Satanic acts in the name of hijab & islam by shams, kauser & dr. Firdous fatima syed

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Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani sahib,(Imam UKIM) This is Faqruddin Khan Mohammed, Hope you remember me, On 21st  November 2008,you did read my nikah with Ms.Kauser Fatima Syed daughter of Mr.Yousuf Syed & Mrs. Shams Fatima Syed at 60 Corbin’s lane, HA2 8EJ London, England.


On November 18th 2012(At my India address) I received a letter (COLOUR XEROX) from UKIM, In which Ms.Kauser Fatima Syed has asked you to annul this marriage. Letter was posted by Mr. Syed Mohammed Ali on my parent’s name. 

I sent you an email on Feb -2013 and posted a copy of email on Feb 2013, but I did not received any reply from you, neither by e-mail nor by post, without knowing the truths & facts you have annulled this marriage, which is totally wrong and against SHARIA LAW and the teachings of Islam.

 Could you tell me? What are the conditions for annulling the marriage?

Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani sahib before annulling this marriage, Have you tried to contact me or my uncle Mr. Mohammed Akramuddin Khan, who was present in the nikah and witness of my marriage, before annulling the marriage have you tried to know the truths & facts? Why kauser Fatima syed has asked for annulling this marriage.


Sadly NO.... You blindly Annulled this marriage in the presence of Mr. Syed Mohammed Ali & Mr. Abdul Hamid. (Witnesses signed) on annulled certificate issued by UKIM and signed by you, For small amount of money you sold your faith, your Iman and Islam.


Allah says in the Holy Quran at so many places about lie, cheating, conspiracies etc…

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) has said, if you lie or steal you will be humiliated.

Allah says in the Quran

Innallaha saril ul hisab

Innallaha shadeed ul iqaab for wrong doers. He has prepared the Hell fire & will be there in forever.

I can give you so many examples from Quran and the sayings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) for doing wrong things.

 Allah says not to hurt and trouble anyone. Be kind to everyone, love everyone, respect everyone, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t do wrong things.  The list is endless it will take pages for me to write down the good qualities and good teachings of Islam, but for some people like Mrs. shams Fatima syed, Ms Kauser Fatima syed and Dr. firdous Fatima syed and their followers and supporters, whole Quran and the all the teachings and saying and sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) will not be enough for them.

The teachings and education of my religion Islam, my parents and elders teach me not to disrespect anyone, even though they are cruel, harsh or use dirtiest language, abuse you, or insult you, or degrade you or create problems in your life.

Don’t reply back as they do. Then what will be the difference between you and them.

What will be the difference between good and bad, if you behave in the same way.

Always be good to everyone, respect elders, love children, respect every human being, irrespective of Religion & caste.

Don’t even trouble animals, trees, if you find a stone lying on the road, keep it aside it may hurt or trouble someone.


Be good to everyone, be kind, be humble, be polite, Respect & love all the human beings and living creatures.

These are just the examples of education and teachings of my religion Islam, my parents and teachers, which I got from them.

Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani sahib, I am really really really unhappy, very very very sad, what you have done to me and my innocent son, being a Imam without knowing the truths & facts. What have you done to me and my innocent son is nothing what Mrs., Shams Fatima Syed, Ms Kauser Fatima syed and Dr.firdous Fatima Syed have done to me and my family is just unbelievable.

I am nth time sad, and nth unhappy what these women done to me, my son, parents and the whole family after the arrival of my son zia.


Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani sahib, Let me start from the day I met Ms. Kauser Fatima syed at my uncles house in Luton on 29th February 2008.(leap year,nth time Unfortunate and black day of my life)

I went to London in August 2005 for doing Travel & Tourism Management course from India, Everything was going fine in my life.


My uncle & Aunty (Mr. Mohd Akramuddin Khan & Dr. Munzoor) who were present in nikah at 60 Corbin’s lane, London.

They were always concerned about me and wanted me to get marry whether in UK or in India.

One day my uncle called me & said, we know one family here, they are good people we know them for the last 40 years.

Let’s meet them and see if you like then we will proceed.


29th Febuary (Leap year) 2008 I went to Luton at uncle’s house along with my brother.

Ms. Kauser Fatima Syed came along with her mother, we spent some time, had dinner together.

 While talking to them I noticed that Ms. Kauser Fatima Syed mother is talking a lot about her work, teaching of Quran and Tajweed to Muslim community people, helping who are in need and above all she was talking about Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).Further mentioned that she runs a Madarsa in Gulbargah (India) teaching Quran and Arabic to hundreds of Students.

I was thinking that she has been doing the community work for the last 35 years, teaching Quran & tajweed, helping those who are in need and was talking about Hadees, wears hijab and her daughter is also wearing hijab and a qualified teacher.

In our meeting I found that Ms. Kauser Fatima Syed is nice & had smile on her face by the time she left home. they ask me about my visa, job and driving, I told them that I am on a student visa, and doing Travel & Tourism course, Works in Argos as part time and I don’t know driving.

Very next day within 18 hours, I received a call from my Uncle, he said that shams called just now and they are very much interested in you, what you think about kauser, I told him, I need some time to decide.
I spoke to my brother, He was also very happy after meeting with them, he was telling me Kauser mother looks very good woman, Teaches Quran & doing community work for the last 35 years, I think they are good people, but can’t come to the conclusion.

It is up to you, you have to decide and you cannot marry a girl whose mother is teaching Quran & doing community work for the last 35 years. You have to live your life with the girl. What do you think about kauser? I said she looks nice, she was smiling, offered namaz also...

Let me decide after talking to our parents, after talking to parents, I decided to meet kauser, I informed uncle and aunty that we should meet them again. Uncle agreed and called me after couple of days and said before meeting them, we want you to come Luton, we have to talk to you something about kauser.

I visited Luton and met uncle and aunty, they told before proceeding we want to tell you something about kauser.

They said kauser is a divorced lady, she was married in Gulbarga in August 2005, but after some time divorce took place. Her ex husband was a bad man. They are nice people, it’s totally up to you what you decide...

It took 1 week for me to decide and I decided to proceed of this proposal.

I thought a lot and spoke to my parents & close friends, they said if a girl is nice, go ahead but before that meet her and see how she is...and it is totally up to you...In March 2008 we were invited by Ms Kauser Fatima Syed mother at their residence at 60 Corbin’s lane south harrow, London.

I visited them along with my brother, uncle & aunty, In that meeting Ms kauser Fatima Syed mother gave us the small Quran with Translation and was telling about her sacrifices for the community and how she converted so many English people to Islam etc...

But I was noticing kauser, talking to her, her behavior her attitude, her smiling face, I was a bit satisfied. No doubt I was very much impressed with the sacrifices, helping others in need, and the community work and above all the talks about Quran and Hadees...

