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Panaji, 9th May, 1974 (Vaisakha 19, 18961





3. General Establishment of Mental Hospital.­Mi:mtal Hospital "Abade Faria" has been established


Public Health Department



In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 91 ·of the Indian Lunacy Act, 1912 (Act 4 of 1912) and ca.ll other powers enabling it in that behalf, the Ga­

. vernment of Goa, Daman and Diu hereby makes the following rules and publishes the same, as required by the section 92 of the said Act.

1. Short title, extent and connnencement. -(1) These Rules may be called as "The Goa, Daman and Diu Lunacy Rules, 1974".

(2) They shall come into force at once and shall

extend to the whole Uuion Territory of Goa, Daman ,and Diu. ­

2_ Definition. -In these Rules unless there is ;anything repugnant to the subject or context­

(a) "Act" means: the Indian Lunacy Act, 1912;

(b) "Section" means a section of the Act;

(c) "Superintendent" means the officer in charge of the Mental Hospital;

(d) "Government'! means Government of Goa, Daman and Diu;

(e) "Union Territory" means the Unoin ter­ritory of Goa, Daman and Diu;
(f) "Magistrate" means District Magistrate,

-Subdivisional Magistrate or a Magistrate of the First Class, specially empowered by the Govern­ment to perform the functions of a Magistrate under the Act;

(g) "Official Visitor" means any person appointed as a Visitor by the Government;

(h) "Escort" means any near relative of the lunatic or any other person including the police officer whom the Magistrate. may direct to escort the patient;

(i) "Mental Hospital" means Mental Hospital "Abade Faria" situated at Altinho, Panaji.
by the Government under section 84 of the Act for the reception and treatment of persons of any class from any part of the Union Territory.

4. Detention of person under observation. -(1) A person ordered to be detained for observation under section 16 of the Act in any part of this Union Territory in which there is no Mental Hospital shall be sent to a hospital or dispensary where suitable accommodation exists, or to a jailor lock-up, as may seem most appropriate to the Magistrate, regard being had to his apparent condition, the means and availability of accommodation and guarding, and the facilities for skilled observation available in each case.

(2) The Magistrate may at his discretion make special provision for guarding the person detained by police officers.

5. Admission of voluntary boarders. -(1) Any person who wishes to become a voluntary boarder in a Mental Hospital must obtain from the.Superin­tendent a f0J:IIl (Appendix I), which he will fill up and srgn and have approval of two of the official visitors. He should then submit the forms to the Superintendent who shall subject to the provisions of the sub-rule (4) receive and lodge him for treat­ment, if suitable accommodation is available. Pro­vided that in caSes of minor person the application shall be signed by his guardian.

(2) Whenever a voluntary boarder is admitted or a minor is _admitted in a Mental Hospital he/she as the case may be or the guardian in the case of minor should pay an advance-of Rs. 5/-or such amount, the Superintendent of the Mental Hospital may direct, not exceeding Rs. 5/-to convey him/her to his/her hpme with an escort and for return jour­ney of the escort also. While taking declaration of the income of his/her guardian at the time of the admission, the guardian should give in writing that the maintenance charges shall be paid in advance and subsequently, if the guardian proves to be a defaulter, the Superintendent of the Mental Hospi­tal shall have the discretion to discharge the patient and sent him/her home with an escort and make the necessary recoveries.

(3) The voluntary boarder shall be discharged at the request of the boarder himself or in case of minor by his/her guardran, within 24 hours of mak­ing such a request.

(4) No person in charge of an asylum sh!ill, in granting a Certificate prescribed in the form in Appendix I to an intending bparder or for receiving


and lodging him in the asylum under the provision to sUb-section (1) of Section 4, charge feel! of any

hlnQ .

6. Intimation to Superintendent that lunatic is to be received. -(1) Any authority before making a reception order or an order for admission to any Mental Hospital shall communicate direct with the Superintendent and ascertain if accommodation is available specifying at the same time the sex, race

, and caste of the lunatic.

(2) Inquiry as to the dO!llicile of the lunatic: -A Magistrate making a reception order under sec' tion 14 or 15 of the Act, shall after ascertaining that accommodation is available, direct the reception of the lunatic into the Mental Hospital or Asylum, afford;ng suitable accommodation. He shall, in all cases; make strict inquiry as to the domicile of the lunatic and shall see that entry to that effect is made in the medical history sheet (Appendix III) or is communicated as soon as possible to the Supe­rintendent of the Hospital.

