Livingston, bold springs Area, Polk County, Texas Grave Survey & Genealogy Research

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LIVINGSTON, bold springs Area, Polk County, Texas

Grave Survey & Genealogy Research


Latest update as of July 18, 2009
Additional Obituaries and news articles, related to those buried here are included in a separate section after the survey.


please, contact Nollene Marsh

phone – 281-328-1990 or email –

Bold Springs Cemetery
Bold Springs, Polk County, Texas

Grave survey and genealogy research completed by Nollene Marsh in 2004.

Revised and updated as of July 18, 2009 by Nollene Marsh
Compiled from a physical survey of the graves done by Nollene Marsh.   

Additional genealogical information related to the persons buried here and how

they are related to each other was contributed by Nollene Marsh, Mary Martin-Harper,

Beverly Munson-Evins, Carolynn Moore-Hand, Bobbye Lea Rogers-Wade, Oleather

Marsh, Blanche Eads-Reeves, Cynthia Baker-Krieger, plus many other people and sources. 

The genealogical research on this cemetery survey project is ongoing.
This survey is an ongoing work-in-progress, a very ambitious undertaking and is an

accumulation of data from a lot of different sources. It is therefore subject to errors. 

Anyone wishing to contribute additional data or to correct mistakes to this survey,

Please notify Nollene Marsh.

Email –

Phone – 281-328-1990

Directions to Bold Springs Cemetery  -
From Livingston:  Take Hwy. 190 West to FM 350 North.  Go approximately 8.2 miles

to the cemetery on the left (west) side of the road, located next to the Bethel Baptist Church.
From Leggett:  From Hwy. 59 north or south, take FM 942-West about 4 miles where it dead-ends

into FM 350. Turn right and the church and cemetery is down about .2 miles on the left.
Format of the survey:

Last Name, first name, birth date, death date

{    }  - Indicates additional information from other sources
       “   “  - Indicates information that was on the tombstone

DS” - means - “Double Stone.”

       “HCM” - means - “Homemade concrete marker”
       “FHM” - means - “Funeral Home Marker”
       “DOD” - means – “Date of Death”

WOW” – means – Woodsmen of the World marker

Assume that all Grave Markers are stone or bronze unless otherwise specified.
Plot markers and numbers are not recognized on this survey.

Large blank areas on the pages of this version of the survey are to ensure that obituaries and

other data for the person listed are included all together on the same page. 

Nollene Marsh is wholly the owner of the contents of this survey. It is for genealogical

use only and is being offered free to use for that purpose. No parts of it may be copied,

used, borrowed or otherwise taken for the purpose of making a profit by anyone other

than Nollene Marsh.

Alexander, A. B. Jr. – b: Nov. 23, 1932   d: May 22, 1933

*Archie Bryant Alexander Jr.
        {Son of Archie Bryant “Bubba,” Sr. & Allie Maude Rogers Alexander,

great-grandson of John Thomas & Savannah Jane Burford-Layton &

Allie Moody-Baggett-Rogers}

Allen, Cyrus E. – b: Jan. 8, 1926   d: May 4, 1994

*Cyrus E. Allen
        PFC - US Army - WW II

{2nd husband of Nell Hulsey-Wilkerson-Quebe married on July 3, 1976,

married Doris M. Simpson-Cooley on Feb. 22, 1993}

{Son of Charles E. & Lois Johnston Allen}

Cyrus E. Allen

Obituary from the Polk County Enterprise - May 8, 1994 Edition

Livingston – Cyrus E. Allen, 68, of Livingston died in Vale Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen on Wednesday, May 4, 1994. Funeral services were at 2 p.m. Friday at the Pine Forest Baptist Church with Rev. Jimmy Dunn officiating. Burial was in the Bold Springs Cemetery under direction of Cochran Funeral Home. He was born Jan. 8, 1926 in Winfield, Kan., to Charles E. Allen and Lois Johnston. He worked many years in the maintenance department for the Conroe Independent School District. He was a member of the Pine Forest Baptist Church. Survivors include his wife, D. Cooley Allen of Harlingen; a son,

Paul B. Allen of Houston; three step-sons, Warren D. Wilkerson of Houston, Roy E. Wilkerson of Lake Jackson and Joseph Wilkerson of Houston; a brother, Victor E. Allen

of Colorado Springs, Colo.; two sisters, Margaret Morris of Winfield, Kan., Barbara A. Taylor of Alamo; nine grandchildren, Rebecca Allison Taylor Allen, Lisa Wilkerson King, Marc Wilkerson, Randi Glass, Stacey Richards, Kimberly Scalise, Krystal Wilkerson and Doug Wilkerson; and six great-grandchildren. Pallbearers were Charles Lund, Roland Spivey, Bob Stutts, Ernie Smith, Herman Johnson and Willie Nelson.

