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The Worst Trash Tournament Ever

By Eliza Grames and Melanie Keating, with special guest Robin Heinonen
1. MMMBop is the first song on this movie’s soundtrack. When one character asks what is wrong with some chickens, another replies “They're angry. All I feed them is cocaine. And chicken.” One character in this movie escapes the penthouse suite at Caesar’s Palace by parachute. Another character in this movie marries the Melissa McCarthy played character Cassie, who owns a pawn shop, and earlier caused a 20 car pile up when he accidentally decapitated his giraffe on a low overpass. On their way to rehab in Arizona the main characters get kidnapped by Marshall and “Black Doug.” For 10 points, name this most recent film about the misadventures of the “Wolfpack.”

ANSWER: The Hangover Part III
2. One person famous for wearing this type of clothing started the J Slick fashion line. Stanley Burrell wore this item of clothing during his 2009 A&E reality TV show named after his catchphrase. LL Cool J dissed the wearer of this article of clothing by calling it a “bodybag.” At the 2012 American Music Awards Justin Bieber wore a red leather version of this article of clothing and Psy wore it during a collaborative performance of “Gangnam Style” and “2 Legit 2 Quit.” For 10 points, name these pants that were made popular by the artist of “U Can’t Touch This.”

ANSWER: harem pants or M.C. Hammer Pants [accept either]
3. The music video for one song by this artist features a girl riding a triceratops, a sex doll dressed as Santa Claus, and a Miley Cyrus lookalike dancing in her underwear. Patrice “Pato” Wilson, creator of Ark Music Factory, wrote one of this artists songs in which he makes an appearance and sings “makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream”. This artist is the host of the party in the music video for Katy Perry’s “TGIF”. One song by this artist begins with the lyrics “Seven a.m. waking up in the morning” on the title day. For 10 points, name this singer of “Saturday” and “Friday”.

ANSWER: Rebecca Black
4. This person plays Dink in the movie Shakes the Clown. This actor plays Shecky Moskowitz in his film debut, Going Overboard. This man swept the 2012 Razzie awards with 10 wins for two films, including him winning both worst actor and worst actress. Andy Samburg plays Hans Solo Berger, the son of this actor in one film and he marries a Kevin James played firefighter in another. In a holiday song this man proclaims that Paul Newman and Goldie Hawn would produce a fine looking Jew and that “you can spin the dreidel with captain kirk and mr. spock.” For 10 points, name this actor and comedian who starred in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

ANSWER: Adam Sandler
5. The Sausage King marries an internet hooker on this show and other characters discover their marriage was not valid because they used Fake IDs to get married. Grace says “He had a horrible death because I had incredible sex,” to explain her father’s death in this show. After Ben brings Amy a pizza to tell her he loves her, he has revenge sex with Adrian on this show. Fifteen-year-old Amy becomes pregnant after having sex with Ricky at Band Camp on this show that aired from 2008-2013 on ABC Family. For 10 points, name this drama about high school students with strong themes of abstinence.

ANSWER: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

6. This song was the theme song for the Nickelodeon show 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd during two of its seasons. The group that sings this song originally performed Junkanoo music. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Rat Race, and The Shaggy Dog all feature this song. Lyrics in this song include “Do you see the rays comin' from my eye/Walkin' through the place that Digi-man is breakin' it down?” and “Get back you flea infested mongrel,” though its annoying title question is repeated over and over again. For 10 points, name this Baha Men song about escaped canines.

ANSWER: “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
7. Stages on this show include the “Judges’ House” and the “Four-Chair Challenge” which was introduced by the Dutch version of the show. One critic of this show requested the head of a judge who had axed Tim Olstad, Paulina Rubio. Past judges on this show include L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato, and Britney Spears. One Direction got their start on the UK version of this show. For 10 points, name this Simon Cowell talent search show that seeks to find contests with a certain something.