(3) Procedure to be followed by Magistrate mak" ing reception order under sections' 5-11 of the Act: -A Magistrate cannot authorise the admission of a lunatic under section 5-11 of the Act into an Asylum or Mental Hospital in another State except under a general spec'al. order of the Government made in this behalf (Section 85 of the Act). In all such cases he shall first sai~fy himself that accommodation is available and that the cost of maintenance will be .pa'd(sec.11). In order to effect the earliest possible treatment of the lunat'c, action shall be taken as soon as possible, and the Magistrate shall furn;'sh
.to the Government iil writing full details as to domi­cile, reasons for the admission fees agreed to, etc.

7. ,Undertaking in writing by the petitioner or some other person for the payment ot maintenance .charges of the lunatic.-The petitioner or some other peroon desiring to eng-age himself under clause (b) of section 11 of this Act to pay the cost of mainte­n"nce of the lunatic shall, in order to satisfy the Magistrate that he will carry out his undertak­ing-, ".ives such undertaking in the form in Appen­dix IV. .

8. Transfer and escort of lunatic. -.(1) When a M".,.istrate has made an 'order under section 14 or 15 of the Act for the detention of a lunatic in Mental Hospital he shall arrang-e,. in communication with -the police. for the earlv despatch of such lunatic with a suitable escort. The reception order, the me­d'c"l hiiltory sheet in the form, Appendix III, the e,"denc€ of the med'c"l witneR', if taken, and any other papers or coples thereof that may be neCf'ssary or have a hearing on the lunatic's state of mind shall be forW.rded to the Sunerintendent of the Hospital by 'reg-istered post,a dunl'cate of the order being also given to the €"cort. If for any reason the medi­cal history sheet or other docum'ent not prescribed by the Act cannot be forwarded at once, they should be furnished later; but the' lunatic should not be allowed to remain in a civil hospital or lock-up be­cause these papers are not ready.
(2) No lunatic shall be de"natched to the Mental Ho,"pital unle"S a medical oWcer or medical prac. titioner certifies in thepreRcribed form (Appen­~x II} immediately before despatch that he is fit to travel. The originals of such certificates shall be sent to the Superintendent of the Hospital by ppst.

(3) The Magistrate, shall satisfy himself that the lunatic is provided with sufficient clothing and bed­ding for his protection and comfort during the jour-. ney. He shall provide the €scort· with sufficient means to purchase food for the lunatic on the jour­ney, and shall instruct the officer in charge to take the lunatic to the nearest hospital for treatment in the event of his becoming ill.

(4) A female lunatic as far as possible shall be accompanied by a female attendant or relative, in addition to the police escort.
9. Documents to accompany ii lunatic sent to a Mental Hospital. -The Superintendent shall see that the documents detailed below and such other' documents as may be from time to time prescribed, accompany every lunatic sent to the Mental Hospi .. tal. Any defect or omission discovered shall be brought to the noVce of the authority or person concerned with a view to its prompt rectification.


Documents to be forwarded by the Magistrate­in the case of a lunatic placed under restraint upon petition­

(1)Th.;' reception order (Schedule I, Form 2, of the Act).

(2) Two medical certificates referred to in section 5 (i).

(3) Original application for a reception order

( and statement of partiCUlars (Schedule I, Form I, of the Act).

(4) If the case has been investigated or sent up by the police, the more important police papers ,(or copie~ thereof) on the men­tal conditiDn and history of the lunatic.

(5) A certificate of fitness for travelling (Rule 8(2) and appendix II).

Documents to be forwarded by the Magistrate in the case of a lunatic found wandering at large, a dangerous lunatic, or . a lunatic not under proper case and control, or w:ho is cruelly treated· or'

neglected -.

(1) The reception order (Schedule I, Form 5 of the -Act)., .


(2) A certificate from a medical officer I (Schedul» I, Form 3, of the Act).

(3) The revised form of Medical history sheet (App. ill).
(4)' If the case has been investigated or sent by tPe police the more important police papers (or copies thereof) bearing on the mental con­dition and history of the lunatic).

