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, Gary W.

America after Nixon: The Age of the Multi­nationals, by Robert Scheer, 18: 361-62.

American Catholics and the Roosevelt Pres­idency, 1932-1936, by George Q. Flynn, 11: 534-35.

Bryan: A Political Biography of William Jennings Bryan, by Louis W. Koenig, 15: 130-32.

Churches Militant, The: The War of 1812 and American Religion, by William Grib­bin, 17: 511-12.

For Fear of the Jews, by Stan Rittenhouse, 26: 359-60.

Fourth Great Awakening and the Future of Egalitarianism, The, by Robert William Fogel, 43: 368-70.

Hugo Black and the Supreme Court: A Sym­posium, edited by Stephen Strickland, 10: 322-23.

John Cotton, by Everett H. Emerson, 10: 153.

Limits of Privacy, The, by Amitai Etzioni, 41: 623-24.

Loss of Mastery, A: Puritan Historians in Colonial America, by Peter Gay, 10: 320.

Man from Plains, The: The Mind and Spirit of Jimmy Carter, by David Kucharsky, 21: 151-52.

Politics, Poker, and Piety: A Perspective on Cultural Religion in America, by Wallace E. Fisher, 17: 331-33.

Poor Richard’s Politicks: Benjamin Frank­lin and His New American Order, by Paul W. Conner, 10: 154.

Prophet of Plenty: The First Ninety Years of W. D. Weatherford, by Wilma Dykeman, 11: 559-60.

Relation of Religion to Evil Government in the United States, The: A State Without a Church, But Not Without a Religion, by Isaac A. Cornelison, 13: 371.

Self-Evident Truths: Being a Discourse on the Origins & Development of the First Principles of American Government—Pop­ular Sovereignty, Natural Rights, and Bal­ance and Separation of Powers, by Paul K. Conkin, 19: 105-06.

This Sacred Trust: American Nationality, 1798-1898, by Paul C. Nagel, 19: 595-96.

Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation, by Merrill D. Peterson, 13: 538-39.

William Jennings Bryan. Volume 3: Politi­cal Puritan, 1915-1925, by Paolo E. Coletta, 14: 148-49.

Hult, Karen Marie

Second Coming: The New Christian Right in Virginia Politics, by Mark J. Rozell and Clyde Wilcox, 40: 701-02.

Humphrey, George C.

Christians and the State, by John C. Ben­nett, 1: 49.

Hundert, Gershon David

The Jews in Polish Culture, by Aleksander Hertz, 31: 566.

Hunner, Jon

Religion in Modern New Mexico, by Ferenc M. Szasz and Richard W. Etulain, 41: 152-53.

Hunt, Mary E.

Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions, by Daniel C. Maguire, 44: 371-72.

Hunt, Robert P.

That Godless Court? Supreme Court Decisions on Church-State Relationships, by Ronald B. Flowers, 38: 187.

Hurst, Jane

South Asian Religions in the Americas: An Annotated Bibliography of Immigrant Religious Traditions, by John Y. Fenton, 38: 914.

Hurt, John J.

Strange Revelations. Magic, Poison, and Sacrilege in Louis XIV’s France, by Lynn Wood Mollenauer, 49: 767-68.

Hutchison, Harry G.

Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics, by Stephen J. Grabill, 49: 773-75.

Hyers, Conrad

King and Kin: Political Allegory in the Hebrew Bible, by Joel Rosenberg, 30: 165-66.

Ibrahim, Mahmood

A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, by Mark Tessler, 39: 344-45.

Idinopulos, Thomas A.

Defenders of the Faith: Nineteenth-Century American Jewish Writings on Christianity and Jesus, by George Berlin, 33: 155-56.

Incandela, Joseph M.

Prophetic and Public: The Social Witness of U.S. Catholicism, by Kristin E. Heyer, 48: 886-88.

Ingram, Larry C.

Bible in American Law, Politics, and Political Rhetoric, by James Turner Johnson, 29: 157.

Irani, George E.

Government and Politics in Islam, by Tareq Y. Ismael, 29: 573-74.

Irschick, Eugene F.

Hindu Nationalists in India: The Rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party, by Yogendra K. Malik and V. B. Singh, 38: 435-36.

Ismael, T. Y.

An Introduction to Shi’i Islam: The History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi’ism, by Moojan Momen, 30: 349-50.

Israeli, Raphael

The Spreading Islamic Ripple: The Iranian Revolution and its Global Impact, by John Esposito, 34: 616-18.

Jackson, Carl T.

Jefferson and Civil Liberties: The Darker Side, by Leonard W. Levy, 7: 124-25.