ANSWER: The X Factor
8. In the music video for this song, a large, furry monster visits a strip club and later gets drunk at a playground. The Lowe’s Superbowl commercial featured this song which also appears in the trailer for the Vince Vaughn film Delivery Man. The singer of this track off of Oh What A Life says there are “no limits, just epiphanies” and that he “howled at the moon with friends” and “jumped so high [he] touched the clouds.” For 10 points, name this song by the American Authors who say the title phrase after “this is gonna be”.

ANSWER: “Best Day of My Life
9. This music group got in a feud with Eminem when he promoted that they might be at his release party for The Slim Shady EP without their consent. This music group appeared in WWF and other professional wrestling competitions and later formed their own championship. Some of their songs refer to the mythology of the Dark Carnival afterlife. In the song “Miracles” this group asks “Fucking magnets, how do they work?” For 10 points, name this horrorcore hip-hop group that consists of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope and whose followers are called Juggalos.

ANSWER: Insane Clown Posse
10. Aaden got lost in a corn maze in one episode of this show. The mother on this show switched places with Kendra Wilkinson in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap and was partnered with Tony Dovolani in season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. The title people on this show wrote the book Multiple Blessings.The title couple on this show renewed their vows in Hawaii and the wife picked out her dress on Say Yes to the Dress but they divorced in 2009.. For 10 points, name this reality TV show about a couple with twins and sextuplets.

ANSWER: Jon and Kate Plus 8
11. With Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, and Kobe Bryant, this person is in a commercial for Guitar Hero World Tour. This person donated money for the renovation of the University of Miami baseball stadium and it was renamed for him at Mark Light Field. According to the team barber, this person shaves his arms and legs. This person received the nickname “The Cooler” since some teams did worse when he joined them. This person was involved in the Biogenesis baseball scandal with Braun, Cruz, Cabrera, Peralta, and others. For 10 points, name this hated Yankee baseball player suspended for the 2014 season because of steroid use.

ANSWER: Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod

12. Ted Danson wore this during his roast of Whoopi Goldberg. The Dutch don this every year to represent “Zwarte Piet” for Christmas. An Asian-American Fraternity at UC-Irvine angered people when one member wore this during a lip sync video to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.” Some people have accused the Pokemon Jynx of representing this. Many people wore this at an Australian girl’s African themed 21st birthday party and a man wore this as part of a Trayvon Martin costume. For 10 points, name this offensive makeup that Julianne Hough wore for her Halloween costume as Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.

ANSWER: blackface
13. The Adventures of Abdi and The English Roses are children’s books written by this person. This woman played Breathless Mahoney in the 1990 movie Dick Tracy. This person created a fashion line with her daughter, Lourdes, that is named after one of her hit singles. Religious iconography in one of this artist’s music videos led to the Pepsi commercial featuring it to be banned. Truth or Dare is a documentary about this woman’s Blonde Ambition World Tour. On her album Hard Candy this artist collaborated with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on the song 4 Minutes. For 10 points, name this singer of “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin,” and “Material Girl.”

ANSWER: Madonna (accept Madonna Louise Ciccone from pretentious assholes)
14. The female lead in this movie thinks that the male lead is one of the Jonas Brothers. The title group in this movie is often confused for the Black Eyed Peas and the Kardashians are blamed for the deaths they cause. In this movie Becca sprays mace in Buffy’s face when she tries to help her. Jacob turns into a chihuahua at one point in this movie. Becca Crane goes to live with her Dad in Sporks in this movie because her mom started dating Tiger Woods. This movie ends with Edward being attacked by a fangirl who shouts “Team Jacob, bitch!” For 10 points, name this 2010 movie that spoofs the Twilight series.