(5) A certificate of fitness for travelling (Rules 8 (2) and Appendix :Q:).


Documents to be forwarded by the Court in. the case of a criminal lunatic a Mental HOspital'



I 0

under section 466 or 471 of the ·Criminal Procedure Qxle read with section 24' of the Act,

, (1) A copy of the judgement or where is ~o ' judgement, of the order ?f the a:>urt. Also, m

oany 'case tried by Jury m,a SesslOns Court, a copy either of the heads of the charge to the jury or of the Committing Magistrate's order, or of both, as may be considered by the pre­siding judge to be most useful.

(2) The revised form of medical history sheet (Appendix ill).

, (3) If the case has been investigated or sent up by the police, the more important .of the police papers (or copies thereof) bearmg


(4) A certificate of fitness for travelling (Rule 8(2) and Appen


Documents to be forwarded by the Superinten­,dent of the jail in the case of a prisoner becoming insane while in jail and being transferred from a jai'l. to a Mental Hospital under section 30(1) of the Prisoners Act, 1900.

'(1) The nominal roll of the Prisoners Act, 1900.

(2) A copy of the warrant under which he is confined.

(3) The Medical Officer's certificate in the form prescribed.

(4) The revised form of Medical history sheet (Appendix ill).

(5) A copy of the judgement should also be supplied by the Superintendent of Jail.

Documents to be forwarded by the military autho­rities in the case of an insane soldier sent by a medi­,cal officer under section 12 of the Act­



(1) Documents prescribid by military regu­lations.

  1. Amendment of pawrs sent with lunatics.­Superintendent of Mental 'Hospital shall remedy as far as possible all important deficiencies in the papers forwarded to him with reference to any luna­tic, other than the papers referred to in section '2:l, after communicating with the authority who signed the order for detention, reception or admission or with the certifying medical officers.

  2. Monthly meeting of official visitors. -(1) A meeting of not less than two official vtsitors, one

'of whom shall be a medical officer, shall be held twice in each month to inspect the Mental Hospital, notice being given by the Superintendent, who shall endeavour to arrange the time and date to meet the

.convenience of the visitors.

,(2) A list of the official visitors shall be printed oil the notice board calling the meeting.

(3) All orders of the Government relating to the

management of Mental Hospital shall be laid before 'the official visitors at their monthly meeting 'toge­

ther with, any remarks of visitors who may have visited the hospital since the last meeting.

(4) 'The official visitors will be entitled to T. A. & D: A. for attending the meetings convened und~ the provisions of this rule, at the sa~e;ate ~s applI­cable to Class I Officers of this AdmmlstratlOn.

12. Remarks by o~ficial visitors in visitors' books. -An official visi,tor shall record in the Visitors' Book any. remarks he may wish to make. A copy of such remarks shall be transmitted to the Director of Health Services by the Superintendent with such comments as he considers necessary.

, 13. Reports by official visitors on criminal, luna,. ticS. -When the official visitors certify that crimi­nallunatic detained under section 466 of the Criminal Procedure Code is capable ()f making his defence or that a criminal lunatic detained under the said Code, may be discharged, their eertificates shall be for­warded to the Magistrate or Court concerned or to the Government through the Superintendent who shall forWard with it a report in the manner pres­cribedin rule 14. When \ the official visitors certify under 'seCtion 473'of the said Code that a Criminal lunatic is capable of making his defence, they shall at the same time state wehether he may be safely discharged and certified copy of their statement

shall be, f.orwarded by the Superintendent to the trying court. '

1:4. Removal ,and discharge' of criminal lunatics detained under Chapter XXXIV of the Criminal Pro­cedure Code. -A Superintendent submitting f.or orders the report .of the visitors 'On the caSe of a criminal lunatic detained under the provisions of Chapter' XXXIV of the Criminal Procedure Code shall forward therewith t.o the Magistrate or Court concerned or the Government,as the case may be, the medical history sheet of the lunatic in the form .of Appendix V accompanied by an abstract from the Mental Hospital case book detailing:the chief events in his history, recorded opinions with dates regard­

ing hisniental attitude while under observation in the Hospital and shall state his .opinion as to the' safety oithe pr.oposed procedure. When a report is submitted with reference t.o a'lunatic whom it is pr.oposeq to deal with under secti.on 474 or 475 of the Criminal Procedure Code,' the Superintendent shall also submit in the fullest detail his reasons f.or

believing that it is safe to set thelunatic at liberty; arid when the Superintendent considers that, owing to the nature .of the disease or t.o the nature .of the crimes for which the lunatic has been detained, there are elements .of difficulty, he may, when submitting his report, advise that the lunatic be kept for further .observation in ,an isolated ward. The Superintendent shall, after such period of observati.on as he may consider necessary, submit his recommendations to the Government.