But still wanted to have some meetings with Ms. Kauser Fatima Syed.

In next meeting in south harrow we were invited by Ms. kauser Fatima Syed and her mother, saying that kausers elder sister and her family is in London, we visited and met them, I was very happy after meeting kausers sister Mrs. Meraj syed, her husband Asif syed and kids. Azhad & Rabia, they were so nice and good. Still I was noticing kauser, I was satisfied after meeting Asif bhai and Meraj Apa and was getting satisfied with kauser also.

I told uncle & aunty that I have decided to proceed, before marrying I wanted to meet her and want to know her nature, behaviour etc… I was being invited by kauser at her house 60 Corbin’s lane every week end.


They wanted to get married in June itself but Uncle Aunty and I decided that marriage will take place after the completion of the course. They tried to convince me, but I said after the examination, In June kausers elder brother came to London; kauser called me and said my elder brother Iqbal has come to see Wimbledon match here in London and wants to meet you,. I met him, like Meraj Apa and Asif bhai; he was also nice and good. Before the meeting with Iqbal bhai I was told by kausers mother, if my son asks you about your job, driving tell him you are getting work visa and will take driving lessons here. Tell him I know everything about kauser.(I thought she is talking about kausers first marriage), he talked to me alone for sometime in the sitting room and I was very happy and satisfied with his manners and respect he gave me, we had general discussion and I told him I work in Argos part time, studying in London.

Because I believe in Truth & Honesty.

Note:-Let me tell you something here, before this meeting with Iqbal bhai, he called from USA, At that time I was in 60 Corbin’s lane, kausers mother received the call and told him about me. After talking to him she told me I forgot to tell Iqbal that marriage is fixed with you.

Please note: - Her daughter`s 2nd marriage was fixed and she forget to tell her only son…WOW AMAZING.

Continue from above:-

when Iqbal bhai was in London they keep calling Akram Uncle, aunty and me for marriage, at last they wanted to do Engagement, kausers mother told me, Iqbal’s wife salma will not allow him to come in marriage (now you are going to be a part of the family, I don’t want to hide anything, salma is very dominating woman and she controls my son Iqbal, she snatched my son from me), at least let him see his sisters engagement, she started crying and abusing Salma Bhabhi. 

We decided and did engagement on 28th June 2008 at 60 Corbin’s lane in the presence of Iqbal bhai, Uncle Aunty my cousin his wife and my brother. (Please see the pictures of engagement on

I bought diamond ring for kauser(300 pounds), exchanged gifts and Iqbal bhai gave me the gift of laptop.Alhamdalillah everything was going fine after that but in next month in July, while talking to kauser I had a joke with her that I tried cigarette with friends, at that time kausers mother was in USA and kauser was in London and suppose to got out of London from school.

I know it was not a decent joke from me, but she left for USA, I tried to contact her but in vain, once she called me and said I am at my brother’s home..... Then again no information about them for so many days.

They came back to London, since then her behavior was strange towards me, I tried to clarify but suddenly she started shouting and screaming on me.... I HAVE TO SAVE GUARD MYSELF FROM YOU....I NEED A SERIOUS MAN IN MY LIFE…NOT LIKE MY SISTER HUSBAND, WHO LAUGHS FOR NO REASONS AND TALK RUBBISH WHENEVER HE OPENS HIS MOUTH,WHY DO YOU WATCH THE MOVIE ANDAZ APNA APNA(staring Amir khan and Salman khan).... I said I have got only one c d, after work and tiring day just watch it, so what is wrong watching it... I said I will come and meet you and we will talk, She said I want a serious man in my life...I am busy now and disconnect the phone...

I tried to contact her, but in vain...

But after almost two weeks she sent me the text message


I called her back, she invited me at home...I said it was just a joke, you took it so serious and went to USA which I should not have and said sorry to her mother for this trouble...... then everything was fine...

Then we were having good time, celebrated my birthday at Akram uncle’s house...things improved and everything was fine.


One day(In November 2008) I received a call from kauser saying that just now we got a call from Gulbarga(India) and daddy is very serious and mummy wants to leave for India, then kauser mother spoke to me and said kauser daddy is very serious and I want to meet him last time. so please get the marriage as early as you can...I said if he is so serious first you should go to India, she said no no problem,  Ather(Shams nephew) has fixed the appointment for his operation... I can go after some time also...If he dies then marriage will be delay for 1 year and we don't do marriages of our children for 1 year, if someone expires in our family….I want to get kausers marriage and I may not come back, as I have got so many responsibilities in Gulbarga, so many people are depend on me and on my money, Hundreds of students future depends on me. 

Note: - Our marriage was suppose to take place on 19th December 2008 at TKC & valima dinner on 20th dec. (please find the copies of invitation card on the website ( I spoke to uncle and aunty and my parents. So we decided to go for marriage on 21st November 2008.

On this day I reached 60 Corbin’s lane along with uncle aunty my brother and later cousin brother and his wife also reached...

From Ms Kauser Fatima syed side Mr. Syed Mohammed Ali (witness of nikah & annul marriage certificate) with his wife and two sons Kashif and Haris and his daughter in law with Grand children were present.

 Respected Imam Z.A.Usmani sahib you read the nikah and filled the marriage certificate. you asked me for the certificate of approval from home office, I told you that my passport is in Home office for extension, as I get the certificate of approval I will give it to you, then you said the day when you give me certificate of approval, I will put the date on marriage certificate and give it to you.

 Please see our marriage pictures on website

After nikah we went to the Hotel, it was a gift from my brother shoeb on our marriage occasion. I told kauser we must offer 2 rakat nafil namaz before going to bed.I had written a dua on the paper, and recite it for pious child and happy married life.

I always used to recite that dua before going close to my wife...Ms Kauser Fatima Syed.

(Next day kauser’s mother left for India) on 22nd November 2008 my brother arranged dinner for us in the hotel, we treated it like valima dinner. Everything was going fine, I was told that kauser’s father is recovering fast...and her mother came back later.

On 19th December 2008 we celebrated the function in TKC, which was already booked long back, as so many people were invited on this day. We celebrated it happily; Iqbal bhai came with his family from USA...... I was very happy after meeting them all.... Iqbal bhai’s son Umar recites the whole surah Al Fajr, I was happy that I married in a good and religious family.

We enjoyed their stay and went out of London, went to south Hampton court. Had a good time with everyone....

