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3.3Functional description of the Station

The station has been designed in conformity with technical and passenger flow/traffic requirements.

Main functional areas include:

  • Traffic zone

  • Check-in hall

  • Vertical traffic

  • Platform

  • Evacuation routes

  • Technical zones

Functional stages in zones include:

  • Entrance

  • Ticket purchase / validation

  • Descent to the platform level

  • Waiting for a train

  • Entering / exiting a train

  • Station workrooms

The passengers access inside the station will be limited to public zones only.

Passengers traffic has been organized to minimize the number of decisions necessary to be taken by the passenger. The main traffic axis has been designed to avoid unnecessary turns or alternative passageways misleading the passenger. Passenger traffic has been organized with clear and acceptable logic for the entering and exiting passengers.

All entering passengers, except for emergency situations, are gathered in specified zones what allows the ticketing, safety and public services systems to work properly.

The station is divided into three functional zones:

  • Technical zone – accessible to the Metro workers only;

  • Passenger zones – zones that are accessible to the Metro station passengers during working hours (check-in hall, clearance, platform);

  • Zones accessible to everyone 24 hours a day (underground passages)

Passenger zone of the station is closed from 1:00 am to 4:30 am. During the night break cleanup and maintenance works will be performed. From 1:00 to 4:30 am a disruption in traffic of passenger trains and vehicles entering tunnels as well as the maintenance and repair works of installations and devices in the tunnels and stations take place. Staff welfare facilities for the teams working in C11 station will be located in the section stations. Basic repair facilities for the central section is placed in the technical and holding station Kabaty.

C11 Station is a three-storey station. Passenger platform is on the -3 level. Technical rooms will be located on the -2 level, on the -1 level the exit from the check-in hall and underground passages connecting the station with the land surface will be located.

The largest rooms are situated in the core heads. These are: station ventilation rooms (no. 650), power system and traction substations (no. 200) with dispatch office (no. 202). To enable transport of the installed equipment, these spaces are situated in the vicinity of winches (moveable beams running under the ceiling) with lifting capacity of 25 kN min. Moreover, working areas providing space for dismantling works in order to perform repairs have been located in the ventilation rooms and substations.

Pumping station on both sides of the passenger platform will be used to pump water out from the lowest point of rails; the water will be redirected back through drainage pipes between the tracks.


3.4.1Passenger platforms

Passenger platform basic parameters:

Passenger platform level height Level of rail head = 1.10 m

Floor-to-ceiling height = 3.918 m / 4.330 m

Length = 120.0 m

Width = 12.1 m

The distance between the nearest column and the edge of platform is 1.93m, the distance between the nearest continuous wall and the edge of platform is 3.53m.

The passages at the end of the passenger platform are separated from the technical platform by gates to enable access to personnel only.

In the eastern side of the station additional 3 the passenger platform connected, through -1 level, the platform existing station A14 with new C11.

See chapter "8.11 Finish" of this document for detailed description of materials used.

3.4.2Technical platforms

There are 4 technical platforms on the station, two on each head, one for each track. They are used for access to technical rooms and staircase in the eastern head located at the end of passenger platform. They are separated from the passenger platform with doors. This platform is separated from the general-access zone with a gate, is of 1.09m height from the level of rail head and is fitted with a balustrade. Stairs enabling descent on the track level are situated at the ends of the platform.

Floor finish is specified as concrete with protected surface – anti-slip, non-dusting, oil-proof.

3.5Internal systems

Detailed solutions concerning water-sewage systems, ventilation and heating, electrical systems as well as communication and telecom networks are contained in separate volumes of Building Permit Design.

Installations arranged in the tunnels have been visualized in the tunnel section drawing included in the Building Permit Design of telecom infrastructure installations

4Surface and Cubic Volumes List

Zone list according to functionality:

Under platform: 1 284 m2

Passenger platform: 1 423 m2

Technical zone: 3 184 m2

Concourse zone: 3 815 m2

Total Area / Floor space:

Level -4: (under platform level): 3 300 m2 / 1 284 m2

Level -3: (platform level): 3 865 m2 / 1 957 m2

Level -2: (technical level): 3 535 m2 / 2 598 m2

Level -1: (booking offices and technical rooms level): 5 872 m2 / 3 995 m2

Total: 16 572 m2 / 7 230 m2

Cubic volume: 89 305,3 m3

5Architectural and Building Solutions

5.1Construction works

The scope of construction process includes as follows:

  • Excavations and utilities diversions:

The limits of the station will be excavated in accordance with structural tolerance. The excavation area will be supported with Berlin-type walls.

All utilities passing through the construction site will be relocated to new locations not interfering with designed disposal or will be temporarily relocated and then reconstructed in previous locations.

  • First stage of the construction assumes the construction of diaphragm walls and outlet valves controlling waterproof insulation.

  • Connection of the tunnel to the station will be performed after diaphragm walls preparation. To complete this construction stage a TBM will be used.

  • External part of the station will be completed. This stage will occur at the same time as the previous stage. Top slab will be placed; internal slabs and other structural elements will be set top-to-bottom.

  • The interior of the station will be completed. This stage will occur at the same time as the previous stage. Partition walls and stairs will be installed. Finish coats will be put on. At this construction stage elements will be tightened to prevent from water permeability.

  • Construction of underground passages connections, underground sidewalks will be completed with bottom up method.

  • Covering the station with earth layer.

  • Restoring the conditions on the ground level. Works moved under the ground level.

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