  1. Removal of lunatic prisoner. -The Superin-' tendent shall suo moto submit the Government con­cerning any lunatic prisoner detained under Section 30 of Prisoners Act, 1900 when he considers to have bec.ome of sound mind,a report in the manner pres­cribed in Rule 14 as s.oon as he considers it safe to return the'prisoner to jail to complete his sentence.

  2. :Detention .of a lunatic prisoner after expiry .of sentenCe. -When the Superintendent considers

, ",' ;,; .8BRIE8>INo._o

it necessary that a lunatic prisoner should be de­tained after the completion of his sentence he shall submit a report to the concerned Magistrate or QQ­vernment in the manner prescribed in rule 14 not

.less than 21 days before the expiry of the sentence ,of the said lunatic prisoner.

17. Special repOrt on criminal lunatics detained under Criminal Procedure, Code. ~(1) Superinten­,dent shall submit special half yearly reports regard­ing criminal lunatic detained under the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code on the 1st January and 1st July of each year in the prescribed form.

(2) With these _half yearly reports an abstract statement shall be submitted in the form prescribed, the reports on individual cases being summarised therein.

  1. Discharge of destitute inmates -Travelling expenses. -When a person detained in a Mental Hospital, who has no means or relations to assist him, is about to be discharged and has a long dis­,tance to go to his native place (within India) a sum sufficient for his travelling expenses shall Toe given to him by the-Superintendent of the Hospital.

  2. Disposal of documents on discharge or death of inmates. -On the discharge or death of inmates -<>ther than criminal lunatics or military insanes all documents received with them shall be filed. In the ~ase military insanes they shall be disposed of in accordance with the military regulations in force.

  3. Escape of an inmate. -In the event of the escape of a person received into a Mental Hospital an immediate report with a full discription shall be made to, the Police authorities, and within 24 hoUrs to the Director of Health Services and the Magis­trate who authorised his detention. ­

  4. Fees chargeable for maintenance. -(I.) Sub­ject to the provisions of sub-rule (3) & (4) fees shall b,e charged for the maintenance of inmates of QQ_ vernment Mental Hospitals at the following rates,


(i) Person s (including Free of Charge the i r dependents) whose income does not exceed Rs,500/­per month. "

(ii) Per son s-(including p. m. Rs. 2/-perthe 'iT dependents) day.whose income is more than Rs. 500/c per month but does not exceed Rs.750/-.
(iii) Per son s (including Rs. 3/-per day.thei r dependents) whose income is over_ Rs. 750/-per month.

(iv) Members of the Army; At the rates pres­Navy or Air Force or cribed in Army any other armed for­regulations. ces of the Union.

Explanation: -In this sub-rule, the expression

"dependent" means any of the following relatives of

,a person namely a wife, husband, parent, child minor

4>rother, unmarried sister and deceased son's'widow ,and child and where no parent of the persons is alive,_ a paternal grand parent, residing with and wholly dependent on such persons.

2. Fees when due from inmates shall be paid mon­thly in advance. '

, Explanation: -For the purpose of calculating the fees both the day of admission into the hospital and the day of discharge therefrom shall together be co­unted as one day. '

3. Subject to the provisions ofsub-rule (4) the fol-, lowing. categories of persons are exempted from the payment of all charges and fees:­

(a) QQvernment servants and members of' their families.

(,b) Honorary medical officers of QQvernment Hospitals and Dispensaries.

(c) All Students of recognized educational instLtutions. '

(d) The persons detained by orders of Magis­trate.

(e) Under trial prisoners and persons sent for­treatment in mediCO-legal cases, and
(f) Freedom fighters and their families.