I was so happy after marriage on 21st November 2008 till the day I came to know in February that kauser is from this day things started changing…

I did not know that things are going to change in my married life... after dinner(the same day kauser said that she is pregnant) I was sitting in sitting room, I heard kausers mother Mrs. Shams Fatima Syed telling kauser loudly, so that I should listen...she was telling kauser no no kauser don’t tell Shakeeb.. I was listening this and asked kauser what happened, she told me that mummy & firdous saying that they are hearing our voices at night from our bedroom when we do sex.

I felt embarrass...

Same night I went near kauser, she said no not today I’m tired, she turn around and slept...

Daily I was going near her, she was making silly excuses and sleeping, so many times she went upstairs and slept before me... I never wake her up and I used to sleep quietly...

After the pregnancy whenever I went near kauser, she made silly excuses and never allowed me to come near her, weeks passed away, In April I was at work. Kauser told me that she is not well and firdous has brought her to the hospital, I went to the hospital where she told me that she has got 2 fabriods in her stomach and doctors told her to be very careful, she said did you understand what they meant, I said yes we will be careful....(for intercourse)

May, June 2009 gone...July kausers mother and sister went to India, we were busy in our life, one day I went to the hospital along with kauser, and she had a normal check up.... she was getting late... I started for work, I asked her whether she will be fine, she said I’m o k and can manage. At that time she was perfectly fine...


After some time I got a call from hospital that your wife went to the wash room and felt...

I went to the Queen charlotte hospital and she was there for couple of days, I called my brother to help me out when I took her home... meanwhile I lost the job...taking care of my wife... as a husband it was my responsibility to take care of her.. I did not mind losing the job, my first priority was to take care of my pregnant wife... which I did with the help of my brother...

she was upset after I lost the job, I said don’t worry I will get another job, your health is important for me...she said I don’t know what good deeds I done in my life that I got such a loving and caring husband....

Kauser’s mother and sister were in India; there in Gulbarga Dr. Firdous got engagement with her cousin... (Mr.Yousuf)

First Dr firdous came back from India and was very happy after engagement and so many times asked me to get the calling cards to talk to her fiancée... (Yousuf).

After some days her mother came and suddenly firdous started crying... I asked kauser what happened she said nothing and the same thing was happening daily... firdous was crying and crying...

Then kauser told me mummy has broken firdous engagement with yousuf (her cousin).

I said why what happened... she said yousuf did some silly acts on engagement and mummy is not happy with him... later kausers mother told me he is not a person who can live with us...useless bugger.......doesn’t do anything... street dog...beggar, Its really embarrassing He is our driver and porter when we visit India, His parents are depend on my alms.

She said I have offered 2 rakah nafil namaz, thanking Allah for saving my daughter from this man...(Yousuf)

Meanwhile Yousuf was trying to contact firdous....leaving messages and texting kauser to talk to firdous...

He posted request on face book to help him to get his love...

Here firdous new costly phone was broken by her mother. And I was told not to receive the landline phone and if you get a call from Yousuf, just disconnect it. (He never called me).

Here for me things had already changed after the pregnancy of kauser.

Note: - I was not allowed by kauser to have intercourse with her from the day she got pregnant, every time silly excuses although she was fully recovered...

Even the lady told me to have proper intercourse with her, no need to worry.This was the lady where kauser and I were visiting for pre & post delivery tips...for dos and don’ts.... 

Note: - Before the pregnancy kauser used to call me for dinner when I come back from work.

 (Shak, dinner is ready, we are waiting for you) they used to call me shak.

Now after the pregnancy she used to call me its dinner time, and used to ask me to arrange the table- Mother & daughters used to sit on sofa watching television...

They used to make me food warm, while eating kauser’s mother used to tell me, if you need anything get up and take... if you need extra rice or salt, get up and  get it.

and my wife used to sit quietly- I noticed before the pregnancy they used to ask me, tell shak what do you want to eat today, shall I cook chicken or lamb, tell, I will cook for you, whatever you want.

After the pregnancy everything changed...

After kauser illness in July 2009, I lost the job because of taking care of her. But I as working in Argos at the weekends. One day kauser says shak you have to paint all the doors of the house, they used to make me clean all utensils and hovering.etc... earlier woman used to come and clean the house, now I was doing things on daily basis, one day painting one day hovering, daily utensils, kauser mother used to say son Shakeeb go and get the bills paid, get vegetables, do this do that once she told kauser… kauser tell Shakeeb to get my shoes from outside, it is going to rain...when kauser had illness there was a possibility of miscarriage, then suddenly everything change for me, they started taking care of me, asking me, tell me what do you want, do you want to eat Hyderabadi biryani, I will cook anything just tell me, her mother used to say, don’t worry about job, just relax at home, no need to work. We are millionaires.


NOTE: - THEY WANTED ME TO KEEP READY FOR NEXT PREGNANCY IF MISCARRIAGE HAPPENS... Earlier they used to tell me, if you sit at home you will become home sick, like kauser’s daddy he had also become lazy, doing nothing, except creating problems in our life’s, good for nothing, useless bugger, changed 16  jobs. 4 times failed driving test etc...



Rest their behavior with me was the same, no food at home, if they cook, no salt in curries, small amount of rice is cooked.

Dr Firdous used to tell me on food table, medically salt is not good for health, rice makes you fat... eat less and drink more water. I used to keep quiet and get up without having food properly, thinking after the engagement broken, she is upset, she is not happy, I used to eat whatever is there in my plate, and go in other room.

I used t to sit in other room alone, as was told by kauser that mummy told me not to sit with you, because firdous is upset, if she sees you sitting together she will remember her engagement and yousuf(ex fiancée)

I used to sit alone in the room for hours,(They had left me alone after kauser’s pregnancy from feb 2009) It was kauser her mother and sister used to sit and talk, watch television... always they used to watch the programmes CHANGING HOMES& DESPERATE HOUSEWIFES.

 Note: - Now you can see... they are changing homes, running and disappearing with my son Zia.

They used to make me tea for them after dinner, at 11 pm daily kauser used to call & say shak its cereal time, can we get it. Thank you...It was daily routine...

I used to keep quiet, and think, after the arrival of baby, they will be fine with me, kausers mother & sister will not be with me forever, I used to wait for Saturdays & Sundays to go for work in Argos. To go my brothers place and eat good food properly.

