Wesclin High School Athletic Booster Club Minutes

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Wesclin High School

Athletic Booster Club Minutes

February 26, 2014
Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm
Secretary Report:

Approved by Pam West and Karen McIntyre

Treasure’s Report:
Approved by Doug Henderson and Pam West
New Requests:
No new requests at this time.
New Members:
Welcome Angie Wegman and Lisa Wessel
Old Business:

  • Track Pavers

    • Purchased & delivered

    • $150 for the ones purchased

    • Question…need to switch to a different style?

    • Need to try to move current pavers

    • Place pavers by new concession stand area?

    • Advertisement for pavers

      • Have a drawing developed…display at school, place in the newspaper etc.

  • Track Board

    • Last checked, it has been updated

  • Score Board

    • Do we need to rethink the design?

      • Go with a less expensive design

      • Money difference can then go to the purchase of more weight room equipment

    • Spaeth Welding will help with the installation of the board

    • Boosters will maintain their contribution of $15,000.00

      • Money will go towards the weight room and scoreboard

Motion to rededicate the money by Lynn Meddows & seconded by Stacey Billhartz

Amendment of reallocating the money from just being used for the scoreboard to now being utilized for the scoreboard and weight room equipment for the new high school.

  • Spirit Wear

    • Need to sell sleeves

New Business

  • Chicken and Beer Dance

    • Need someone to led this event

    • To be a successful event

      • Need a band with followers

      • Winter date

    • Schedule for next year

    • Chicken

      • Contact Dave Rudy for frying the chicken

      • Contact Dave Meddows for the purchase of the chicken

    • Stacey Billhartz will speak with a co-worker regarding hosting an event like this

    • Joelle Macke will speak with Mr. O’Rear regarding his band playing for the event

  • Cardinal Tickets

    • Sunday, August 31st

    • Prices

Motion to increase ticket price to $25 for one and $90 for four by Evie Newell and seconded by Lynn Meddows.

  • Spring Sports Program

    • Media Day

      • Meet with Mike Conley soon

      • March 12th

      • Take pictures of a student from each sport, in their uniforms, for business posters

      • Question…sell the posters?

  • Dance Team-State Shirts

    • Boosters purchased shirts

    • IHSA State

  • Letter of resignation from coaching volleyball from Becky Musso was read to members.

  • Soccer Items

    • New soccer goals…something to think about

    • Girls play on football field

    • Boys play in Trenton

    • Old football scoreboard used for soccer

Team Reports:

  • Volleyball

    • 7th tournament this weekend at Wesclin

    • 8th tournament at Germantown

  • Girls Basketball

    • 11 & 15 overall

    • 3 &7 in conference (tied for 3rd)

    • Made it to regionals, overall, a good season

    • Banquet March 5th

    • Carly Haukapp – 3 pt shot, qualified for state

  • Boys Basketball

    • Finished last night

    • Productive year

    • 12 & 17 (?)

  • Bowling

    • Finished 4th place out of 8 (girls and boys)

    • All Conference

      • Paxton Bizenberger, Kurt Littiken, Ryan Meddows, and Aspen Lohman

  • Football

    • Weight lifting

    • Developing FB page

  • Dance

    • 15th at IDTA State

    • 1st in kick and 2nd in pom

    • March 3-5 were tryouts

      • 12 new girls

    • Banquet at the end of March

  • Golf

    • None

  • Boys Soccer

    • None

  • Baseball

    • 30 boys for 2 teams

Website – wesclinbaseball.org

  • Softball

    • Need JV coach

    • Open gym on Sundays

    • Numbers are down as of now (maybe 12 girls total)

  • Competition Cheer

    • March 8th banquet

    • IHSA finished 12th

  • Track

    • Practicing

    • Ronnie Drummond won weekend meet

  • NEXT MEETING DATE: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7:00 pm at 4 Corners Pizza in New Baden
Motion to adjourn by Stacey Billhartz and Dawn Isenhower

Adjourned meeting at 7:59 pm

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