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Determinants of delay in malaria care-seeking behaviour for children 15 years and under in Bata district, Equatorial Guinea

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Determinants of delay in malaria care-seeking behaviour for children 15 years and under in Bata district, Equatorial Guinea

Malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years of age in Equatorial Guinea. Early appropriate treatment can reduce progression of the illness to severe stages, thus reducing...

Maria Romay-Barja, Jorge Cano, Policarpo Ncogo, Gloria Nseng, Maria A. Santana-Morales, Basilio Valladares, Matilde Riloha and Agustin Benito

Malaria Journal 2016 15:187

Reviewer acknowledgement 2015

Marcel Hommel

Malaria Journal 2016 15:183

Genomic signatures of population decline in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Population genomic features such as nucleotide diversity and linkage disequilibrium are expected to be strongly shaped by changes in population size, and might therefore be useful for monitoring the success of...

Samantha M. O’Loughlin, Stephen M. Magesa, Charles Mbogo, Franklin Mosha, Janet Midega and Austin Burt

Malaria Journal 2016 15:182

Persistent Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax infections in a western Cambodian population: implications for prevention, treatment and elimination strategies

Subclinical Plasmodium parasitaemia is an important reservoir for the transmission and persistence of malaria, particularly in low transmission areas.

Rupam Tripura, Thomas J. Peto, Jeremy Chalk, Sue J. Lee, Pasathorn Sirithiranont, Chea Nguon, Mehul Dhorda, Lorenz von Seidlein, Richard J. Maude, Nicholas P. J. Day, Mallika Imwong, Nicholas J. White and Arjen M. Dondorp

Malaria Journal 2016 15:181

Discovering the cost of care: consumer, provider, and retailer surveys shed light on the determinants of malaria health-seeking behaviours

The growing threat of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and drug resistance in the Plasmodium parasites increases the importance of ensuring appropriate malaria case management and enabling positive health-see...

Amruta Dixit, Ming-Chieh Lee, Brittany Goettsch, Yaw Afrane, Andrew K. Githeko and Guiyun Yan

Malaria Journal 2016 15:179

Development and evaluation of a spatial decision support system for malaria elimination in Bhutan

Bhutan has reduced its malaria incidence significantly in the last 5 years, and is aiming for malaria elimination by 2016. To assist with the management of the Bhutanese malaria elimination programme a spatial...

Kinley Wangdi, Cathy Banwell, Michelle L. Gatton, Gerard C. Kelly, Rinzin Namgay and Archie CA Clements

Malaria Journal 2016 15:180

Sex-dependent differences in avian malaria prevalence and consequences of infections on nestling growth and adult condition in the Tawny pipit, Anthus campestris

Parasites play pivotal roles in host population dynamics and can have strong ecological impacts on hosts. Knowledge of the effects of parasites on hosts is often limited by the general observation of a fractio...

María Calero-Riestra and Jesus T. García

Malaria Journal 2016 15:178

Feasibility, acceptability and impact of integrating malaria rapid diagnostic tests and pre-referral rectal artesunate into the integrated community case management programme. A pilot study in Mchinji district, Malawi

The World Health Organization recommends that persons of all ages suspected of malaria should receive a parasitological confirmation of malaria by use of malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT) at community level,...

Themba B. Phiri, Blessings N. Kaunda-Khangamwa, Andrew Bauleni, Tiyese Chimuna, David Melody, Humphreys Kalengamaliro, John H. Sande, Humphreys Kampira Nsona and Don P. Mathanga

Malaria Journal 2016 15:177

Low prevalence of Plasmodium and absence of malaria transmission in Conakry, Guinea: prospects for elimination

Over the past 15 years, mortality and morbidity due to malaria have been reduced substantially in sub-Saharan Africa and local elimination has been achieved in some settings. This study addresses the bio-ecolo...

Bernard L. Kouassi, Dziedzom K. de Souza, Andre Goepogui, Siradiou M. Balde, Lamia Diakité, Arsène Sagno, Georgina I. Djameh, Frédérique Chammartin, Penelope Vounatsou, Moses J. Bockarie, Jürg Utzinger and Benjamin G. Koudou

Malaria Journal 2016 15:175

Durability of Olyset campaign nets distributed between 2009 and 2011 in eight districts of Tanzania

Long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) are the first line choice for malaria vector control in sub-Saharan Africa, with most countries adopting universal coverage campaigns. However, there is only limited info...

Dennis J. Massue, Sarah J. Moore, Zawadi D. Mageni, Jason D. Moore, John Bradley, Olivier Pigeon, Erasto J. Maziba, Renata Mandike, Karen Kramer, William N. Kisinza, Hans J. Overgaard and Lena M. Lorenz

Malaria Journal 2016 15:176

Assessment of the usage and effectiveness of intermittent preventive treatment and insecticide-treated nets on the indicators of malaria among pregnant women attending antenatal care in the Buea Health District, Cameroon

Malaria in pregnancy is an immense public health problem with at least 50 million pregnant women living in malaria endemic areas. To prevent malaria and its complications in pregnancy the World Health Organiza...

Eric Bertrand Fokam, Leonard Ngimuh, Judith K. Anchang-Kimbi and Samuel Wanji

Malaria Journal 2016 15:172

Identification of Plasmodium falciparum specific translation inhibitors from the MMV Malaria Box using a high throughput in vitro translation screen

A major goal in the search for new anti-malarial compounds is to identify new mechanisms of action or new molecular targets. While cell-based, growth inhibition-based screening have enjoyed tremendous success,...

Vida Ahyong, Christine M. Sheridan, Kristoffer E. Leon, Jessica N. Witchley, Jonathan Diep and Joseph L. DeRisi

Malaria Journal 2016 15:173

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