(So many times I went to chicken & chips shop and eat, as I was not being given enough and good food properly at home by my wife kauser her mother and sister)

Since I got married to kauser everything was quite ok, but suddenly everything changed after the arrival of zia. but suddenly everything changed, on 19th September 2009 early in the morning when me and kauser were sleeping, suddenly kauser woke me up and said that I think my water has broken, when I checked her it wasn’t water, it was bleeding heavy bleeding, very next minute we started for hospital, in the hospital kauser was advised for observation, because Doctors could not understand what was the reason of heavy bleeding, for two days she was in observation, after two days she was given gels for labour pain, it was given for 3 days but still didn’t work out, she was in pain for three days, on 24th September morning Doctors took her to the labour room for delivery, whole day I was in the labour room, in the afternoon she had heavy bleeding again, after that she was given Epidural, after that her health got worst, In the Evening around 7 pm Doctors were going to do Caesarean, but at the last minute, a senior Doctor came and said that baby’s heart beat is going down, she told kauser to co-operate for the delivery, Alhamdulillah at around 7 pm Zia came in this world, Kauser and me were very happy, meanwhile shams aunty was also in the labour room reading Quran, whole day. After the birth suddenly Shams aunty stood up and started walking, very fast, I thought she was going to toilet but not she left the labour room, kauser was asking what happened mummy, what happened, but shams aunty said nothing and left the room, I was shocked to see her going out like this, after sometime kauser called shams aunty, she was sitting outside, and asked her what happened mummy, why suddenly you went out of the labour room, shams aunty first she said, I feel shy when mother and baby bonding is going on, later she said now you are a family, you have husband and baby has arrived you guys live your life, I don’t think this was the time to tell kauser to live your life, can you believe it happened in an hour, kauser was given 3rd degree stitches, after that shams aunty didn’t come inside, after sometime firdous came with the gifts, when I went downstairs there was no sign of happiness on shams aunts face,(she knew what is going to happen in near future)

Kauser was kept in hospital for 3 more days after the delivery; she didn’t have proper sleep for so many days and was very weak after going through so many painful days, on Sunday 27th September 2009.

Kauser and Zia were discharged from hospital, we started for home, but in the car, it was pin drop silence, New baby born is going home and there is no sign of happiness on shams aunts and fridous face, we reached home started arranging things for Zia, meanwhile kauser was very tired and was not able to sleep, she was trying to feed Zia, but in vain Zia was not drinking mother’s milk properly, next day Firdous bought breast pump to get mother’s milk and feed Zia, meanwhile we noticed that Zia has got Jaundice, me and kauser took him to the Northwick Park Hospital. Zia was being examined, meanwhile kauser was not able to sit or talk properly, Firdous came and took her to the ward for check-up, By the evening we came back home, Doctors told us to come back tomorrow again with Zia, after reaching home things were same kauser was not able to sleep and shams aunty was taking out mother’s milk to feed baby, as Doctors advised to feed baby after every 4 hours, it was very difficult to get mother’s milk from breast pump, next day Firdous got Electric pump to take out mother’s milk, continuously Shams aunty were taking out mother’s milk, when I said it is not good to take out milk using electric pump as kauser is physically very weak, her both legs were swallowed, and was not able to move freely, shams aunty said I have experience I know what I am doing, on 30th September I took Zia to hospital, they took the blood and said we are going to send these samples to Kings college hospital London, later evening Zia was sent for scanning, firdous was also worried about Zia, she was running from here and there for better treatment, I went to the hospital with Zia on 1st October again, as kauser was not able to come with us.

Later we found out that Zia is fine and they sent us home, Kauser called and said I am coming to hospital, we will come back together, later she came to hospital with firdous, and we came back home, I dropped Zia at home near shams aunty and went outside to help kauser to get in, but kauser said I want to sit in the car for some time, I want to listen your old songs, I turn on the cars radio and were listening songs, then kauser said shall we have tea, I went inside and got the tea for both of us, and informed shams aunty that we are sitting in the car, she said its fine, when we were sitting in the car, kauser told me, shakeeb shall we go for a short drive for fresh air, I stick the L plates on the the car and went for a drive hardly for 15 minutes, when we came back fridous who also went to Tesco to buy something, she had left before we go, when we came back firdous asked me where did you go, I said we went for a short drive, then she asked kauser where did you go, how can you leave Zia alone with mummy, you know very well mummy is an Epileptic patient, how can you leave Zia alone with her, kauser said we went for a short drive and Zia was with mummy as shakeeb told mummy that we are sitting in the car, we know zia is safe and fine with mummy, In this whole week there was no happiness in the home.

Later firdous was arranging dinner on the table, I was feeding zia with bottle, Kauser was on the table and drank water with the jug, firdous told kauser don’t drink water with the jug,Kauser was tired and weak, firdous should have understood it, kauser started shouting, I can’t even drink water in this house now, she shouted and went upstairs with Zia, still I didn’t say anything because for the last 3-4 months there were arguments going on between Kauser and firdous,I thought it was sisters matter, I should not interfere and I didn’t.(to be continued after this paragraph)

(Since firdous engagement was broken, shams aunty was concentrating more on firdous, In July when shams aunty and firdous went to India, she had an Engagement with her cousin, shams aunts own sister son yousuf, in the engagement yousuf did some bollywood acts and when firdous was coming back to London, he said firdous (for you I can give my life and can take anyone’s)it was just to impress firdous, it was bollywood style, nothing else, firdous was ready to marry yousuf, but shams aunty convinced firdous and broke the engagement, I didn’t interfere in the whole process because it was theirs matter.)

Continued: ----

kauser called shams aunty from her mobile at the home number from upstairs and asked shams aunty to come upstairs and do her massage, but shams aunty said I can’t do the massage, she told me hitting her stick on the floor, it is not easy to become parents you go and do the massage. when I went upstairs kauser was very angry she said shakeeb you are not supporting me, go and asked firdous why she taunted me, cant we go out for a while, I said kauser just leave it, we have to take care of Zia, he is our first priority now, kauser said if you don’t go and asked her I am going to start shouting more, I was worried about kauser and went downstairs and told shams aunty and firdous, see kauser has not got proper sleep just ignore her words, I said she is angry on firdous, shams aunty said what has firdous done, ok we will go from this house, I said going from house is not the solution, she needs some time and everything will be fine.

After sometime kauser came downstairs with Zia, and the same things started, me and shams aunty were feeding the baby after every 4 hours, same night we did feed zia till 5am, at 6-45 am I heard voices of kauser and firdous, don’t go in my husband’s room, he is sleeping he has to go for juma prayers, he hasn’t sleep whole night.

Firdous was waking me up to give bath to zia, later shams aunty knocked the door and said BETA shakeeb get up and help give the baby bath, I could not understand why early in the morning at 6:45 am zia needed bath, as no one slept last night.

