Integrated economic development of small towns environmental codes of practice

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1.3 Principle of ECOP

(1)Principle of science, objectiveness and fairness: ECOP shall be scientific, objective and fair. The scientific basis shall be provided to decision after making comprehensive consideration of probable effect on environment elements and the composed ecosystem caused by implementation of ECOP.

(2)Integral principle: ECOP shall make integral consideration by linking the related policies, program, plan and corresponding projects.

(3)Principle of public participation: Encourage and advocate the public to participate during the process and interests and proposals of all sectors of society.

(4)Principle of consistency: Work of ECOP shall be consistent with construction level and details.

(5)Principle of operability: ECOP shall be operable and adopt simple, practical and feasible method proved by practice.

1.4 Scope of Application

This project is classified as type-B project by environment screening of type, location, sensitiveness and scale, character and coefficient of potential environment impact according to the requirement on the environment screen and classification specified in World Bank Environmental Safeguard Policies (OP4.01). This ECOP is mainly applicable to municipal supply water pipe network, drainage pipe network, communication optical cables and gas pipelines.

Chapter 2 Related Rules and Regulations and World Bank Safeguard Policy

2.1 Related Chinese Policies and Laws

2.1.1 Related laws of Chinese national government

  • Environmental Protection Law of the People’ s Republic of China (PRC) ( December, 1989);

  • Law of PRC on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution ( June, 2008);

  • Law of PRC on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution ( September, 2000);

  • Law of PRC on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste (April, 2005);

  • Law of PRC on the Prevention and Control of Pollution Form Environmental Noise (March, 1996);

  • Law of PRC on EIA (October, 2002);

2.1.2 Related national rules and regulations

  • Regulations on the Administration of Construction Project Environment Protection of PRC (November, 1998);

  • Directory of Environmental Protection of Construction Project Management (January 1, 2003);

  • Regulations on the Implementation of the Land Administration Law of PRC (August 28, 2004);

2.2 World Bank Safeguard Policy

According to the requirement of environment assessment (EA) business policy OP4.01 in World Bank safeguard policy, as for EA of type-B project, it is necessary to formulate an environment plan of pre-construction and in construction, and implement the plan, meanwhile monitor the retarding measure. Thus, this environment business code is stipulated.

Chapter 3 Management System of ECOP

3.1 Setup of Management System of ECOP

According to the requirement of related rules and project, this project proposed to appoint personnel in charge of environment management in addition to the environment protection department (EPD) of supervision function by law in order to approach demonstration effect of project. Hence establish a set of management system based on the external supervision of EPD and supplemented by internal management of the project management department.

3.2 Responsibilities of Organizations of Environment Management System and Personnel Allocation

Organizations of this project environment management system are composed of interior organizations, employed consulting service organizations and exterior organizations. However they respectively undertake different work and responsibility. The following table 3.2-1 shows responsibilities of organizations and personnel allocation

Table 3.2-1 responsibility of organization of environment management system

Name of organization

Type of organization

Personnel allocation

Responsibility of organization

①Environment protection department (EDP)

Supervision organization

1 person

  1. Perform total supervision and management of this project, including ratify the project EIA report (including sub-project), environment supervision and management during construction and operation

②Provincial project leading group and project management office (PMO)

Management organization

1 person

  1. Draw up and supervise implementation of ECOP;

  2. Supervise and coordinate to put the national and world bank (WB) environment management requirements into practice;

  3. Submit reports to WB half yearly;

  4. Inspect the environment management work of towns;

  5. Coordinate with other departments and solve major environment problems;

  6. Consign the employed environment experts to inspect the project;

③Town project leading group and PMO

Management organization

1 person

  1. Prepare and supervise to implement the environment management rules and regulations of sub-projects;

  2. Prepare and ratify national documents of EA;

  3. Spur the project design to meet the requirements of EA;

  4. Fit the environment protection measures in this environment management plan to the contract of construction;

  5. Employ, supervise and coordinate project controller(qualification, responsibility and management);

  6. Organize to implement environment management training plan;

  7. Conduct monographic study and related investigation;

  8. Complete project construction and record ,settle, and solve the complaint of public on operation;

  9. Examine the environment supervision and environment consulting report;

  10. Submit submit(report) to provincial project office every quarter;

  11. Sign in the sit checklist given by the construction unit and supervision unit and verify sensitive problem and file.

  12. Accept environment inspection (including WB project inspection)

④World bank

Supervision organization

1 person

  1. World bank appoint inspection team in charge of special inspection of project implementation every year;

  2. Inspect implementation of loan agreement of this project and ECOP.

⑤ Unit qualified with class A certificate of construction project on EIA

Environment assessment organization (EAO)

3 persons

  1. Give on the spot investigation on all projects and EA;

  2. Compose the ECOP.

⑥Environment experts specially employed by provincial project office

Consulting service organization


  1. Coordinate the provincial project office to inspect the environment protection work of towns;

  2. Make scene investigations on construction site, Contractor; draft and report to provincial project office with suggestion and opinion.

⑦Project controller( undertake environment supervision)

Consulting service organization


  1. project supervisors specially entrusted by provincial project office or local project office;

  2. Supervise and inspect the condition of disposition living polluted water, production waste water, safeguard measures of loss of water and soil, waste gas, dust, noise control measure, disposition of production, living waste and sediment, epidemic prevention;

  3. Fill the environment management checklists in the appendix of ECOP on a regular basis;

  4. Provide solution to the environment protection problems arising in construction and follow the implementation, including delivering the rectification notice, checklists, and filing documents;

  5. Make sure to report of construction implementation prepared and submitted to town project office;

⑧Organization unit

Implementation organization

1-2 person

  1. Make environment protection measures during construction;

  2. Accept supervision inspection on environment protection from project controller, WB, and all EPDs;

  3. Establish a feedback mechanism to ensure rectification completed within 3 workdays upon receiving notice ( 10 workdays in case of need coordination of management organization);

  4. Finish the construction site checklist with project supervisor (PS) and submit to town project office;

  5. Construction unit shall report construction implementation to PS every week.

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