Deus: The source of Energy and thus the source of all life and existence. Deus has no personality or form since they were divided into twelve avatars of deus, the Seraphim

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DEUS: The source of Energy and thus the source of all life and existence. DEUS has no personality or form since they were divided into twelve avatars of DEUS, the Seraphim. DEUS is an omnipresent Existence from where Energy flows into the Seraphim and from there through the Malachi to the Sephiroth and their subordinates. Since DEUS has no personality it has no significant role in universal politics - DEUS is, never acts.
The Descension: After the creation of the universe, DEUS divided itself into the Seraphim and thus descended into the world.
The Ascension: In the end times, once Metatron has awakened all of the other Seraphim will join the Core as attachments and together they reform the original DEUS.
The Seraphim: The Seraphim are embodiments of DEUS, also called angels. Just like the Sephiroth are the ten aspects of Adam, the prototype Man, the Seraphim are the twelve aspects of DEUS. Ten of the Seraphim correspond to the Sephiroth but two are outside and are considered the most significant: Metatron, the core of DEUS and Tiamat, the absence of DEUS. The ten of the Seraphim who serve Man are tied to giant statues, the Tzohar.

Metatron is the core of DEUS and is destined to remain asleep until the end times. However, the sacred writings of the Malachi indicate that another Path of Prophecy forks from the current Path should Metatron be awakened from sleep before the end times...

Marduk is the aspect of DEUS that is able to create. After the Seraphim came into existence, Marduk was the one who gave life to Adam and Eve who in turn gave birth to the Sephiroth and their numerous wives, the Mothers. Marduk guards the kingdom of Kether

Raziel represents knowledge and wisdom. In the dawning day of mankind, Raziel put the seed of the Malachi into two Mothers of each nation in order to produce the priesthood which would control the flow of Energy once the Seraphim were to become Tzohar. The statue of Raziel is in the kingdom of Chochmah.

Raphael is the life aspect of DEUS. It was due to the presence of Raphael that the first generation of the Sephiroth were able to attain such fertility. Raphael is located in Binah.

Abaddon is the aspect of darkness which brings night to the world. Counterpart of Abaddon is Uriel and together these entities gave the world day cycle. The statue of Abaddon stands in the kingdom of Chesed.

Azaziel is the aspect of love and compassion. Without Azaziel neither Eve or the Mothers would have given offspring to Adam and the Sephiroth. The statue of Azaziel is the only one with feminine features and it is located in Geburah.

Azrael is the aspect of death which ends mortal life once its time has passed. Without the threat of dying nothing could have ever been achieved by mankind and thus is Azrael’s work among the most important. Azrael dwells in Tipherath.

Azazel taught Man to use tools but his teaching are considered rather twisted since he also taught the use of weapons. Azazel justifies this by the law of balance which requires destruction to reduce creation. The thoughts inspired by Azazel have led mankind to many inventions both peaceful and violent. The statue of Azazel is at Netsah.

Uriel is the source of light and often related to the sun. Uriel’s statue is in Hod.

Gabriel is the order and designed laws for the Sephiroth to pass down on their subordinates. The Tzohar is in Jesod.

Ahriman is the spirit of rebellion, the anti-DEUS of DEUS. The purpose of Ahriman is to prevent the Ascension by driving the Seraphim into internal turmoil. On the other side Ahriman is the humanity of Man which separates Man from the Seraphim. The statue is located at Malchuth.

Tiamat the insane was originally to represent the Void which surrounded DEUS but in the separation Tiamat went entirely mad becoming a relentless source of chaos. Tiamat still retains its original position as the opposite of Metatron and should be sleeping at the present age. However, the Malachi records state that Tiamat is wide awake and raving...

The Malachi: The spokesmen of DEUS. The Malachi form the main religion since they alone control the flow of Energy from the Tzohar to Man. Each nation’s Malachi pay respects to both their own Seraph and DEUS itself. Since the Malachi have this unique ability of controlling Energy they themselves are unable to channel it into any other form and thus they are dependent on others as much as the others are dependent on them. The Malachi are not helpless though as they can drain Energy from others and some of them are also able to concentrate raw Energy into deadly bursts. In order to become a Malach one needs to be born with the seed of Malachi. Another name for the Malachi is Children of Raziel which honors their origins. This name is naturally most common in Chochmah. The Malachi are considered the most powerful organization on the planet and their global power surpasses that of the Sephiroth.

The Sephiroth: The ten rulers of men are called Sephiroth and they are seen as the ten aspects of Adam, the prototype of man. The line of the Sephiroth continues via birth. The first child of each ruler of men bears the mark of Sephiroth and is destined to become the next ruler of his nation. Should this line be broken, the essence of Marduk seeks and marks a suitable individual as a Herald until the current Sephiroth fades. The Herald is then modified by sacred rituals of the Malachi to carry the genes of the Sephiroth line. The Sephiroth are recognized as the most powerful individuals on the planet and their authority over subordinates is unquestioned. Note that while the Sephiroth are certainly recognized as the most powerful, it is not said that there actually weren’t any more powerful beings in hiding.

Energy: The source of life and matter. Energy is mostly related to magic which is indeed the most visible form of Energy. Energy flows from DEUS into the Seraphim and through the Malachi into the hands of magi who can give it form through incantations. Magic was originally the only tool given to man but Azazel, seeing the superior position of the Malachi, decided to give some power back to normal people in the form of tools or, as mostly seen, technology.

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