Firdous came in the sitting room where I was sleeping; she charged her phone in that room. Kauser said my husband is sleeping there, why did you charge your phone there,why did you go and touched him, do you like shakeeb then go and f*** him, my husband is very fair than yousuf and daddy, after that both of them started shouting at kauser, I tried to calm down but no use, within minutes shams aunty got her clothes in the bag, put on her coat and left the house with firdous, I told shams aunty leaving house is not the solution, she said in a low voice, as kauser was in the next room, she said (AAP IDHAR BHI KEHTAY HAIN AUR UDHAR BHI) showing towards the door where kauser was sitting, they left the house and came back from the car, firdous needed her phone and kauser was not ready to give her phone, I told kauser to give her phone but she was very angry and was not ready to give the phone, shams aunty came inside and tried to snatch the phone from kauser, both of them pushing and pulling kauser, I tried to stop them, shams aunty unplugged the landline phone and left the house, saying I brought bad luck to my house and said kauser TUMHARAY DANTAN TOOTENGE.

It was all pre planned.

When shams aunty abandoned her, kauser got more angry and started calling shams aunts friends and iqbal bhai, Salma bhabhi received the phone, kauser told her that mummy has left me and gone, once she is responsible for my divorce now I can’t take it, I have taken care of mummy and firdous for 20 years now tell iqbal bhai to take care of them. I stopped kauser not to call Aunts friends, she said let everyone knows what is APAJI, she thinks that she is Allah, she thinks she can do anything, let me tell everyone, after sometime zubaida aunts daughter samina baji came and try to settle her down and prepare breakfast for us. Later zubaida aunty and her daughter in law came and were with us till afternoon, I went for juma prayers, when I came back they had gone and we had lunch and kauser went for the bath, meanwhile maimoona aunty called and spoke to kauser and said shams apa is going from here, kauser asked where is she going, she said I think she is coming to harrow, listening this kauser worried and called zubaida aunty and took her permission to go to her house, she went and sat in the car and insisted me to take her to zubaida aunts house, I tried to convinced her, I told her you can’t go to anyone’s house at this situation, it’s been only a week after delivery, but kauser didn’t listen to me, after almost half an hour I had to put L plates on the car and drove to zubaida aunts house. when we reached home they took care of kauser and zia, kauser was fine till evening, meanwhile kauser told me shakeeb last time also they tried to make me mad this time also they are trying, shakeeb please save me, she put her both hands together and said this thing, she said just wait they will come back and ask apology from me in 24 hours… in the evening shams aunty and firdous came to zubaida aunts house along with Ali uncle and maimoona aunty, as they entered in the house, kauser got panic and went inside room and locked herself. I was shocked to hear that psychiatrist is coming to see kauser, I asked amina bhabi, I heard that psychiatrist is coming to see kauser, what happened to her, she does not have any mental illness, psychiatrist was called kauser and I don’t know that he is coming.

I tried to open the door, but in vain, I was running from here and there along with amina bhabi and her children to open the door, shams aunty and firdous were eating pizzas, at last kauser was ready to open the door on one condition, that no one will come inside except me, I said its fine no one will come, later she allowed samina baji to come inside, after sometime psychiatrist came.

Firdous was telling about kausers condition to psychiatrist the way she was describing everything was just unbelievable, I was stunned to hear all these things, she was telling him that kauser is worried about her husband visa, worried about financial status and the car disappeared last night, I interfered and said, I don’t think kauser is worried about financial status, as far as disappearance of car is concerned it was me who drove the car putting L plates on it, kauser didn’t drive the car.

Later psychiatrist went in kausers room along with me and spoke to kauser, and she said so many things which I didn’t know, anyway he told kauser that you need rest, you didn’t have proper sleep, I am giving you diazepam, but kauser refused to take that medicine and asked him, do you know what is the formula of this tablet, he didn’t say anything, then kauser told the formula and for what it is used, she said my mother has been taking these tablets for the last 20 years, I know very well what it is for, doctor gone and later samina baji got the tablets and gave it to me to give kauser, in front her she refused to take it…

Everyone gone, we stayed overnight, but kauser didn’t sleep, she got the small book and started writing so many things, she wrote I need the compensation for paying bills for firdous etc… she needed everything which belongs to her at Corbin’s lane, and written that she was going to file the case against everyone, her parent, brother, sister and their families, whole night she was writing, I was telling her kauser go to sleep, she didn’t listen to me, at 6 am she said shakeeb go and get the photo copies of this 16 pages documents on A4 size, I said why are you doing this just forget about everything, we have a baby now, we have to take care of him, he is our first priority, but she didn’t listen later children woke up and started playing with zia and talking with kauser,

Kauser told me to call asif bhai(zubaida aunts son, iqbal bhais friend)around 11 am asif bhai came along with zubaida aunty and amina bhabhi, kauser told them I am not going to live in harrow, we are going to Templeton road, everyone tried to convince her but in vain, at last we decided to stay at Templeton for some time, and go back to harrow when kauser is fine(at that time one big room was empty in Templeton road and kauser knew about it)later I went to harrow to bring baby’s clothes, pram etc…When I reached harrow along with asif bhai and ali uncle, health visitor was there and she said I am worried about kauser syed, already I have informed Ealing hospital, health visitor will be coming to see her, in this whole process I was unaware or must say that I was kept in dark about kausers mental illness, we went back to zuabida aunts house, where already health visitor was there, she said to kauser, we will go to hospital, they will have a chat with you. we went to the Ealing hospital in the afternoon, kauser was called for a chat with the assistant psychiatrist around 12 clock at night, she was tired and weak, she hadn’t slept for almost 2 weeks, but still she managed to face the assistant psychiatrist, after a long discussion she said, I don’t think you have any mental illness and your baby is safe in your hands. You will be discharged in the morning, we came back to the room in the hospital, kauser didn’t sleep whole night and was very weak, I called the doctors they said she is not trying to sleep, I was feeding and looking after the Zia and Kauser. Next morning she was supposed to be discharged but around 12 clock suddenly kauser started hitting and pinching me, at that time I realized that something is wrong with kauser, meanwhile one nurse found that Zia has got turned yellow, she said we will have to take him to pediatric ward, he was shifted to pediatric ward, when zia was in the pediatric ward whole night firdous took care of him, no one on this earth would think that his wife who is so loving and caring would turn up like this.

I called shams aunty and said kauser is hitting and pinching me, she said you are worried about yourself, whether you will stay in this country or not,(unbelievable reply ,it was not related to kausers health)

Later shams aunty and firdous came to the hospital and went into the ward one by one, but kauser was angry on both of them, she asked me shakeeb asked mummy why she abandoned me(leaving kauser and going from house was the main reason she ended up in this big problem)

Later at night kauser and zia were discharged , kauser was fine till she came downstairs, when she saw shams aunty sitting in the hall, she got panic and started running from here and there , she pinched me to give the car keys, but I didn’t give, I knew if I give her the keys she will end with an accident, she was running from here and there and I called the hospital security and informed them, they said all the doors are closed, she can’t go outside, except through the A& E exit, security in charge deployed two security men at the A & E exit, but still kauser was running from here and there, later security told me to call the police, we can’t help, I went to shams aunty and said they advised to call the police, shams aunty said, FINE call the police, I did ring police they said we can’t help except arresting her, I said I will manage and disconnected the phone.

