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Would Muhammad...?



Muslim Source (Links)

Have sex with a 9-year-old girl?



Advocate beheading?



Require women to
cover their faces?


Qur'an & Hadith

Befriend Christians and Jews?



Own slaves?


Qur'an & Hadith

Marry his daughter-in-law?



Approve of prostitution?


Qur'an & Hadith



Ibn Ishaq

Recommend wife-beating?


Qur'an & Hadith

Hit his own wife?



Kill prisoners of war?



Advocate suicide attacks?


Qur'an & Hadith

Kill apostates?


Qur'an & Hadith

Tell sick persons to heal them-selves by drinking camel urine?



Beat children who don�t pray?



Have boys as young as
13-years-old beheaded?



Have eleven wives?
(at one time)



Approve of Sex with Minors?





Qur'an & Hadith

Enslave women and children?


Hadith & Ibn Ishaq

Stone adulterers to death?



Torture a man out of greed?


Ibn Ishaq

Consider men and women
equal partners?


Qur'an & Hadith



Qur'an & Hadith

Kill someone for insulting him?


Qur'an & Hadith

Preach love for people
 of all religions?


Qur'an & Hadith

Extort money from
other religions?


Qur'an & Hadith

Keep women as sex slaves?



Force conversions to Islam?


Qur'an & Hadith

Commit acts of terror?


Qur'an & Hadith

Kill a woman?



Capture a woman and rape her?



Encourage the rape of women
in front of their husbands?


Hadith (Abu Dawud: 2150)


Oh, and don't forget that according to Allah himself (speaking through Muhammad, of course) Muhammad is the most "beautiful pattern of conduct" and "example" for mankind to follow! (Qur'an 33:21), as well as the "exalted standard of character" (Qur'an 68:4).


Would Muhammad Have sex with a 9 year old girl?


Source = Hadith


Book 008, Number 3309:

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine. She further said: We went to Medina and I had an attack of fever for a month, and my hair had come down to the earlobes. Umm Ruman (my mother) came to me and I was at that time on a swing along with my playmates. She called me loudly and I went to her and I did not know what she had wanted of me. She took hold of my hand and took me to the door, and I was saying: Ha, ha (as if I was gasping), until the agitation of my heart was over. She took me to a house, where had gathered the women of the Ansar. They all blessed me and wished me good luck and said: May you have share in good. She (my mother) entrusted me to them. They washed my head and embellished me and nothing frightened me. Allah's Messenger (, may peace be upon him) came there in the morning, and I was entrusted to him.

Book 008, Number 3310:

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.

Book 008, Number 3311:

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old.


Muhammad Poisoned
A Jewish woman who lost her husband, father and brother in the massacre of Medina in 627 tried to poison Muhammad. She cooked a goat and placed it before the prophet for his evening meal. Muhammad thanked her, took his favorite piece, the shoulder, and distributed the rest to his friends. After tasting the first mouthful he spat it out and shouted. A friend sho had swallowed a portion of the meat soon died. Excruciating pains gripped Muhamamd, an although he survived, the bit of poison he sonsumed affected him until his death years later. The woman defended herself with this response:
Thou hast inflicted injuries on my people, and has slain, as thou seest, my husband and my father. Therefore, said I within myself, If he be a prophet he will reject the gift, knowing that it is poisoned; but if only a pretender we shall be rid of our troubles.
Dr. Abraham Sarker, Understand My Muslim People, pp. 59-60.

Muhammad’s Death

June 8, 632 A.D.


Objectives & Strategies*

(Strategy*, Objectives*, Perspective*,

Boundaries*, Pre-Suppositions*,Ajenda*,

Purpose*, Target*, Goals*,

Expansionism*, Mission*, Missionaries*, Missionary*,

Expansion*, Dominance*, Spread*)

Islam’s Objective is To Dominate All Religions
Tevbe9:33.....It is He who has sent His messenger with the guidance and the religon of truth to make it triumphant above all religion though the idolaters may dislike it.
Al-Fath 48:28.....He it is who has sent His Messenger with guidance and religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religion. And Allah is enought for a witness.
As-Saff 61:9.....He it is who has sent His messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, so that He may exalt it above all religions, much as the pagans may dislike it.

Islam’s Objectives
After 9/11, my fellow Americans should never be in the dark again. They must understand the brutality and persistence of their enemy. As a loyal American, I feel I must help the American public understand what is at stake. It is a political system; it is a legal system; both civil and criminal. Penalties under Islamic law can be death, limb amputation, or stoning. It is a system that gives power to the vice police to hol a stick in public and use it on women’s ankles if they are uncovered. Everyone’s rights and duties are spelled out very clearly in Islam, and, no, there is no equality under Islamic law between Muslims and non-Muslims or between men and women. This is what they want for the whole world.

