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“Remove Barriers That Rob Pride Of Workmanship”

  • “Institute Programs For Education And Self Improvement”

  • “Put Everybody In The Company To Work For This Transformation”

  • What does the customer actually want?

    • What does the customer actually want?

    • How are you going to meet those requirements?

      • Plan to achieve them

    Quality Planning

    • Quality Planning

      • It identifies the standards and determines how to satisfy those standards.
      • It lays out the roles and responsibilities, resources, procedures, and processes to be utilized for quality control and quality assurance.
    • Quality Assurance

      • It is the review to ensure aligning with the quality standards. An assessment will be provided here.
      • Planned and systematic quality activities.
      • Provide the confidence that the standards will be met.

    Quality Control

    • Quality Control

      • It addresses the assessment conducted during Quality Assurance for corrective actions.
      • Measure specific results to determine that they match the standards.
      • Use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) : a methodology for monitoring a process to identify special causes of variation and signal the need to take corrective action when appropriate.
      • SPC relies on control charts.

    Prevention costs

    Quality planning and engineering

    • Quality planning and engineering

    • New products review

    • Product/process design

    • Process control

    • Burn-in

    • Training

    • Quality data acquisition and analysis

    Inspection and test of incoming material

    Internal Failure Costs:

    • Internal Failure Costs:

      • Scrap
      • Rework
      • Retest
      • Failure analysis
      • Downtime
      • Yield losses
      • Downgrading (off-specing)

    External Failure Costs:

    • External Failure Costs:

      • Complaint adjustment
      • Returned product/material
      • Warranty charges
      • Liability costs
      • Indirect costs

    Long way to establish in the organisation

    • Long way to establish in the organisation

    • QM design not always fit for purpose (loss of cost effectiveness)

    • Substantial efforts

    • Maintain system, otherwise reject it.

    In the early 1980s, Prof. Genechi

    • In the early 1980s, Prof. Genechi

    • Taguchi introduced his approach to

    • using experimental design for

      • Designing products or processes so that they are robust to environmental conditions.
      • Designing/developing products so that they are robust to component variation.
      • Minimizing variation around a target value.

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