future prosperity will be built upon four cornerstones”

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“Utah's future prosperity will be built upon four cornerstones”

  • “Utah's future prosperity will be built upon four cornerstones”

  • - Gov. Gary Herbert

  • Utah State of the State 2011

  • GOAL:

  • 66% of all adult Utahns will have a skilled trade certificate or college degree by 2020



  • • Top 10 in the State Business Tax

  • Climate Index

  • • 3rd lowest cost of doing business

  • western US

  • • Real estate rental below other

  • western states


  • • #2 Fastest Growing State in the US

  • • Residents speak over 100 languages

  • • Competitive average wage


  • • Salt Lake International Airport hosts

  • over 700 daily flights.

  • • St. George Municipal Airport hosts over

  • 170 daily flights.

  • • One-day truck from most cities in the

  • Western US

  • Strategic location for national connectivity

  • Backbone to 5 major metropolitan areas

  • Growing concentration of high tech companies

    • Adobe, Oracle, IM Flash, Overstock, eBay, Fusion-io

  • Ranked #1 in home broadband adoption — 80% of homes subscribe to Internet

  • U.S. Department of Commerce

  • 4th fastest Internet speeds in the nation — leading all western states

  • Akamai Technologies Report

  • 99.41% of homes have basic broadband service available — 3 Mbps down/768 Kbps up

  • Utah Broadband Project/AGRC

    • Home Depot (691 jobs)
    • Lifetime Products (282 jobs)
    • eBay campus (1,000 new jobs in addition to 1,200 existing)
    • NSA is the nation’s largest construction project (1,200 Utah
    • construction workers on site)
    • Boeing (Participating in Dreamliner production)
    • Hexcel (adding new production lines and manufacturing facilities)
    • BYU (adding housing and instructional buildings)
    • New SLC airport expansion at $1.8 billion over the next 10 years

      • Increased wages.
      • Additional growth to support the new working population.
      • Commercial Real Estate development.
      • Leads to additional opportunities.

Coordination and Collaboration

  • Coordination and Collaboration

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • _____________________________

  • Utah will Remain the Recognized Leader in

  • Integrated Economic Development

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