Basel Convention

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Status of Ratification/Accession/Acceptance/Approval:

24.08.1995 (a)

Ratification/Acceptance of the Amendment to the Basel Convention:

Not yet as of 20.11.2002

Competent Authority

Focal Point

Chief Environmental Engineer

Jemmots Lane, St. Michael

tel: (1-246) 436-4820

fax: (1-246) 228-7103


Same as the Competent Authority

National Definition

There is no national definition of waste and hazardous waste used for the purpose of transboundary movements of waste in Barbados.
There are no wastes defined as, or considered to be hazardous wastes by national legislation in accordance with Art. 1, para 1(b) of the Basel Convention.
In Barbados there are no wastes other than those pursuant to Art. 1 (1)a and/or Art. 1 (1)b of the Basel Convention that require special consideration when subjected to transboundary movement.

Data* on the Generation and Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes** and Other Wastes*** in 2000 (as reported)

Quantities (in metric tonnes)


Total amount of hazardous wastes generated

9.14 1)

Total amount of other wastes generated


Transboundary Movement

Total amount of hazardous wastes and other wastes exported

9.14 3)

Total amount of hazardous wastes and other wastes imported

No import

* Figures are rounded to the nearest integer.

** Covers wastes under Art. 1 (1)a (Annex I: Y1-Y45) and Art. 1 (1)b.

*** Covers wastes under (Annex II: Y46-Y47).

1) Figures refer to the total amount of hazardous wastes generated under Art. 1 (1)a (Annex I: Y1-Y45). In addition, 15 279 Litres of hazardous wastes were generated.

2) Amount provided as: 1 034 Litres.

3) In addition, 5 872 Litres of Y6, 200 Litres of Y9, 2 207 Litres of Y34 and 1 034 Litres of Manganous Nitrate solution were exported.

Restrictions on Transboundary Movement

Amendment to the Basel Convention

The amendment to the Basel Convention (Decision III/1) has not been implemented in Barbados.

Restrictions on export for final disposal and for recovery

Barbados has no restrictions on the export of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal and for recovery.

Restrictions on import for final disposal and for recovery

Barbados restricts the import of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal and for recovery. As signatories to the Basel Convention, the restrictions are taken as those found in Article 4 (General Obligations) of the Basel Convention. No facility exists for the storage and/or disposal of hazardous wastes.

Restrictions on transit

Barbados restricts the transit of hazardous wastes and other wastes.

Reduction and/or Elimination of Hazardous Waste Generation

National strategies/policies

A Policy Paper for Chemical Management, including education, is being prepared.

Legislation, regulations and guidelines

A Chemical and Hazardous Waste Control Act is being prepared.

Transboundary Movement Reduction Measures


Disposal/ Recovery Facilities


Bilateral, Multilateral or Regional Agreements


Technical Assistance and Training Available

Some of the available sources are:

  • Barbados National Standards Institute, Culloden Rd, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246) 426-3870;

  • GAS – Analytical Services Laboratory, Culloden Rd, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246) 426-0681;

  • The University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Cave Hill, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246) 417-4000;

  • Environmental Engineering Division, Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246) 436-4820; and

  • Customs and Excise Department, Port Authority Building, University Row, St. Michael, Tel: (1-246) 430-2300.

A complete list could be obtained from the Competent Authority.

Basel Convention

Country Fact Sheet

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