, Note::-,-Family, means, for the purpose of this rule such a QQvernment servants or a Political Suf­ferer's wife or husband, legitimate and step children, parents, unmarried sisters and brothers below the' age of 18 if residing him/her and wholly depen­dent on him/her.

  1. Nothing in this rule shall apply to any payment ordered under the provisions of section 87, 88 and 89 of the Act.

  2. Reduction or remission of maintainance charges by the'order of the Magistrate: -(a) where a Ma­

, gistrate who had authorised the detention of an in­mate finds, after due enquiry, that the petitioner or other person who had engaged in writing, under­clause (b), of section 11., to pay the cost of mainte­nance of the inmate, has died or is unable to conti­nue the payment of the cost of maintenance the Ma­gisrtrate may subject to the p~ovisions,of' sub-rule

(1) order a reduction or remission of such cost and i~orm the, superintendent of the Hospital accor­

dmgly. ' ' , ,

(b). :Vh~re the inmate imm~iately prior to his admISSIOn mto the hospital,was ordinarily residing in :'lny,.ar~a,within the limits of a local authority whIch IS lIable to pay the cost of maintenance of' lunatics under the provisions of the law governing such, local ~uthority,-the Magistrate shall after the due inquky made 'in tha,t behalf order in modifica­tion of th""" earlier order reduction or remission of charges made under sub-rule (i) issue a fresh main­ten:mce order charging such local authOrity withthe mamtenance charges of the aforesaid inmate at the­rate prescribed under rule 21.

22. Pregnant inmate. -':If a female-inmate' is found to be pregnant when she Is admitted the fact should be.noted in the casebook and her family in­fOnl,led at once. If th,e fact becomes known later, her ~ru:my sh?uld be, informed without delay. Whenever­It IspoSSlblefor her family to make arrangements


for her confinement outside the Hospital this course shall be followed.

  1. Dangerous'illness of an inmate. -If an inmate becomes seriousIy ill, the fact should be at once noti­fi&J. to his/her relatives or guarding. It shall how­ever be competent upon the Superintendent of the Mental Hospital to transfer such patient to any Go-­vernment Hospital for treatment, the criminal patient should be sent under Police escort and custody.

  2. Death of an inmate. -On the death of an inmate the fact should at once be notified to the rela­tives or friends, if known, and also to the authority by whom the lunatic was sent to the hospital.

  3. Pos'l mortem examination. -A post mortem examination shall be made after obtaining the neces­sary order in that behalf fr6m a Magistrate' in all cases of sudden death (a) in which the cause of death is not known and (b) in which suspicion has arisen as to the cause of death. In other cases a post­-mortem examination may be made, if practicable, when it is likely to furnish information as to the nature of cause of insanity. The consent of the rela­tives, if any should first be obtained.

  4. Report of death,of crhninal lunatic or lunatic prisoner. -A report of death of a person confined in a Mental Hospital under the' provisions of Chapter XXXIV of the Code, of Criminal Procedure, 1898 or the Prisoners Act, 1900, shall be submitted by the

,Superintendent of the HQspital to the Director of Health Services who shall dispose of the same after satisfying himself that the standing orders relating such reports have been duly carried out by the Supe­rintendent.

2:7. Funeral expense. -The funeral expenses of pauper inmates shall be defrayed by the Government but in the case of fee-paying inmate shall be paid by the person Or persons hitherto resPQnsible for the maintenance of the inmate. '

28. Mechanical restraint. -Mechanical restraint shall be used as rarely as possible and only under the order of the'Superintel1dent. , ' .

.29. PermisSion tovisi~rs to visit the Mental Hos­

PItal. -No one unconnected with a Mental Hospital .shall be permitted to enter the Hospital without an order in writing from the Superintendent. It is within the discretion of the Superintendent to refuse a vi­sitor access toa particular ·inmate or admission to the Hospital.

30. Hours of visits of friends or relatives. ~Vi'Sits of friends or relatives to inmate are permitted on the day and at the hours fixed by the Superintendent. The Superintendent, or in his absence, his authorised agent may give special permission for visits at other

times. .

31. Business interviews with inmates. -Business interviews between visitors and inmates are only all0v.:ed with the permission of the Superintendent and ill'the presence of one of the upper staff.