Jackson, Timothy P.

The Ethical Primate: Humans, Freedom, and Morality, by Mary Midgley, 38: 663-64.

Jacobs, Steven L.

Jewish Law in Ancient and Modern Israel, by Haim H. Cohn, 20: 358-59.

Jacobson, Philip

Religion and the Schools: The Great Con­troversy, by Paul Blanshard, 7: 114-15.

Religion in the Public Schools: The Report of the Commission on Religion in the Public Schools, by The American Association of School Administrators, 8: 119-20.

James, Francis G.

Pulpit in Parliament: Puritanism During the Civil Wars 1640-1648, by John F. Wilson, 12: 529-32.

Revolution Politicks: The Career of Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham 1647­-1730, by Henry Horwitz, 12: 529-32.

James, Sydney V.

Faith of Our Fathers: Religion and the New Nation, by Edwin S. Gaustad, 30: 579.

Jeansonne, Glen

Piety and Politics: Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Confront the World, by Richard John Neuhaus, 30: 357-58.

Jegen, Mary Evelyn

Nonviolent America: History Through the Eyes of Peace, edited by Louise Hawkley and James C. Juhnke, 36: 184-85.

Jelen, Ted G.

Political Meaning of Christianity, The: The Prophetic Stance, An Interpretation, by Glenn Tinder, 34: 379-80.

Pulpit Politics: Faces of American Protestant Nationalism in the Twentieth Century, by Warren E. Vinz, 40: 698-99.

Jersild, Paul

The Fractured Dream: American’s Divisive Moral Choices, by Robert F. Drinan, S.J., 34: 861-62.

Johnsen, Leigh

Divine Politician, The: Samuel Cooper and the American Revolution in Boston, by Charles W. Akers, 27: 345-46.

Johnson, Cecil

From Hope to Liberation: Towards a New Marxist-Christian Dialogue, edited by Nicholas Piediscalzi and Robert G. Tho­baben, 18: 372-73.

Johnson, D. Paul

Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America, by James Davidson Hunter, 34: 607-08.

Disruptive Religion: The Force of Faith in Social Movement Activism, edited by Christian Smith, 40: 190-91.

Faith, Hope and Jobs: Welfare-to-Work in Los Angeles, by Stephen V. Monsma and J. Christopher Soper, 49: 155-57.

Newer Deal—Social Work and Religion in Partnership, The, by Ram A. Cnaan with Robert Wineburg and Stephanie C. Boddie, 43: 152-53.

Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion—Cross Cultural Perspectives, The, edited by Wade Clark Roof, Jackson W. Carroll and David L. Roozen, 37: 909.

Religion and Personal Autonomy: The Third Disestablishment in America, by Phillip E. Hammond, 36: 877.

Johnson, Elizabeth A.

The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Psychological Origins, by Michael P. Carroll, 30: 608.

Johnson, Galen

Apocalypse How? Baptist Movements During the English Revolution, by Mark R. Bell, 43: 361-62.

Pilgrimage to Puritanism: History and Theology of the Marian Exiles at Geneva, 1555-1560, by Dan G. Danner, 41: 611-12, 837-38.

Johnson, Harvey L.

La Libertad Religiosa, by Amadeo de Fuenmayor, 21: 563-65.

Johnson, James Turner

Freedom from Violence: Sectarian Nonresistance from the Middle Ages to the Great War, by Peter Brock, 34: 157-58.

Johnson, James Turner

War and Justice, by Robert L. Phillips, 29: 151-52.

Johnson, M. Glen

Human Rights and Religious Values: An Uneasy Relationship?, by Abdullhi A. An-Na’im and Jerald D. Gort, 38: 196.

Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective: Legal Perspectives, edited by Johan D. van der Vyver and John Witte, Jr., 40: 893-94.

Johnson, Phillip E.

Choice in Schooling: A Case for Tuition Vouchers, by David W. Kirkpatrick, 34: 134-35.

Johnston, Marshall R.

American Evangelical Christianity: An Introduction, by Mark A. Noll, 44: 168-69.

Isaac Taylor Tichenor: The Creation of the Baptist New South, by Michael E. Williams, 48: 705-06.

Is There a Culture War? A Dialogue on Values and American Public Life, by James Davison Hunter, and Alan Wolfe, 49: 364-65.

Johnston, Michael

New Religious Right, The: Piety, Patriotism, and Politics, by Walter H. Capps, 34: 144-45.

One Nation Under God? Christian Faith and Political Action in America, by Mark A. Noll, 31: 547.

Religion and Politics in America, by Robert Booth Fowler, 29: 127-28.