Later we went to the same ward, kauser was very talkative and were hitting me, next morning they informed the council and baby was kept away from mother in the pediatric ward again, kauser was not stable and worried about zia, she went into the pediatric ward, breaching the security, feed the baby and ran with zia, all the staff was looking for her, but at last we got them safe and fine.

On 5th October 3 psychiatrist came, spoke to kauser and decided that she needs medical treatment. council person called me and asked, do you know what is section, I said I don’t know, he explained me about section 2(28 days detention) and section 3(which was for 6 months) I started shivering hearing all these things, I didn’t know what to do, I told the council person, it is difficult for me to understand your ascent, I need interpreter( just to get the time to talk shams aunty) I called shams aunty who was sitting downstairs I said they are going to do section, she said let them section her, when they give the medicines she will be fine in one week, then I called firdous, she said tell them she needs treatment, it has already happened to her in 2003 and was treated in St Thomas hospital. Shams aunty and firdous confirmed that she has mental illness, later kauser was sectioned and the baby was taken away from us, I went downstairs and could not control my emotions and cried for half an hour, no one can control his emotions when his wife is being detained and the new baby born was taken away.

Everyone gone home, shoeb was also there two days, kauser was even angry with shoeb as he didn’t bring clothes for her from zubaida aunts house, I stopped sheob not to go, because I needed him at the difficult time as I was all alone, I am not going to forget what sheob has done to me at my difficult times, I am thankful to him and will be forever, if shoeb hadn’t helped me I would have ended up all alone, after ALLAH I’m thankful to him.

Here in the hospital kauser was very talkative asking for zia, writing down each and everything along with the time, staff was trying to shift her to Northwick park hospital, day passed by in the night, Ambulance came, but kauser was not ready to go, they called police meanwhile Ambulance gone, it happened whole night, by this time kauser was very very tired, weak, and was hitting me, once she pinched me the pen and my hand started bleeding, council person helped me out with the bandage.(kauser hit and pinched me 15 times, which I didn’t mind because I know she was not well)I would not have told you about hitting and pinching but I want to write everything.

Early in the morning around 4.30 am ambulance and police came, kauser was tied up with the belts in the ambulance and escorted by police vans. Just imagine from which situation, I was going through, when we reached Northwick park hospital, it was unbelievable, I was shocked when kauser ended up in the mental health department, Mad people were locked , men and women were shouting, one woman told kauser, tell your husband they abuse you here sexually, kauser was quarrelling on the floor and was shouting shakeeb, shakeeb, shakeeb, No one can understand from which situation I was going through, I cried again and felt on the road at Northwick park hospital, council person and the nurse helped me out and dropped at home 6am in the morning, when I reached home again I cried for some time I could not control my emotions, shoeb was in harrow he helped me out, shams aunty and firdous were listening I was crying no one came out of their rooms, even I heard them going to toilet but still worst had to come for me.

6th October after couple of hours sleep we woke up and started arranging the house, because council officials were coming for inspection, to check whether baby will be safe and secure, they were satisfied and said go and get the baby from Ealing hospital.

Shams aunty and firdous shown their passports and bank statement to satisfy them. we had to run to get zia from Ealing hospital, shoeb and firdous accompanied me and get the baby after 6 long hours wait, I was questioned again and again each and everything to hand over baby.

At last, Alhamdulillah zia was at home, and I started to Northwick park hospital to see kauser, it was just like a bad dream for me, no one can imagine how I was controlling myself seeing my 10 months old wife surrounded by mad people.

When I went back home shams aunty was ready to held me responsible for everything, I was worried, sad, could not able to eat a piece of bread, at home shams aunty and firdous were cool and relax, on the dinner table shams aunty was telling firdous, serve your brother, eat chicken shakeeb it has got proteins, shams aunty was telling 40 years old stories, I have done this, I have done that, and was laughing…..she was discussing about her affair with Ghouse uncle.

Her daughter is in mental health centre, here at home mother is enjoying the evening.(amazing)

On 7th October , I was returning from Northwick park hospital, after meeting Kauser I was so sad and worried seeing her in that state. I started for home by walk, when I reached home, I was told that kauser called and said that she is going to file the case against shams aunty and firdous for property and compensation, then kauser called I told her don’t do this, but she didn’t listen to me, just to cool her down I told her why are you doing , this and that, we have got the baby now , we are a family, we have to take care of him still she was not listening, then I told her you are doing mistake, withdraw all these cases which you are going to do, otherwise you will be alone, once already you had bad times and divorced, why are you ending up in these problems, do you want to repeat 2005 history, what if you get money from NHS,PROPERTY AND FIRDOUS Bills.(she had filed the case against Ealing hospital for bad treatment, and wanted £500000) I don’t support you, you live alone with the money, I just want you to withdraw all the cases, here shams aunty was telling you are doing all these things, you are responsible, she should know her daughter is in mental health centre and calling from there and she is blaming me. Wow

This was my conversation with Kauser Syed on yahoo mail(please read)

Ziauddin Abid Khan

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 10:40 PM


"Kauser Syed"

To: "md shakeeb"

Can you promise to me to look after the baby by yourself, helped by shoeb. I love you dearly and our baby. But because people are judging me I will be in here longer.
Blond jo mile thee, phele subha subha is called margrets, me age japan jane ke leye naturally ute. me yesterday ke poori din Prof Al masawee ka intezar caree. margret is now my frien, do you remember what she was like at 05.00 when i was checked in. she has been in a secure mental hospital in luton. Phone and ask Dr Manzoor what it is. Margret used to be a legal secutary.
samaj me ara??????????????????????????????????????
app reneallt qo leke templeton road jouuu.
I don't shed magarmach ke ansooooooooooooo.
Emma Ingham will visit me again to day.
please bring me my trainers
Love you

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Husband Dearest

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 12:25 PM


"Kauser Syed"


"md shakeeb"

I can survive here myself, our newborn son needs your protection as you can't protect me from Nigerian Brothers. Be useful my quietly gathering all my credit cards, premium bonds, gold and all Westfield paper and put them in a suitcase.
I love you dearly, but this situation is beyond your understanding, so please while I am a patient of the Fernley ward don't visit me or call with silly matters. remember the purple album.
I had a visitor today Emma Ingham, We had a lovely long chat, she is a teacher, mother and Nuclear Physicist. So we have the same level of understanding about the world.
She will pop in to see me again tomorrow thanks so don't leave our son Ziauddin Abid Khan alone ever. With my busy doctor sister and elderly epileptic mother.
Your committed wife

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[ No Subject ]

Thursday, October 8, 2009 4:48 AM


"Kauser Syed"


"md shakeeb"

I have lost the phone voucher, I am in aa Mental Hospital , what's your excuse?