32..Letter to' and from inmates. -All letters,to and from inmates must pass through the hands of

. 'J

the Superintendent who will decide whether they should be delivered to the parties concernfld·

  1. Male visitors in female wards. -Male visitora to the mental hospital are permitted to enter the female enclosure only with'the express permission of the Superintendent in writing. If admitted, they wiU only be allowed to converse with the inmate in the presence of one of the. upper staff.

  2. Lunatic merchant seamen. -The Superinten­dent shall furnish notice of admission or diseharge of a lunatic merchant seamen to the Shipping Ma&­ter/Captain of Ports, Goa who will procure in the case of an admission whatever information is ob­tainable relating to the previous history of the lunatic.

  3. Private property of inmates. -(1) The Supe­rintendent shall keep a Private Property Book in which all property belonging to an inmate brought to the Mental Hospital shall be entered.

(2) Articles of small value, cooking utensils, and perishable articles shall be placed in the store room in charge of a responsible officer, to be restored on discharge, if this takes place within a year. After the expiry of this period such articles shall be sold and the proceeds credited to the inmate's account. Perishable articles may be so disposed of at an earlier date under the orders of the Superintendent.

(3) Articles of value, gold, 'silver, ring, 'Chains, watches, trinkets, etc. shall be kept in the Hospital office safe in separate sealed packets with the owner's name thereon and may not be disposed of without the sanction of the authority which ordered his confinement. The officer-in-charge of the safe shall be responsible for these articles.

(4) All sums of rupees ten and above, belonging to any lunatic inmate and found or brought with him on admission to the Mental ,Hospital shall be deposited in the Post Office Savings Bank to th.e· credit of the said inmate and every such account shall be operated by ·the Superintendent in the interests of the inmate in consultation with his relatives or guardians, if any. Such sums if under Rs. 10/-may be kept in the safe of the Steward and may be ex­pended in the interests of the inmatesby the Supe­rintendent as an when required..The amounts as kept shall be accounted for in the Private Money Account Ledger of the Institution.

(5) The Private Property Book and the Private Money Account shall be examinedby theaudit·offi­cers in the saine wayas the public accoUnts, and the property shall be checked by sUch officers at the.
time of audit. . " . . . '.

  1. Clothing .of inmates. -The Superintendent may permit any inmate to wear his own clothes.

  2. Private servants. -Inmates may have private servants with the Superintendent's consent, if, they pay for them. These private servants should as a rule be engaged by the Superintendent, and shall work under his control.

  3. Employment of inmates.-o--' No officral of,the Mental Hospital shall employ an inmate to ,do any privatework,~ithout thepermisslonof the Supe­

rintendent: .. '. . .

. 39. Penalty. -Whoever commits a breach of rules 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 shall. on conviction by Magis­trate, be punisbable with fines which may extend to fifty rupees.

By order and in the name of the Administrator of Goa, Daman and Diu. .

P. Nororiha, Under Secretary (Health).

Panaji, 16th March, 1974.


(Vide Rule 5)

Application Form for Reception (for voluntary bOarders)

To The Visitors, Mental Hospital. Stlr, , • J

I ... hereby request that you will authorise the Superin­tendent, «Abbade Farl·a» Mental HOSpital, to receive me into

'the above mentioned <,institutiOll as a voluntary boarder under !the proviso to ',sulJ...section (0 of Section 4 of the Indian Lunancy Act, IV of 1912,

I hereby engage 1;0 pay the -cost of mWintenance in the Mental Hospital at the rate of R'S.... per day (or I hereby declare thart I am destitute and unable to defray the cost of my maintenance).,

I beg to remain. Sirs, Yours faithfully.

Signature of the appl!icant




I hereby certify that.J am will'ing to r""€Iive Mr:/Mrs,/Mfss. for Itreatlnent as. a voluntary boarder in-the Mental Hospttal accommodation for kim/her ~s ava!llable.

Date: Superi!ntenderit Men.tal Hospital

Approved . Approved Signalture of the Visitor Sigilatur'e of the -Visitor

Date: 'Date:


[Vide Rule 8(2) 1

. of fitness for _.,. and condition of health in the case of lunatics s""t to Mental Hospital



Oert:Ii'ied tha\; etlim:maIlunatic ... (Name ... is lin suftJiolen­

the IunatJic t1y good health and lin a ilit state to trave1,Jfrom (name of !the station) ... to the ... MenJ\al Hospital at ...