Radical Islam has lofty plans to conquer the West and won’t let her go. That is something Americans don’t understand and have trouble believing. The may be able to understand why the Islamic world hates them; they may get the dynamics behind why they blame America, Israel, and the West for all the ills in their society. They may even be able to understand how these extremists justify violence. But what Americans still don’t understand is that the goal of jihad is to conquer the world, literally for Islam, and to usher in a Caliphate – that is, a supreme totalitarian Islamic government, a lifestyle by force, one nation, one party, one constitiution (the Koran), and one law (sharia Islamic law). Anyone who reads and speaks Arabic and monitors Wed sites knows how seriously many Muslims believe in thier mission to dominate the world fo Islam, the one true religion.

Make no mistake about it: They are sacrificing their men, women, and children for this goal of world domination. They are willing to bring about an Armageddon to conquer the world to Islam. We are already in World War III and many people in the west are still in denial. Unlike duing the cold war with communism, the enemy is not a superpower, but a fanatical religious movement equipped with a very powerful weapon of mass destruction called suicide/homicide bomers. For generations, thousands if not millions of suicide bombers have been bred, trained, and nourished to give up their lives in service of jihad. That makes this an unprecedented world war. There is no use pretending: We know where the enemy come from. We know who is financing terrorism and praying for its success. It is at the highest levels of the Muslim world. Each and every dictator in the Arab world, the Muslim leadership, and Arab media – all have been complicit. They know they don’t have the power, organization, or the armies to win in conventional warfare. The hav eto cricumvent civilized international law to achieve their goal. Terrorism is not by accident; it is part and parcel of the religion and culture of jihad, of the march to world domination that has been brewing for decades in the Islamic world. Ironically, Arabs who accuse the West of imperialism are themselves using jihad to facilitate Arab imperialism.
Nonie Darwish, Now They Call Me Infidel, pp. 212-213.

Global Supremacy
Though anchored in religious creed, militant Islam is a radical utopian movement closer in spirit to other movements such as communism and fascism than to traditional religion. By nature anti-democratic and aggressive, anti-Semitic and anit-Western, it has great plans. Indeed, spokesmen for militant Islam see their movement standing in direct competetion to Western civilization and challenging it for global supremacy. Let’s look at each of these elements in more detail:

Islam’s Growth is by:

  1. Imigration: At present, estimates of the number of Muslims in the European Union range from 12-20 million – which means that there are more Muslims in Europe than there are Norweigians, Swedes, Danes, Greeks, and Hungarians. Six to eight million Muslims live in France alone.

  2. Reproduction: Every child born into a Muslim home is automatically a Muslim.

  3. Conversion: In north Africa, the governments of Muslim countries in one recent year spent more to promote missionary activity in eight north African countries than the total Western missionary expenditure for the entire world.

The annual population growth rate for the Islamic world currently stands at 2.9%, ahead of Christianity’s 2.3% growth rate.

Evangelicals = 5.4%

Pentecostals = 8.1%

Dr. Abraham Sarker, Understand My Muslim People, pp. 79-80.

Islam itself is not moderate
İbn Warraq: There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate. There is no difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism: at most there is a difference of degree but not of kind. All the tenets of Islamic fundamentalism are derived from the Quran, the Sunna, and the Hadith – Islamic fundamentalism is a totalitarian construct derived by Muslim jurists from the fundamental and defining texts of Islam. The fundamentalists, with greater logic and coherence than so-called moderate or liberal Muslims, have made Islam the basis of a radical utopian ideology that aims to replace capitalism and democracy as the reigning world system.. Islamic fundamentalism has global aspirations: the submission of the entire world to the all-embracing Shari’a, Islamic Law, a fascist system do dictates designed to control every single acot of all individuals. (Ibn Warraq, statement about Sept 11, Secularism.org)

Dr. John Ankerberg, Fast Facts on Islam, p. 126.

“British Muslims have made no secret of their intention to conquer Britain.” Christine Darg, Miracles Among Muslims, p. 28.

A Moderate Fundamentalist?
Militant Algeria secularist Said Sadı explains: “A moderate Islamists is someone who does not have the means of acting ruthelessly to seize power immediately.” The anti-Islamist president of Tunesia pointed out that the “final aim” of all Islamists is the same: “the construction of a totalitarian, theocratic state.” Osmane Bencherif, the then Algerian ambassador to Washington, echoed this sentiment: “It is misguided policy to distinguish between moderate and extremist Islamists. Thye goal of all is the same: to construct a pure Islamic state, which is bound to be a theocracy and tolitarian.” Perhaps the strongest statement comes from Muhammad Mohaddessin, director of international relations for the People’s Mojahedin of Iran, a leading opposition force: “Moderate fundamentalists do not exist... It’s like talking about a moderate Nazi.”
Dr. Daniel Pipes, Militant Islam Reaches America, pp. 46-47.

Radical Utopian Schema
Outside their own movement, Islamists see every existing political system in the world as deeply compromised, corrupt, and mendacious... “There are no such terms as compromise and surrender in the Islamic cultural lexicon,” a spokesman for Hamas declares. If it means destruction and death for the enemies of Islam, so be it. Hizbullah’s spiritual leader, Muhammad Husayn Fadallah concurs: “As Islamists,” he says, “we seek to revive the Islamic inclination by all means possible.”

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