Integrated economic development of small towns environmental codes of practice

Chapter 4 General Requirements of ECOP

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Chapter 4 General Requirements of ECOP

During construction period of this project, Contractor plays a key role in environment management, pollution control and implementing preventive measures. We here raise the general requirements which are applicable to the principal organizations during construction period in order to put ECOP into practice. This is to help the construction unit to carry out the environment measures provided by ECOP with coordination of provincial project office, town project office and project controller, by interior and exterior supervision and management.

4.1 Design of Construction Drawing and Implementation of Environment Measures in Tender Preparation

Develop purchasing activities of various projects construction according to the purchasing guidance of WB in implementation stage of this project. With the coordination, guidance and supervision of provincial project office, project office of towns shall require tender preparation institution to fit the retarding measures into technical regulation of tender and construction drawing design. These measures shall be aimed at the potential negative impacts among the EIA of sub-projects. In the bidding document, the bidders will be required to respond to following environmental management requirement that would be included into the road transport contract:

1. Contractor is required to establish supervision responsibility system and put the environment protection measures into practice. Make sure that the project construction and of subcontractor (if any) are in accordance with ECOP, besides the required environment protection measures are taken during construction period.

2. During construction period, Contractor shall communicate and consult with the local people, inform them specific construction activities and time by billboard in each construction site. Linkman and contact number shall be known by the public in order that they will provide complaints or suggestions.

3. Contractors shall comply with the related rules of local safe and civilized construction.

4. Construction unit and construction supervisors are required to accept training on environment protection and environment management. Contractor and PS shall accept training given by experts specially employed by provincial project office to recognize environment protection requirements related to this project.

5. As for serious risk accident caused by noncompliance with environment protection measures provided by ECOP, the accident PS or Contractor shall inform the town project office with 24 hours. Project offices and EPD of towns shall immediately order the construction unit to take remedial measures, and ensure the effectiveness to avoid similar risk accidents. In addition, Contractor shall record the implementation situation, and report to PS on a regular basis, which will then convey them to town project office and file them.

6. Contractor shall reserve deposit of environment management from the project contract funds according to annual budget. This deposit shall occupy 3% of budget funds. In case that construction unit takes adverse environment protection measures, provincial project office shall fine the construction unit as contracted and deduct construction cost as environment protection overdue fine, then consign others to take measures.

4.2 Construction Preparation

During the pre-construction period, Contractor should make sure that the workforce is already hired as well as the construction sites which are included offices, worker camps, storage areas, asphalt plants, mixing plants, laboratories are already built. Make sure that seeds, native vegetation and topsoil are collected and stored for re-use during site restoration. Make sure that right-of-way is cleared by removing stumps and organic debris. Investigation on whether there are some facilities such as water supply pipelines, electricity, gas, communication and telecommunications under the construction roads. Investigation on whether there are some sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals or villages nearby the construction sites. Investigation on whether there are some ancient and famous trees need to be removed on both sides of construction roads, and before per-construction period, Contractor are allowed to carry out pipeline works with the permission by Planning Bureau and Municipal Bureau of Parks and other related departments.

4.3 Permit of Department and Opinion of the Public

Throughout the construction, construction unit shall coordinate perfectly with local government departments and other departments to ensure its legality. They shall notify local people near construction site of the exact construction site and the estimated lasting time ahead of time. The public shall know much about it. In particular, the construction activities may threaten the public security, doing harm to public interest, sensitive area, and temporary land acquisition for construction and so on.
Construction unit shall adopt open and transparent public participating model, providing hotline for consulting and suggestion from the public, all calls about construction interfering environment shall be accepted and recorded to disclose the hot issues the caller concerning about. Meanwhile, a rapid response system is required to solve problems for public.

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