(·Si!gned) ..•

Medical Officer

Medical P~actitloner

N, B. The cel'l;l;jlcate may be signed hY· any regfstered medleal practllbloner/medlcal officer.

APPENDIXm ReVIsed F:onn of Medleal mstory Sheet of lunatics

N. B. -'rhe ultimate ~esponsllill:llty far the preparation of this Form rests with the Comm!itblng

must see that .the requiSite information is supplioo by the porice and the Medical OffJcer without undue delay. .

Questions to be answered up<)n informati


  1. Name.O!f paltdent :1n. full and caste or race.

  2. (Name

  3. Mar.rlied fOr single or widowed.

  4. Condition· of life and previous occupamon I(il;f any). 5, Religlion.


  1. Place of tJirth and recent place -of abode* or domio:!1e.

  2. Whether homeless or liV'~ with relativest

  3. Whether any member paJtiient's family has been o~ lis aff.ected with linsanity.

  4. Whether the attack is the first attack of insanity or not.

  5. Age (,if known) at the onset of !the first attack. ll. Previous history and halYits$ and tracts ind!i.cating


  1. Duration and nature of· any previous' attacks.

  2. Supposed cause of 1nsanity@.

  3. Duration of existing atltack.


Questions to be answered-by the Medical ()ffllcer alone.

  1. Sex and age of patient.

  2. :Marks whereby the patient may be identllfied.

  3. State of bodaly health+.

  4. Symptoms eJOMbited.

  5. Supposed exCiting cause of present attack.

  6. Whether subject to epilepsy or any other disease.

7. Whether st>lcidal.

'8. Wh~ther dangerous to the others.


'" Here' the name _of the lane or street, village, pOlice station, and district and length of residence should be stated. As much detail as possible should be given.

0jo This heading should show the names and addresses of the rela­tives or person legally bound to mainta;~n the lunatic (if any) and whether othey are able and willing to take charge of him or to bear the cost of his maintenance in the Mental Hospital, and, it not, why


S In this the mode of life the patient led, his conduct reasons -for suspeding insa~ty history of any particular illness whi~h may have helped to produce this condition of mind,' his temperament or anyhabit of taking or smoking any drug should be mentioned: in the case of criminal lunatics, also-the nature of the crime the detailed circumstances under which it was committed how he came to be arrested by the Police _and the section under which the lunatic was charged and the result of trial in addition to other part'!culars which may be. available.

@ Whether he is,addicted to any spirits or drugs, and if so, for how long he has been So addicted and what is the quantity habitually

taken. whether he is a member 'of any -particular, 'reEgi6us or pali..

tical society or whether' he suffered' from ,loss ,of property, loss of

relatives, domestic troubles, or immediately before the attack.

+ In this, the _general health of the patient as weli as any abnor­mality of feature or development should be entered. It'is desirable that special mention be made as to whether the patient is or is not suffering from any tubercular disease.


(VIde Rule 7)


Whereas an application has been made to ... Mag1is~rate_ ... under section 5 of the -Indian Lunacy Act, 1912-(IV of 19~2) (Hereinafiter called the said '«Aci» for order" for .-'receptiion of ..-. (State the name of the Lunatic) ,Heremafter -{!alled (<safd

AND WHEREAS pursuant to the Ba!id ,application the: said Mag'iSttate is :inclined to make a receptIon-order under' ~c­tion.7 (or 10) of the said Act.·






AND WHEREAS sectton 11 of the said act provides that no reception order shall be made under seotion 7 or section ~O. save 'in the case of a lunatic who is dangerous and unfit to be at large, urness the peUtioner or lSomeother person engages in writing to the sacisfaaCion of the MagistraLe to

pay the cost of maintenance of t.he lunart:!ic.,

A"ND WHEREAS ... RESIDING at "", the person making. the said application (or at :the request of the person making :the said apprication) 'is desirous of engaging in writing to pay the ,cost of maiDJlenance of the. 'Said lunatic.