Please bring

my wallet if it still excists

my business cards ( in long wardrobe single)

Black credit card wallet

Do you really think I want to take our wonderful baby to a mental hospital. you look after him I can get out of here by myself.

Sarah my solocitor is coming to visit 4-5 will advise.

whats going on at home call me on useless nno crest phone if you have the number

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I Love you

Thursday, October 8, 2009 2:46 PM


"Kauser Syed"


"md shakeeb"

Dear Shakeeb,
I think you have misunderstood my actions and feel they are irrational like the doctors. If we don't behave sensibiliy in this situation and think clearly we will lose our baby for evre. As  predicted Firdous within days played the I can't leave Zia with eleleptic mother. Please we will soon al be together tommorow. I love you and baby so much. But this section 2 i am under is very serious and if I don't use the legalr esources i have i will end up like margret. i am fighting the drugs to ruite to ou
shabs call me in the morning on the mob you give me.
 Your dedicated, dutiful and wise wife, Please trust me I can buy 'things' but i can't afford to loose you. 
 hope you feel better please look forward to the triburanal and we will enjoy everythin in the Hampshire. Fernley ward is full of scary pleople and I and really trying to save my mind from these real lunatics. please understand. we will all be free soon.
love you always and forever, forgive me for my disrispect but i am somewhat ill and its the diagnosis i am very very very patiently waiting for. There is no other way to get out of this secure unit by law they can onserve me, by law for 28 days. i am not here voluntarily, bacauser of dave we have the police escort even through that we waited patiently voluntarily for 2 hours in a wheel chair. The
Lily ke bhai ke legal team is going to sort out you immigration, please trust me, i know you love me we will me together dsoon. please text when you have read this mail. please rest and take care of your self and baby until tomorrow.

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On 8th October shams said, when I was going to see kauser.

Suddenly she started shouting on me telling:-

  • if I call and say both mother and father is mad, they will take away your son, you wont know whether your son will be with Hindus, Christians, or Sikhs.

  • I am going to file the case against your parents.

  • If someone talk me in a loud voice, I will kick them out of the house, you also listen Dr Firdous.

9th October: - Kauser was being shifted to Park royal hospital, shams aunty came in the hall where I was sleeping she hit her walking stick on the floor and said get up and get ready to go.

Before leaving I called firdous and shoeb and told shams aunty what has happened so far I am not able to understand what is happening, it is just shocking for me, within hours things have changed, shams aunty started shouting again.

-you are doing all these things, you are responsible,

-you are reaching 40, half of my age and didn’t understand what is happening

Have you and your wife served me three times food, I have been cooking for you.

What kind of education have you got?

Pack your belongings and go from this house, hand over the keys and take zia with you, very next minute we were on the street.

From 9th October to 20th November, she was in coomb wood, except some day’s leaves and a couple of weekend leaves, and I was living with shoeb at Templeton road

I wasn’t going to job, I was fired from the job because I could not go for work, in July 2009 kauser was in Queens Charlottes hospital for three day after heavy bleeding and I had to take care of her and it was my responsibility, at that time Shams aunty and firdous were in India, I lost the job but I didn’t tell kauser, I lost the job because I couldn’t go when you were not well. How could I tell her?

When I didn’t have the job shams aunty was telling because you don’t have job she ended up here, when I begged someone and got the job she called and said,

ALLAH SE DARO take care of your wife, because of you she has ended up there

Leave the job. Don’t do the job.

Once she called at 4:30 am and left voice messages

One day she called at 7am she called and shouted on me, as if im her slave, I didn’t reply her because by that time I had come to know about her, so many people called me when kauser was in coomb wood, they even left the voice message saying no one dares to ask apa what is happening in kausers life, someone said you know apa and her anger just try to manage with her. In the coomb wood kauser shams aunty firdous had an argument and kauser said MUMMY YOU ALSO HAVE GOT BI POLAR, SHAMS AUNTY SAID, PEOPLE SAY, PEOPLE SAY THAT I GOT BI POLAR

By that time I knew so many things about shams aunty, yousuf uncles relationship with shams aunty as was told by shams aunty herself long back and akhter khalas illness, how she eats foods. Shams aunty said kauser go and live Faqiri zindagi with him, firdous was telling we knew the symptoms 3 months back, we already have arranged the house for you in Hyderabad, who is she to arrange the house for us and we didn’t know, she doesn’t know where to charge the phone and don’t know how to open the main door and come inside, samina baji (I feel ashamed calling her baji now, she told firdous DON’T GIVE HIM FREE ENTRY AT HOME. She was calling and texting me saying worried about you kauser and zia. I was not allowed to enter 60 Corbin’s lane without shoeb to collect things for kauser as she didn’t know that I was kicked out of the house. Shams aunty was guarding firdous when shoeb and I went to fit zias cot. When kauser told me to get her purse from home shams aunty asked me to write on the paper what cards you are taking and how much money, which I wrote it down with the date, time and signature (£20 and 5 pence) it was me who handed over the purse before leaving the house. I had to write it down to take my wife’s purse, which I did quietly if I had told kauser all these things she would have ended up in section 3, In coomb wood they were watching kauser and her progress, how could I tell her all these things.

Almost daily I was going to coomb wood to see kauser and zia, I was going to meet solicitors to get the UK Decree absolute, we were supposed to get married (according to UK law) on 7TH 2009 September at Brent council, but they wanted UK Decree Absolute because Afroze ahmed had verbally said (talaq) to kauser whilst in uk., my application was in home office for the extension and they were waiting for the marriage certificate from Brent council to extend the visa.

I met 6 top solicitors, they said you will get the decree absolute but will take sometime, after applying you won’t have any problem from Home office, you will be with your wife and son legally. We could have got but shams aunty forced and pressurised kauser to tell me to withdraw my application from home office and go to India. The way she was treating me, I think she wanted to send kauser in section 3, then I wont be able to get the decree absolute and will have to go India, it was her intention to send me back to India and she succeed in it, but now im not allowing her to play with me, my wife and son. she treated me very badly, when kauser withdrawn from Tribunal, she said when you came to know west field house is on firdous name and kauser doesn’t have any share in Corbin’s lane, you put the brakes to withdraw all the cases, I told her im not doing anything, if im trying to get money It would be just like eating pig. she was keeping all my letters which were coming from mental health centre, she told me I will keep the letters, cant give it to you, she checked my cupboard and the bags where I had kept my papers, in our absence, some envelopes were opened and everything was up and down. since starting she was concentrating on my visa,(me and kauser were worried about visa, but it didn’t mean one will end up in mental health centre)she never mention about Fabriods which kauser have,kauser didn’t sleep properly since April 09. And used to go to school. shams aunty said you told us (Kauser said firdous ki surat dekhey to chidh aa rahi hai) chidh aa rihi hai, Agar chidh aa rahi hai to kya main zimmadaar hoon,chidh kyon aa rahi hai, that is the question.I haven’t told this,she wanted an excuse to create problem and blame everything me, Shams aunty is more scare Kauser than me, she thinks if kauser has depression, she will handover everything to this faqeer. That is why she wants me to spend my whole life in Gulbarga, saying Kauser, Kauser …..Couple of times she called me faqeer.