Joiner, E. Earl

Biblical Faith and Social Ethics, by E. Clin­ton Gardner, 2: 171-72.

God and Caesar: A Christian Approach to Social Ethics, edited by Warren A. Quan­beck, 3: 83-84.

Jolliff, James W.

Hutterite Society, by John A. Hostetler, 18: 122-23.

Jolly, James A.

The Amish and the State, edited by Donald B. Kraybill, 36: 850.

Jonas, Glenn

Pilgram Marpeck: His Life and Social Theology, by Stephen B. Boyd, 36: 185-86.

Republic of Many Mansions, The: Foundations of American Religious Thought, by Denise Lardner Carmody and John Tully Carmody, 34: 168.

Thunder on the Right: Understanding Conservative Christianity in America, by Elizabeth C. Nordbeck, 33: 153.

When Time Shall Be No More: Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture, by Paul Boyer, 37: 165.

Jones, Daniel Lee

Reclaiming the High Ground: A Christian Response to Secularism, by Hugh Montefiore, 33: 823-24.

Jones, E A

Marking the Hours: English People & Their Prayers, 1240-1570, by Eamon Duffy, 49: 570-71.

Jones, Hardy E. ­

The Power to Be Human: Toward a Secular Theology, by Charles C. West, 14: 511-13.

Jones, Karen

Religious Freedom and Evangelization in Latin America: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism, by Paul E. Sigmund, 42: 383-85.

We Will Not Be Stopped: Evangelical Persecution, Catholicism and Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, by Arthur Bonner, 41: 607-08.

Jones, Preston

Old Religion in a New World, The: The History of North American Christianity, by Mark A. Noll, 45: 182-83.

Religion and National Identity: Wales and Scotland, c. 1700-2000, edited by Robert Pope, 44: 156-57.

Resilience of Conservative Religion, The: The Case of Popular, Conservative Protestant Congregations, by Joseph B. Tamney, 44: 156-57.

Jones, Robert Alun

Durkheim Through the Lens of Aristotle: Durkheimian, Postmodernist, and Communitarian Responses to the Enlightenment, by Douglas F. Challenger, 39: 170.

Jones, W. R.

Church and Government in the Middle Ages: Essays Presented to Christopher R. Cheney on His Seventieth Birthday, by C. N. L. Brooke et al., 20: 323-25.

Dissolution of the Religious Orders in Ireland under Henry VIII, The, by Brendan Bradshaw, 17: 302-05.

Ecclesiastical Administration in Medieval England: The Anglo-Saxons to the Reforma­tion, by Robert E. Rodes, Jr., 20: 353.

Ghosts of 1492, The: Jewish Aspects of the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Spain, 1848-1976, by Caesar C. Aronsfeld, 23: 158.

Growth of English Schooling, 1340­-1548, The: Learning, Literacy, and Laicization in Pre-Reformation York Diocese, by Jo Ann Hoeppner Moran, 29: 147-08.

Islam under the Crusaders: Colonial Sur­vival in the Thirteenth-Century Kingdom of Valencia, by Robert Ignatius Burns, 19: 329-31.

Medieval Colonialism: Postcrusade Exploi­tation of Islamic Valencia, by Robert Igna­tius Burns, 19: 329-31.

Religious Freedom in Church and State: A Study in Doctrinal Development, by Pius Augustin, 11: 145-46.

Secular Clergy in the Diocese of Lincoln, 1495-1520, The, by Margaret Bowker, 10: 301-04.

Jonsson, John N.

Cambridge Companion to the Bible, The, by Howard Clark Lee and Eric M. Meyers, 40: 474-75.

Doing Ethics in Context: South African Perspectives, edited by Charles Villa-Vicencio and John W. deGruchy, 38: 661.

Doing Theology in Context: South African Perspectives, edited by John W. de Gruchy and Charles Villa-Vicencio, 38: 193.

God’s People’s: Covenant and Land in South Africa, Israel, and Ulster, by Donald Harman Akenson, 35: 896-97.

Justice and the Intifada: Palestinians and Israelis Speak Out, by Kathy Bergen, David Neuhaus, and Chassen Rubeiz, 35: 176.

Theology of Reconstruction, A: Nation-Building and Human Rights, by Charles Villa-Vicencio, 37: 419.

Jorstad, Erling

Piety, Purity, Plenty: Images of Protestantism in America, by Robert L. Ferm, 34: 622-23.

Rise and Fall of the New Christian Right, The, by Steve Bruce, 31: 551.

Joseph, Harriett Denise

Mexico’s Accion Nacional: A Catholic Alter­native to Revolution, by Donald J. Mabry, 17: 125-27.