ANSWER: Vampires Suck
15. The original dance of this name developed in a namesake location is similar to the “Chicken Noodle Soup,” but it is not the same as the 2013 version. The Sunny Coast Skate from Australia was the first to upload this to Youtube and it involved a guy in a helmet and a nearly naked guy. The Miami Heat version of this was called “the best ...or at least the most irreverent” and included Mario Chalmers dressed as Super Mario and Lebron James dressed as a king. The title song by Baauer features a lion’s roar at 30 seconds. For 10 points, name this internet meme where one person starts dancing to the title song and then tons of people join in the convulsive dance when the beat drops.

ANSWER: “Harlem Shake”
16. This person won Celebrity Mole in 2004. This person became the commissioner of the Lingerie Football League when he retired from wrestling. This man plays Jean-Claude Van Damme’s weapon dealer, Yaz, in the movie Double Team and he also stars in Simon Sez. This man wore a wedding dress to promote his 1996 autobiography Bad As I Wanna Be. This person was the first man to pose naked for PETA and when this man traveled to North Korea, he became one of the first known Americans to meet Kim Jong-Un. For 10 points, name this basketball player known as “The Worm” and is known for brightly colored hair.

ANSWER: Dennis Rodman
17. This comedy was described as “racist, sexist, bigoted, and homophobic, and worst of all, not funny”. One of the title characters on this show can clear his throat for 50 minutes of a 90 minute movie and another attempts to serve penguin meat. A character on this show wants to name a video game “Punch the Puerto Rican” and in another scene Brenda Song is forced to dress up as a Japanese schoolgirl for investors. Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green play videogame developers in this Seth MacFarlane show. For 10 points, name this terrible comedy about Eli and Martin’s fathers.


18. Pipex labeled this actor the “King of the Internet” in an advertising campaign. This actor offered Spongebob a ride to Bikini Bottom in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. This actor was nominated for a 2013 Razzie for a role in which he called a decapitated child a “little ginger moron” while playing a lifeguard in Piranha 3DD. This actor is more famous for playing lifeguard Mitch Buchannon on a show also starring Pamela Anderson. For 10 points, name this actor who starred on Baywatch and Knight Rider.

ANSWER: David Hasselhoff
19. A joke says that the Mayans didn’t finish their calendar because of this product. Murder rate decreases as this product’s market share declines according to a graph. This product has been compared to Betty White because “Everyone thought it died a long time ago, but it still seems to crop up all over the place.” This product has also been compared to shoes made from plastic bottles, guns that point backwards, and a dead horse. A personification of this product is shown eating glue while two other products fight each other. In response to “When do we want it?” this product shouts “browsers” in several memes. For 10 points, name this shitty web browser produced by Microsoft.

ANSWER: Internet Explorer (IE)
20. This person claimed that Sarah Thomson isn’t “playing with a full deck” after she accused him of touching her inappropriately during a photo. This man’s friend Alexander Lisi was arrested in connection with an investigation called "Project Brazen 2." On St. Patrick’s day in 2012 this person had a party in his office and was later wandering around city hall with a bottle of brandy and swearing at people. This person stated "I wasn't lying. You didn't ask the correct questions" when he admitted to drug use and that he’s “got more than enough to eat at home” when asked about his actions with an alleged prostitute. In May 2013 Gawker was offered a video of this man smoking crack cocaine. For 10 points, name this scandal ridden mayor of Toronto.

ANSWER: Rob Ford

The Worst Trash Tournament Ever

By Eliza Grames and Melanie Keating, with special guest Robin Heinonen
1. Carlos intimidates Manny into revealing a location and later is turned into a zombie in one film appearance of this character. In another appearance, this character beheads Muriel with a shovel while Mina disrupts a Blood Moon Sabbath ritual with a Gatling gun. This character sings a demonic dog to sleep with the help of Bianca and uses Skittles to find her way through a patch of marijuana after Ashton is killed by the old lady Agnes in a film where she “gets baked.” After a disturbing childhood event, this character and her brother decided to become witch hunters. In For 10 points, name this sister of Hansel who met a witch in a gingerbread house.

ANSWER: Gretel

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