She told me kausers daddy was asking, ask shakeeb, he is sensible, want to live in London or in India( she was trying to threatened me), she took my signature on marriage certificate couple of days before leaving for India, she got that certificate from west London Islamic society, asked me to sign the blank certificate in a loud voice, COME INFRONT ME AND DO THE SIGNATURE, can you all please tell me getting blank marriage certificate was important or getting the UK Decree Absolute was important, In kausers absence, she said I want to make sure that your marriage is halaal and Zia is not najayaz,(wow unbelievable)as Qazi saab didn’t give the original certificate on nikah day as we did not have the certificate of Approval from Home office for overseas students. Which we had planned to get the COA after getting my work permit.

Shams aunty told shoeb to tell council person at Acton town hall, tell them my brother is not responding, because he is not getting the visa.

On 4th November 2009 she called me at home to teach what to talk and how to talk in the CPU meeting, In the car she insulted me infront firdous and shoeb, firdous was encouraging to be confident, and my mother- in- law was telling don’t tell assertive, he cant understand say positive, show him iqbals videos where they show how to talk infront people. she told me to tell in the meeting that I don’t have medical knowledge, that’s why I didn’t give medicine, tell them zia is not drinking mother’s milk, Indian mentality, culture differences etc…within an hour Allah shown how firdous introduced herself in the meeting, she could not introduce properly,kauser told her to introduce properly to the officials, and shams aunty was talking about her community work etc….

She was concentrating on my visa in the meeting; officials were looking at each other,

Dr Levin said it is just a formality nothing to worry about visa.

Dr Lewin and Dr Patel said kauser, mostly likely you will have this kind of episode again if you have baby in future, they didn’t say if your husband won’t have visa. Shams aunty plays with the words and time and say different different things infront different people, infront me she says something, different thing infront kauser, firdous everyone.

Once shams aunty was telling………..

Dear all, im feeling sad writing all these things but I have to… and marriage are not a joke, whom anyone can play with.

I was a going and meeting solicitor for my visa, here mrs,shams, ms,kauser and Dr. firdous Fatima were threating me to kill zia, if I don’t withdraw my application from Home office and go to India.

They were attacking me and my son zia, at last they tried to be headed zia, I tried to stop and got hurt,still scar is on my palm. Just to safe his life I withdrawn my visa application from home office.

I was so scared on phone home office lady ask me is everything is ok, you look scared, why are you talking so slow.

If I told her, Mrs, shams Ms.kauser and Dr. firdous would have killed my son zia.

Just to safe his life I kept quite and ask home office official to send my passport and documents.

On 27th November after receiving passport from home office I booked the ticket which was for 4th December, shams aunty started saying, he has to get the next flight and go to India.

  • Kauser now MI5 is behind you

  • Police is coming they will hand cuff you and take away

  • Kauser MI5 is spying you

  • Now you will end up in jail

Anyway kauser gave me £ 1500, £500 for one way ticket (which was for next day 28th November). £1000 for my expenses from our reception money. I took the money from kauser because it was from our reception gifts, otherwise I wouldn’t have. Next morning at 5.30 I left London, just imagine from which situation I was going through leaving kauser in this state and leaving zia, I couldn’t play for a while with zia and no one came to drop me at airport. (I can understand kauser could not come after taking medicines, she was feeling sleepy) I felt like im being kicked out of the house and from kauser and zias life.When I reached Hyderabad at home, my mother told me, shams aunty called last night and said that shakeeb was telling that he is missing his parents, its been 4years and 6 months so we sent him to see you.

In the evening I was told that my father had a heart attack and was in hospital for 3 days, they had called and told shoeb about father, but shoeb didn’t tell me he knew from which situation I was going through.

Since I landed in Hyderabad, every day I was in touch with kauser,

On 16 December 2009, kauser called me and said, mummy is selling 60 Corbin’s lane, im leaving the job, firdous will be doing her job in Gulbarga, here everyone is fed up with this country, we are going to send the car, chesterfield sofa etc by cargo.

  • What do you want, do you want England or wife and son.

  • You have an option to come to Gulbarga and live.

Later we decided that I will go to Middle East and get the family visa and will live together, since then everything was going fine.

13th January 2010, kauser called me and said, shakeeb I have got a manic depression attack, im coming to India, I asked her , where are you and where is zia, she said im in the car and zia is at home,

I told her, you can’t come to India like this, go back home and take care of zia, you can’t leave him alone, you are his mother and you have to take care of him, she went to maimoona aunts house, she called again and I spoke to maimoona aunty and Ali uncle, she wanted me to live in Gulbarga, just to cool her down I said kauser just relax, go home, we will live in Gulbarga, I spoke to her for two days, she was fine. From 15th January to 17th January there was no reply from kauser and home phone, on 18th January someone received the call listening my voice and disconnected the phone, and I left voice messages but no reply.

19th January 2010,shams aunty received the call and said you told kauser not to come to India, now she is not well and relaxing, I asked her, Is kauser is at home or in Hospital, she said, Kauser told me if shakeeb calls tell him that im relaxing and disconnected the phone telling OK, ALLAH HAFIZ, OK ALLAH HAFIZ.

On Fri, 1/1/10, Miraj Syed wrote:

From: Miraj Syed
Subject: FW: Baby Ziauddin
Date: Friday, January 1, 2010, 2:35 PM

Dear Kauser & Shakeeb,

Just viewed the pictures you sent, very happy to see them, both of you and Ziauddin Abid look great Mashallah
Look forward to seeing many more inshallah as Ziauddin Abid grows up.
Please remember you are all in our prayers and we are praying especially for all 3 of you to be back together again soon Inshallah,
All of you take care,
Love you all,

Miraj, Asif, Azhad, Rabia

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:53:19 -0800

 kauser, hope u and zia are fine
 i have been trying to contact you, but not getting any information about u and zia
 i am worried here
 please reply as soon as possible
or give me a call
 allah hafiz
 yours shakeeb

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