Juhnke, James C.

Freedom and Discipleship: Liberation Theology in an Anabaptist Perspective, by Daniel S. Schipani, 32: 877-78.

Jurji, Edward J.

Armenian Communities in Syria Under Ottoman Dominion, The, by Avidis K. Sanjian, 8: 484-86.

Cambridge History of Islam, The, 2 vols. Vol. 1, The Central Islamic Lands; Vol. 2, The Further Islamic Lands: Islamic Society and Civilization, edited by Ann K. S. Lambton, P. M. Holt, and Bernard Lewis, 13: 523-26.

Churches and States: The Religious Institu­tion and Modernization, edited by Kalman H. Silvert, 10: 151-53.

Development of Secularism in Turkey, The, by Nlyazl Berkes, 8: 133-35.

Formation of Social Policy in the Catholic and Jewish Traditions, The, edited by Eugene J. Fisher and Daniel F. Polish, 23: 581-82.

Great Church in Captivity, The, by Steven Runciman, 12: 503-04.

Ideological Revolution in the Middle East, The, by Leonard Binder, 7: 446-47.

Intellectual Origins of Egyptian Nation­alism, The, by Jamal Mohammed Ahmed, 4: 235-36.

Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution, by Michael M. J. Fischer, 23: 337-38.

Islam and Revolution: Writings and Decla­rations of Imam Khomeini, by Ruhollah Khomeini, 24: 379-30.

Lonely Minority, A: The Modern Story of Egypts Copts, by Edward Waken, 6: 229-31.

Modern Middle East, The, edited by Rich­ard H. Nolte, 7: 273-75.

Principles of State and Government in Islam, The, by Muhammad Asad, 5: 269-70.

Religion and Politics in Pakistan, by Leon­ard Binder, 5: 114-16.

Juss, Satvinder Singh

Islamic Law: Theory and Practice, edited by Robert Gleave, 41: 375.

Kagay, Donald J.

Invention of the Crusades, The, by Christopher Tyerman, 41: 382-83.

Kaplan, Lawrence

Fundamentalism and Gender, edited by John Stratton Hawley, 36: 620-21.

Kapp, Deborah J.

People of the Dream: Multiracial Congregations in the United States, by Michael O. Emerson, with Rodney M. Woo, 48: 898-99.

Katale, Irene B.

The Crusades: A Short History, by Jonathan Riley-Smith, 31: 150-51.

Kauffman, Christopher J.

Vatican Authority and American Catholic Dissent: The Curran Case and Its Consequences, by William W. May, 30: 600-01.

Kay, James

L ‘Eglise et Ie Royaume de France au XIV Siecle, by Jean-Pierre Royer, 20: 118-21.

Kearl, Michael C.

America’s Saints: The Rise of Mormon Power, by Robert Gottlieb, 28: 331­-32.

Keathley, Naymond H.

First Urban Christians,The: The Social World of the Apostle Paul, by Wayne A. Meeks, 26: 142.

Jewish and Christian World 200 BC to AD 200, The, by A. R. C. Leaney, 29: 336-38.

Pagan Rome and the Early Christians, by Stephen Benko, 29: 336-38.

Origins of Christianity: A Critical Introduction, by R. Joseph Hoffmann, 30: 146-47.

Revelation of Jesus Christ, The: A Commen­tary on the Book of Revelation, by Ray Frank Robbins, 21: 140-41.

Kee, Howard Clark

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, by Everett Ferguson and Michael P. McHugh, 35: 425-26.

Keefe, Susan

Crucified God in the Carolingian Era, The: Theology and Art of Christ’s Passion, by Celia Chazelle, 45: 593-94.

Keirn, Albert N.

To Serve the Present Age: The Brethren Service Story, edited by Donald F. Durnbaugh, 19: 357-58.

Kelikian, Alice A.

Violence and Great Estates in the South of Italy: Apulia, 1900-1922, by Frank M. Snowden, 29: 351-52.

Kelley, Dean M.

Basis of Religious Liberty, The, by A. Carrillo de Albornoz, 6: 366-67.

Catholic Viewpoint on Church and State, by Jerome Kerwin, 5: 125-28.

First Amendment, The: The History of Religious Freedom in America, by William Marnell, 7: 138-43.

Religion and American Constitutions, by Wilbur G. Katz, 6: 223-26.

Kelley-Claybrook, Susan A.

Cease Fire: Searching for Sanity in America’s Culture Wars, by Tom Sine, 39: 820-21.

Kellison, Kimberly R.

