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Pottery magic – Workshops on the place of the traditional Bulgarian ceramics and pottery in contemporary culture

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Pottery magic – Workshops on the place of the traditional Bulgarian ceramics and pottery in contemporary culture.

Subject area: Cultural heritage

Regional identity

Basic skills for adult learners
Working language(s): EN
Target Group + Translation:
The educational program was worked out for adults who are excluded from the system of the formal education, but who are interested in traditional culture and applied arts. The definite target groups are:

• people with hearing impairment – between 25 years old and retired persons

• unemployed people – older than 25 and up to retirement age
Main activities Programme + Programme translation:
• Introduction in the past and contemporary West Bulgarian pottery production.

• Training in basic practical ceramic and pottery production skills. Program by days:

1 Participants’ arrival and accommodation. Work out of general rules for their stay.

2 Visit to the Regional History Museum – Pernik and starting Workshop’s activities.

3 „Prehistoric Pottery“ presentation. Manual modelling of ceramic articles after prehistoric pottery specimens.

4 „Antique and medieval ceramics“ presentation. Visit to the Pernik medieval fortress. Introduction in the basic skills of the work with the potter’s wheel by interpretation of epoch ceramic utensils.

5 Presentation of the „Businska ceramics“. A visit to Busintsi village – the pottery centre. Pottery forms’ making after specimens using a pottery’s wheel.

6 Finishing the made ceramic articles – decoration, engobing (slipware), glazing, firing

7 Visit to the Sofia National History Museum

8 Outing in the Vitosha National Park

9 Production of clay figures and forms using gypsum moulds and patterns. Visit to working shops. „Contemporary ceramics“ presentation. Ceramic interpretation of the logo of the Lifelong learning program (the four segments with a square shape)

10 « Pottery magic» exhibition’s opening – place: Regional History museum of Pernik. Awarding the participants with honorary diplomas for their overall participation and individual work in the Workshop.

11 Departure.
Workshop Organiser: Regional museum of history - Pernik
Contact details: Физкултурна 2

2300 Перник




Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-CH1-GRU13-00451
Venue: Melano Date of the Workshop: 11/03/2013 - 15/03/2013

Boost your tourism initiatives through digital technologies

Subject area: New technologies, ICT

Media and communication

Working language(s): EN
Target Group + Translation:
Local hospitality structures owners (such as Bed & Breakfast and guest houses), associations of the former and organizations engaged in local territory and tourism promotion. Seniors and people coming from rural areas will be privileged.

Main activities Programme + Programme translation:
The workshop is structured around the development of a customized online communication strategy for each of the participants. For this reason, day 1 focuses on the Finding values and messages held as most relevant to be communicated for each of the represented hospitality structures or services, in the effort of identifying key content to convey. Before coming to the workshop, participants will be asked to collect good practices about hospitality and web communication that they experienced. They will be also asked to reflect on motivation and relevant prior experiences and felt needs. Finally they will have to bring some supporting material about their hospitality offers.

Day 1: Hospitality: your values and messages This day is focused on the identification of the unique messages and values to be communicated through digital media. Rural tourism in fact is not definitely perceived in the generic tourism market: each structure or service should find its voice and image in order to effectively reach its potential clients. The focus is on WHAT will be communicated, and TO WHOM: each participant will create her/his own specific communication map. Emphasis will also be given to potential intercultural pitfalls in tourism communication, which are especially tricky in local tourism.

Day 2: Digital communication on the web Day 2 provides an introduction to the wide palette of web communication channels and instruments. The focus is on the MEDIA, both on tools (how they work) and on applications (how they are actually used), namely through the analysis of case studies. That will help to develop a shared vision of what must or could be included in a hospitality offer/territory promotion web site, and on the basic procedures to create a simple set of instruments. During day 1 and 2 different moments will be dedicated to the collection and discussion of experiences and good practices brought by participants.

Day 3: Atelier activities In this moment, participants will have a communication map, and an overview of basic digital instruments. Implementing that plan will probably take more effort, but it is important that participants are made aware that the basic entry point in digital promotion can be lowered through proper design and rapid development models. To this purpose, day 3 will propose an atelier activity, where participants will be engaged in developing small digital communication objects for the promotion of the local territory. The focus will not be on technical development tricks, but on lowering costs and barriers to the use of digital media for local tourism promotion in practice.

Day 4: Web promotion Once digital communication instruments are ready, promotion sets in. Day 4 is dedicated to presenting and understanding the basics of web promotion, how it works and how to take advantage of it. This will include a discussion about e-mailing, search engine optimization and promotion, and viral marketing. Also, these techniques will be analyzed with respect to the various moments in the yearly lifetime of a hospitality service/attraction. The focus is on the CHANNELS to promote the media and convey desired messages to the target audience.

Day 5: Action! Day 5 will be devoted to the actualization of the proposed path for each of the participant's own hospitality structures and services. Each participant will (a) revise the communication map (b) select relevant media and develop a communication plan, and (c) develop a realistic implementation plan. The groups will provide “critical friend” reviews, with proper scaffolding from trainers. After the workshop, some follow-up activities will be organized, mainly to support and evaluate the activities put in practice by participants and in order to activate the network of the participants and stimulate communication. Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants) In general, participants will acquire information and develop skills on how to promote their own hospitality offers and the territory (both culture and landscapes). In particular, at the end of the workshop the participants will be able to: - identify key messages and values to communicate to promote their own hospitality offer; - develop a communication map connecting values, messages and audiences; - design and develop basic media items for digital promotional activities; - recall case studies of good practices in web local tourism promotion; - identify proper instruments and tools for web promotion; - exchange cultural views and interpretations of what hospitality is; - devise an implementation plan. Also, the workshop aims at creating a professional network among the participants, including the trainers. For this purpose, a workshop website will be made available also after the workshop.

Workshop Organiser: Associazione seed
Contact details: Via al Chiosso 8

6952 Porza



Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-CH1-GRU13-00452
Venue: Walchwil Date of the Workshop: 16/05/2013 - 20/05/2013

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