Russia 110111 Basic Political Developments

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National Economic Trends

  • Russia cancels flour export ban

  • Last year’s natural disasters damage makes up $ 130 billion

  • Banks have 992.0 bln rbs on CBR correspondent accounts on January 11.

  • Bank of America, Credit Suisse Advise Russia on Finance Center

  • Top Forecasters Expect Ruble at Eight-Month High: Russia Credit

Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

  • Russia Stocks Climb as Coal Miners Surge on Australian Floods

  • Russia Keeps Duties on Raw Timber Shipments Unchanged for 2011

  • Russia bans filament lamps of 100 watts and above

  • Rostelecom Seeks to Acquire NTK Cable Operator, Vedomosti Says

  • Mechel Keeps Neryungri Coking-Coal Plant Shut After Accident

  • IRC Russian may raise prices this year

  • UPDATE 1-Russia's HMS Hydraulic to list in London

  • Russia places new restrictions on frozen poultry use

  • Russia Doubles Meat and Poultry Quota

  • Russia - US beef quota doubled for 2011

  • Russian grocer Magnit Dec sales up nearly 50 pct

  • Rosneft plans to boost investments to 415 billion rubles ($13.6 billion) in 2011, Interfax reported, citing an unidentified person close to the company’s board. (Bloomberg)

  • Russia, the world’s largest oil producer, set a post-Soviet record for yearly crude output in 2010, rising 2.2 percent to 10.15 million barrels a day, even as the country’s production in December slipped from the previous month. (Bloomberg)

  • Russian emigre Alexei Koval has pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges for conspiring with a former executive director at UBS Securities to earn more than $870,000 through inside trades, and agreed to serve up to 3 years in prison. (Bloomberg)

  • Russia and Hungary remain far apart over the future of Surgutneftegaz’s 21.2 percent stake in Hungarian refiner Mol Nyrt, the online news portal Index reported, citing Development Minister Tamas Fellegi, with the next round of negotiations between the two parties taking place later this month. (Bloomberg)

  • Diamond monopoly Alrosa plans to cut debt to “less than $3 billion” in 2011 as it boosts sales, the company said at the end of December on its web site, with sales of rough diamonds probably rising to $3.53 billion. (Bloomberg)

  • The country may sell as much as $64 billion of domestic and foreign debt in 2011, including 1.74 trillion rubles ($57 billion) of domestic notes and $7 billion of foreign-currency bonds, the government said late December on its web site. (Bloomberg)

Activity in the Oil and Gas sector (including regulatory)

  • Gas production in Russia up 11.6% in 2010

  • Oil production in Russia up 2.2% in 2010

  • Regulator to offer over 200 oil and gas deposits in 2011

  • Russian gas price for Ukraine to rise in Q1, '11

  • Crude oil delivered to China from Russia through pipeline

  • LUKoil Moving Toward Norway - LUKoil, the biggest private oil producer in Russia, wants to be “pre-qualified” by the Norwegian government — which will allow it to bid for licenses to operate offshore fields, a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate said Monday.

  • Russian oil giant tests West African waters - The president of LUKoil Overseas, Andrei Kuzyayev, met Ghana's energy minister, Joe Oteng Adjei, for discussions about the expansion of the company in Ghana, including the development of new projects, according to the latest corporate newsletter, Neftyanie Vedomosti. After leaving Ghana, Kuzyayev held talks in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown, and LUKoil Overseas senior vice president Dmitry Timoshenko visited Liberia's capital of Monrovia.

  • Nabucco, South Stream Can’t Converge, Eni Chief Tells La Stampa

  • Nabucco to merge with South Stream?


  • India's GSPL to buy 0.3 mln T LNG from Russia - Gazprom Marketing and Trading Ltd will begin supplying LNG to the Indian firm from the second half of 2011


Full Text Articles

Basic Political Developments

Andrey Nesterenko dismissed from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Information Department

[ 11 Jan 2011 12:16 ]
Moscow - APA. Andrey Nesterenko was dismissed from information and press department of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alexander Lukashevich will replace Andrey Nesterenko, APA reports quoting Kommersant newspaper.

The ministry has not made official statement on personnel replacements. Kommersant reports quoting its sources as saying that President Dmitry Medvedev was dissatisfied with Nesterenko’s comments on Russia’s sale of C-300 missiles to Iran, which caused his resignation. The official of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated last June that despite UN Security Council’s sanctions against Iran Russia will continue to implement terms of the deal. The diplomat said C-300 missiles sold to Iran were not in category of international restriction. In September, President Medvedev signed a decree imposing ban on this sale. The journalists claim that Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov was recommended to dismiss Nesterenko, who has been working in the information and press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008. Andrey Nesterenko may be appointed as Russia’s ambassador in the Republic of Montenegro.

Lukashevich has been working as Russia’s deputy permanent representative in OSCE since 2008. He started his diplomatic carrier in 1980 in Afghanistan. He worked in Russian embassies in OSCE and U.S. He is one of the authors of the European Security charter adopted on 1999 OSCE Istanbul summit.


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