The Sacred Flame of Love: Methodism and Society in Nineteenth-Century Georgia, by Christopher H. Owen, 41: 389-90.

Kellstedt, Lyman A.

Religion and Politics in the United States, by Kenneth D. Wald, 31: 305-06.

Kelly, Geffrey B.

Stubborn Hope, Religion, Politics, and Revolution in Central America, by Phillip Berryman, 37: 660-62.

Kelly, James R.

Catholic Myth, The: The Behavior and Beliefs of American Catholics, by Andrew M. Greeley, 33: 156-57.

That They May All Be One: The Call to Unity Today, by Walter Kasper, 48: 210-11.

Kelly, Maria Ann

Church Property and the Mexican Reform, 1856-1910, by Robert J. Knowlton, 20: 328-31.

Cristero Rebellio, The: The Mexican People between Church and State, 1926-1929, by Jean A. Meyer, 21: 341-43.

Kelsey, George D.

The Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr., by Hanes Walton, Jr., 534-36.

Kemp, Kenneth W.

Interpretations of Conflict: Ethics, Pacifism and the Just-War Tradition, by Richard B. Miller, 35: 625-26.

Kennedy, Nolan

I Loved This People, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 8: 304-05.

Kennedy, Rick

Religion and Politics in the United States, edited by Kenneth D. Wald, 47: 412.

Kenworthy, Eldon

Jose Napoleon Duarte and the Christian Democratic Party in Salvadoran Politics, 1960-1972, by Stephen Webre, 24: 139-41.

Kettering, Sharon

The Godly Rebellion: Partisan Cures and the Religious Fronde, 1652-62, by Richard Golden, 24: 398-400.

Keulman, Kenneth

International Ethics: Concepts, Theories, and Cases in Global Politics, 2nd ed., by Mark R. Amstutz, 49: 769-70.

Western Atheism: A Short History, by James Thrower, 42: 577-79.

Keyes, Charles F.

Religion and Modernization in Southeast Asia, by Fred R. von der Mehden, 30: 344-45.

Khadduri, Majid

Toward an Islamic Reformation: Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and International Law, by Abdullah Ahmed An-Na’im, 33: 806-07.

Kidd, Thomas S.

Common Whores, Vertuous Women and Loveing Wives: Free Will Christian Women in Colonial Maryland, by Debra A. Meyers, 47: 176-77.

Devil & Doctor Dwight, The: Satire & Theology in the Early American Republic, by Colin Wells, 46: 149-50.

Doomsayers: Anglo-American Prophecy in the Age of Revolution, by Susan Juster, 150-51.

John Witherspoon and the Founding of the American Republic, by Jeffry H. Morrison, 48: 226-27.

Methodism: Empire of the Spirit, by David Hempton, 47: 631.

Nursing Fathers: American Colonists’ Conception of English Protestant Kingship, 1688-1776, by Benjamin Lewis Price, 44: 584-85.

Kienzle, William R., Jr.

The South African Churches in a Revolutionary Situation, by James Young Marjorie Hope, 24: 619-21.

Kilbourn, William

Prophets, Pastors and Public Choices: Canadian Churches and the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Debate, by Roger Hutchinson, 37: 161.

Kilcourse, George

Theology and Critical Theory: The Discourse of the Church, by Paul Lakeland, 33: 821-22.

Kilgore, William J.

Problem of Being Human, The, by Lloyd J. Averill, 19: 362-63.

Religious Investigations of William James, The, by Henry Samuel Levinson, 24: 630-31.

Religious Philosophy of William James, The, by Robert J. Vanden Burgt, 23: 368-69.

Kim, Heung Soo

Minjung Theology: People as the Subjects of History, edited by Commission on Theological

Concerns of the Christian Conference of Asia, 26: 558-59.

Kim, Richard C. C.

And May God Have Mercy: The Case Against Capital Punishment, by Eugene B. Block, 6: 255-56.

Death Penalty in America, The, edited Hugo Adam Bedau, 7: 123-24.

Our Unalienable Rights, by Robert Gerald Storey, 8: 490-92.

Kimball, Charles A.

Christianity and Islam: The Struggling Dialogue, by Richard W. Rousseau, S.J., 29: 144-45.

Iran’s Revolution: The Search for Consensus, edited by R.K. Ramazani, 34: 385-86.

Maronites in History, The, by Matti Moosa, 30: 351-52.

Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter­Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: The Case of the Jacobites in an Age of Transition, by John Joseph, 27: 524-25.

King, H. Roger

Valley of Discord: Church and Society along the Connecticut River, 1636-1725, by Paul R. Lucas, 21: 339-41.

Kingdon, Robert M.

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