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Answer – D.Coal

  1. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) gave its approval for investment of how much worth by ONGC in the equity share capital of ONGC Videsh ?

A.Rs, 8000 cr

B.Rs 15,000 cr

C.Rs 6,000 cr

D.Rs.5,000 cr

Answer – D.Rs.5,000 cr

  1. In a bid to control pollution, Bihar Government has banned 15-year-old diesel vehicles in which of its city ?





Answer – B.Patna

  1. Recently RBI has extended the deadline for exchanging pre-2005 currency notes of various denominations to which date ?

A.April 30

B.July 30

C.March 30

D.June 30

Answer – D.June 30

  1. Recently Govt has adopted the strategy of developing integrated industrial/economic corridors in partnership with State Governments. Which industrial/economic corridors is not included in the following ?





Answer – C.NICDA

  1. Which Indian – American professor has been selected for 2015 National Medal of Science of the United States ?

A.Dipak C. Jain

B.Rakesh K. Jain

C.Kartik Chandran

D.Subra Suresh

Answer – B.Rakesh K. Jain

  1. India’s 4th Cable Stay Bridge has been inaugurated in which Indian city by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar ?




D.Jammu and Kashmir

Answer – D.Jammu and Kashmir

  1. China has started construction of its third largest hydropower station on the upper reaches of which river ?

A.Tumen River

B.Yangtze River

C.Xiang River

D.Irtysg River

Answer – B.Yangtze River

  1. World Tsunami Awareness Day observes on which date ?

A.November 5

B.November 24 C.November 8

D.December 24

Answer – A.November 5

  1. Which Indian-American has been named the first Poet Laureate by the U.S. State of Ohio for showcasing a variety of styles in his poetry ?

A.Vijay Roy

B.Tishani Doshi

C.Amit Majmudar

D.Subodh Sarkar

Answer – C.Amit Majmudar

  1. Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio has appointed which of the following to be its brand ambassador ? A.Aamir Khan

B.Irfan Khan

C.Salman Khan

D.Shah Rukh Khan

Answer – D.Shah Rukh Khan

  1. Union Government has launched two mobile apps for ‘Crop Insurance’ and ‘AgriMarket’ for farmers. Who is the Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister ?

A.Ram Vilas Paswan

B.Ravi Shankar Prasad

C.Rajnath Singh

D.Radha Mohan Singh

Answer – D.Radha Mohan Singh

  1. Recently Idea has launched its 4G services in 5 States. Which State is not included by Idea ? A.Tamil Nadu B.Karnataka



Answer – C.Puducherry

  1. Chilukoti Kashi Viswanath, who has been recently passed away was releated to which of the following fields ? A.Musician


C.Dialog Writer


Answer – C.Dialog Writer

  1. Who has been conferred with Women’s World Champion title of International Tennis Federation (ITF) 2015 World Champions ?

A.Dalma Galfi

B.Serena Williams

C.Martina Hingis

D.Sania Mirza

Answer – B.Serena Williams

  1. Which of the following has been conferred with Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricketer of the Year ?

A.Brendon McCullum

B.Khurram Khan

C.Steven Smith

D.AB de Villiers

Answer – C.Steven Smith

  1. In a bid to bring ‘blue revolution’ Government has approved an integrated scheme for how much worth for the development and management of fisheries sector ?

A.Rs 8,000 crore

B.Rs 6,000 crore

C.Rs 5,000 crore

D.Rs 3,000 crore

Answer – D.Rs 3,000 crore

  1. Union Cabinet approved a model to expand visa-free diplomatic travel to more countries. Till now India has signed visa free agreements with how many countries ? A.62




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