NOW, THEREFORE the said ... do hereby bind h'imself and agree with the Lt. Governor of Goa, Daman and Diu (hereinafter 'l'eferr-ed to as «the Governmerut») that he, the abovenamed bounded shall on demand pay to the person in charge of the said asylum or as may be otherwise required

by the Governmerut the marintena:nce charges of the said luna­tlc per day as and when the same becomes due and pay and in -the event of the failure on the part of the above named bounded to pay the said m~intenance charges or any part the­reof as and when s~e becomes due and payable, the Go­vernment may without prejudice to. any other rights or reme­dies ot the Government recover from the above named boun­ded 'Such' outstanding charges as arrears. of land revenue.

I •


(Vide Rule 14)

Whenever the papers of a crtiminal lunatic are sent up to the Governmenrt or to ·a court for orders they should be accompanied by a medical history sheet containing the fullow­mg particulars:­

  1. N arne and sex.

  2. C:r.lme.

  3. Present age.

  1. Physical State.

  2. Probable cause of ,insan:ity.

  3. Type of IInsanity.

  4. Dura:tion of insan.ity and has tIt been continuous, givIng dates.

  5. Has he, while "insane; been considered especially dan­gerous to others. If so, give dates. '

9'. If reported sane, how long since last manifestation of insan!ty.

10. What has been his demeanour and conduct whlle ndted as sane?

1,1. Is he subject to relapses? If so, give dates.

12. Is he capable (a) of taki.iJ.g care of himself, (b) of 'earning a liveJ.:l1!ood?

13. How has he been employed while m the HosplUal?

14. If Secu:t1ity iig. obtainable, its nature and the Soola! position and character of the suretles to be stated.



Finance Department !Revenue)



Read: Govt. Notification No. Fin(Rev)/2.36/ /AR/5/71 dated 27-1-1971. '

For the words and figures «No. Fin(Rev)/2-36/ /part/873/B/66 dated 29-4-1969 appearing in the 8th and 9th lines of the Government notification No. Fin(Rev)/2.36/AR/5/71 dated 27-1-1971, the words and figures «No. Fin(Rev)/2.36/part/873/ /B/68 dated 29~4-1968» shall be substituted.

By order and in the name of the Lt. Governor of Goa, Daman and Diu·

S. S. 8ukhatan1car, Under Sooretary (Finance).

Panaji, 24th April, 1974.

law and Judiciary Department



The following Act passed by the Legislative AB­sembly of Goa, Daman and' DIU which received the assent of the Administrator of Goa, Daman and Diu on 2nd May, 1974 is hereby published for general information.

M. S. Bor1car, Under Secretary (Law).

Panaji, 3rd May, 1974.


(Act No.5 of 1974) [2nd May, 1974J

An Act to authorise payment and appropriation of

certain sums from and out of the Consolidated Fund .of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu for the services and pjlrposes of the financial sear

1974-75. ,

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of Goa, Daman and 'Diu in the Twenty-fifth Year of the Republic of India as ,follows:--'

1. Short title. '-This Act may be called 'the Goa, Daman and Diu Appropriation Act, 1974.

2. Issue ofRs. 45,12,98,000 out of the Consolidated Fund of the'Union Territory ofG(la, Daman and Diu for the fin~ncial year 1974-75.-From and out of the Consolidated Fund of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu, there may be paid and applied sums not exceeding those specified in column 5 of the Schedule, amounting in the aggregate [inclusive of the sums specified in column 3 of the Schedule to the Goa, Daman and Diu Appropriation (Vote on Account) B;1l,1974 (Bill No.8 of 1974) 1to the sum of forty five crores, twelve lakhs, and ninety eight thousand rupees, towards defraying the several charges which will arise for payment during the financial year 1974-75 in respoot of the services and purposes spooified in column 2 of the Scheduie .

3. AppropriatiolL -The sums authorised to be paid and applied from and out of the Consolidated Fund of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu by this Act shall be appropriated for the services and purposes expressed in the Schedule in relation to the said financial year.
THE SCHEDULE (See Sections 2 and 3)


-~ ,0

ci Z

Sums not exceeding

Charged on the Con­


Services and purp.oses

Voted byAssembly

FUnd of the Union t@.....Hory



of Goa, Daman

and Diu

1 2 3 4 5


Union Territory Le-


. Rs.


gislature and Elec­





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