Allmon, Carey Thurman – b: Nov. 9, 1911   d: Aug. 22, 1984

*Carey Thurman Allmon
         S Sgt. - US Army - WW II

{Son of Ura L. and Norma Vashti Calliham-Allmon}

Allmon, Claude V. – b: Dec. 25, 1915   d: May 14, 1988

*Claude Vernon Allmon
        {Son of Ura L. and Norma Vashti Calliham-Allmon}

Allmon, Norma V. – b: Dec. 5, 1887   d: Jan. 24, 1967; DS w/ Ura

*Norma Vashti Calliham-Allmon
        {Married Ura Allmon on Februray 13, 1907}

{Daughter of James Murdock & Emma Florella Coogler Calliham,

mother of Carey Thurman & Claude V. Allmon}

Allmon, Ura L. – b: Aug. 18, 1879   d: Dec. 25, 1944; DS w/ Norma

*Ura Lee Allmon
        {Married Norma Vashti Calliham on February 13, 1907}
        {Son of Moses Thurman & Mary Susan Elizabeth Boyd Almon,

father of Carey Thurman & Claude V. Allmon}

Anderson, Betty Watts – b: Jan. 11, 1930   d: _____ ; DS w/ Clifford

*Betty Jo Watts-Anderson
         “Married Clifford Earl Anderson on July  4, 1948”    “Maw Maw”
        {Daughter of Nolan “Cotton” & Trudie Jo Coogler-Watts, half-sister

of Carolyn Sue Watts-Boyd & Linda Watts-Wiener, mother of James

Lewis & Nolan Earl Anderson}

Anderson, Clifford Earl – b: Dec. 30, 1927   d: July 17, 1990; DS w/Betty

*Clifford Earl Anderson
         “Married Betty Jo Watts on July 4, 1948”    “Paw Paw”
         {Father of James Lewis & Nolan Earl Anderson}

Anderson, Gertrude Capshaw – b: Feb. 13, 1903   d: Nov. 29, 1966;  DS w/ Thomas

*Gertrude Capshaw-Anderson
       {Daughter of Jesse Chandler & Pamela Finley Capshaw,

mother of Nancy Anderson-Aycock, grandmother of Thomas Capshaw

Anderson Jr., sister of Millie Capshaw-Thomas}

Anderson, James Lewis – b: Dec. 9, 1951   d: _____; DS w/Nolan

*James Lewis Anderson
        “In Memory of Sons and Brothers”

{Son of Clifford Earl & Betty Jo Watts-Anderson,

brother of Nolan Earl Anderson}

Anderson, Nolan Earl – b: Oct. 10, 1950   d: Sept. 16, 1997; DS w/ James

*Nolan Earl Anderson
        “In Memory of Sons and Brothers”

{Son of Clifford Earl & Betty Jo Watts Anderson

brother of James Lewis Anderson}

Anderson, Thomas Campbell – b: July 17, 1900   d: April 29, 1982; DS w/Gertrude

*Thomas Campbell Anderson
         {Father of Nancy Anderson-Aycock,

grandfather of Thomas Capshaw Anderson Jr.}

Anderson, Thomas Capshaw, Jr. – b: June 3, 1960   d: Sept. 13, 1987

*Thomas Capshaw Anderson Jr.
        {Son of Thomas Capshaw, Sr. & Patricia Diana Davenport Anderson,

grandson of Thomas Campbell & Gertrude Capshaw Anderson}

Anderson, Winnie Hand -  b: Dec. 8, 1897    d: Dec. 30, 1972

*Winnie Davis Hand-Anderson
        {Married Alton Anderson on Dec. 4, 1921}
        {Daughter of William Gaines & Willie A. Nix Hand, sister of J. C. Hand,
        Beulah Hand-O’Quinn, Ada Jane Hand-Chalker & Mabel Hand-Marsh}

Winnie Davis Hand Anderson

Obituary from the Polk County Enterprise - January 8, 1973 Edition

LIVINGSTON - Services for Mrs. Winnie D. Anderson, 75, were held at 2:30 p.m. last Monday in Pace Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. C. L. Moore officiating, assisted by

the Rev. Frank Hood. Burial followed in Bold Springs Cemetery. She died Dec. 30, 1972.

A native of Nacogdoches County, she was born the daughter of William and Willie Nix

Hand on Dec 8, 1897. She attended school in Nacogdoches. Mrs. Anderson lived in Liberty County for many years but had made Polk County and Livingston her home since 1966. Survivors include two brothers, E. T. Hand of Nacogdoches and J. C. Hand of Livingston; three sisters, Mrs. Bulah O’Quinn and Mrs. Mable Marsh, both of Livingston, and Mrs. Aline McCarty of Leggett. Pallbearers were Kenneth Hand, Broughton Hand, Jack Hand, Don Marsh, Paul Chalker and O. L. McCarty.

Armitage, Carrie - b: {Dec. 12} 1893   d: {June 13,} 1954  

*Carrie Armitage

A Bud on Earth a Flower in Heaven”

{Daughter of Wilson N. & Martha Ray Armitage,

sister of Wilson Armitage, Pearl Beaumond Armitage-Lawrence}

Armitage, Pattie – b: {July 29,} 1888   d: {Oct. 24,} 1957; DS w/ Wilson

*Pattie Laramore-Armitage

{Married Wilson Armitage on October 12, 1912}

{Daughter of William & Rebecca Edmonds Laramore}
Armitage, Wilson – b: {Jan.31,} 1886   d: {Oct. 19,} 1978; DS w/ Pattie

*Wilson Armitage

{Married Pattie Laramore on October 12, 1912}

{Son of Wilson N. & Martha Ray Armitage, brother of Carrie Armitage,

Pearl Beaumond Armitage-Lawrence}

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